Blue Avian Messages: Solar Flare, Ascension & Timelines

by Eir Air, Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, this is Eir Ar. I’m a Blue Avian.

And I’m delighted to once again come to you through Kate. Hello. We understand you have quite a few questions. But we would first like to open up with a message. And this certainly plays in to your earlier conversation with regards to patience and what you are seeing versus what is truly occurring and happening on your planet.

From our standpoint, Mother Earth Gaia, is far far brighter. It is not to say that there are no more dark stains, patches of confusion, and an underlying sentiment of fear. But we must say that much of this fear, much of this confusion, has begun to clear. It has lifted. However, this is not being made clear through your mainstream news.

Steer Clear of Mainstream News

We have often spoken to humanity about the importance of steering clear of your mainstream news. For, as many of you are already aware, your mainstream news is owned by those who are NOT of the light, and they wish to keep humanity in a state of fear and confusion. And they will do this at any opportunity they have regardless of whether it is through politics, through war, through the pandemic. Their list is long.

Many are Awakening

From our standpoint, we are seeing the true picture. We are tuning into the truth, and the truth is that many humans are awakening quite beautifully. Remember that because you are all so intricately connected, when one human awakens, it is much like there’s a spark of light that has been ignited. And that spark of light spreads, it is a contagion that begins, you see. Ascension and the awakening of the collective begins at an individual level and it quickly spreads to a small group, then to a larger group, until it brightens and illuminates the collective. And this holistic illumination is what we the Beings are seeing from our standpoint.

There is tremendous progress, great hope, and incredible momentum. Do not be led astray by what you are hearing, or more importantly, by what you are not hearing in your news. It is very important that you do not judge 5D matters based on 3D information. There’s a deep incongruency in this level of information, processing, and filtration. So, please remember that you were all moving in the right direction.

Disclosure will Unfold at the Right Pace for Humanity

We understand that as humans, you have grown up with very shocking news, movies, and media and as such, you expect the ascension process to be peppered with shocking revelations, with instant disclosure. This is not necessarily how it will unfold, but you must trust that what is happening is for the greatest good of all. It may not be what you want to see or hope for, or have come to expect at the individual level, but at the collective level, this is the pace that the masses can absorb and understand. And you must trust and respect that for everyone to awaken, some of this information must be fed to them gradually and slowly.

Kate, who I am channeling now, mentioned this earlier. Her awakening process was a series of spoon fed, or spoon feeding, of information so that she could slowly process and understand. Once you are awakened, you are ready for more info. The appetite has been triggered. The appetite for a more expansive consciousness never ceases but you must respect that for those who are asleep, this speed this rate is not sustainable. So understand that for the betterment of all, for the greatest interest of humanity, at times this must unfold slowly and not as one would expect or hope. But nonetheless, the unexpected can help have a very positive outcome.

Ascension Can Evolve in Different Ways

If you can imagine the ascension process as a canvas many, many years ago, decades ago, this was a blank canvas. There are many ways in which the canvas can be painted. There are many ways in which Ascension can unfold. How quickly it is painted, or what color is placed on the canvas first matters not for the end result is the same. Do not force your hand upon this canvas. But nonetheless, you must do your part.

Support those who are not yet Awake

And you ask what can you do? Do what you have continued to do. Hold the space, hold the light, support those who are awakening and be compassionate for those who are not yet awakened. Do not judge, for once you are awakened, you must stand united regardless of whether your fellow humans are awakened yet or not. For you are a human collective before you are a collective of ascended or pre-ascending humans, or unawakened.

This is just another way to create division. Do not fall into this trap. The best way that you can unite is by holding each other in love, support, and suspend all judgment.

Trust that you were on the right and righteous path. And it matters not exactly how and when you get there, but you must trust that you are well on your way; that this will not stop. The rug will not be pulled out from under you whether this happens next week, or next year, or beyond.

Ascension is Coming

Timelines, in the grand scheme of things, are fleeting, they change. What you must continue to hold and envision is this beautiful post-ascension world that you are about to taste and experience.

You have heard much of what ascension and ascended life will look like. We are at the moment showing Kate a beautiful visual of many beloved, benevolent ETs—your brothers and sisters from beyond and from the stars and from within your beautiful Earth—reaching out to humanity in love and light, ready to teach, ready to assist, ready to guide, ready to lead and ready to be led for you will not only be students, but in some ways you will be teachers.

There is much, much beauty that awaits you, but we understand that this confusion that you are currently experiencing on your globe is difficult. Remember it is temporary, it is fleeting.

Envision the Future, but Focus on the NOW

You must continue to hold the vision for the future and draw upon the beauty, the calmness, and the love that you see and experience around you now. So, you can focus on the vision that you want but you must remember to live in the NOW. Despite what your media is feeding you, there is far more love on your planet, between humans, than what you are being led to believe.

Believe what you are experiencing in your heart. And if you are having a difficult time drawing upon this love and this light, then focus on a time when you did feel it, and you will help perpetuate and recreate this in your life experience.

We are now open to your questions our dear friends.

The Coming Solar Flare

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you so much for your beautiful words and beautiful wisdom. I wonder if you could speak to us about where it looks like the solar flare may be in this moment? I know it’s constantly changing, and I don’t know if you want to address this or not.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, we are showing Kate (channeler) a visual of this flare originating from energies that are sourced from your galactic center. This will be where it all begins. And it will be triggered when Earth is in the right position. It is moving through a photon high area of the galaxy now. And when the time is right, when Earth is in the right position, as well as the sun for the sun will be the key domino to fall in the solar system that you all reside in. When the moment is right, this flare will be triggered. This energy will be emitted like a very strong pulse, an intense wave of energy and bright light that originates from your galactic core, or your galactic sun as some of you describe. This will hit and trigger the sun into its flare.

Solar Flare Timelines & Possibilities

At this time, you must all understand that you are still existing and experiencing a few timelines. And so, until these timelines converge, there are a number of possibilities.

  • The two possibilities that we will point out is that in one scenario, the flare will be quite intense. And the matter of intensity is directly related to the consciousness of humanity at the time of the flare. Those who are awake will be more attuned in their vibration to receive this energy, and as such, it will be a more blissful, calm experience. Whereas those whose vibration is not yet where it should be, will be jolted and shocked by this energy. This will lead to a time of confusion bewilderment for some.
  • The second possibility is that the flare will be more subtle, and that it will be a softer, more subtle experience, but that will nonetheless trigger an awakening. Now the ascension process will be triggered by this flare.

What to Expect from the Solar Flare

Many of you are in the process of ascending. But for many of you who are awake, this flare will jolt you up to the next level. It will be much like an instant Ascension.

For those who are still asleep, should they choose the brighter side of the polarized world, that is, should they choose to ascend in the moment, there will be a time of confusion. Their process will be slower. There will be an awakening process at which time they will begin to ascend. And so it will not be instant for all.

How quickly it is triggered truly depends on one’s vibration. For the vibration must match that of the incoming energy for the flare has its own vibration. It is extremely high, bright, and love based.

So again, you must all do your work. You must continue to raise your vibration. This may be a subtler, softer, more blissful experience for you. And those who are not yet awake should not have any fear for this flare will nonetheless result in a very positive outcome for them. But the process will be more confusing for they will not understand it in the moment, and as such, it will create or perpetuate a state of fogginess for a matter of hours, or a few days. And many of them will need assistance from those who have ascended. So this will be the beginning of a mass outreach between humans, and it will also mark the appearance or arrival of many, many benevolent ETs who will come to assist in many, many different ways. This is part of the great plan. There are many, many races of Beings who are assisting in different ways. Some will assist from space, others will assist as hands on the ground, so to speak.

Timelines are Converging

And so there will be great change, beautiful change, but we will not comment at this time as to the exact timeline or timing rather, for as we have mentioned, there are a number of different timelines that we are looking at. But we are pleased to see that these timelines are surely converging. And there are some timelines that are falling away. Those that are falling away are what we would define and describe as the more negative timelines. Those that are shining more brightly are the more positive timelines.

But of course, the potential for a stronger or subtler flare exists differently in each timeline. Does this answer your question?

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: It does. Thank you very, very much. And I think what I’m hearing is that this solar flare is almost acting as a super power booster for consciousness. It’s like an influx of higher consciousness into the system. Is that an accurate understanding?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes. The visual that we are providing Kate is an individual who is waking up in the morning and feels asleep or groggy. They are conscious. They are somewhat mindful, but once they have their coffee or their tea, this insurgence of energy and alertness comes across them. So, much like what caffeine may do for your body, this flare this energy will do for your consciousness.

Ascension will Trigger Innate Abilities

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Beautiful. Thank you. And as a result, after the flare, all humanity will have greater access to their own abilities such as the clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. It will be easier to access those higher abilities.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Absolutely. It is important to note that for many humans, these abilities are awakening within them now. For there are many who have had these abilities and are honing them. Some are learning to access them all, and others will learn to access them much more easily and quickly post flare and post-ascension.

So this will not be a similar experience for all for this ascension process, as the awakening process, is very different from one individual to the next. But once all of those who are meant to ascend have ascended, then the sky will be the limit. You will be privy to the myriad of abilities and powers that you innately have that are coded in your DNA that many of you do not even yet understand.

Post-Ascension, all Senses & Abilities will be Heightened

You come to describe your senses as very compartmentalized or separate senses. Imagine an instant layering and combination of all those senses, feeding you information at once, and then multiply that by 100. This is how alert, aware, and honed your abilities will be.

But it is not to say that this will come overnight. Many of you will need to learn how to better leverage these abilities. And this is why some of you have honed these abilities for you are learning how to master them, so that in time, you can be a teacher to those who are coming into these abilities. This is part of the massive outreach of humanity that I implied to earlier where people will reach out to others as teachers, some will be students, and some will be teachers. But everyone will have something to teach someone else.

How to Hone our Innate Abilities

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you. Beautiful. And is there anything that we can do now to begin preparing to enhance our intuitive capabilities, our intuition, so on and so forth?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, there are two very important things that we would encourage all humans to do.

  • The first is you must meditate. Meditation is the food for your soul that so many of you are deprived of. Your souls are malnourished as far as meditation. In the same way that you need to feed your physical bodies, you need to stimulate your mind in your intellect. You must feed your spirit. And that feeding is in terms of finding stillness, finding peace, finding quiet. You must tune into your inner universe, for your outer world is bombarding you with confusion and energy that does not all serve you. But by tuning in to your inner source, your inner wisdom, your inner abilities, you will train yourself to become more intuitive. And in time, you will learn to trust that intuition.
  • The second thing that humans must learn is to trust themselves and trust their intuition. We the Beings see and feel the amount of doubt and self-doubt that you all experience in many different ways since childhood. You were not born with self-doubt. This was trained and programmed into you for a very obvious reason because there are some who do not want you to know how powerful you are. When you trust your intuition, you open the floodgates and you allow that to flow. You allow that to feed your intellect, to feed your spirit, and even to feed your physical body. That intuition is like blood to your body. Intuition is the foundational fabric and fiber of your soul. It is what connects one aspect of you to everything else. It is the lifeline you have to your inner self as well as to the outer universe which lies beyond. You must feed it, you must train it to become more expansive You must trust it. Very important.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Beautifully said thank you. And is there a form of meditation that would be an easy starting point for people who are new to meditation? 

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, we understand that in your busy, busy world, many steer clear of meditation out of they fear that they cannot. It is those who say they cannot [meditate] that need it the most.

Those are those that need to still their mind. For those individuals, we would say, learn to sit quietly, and just breathe and focus on your breath. And start with a minute, and then slowly expand that to two minutes until such a time that you can do this for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Start small, start slow.

Benefits of Various Meditations Types

Like we mentioned before, things must unravel gradually at a rate that is comfortable for the individual. Sometimes this is the best way to ensure momentum in the right direction. And for those who are practiced meditators, we are confident that you have found what works for you, but we will challenge you with this. If you are an active meditator, such as Kate [channeler], where you meditate on information, you may astral travel or channel, we would advise you to do what has NOT come naturally to you. We would advise you to be still and try to clear your mind for many of you meditate by seeking externally as opposed to meditate and seeking internally.

Try to meditate in a different way than what you are used to. For there are many forms of meditation, many of which are beneficial. And much like one needs a varied diet to feed their body, one needs a varied form of meditation to feed their soul. You must treat your souls like you treat your bodies, you must exercise it and you must feed it. And this must be done daily.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you, that was beautifully said. And what I have found is to focus upon the breath, and focus even on the feeling of the breath and how it feels as the air moves and how it feels as it releases. As I focus on the feeling, it helps me stay present. It becomes soothing.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: And congratulations on finding your bliss. We would encourage all humans to meditate to a point where they find their bliss and they know how to find that bliss.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Yes. And we’re nearing the end of the hour. I’m wondering if you would like to express any last words. Anything that you feel is important?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian:  Yes, I am joined here by so many Beings, off world Beings who would like to convey their staunch support and admiration for humanity. They see how hard the lightworkers and light warriors are working, and they feel the fear and confusion of so many on your planet.

Star Beings Can Assist Humanity in Many Ways

They would like to remind you all that you are not alone, and let me explain what we mean by ‘you are not alone’. Not only are your brothers and sisters from the stars are here to guide and assist you. We are here with so many of you spiritually and energetically. We are in, and connected to, your auric field. You simply need to call upon us, ask for assistance and we will help you.

We will help you in ways that you may not even be aware or conscious of, but we will help you heal.

We will help you release your trauma.

We will help you move on the right path.

We are with you energetically, side by side. You may not see us (though some of you can and have seen us) but most of you cannot yet see us.

We are right there beside you. And when we are not beside you, we are energetically connected to you through your meditations, through your channelings, when you are in a time of quiet thought, when you are sleeping we are with you.

We help you, we work alongside many of you.

So know that the assistance is multilayered and far, far more complex than you understand at this time. These words that we speak are not empty words. It is not a metaphor of you are not alone. It is a literal truth, a universal truth you have never been alone and you will never be alone.

In time, you will physically see us. You will come to know and believe our presence without a doubt. And at that time, it will be a delight for all of us Beings to see that you finally understand what we have meant all along by saying that you are not alone.

We bid you much love and many blessings.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you. Thank you for the messages and thank you for your presence and your love.


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