How to Manifest Love

by The Arcturian Council ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Arcturian Council.

Our dear ones,

It is the Arcturian Council. It is always an honour to have the opportunity to connect with you. For we are here not only as your friends but as your teachers, as your guides. And it is an honour for us to share what we have learned with you to make your journey easier.

We wish to speak to you all today about manifesting love and how to attract love into your lives and into your experience.



1.  Recognize Your Core Essence

What is interesting about this is that humanity has long felt that this is one of the most difficult qualities, traits, and experiences to attract in their lives. Nonetheless, the foundation and the basis of all universal energy is that of love. And that as humans, as Beings, at your very essence you are comprised of this universal love. Part of your journey here in this Earthly realm is to reconnect with love.

But this first step is about discovering and remembering that you inherently are and embody the energy of love. This remembrance in and of itself is one of the most important steps to attracting and creating more love in your lives. You must come to see that, at your core essence, you are love.



You must remember, our dear friends, and this comes through the teachings of the Law of Attraction, that what you are, what you focus on, what you believe, how you vibrate and what you resonate with in fact dictates what you create and attract back to you. You attract what you are; and you create what you feel and what you think.

And it all begins within you. As such, all that you desire is within yourselves to experience.

Many ask us, “how and where will I find love?”

The answer is quite simple for it lies within you and you yourselves are your own greatest teachers. And you have the answers to all these questions. We are simply here to remind you of where the answers lie through connecting with your true inherent selves and learning to recognize who and what you are. That you are all magnificent and powerful Beings of light and love and that this is your home vibration. You are simply migrating back into this vibration. You are remembering who and what you are. You are all animated from source love.


2.  Learn to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself, whether it be through self-worth, through self-recognition, through honouring your own spirit, your essence, your own needs, your wants, your desires, and recognizing the magnificence of your power and your abilities, you come to more fully embody love.

You must love who and what you are. This even involves loving yourself for your “imperfections”. For it is these imperfections that act as a filter to all learning and soul growth and expansion. Learn to accept and embody all that you are whether you deem it to be perfect or not. All of these traits —both the positive and the negative qualities—are here to promote your growth. And this growth is a migration back to Source love.

Learn from those negative experiences. Accept those negative traits and ask yourself, “how can I love myself more?” For asking yourself how to love yourself more is going to help raise your vibration to a place of pure love. And when you are in that home vibration, you will in turn attract people situations, circumstances, and opportunities that align you with love. This is what you will create for yourselves. But it begins within.

Ask yourself, “how can you love yourself?” “What do you love about yourself?” Write these down. Express them out loud. Leverage the power of affirmations in creating a place within yourself where you find perfect, harmonious, safe love. Begin this relationship with yourself. And once you have learned to master the relationship with yourself, this is when you will be better equipped to master any and all relationships with any other individual.

But this journey begins within. There is no one outside of yourself who will give you what you yourself cannot give to yourself first. And so remember, you are your own primary giver of love. And this self-love is truly the most gratifying of all loves, for it creates within you a vibration where you become a master creator. You are no longer a victim to the consequences of your conscious and unconscious thoughts. But you are actively engaged in what you create, and you engage from a place of love.

Learn to love yourself, for no one else can reflect this best to you than you can to yourself. This is a power that you all inherently hold. And once you unleash and unlock this power, your lives will be transformed in miraculous and incredible ways for you will be in resonance with all that vibrates at the level of universal love.



3. Practice Gratitude

Through focusing on what love, what you have in your life and being grateful for it, you will amplify this energy within your spiritual fields.

Once you have mastered self-love—through accepting who and what you are for all of your perfections and imperfections—it will also behoove you to become clear on what love means to you and what it feels like. Whether you are connecting to a memory where you felt unconditional love, by recognizing this feeling, you will become more adept at identifying it and welcoming it in your experience.

We invite you all to play with this. Follow these steps and see what transforms in your lives. Your guides and your teachers are with you to guide you as you work your way back to the best gift of all: love.

Love & Blessings,
The Arcturian Council


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