Below is what people are saying about us and our Beings.

Kate Woodley

So many good things are manifesting!

“My first session with Kate was nothing short of amazing! It’s as if though something was activated within me, a “quickening” of sorts! So many good things are manifesting, so much quicker than I ever imagined, that I can hardly keep up with the ascension energy!”



Equivalent to a year’s worth of therapy!

“My first session was equivalent to a year’s worth of therapy in one go. The growth and deep peace I obtained is like a quantum leap!”

Dana Matzkin


I’m so much happier!

“I feel so much happier to have connected with my soul family to guide me, and I’m so much more excited for the future. I feel so much lighter and happier with the heart chakra clearing. I didn’t realize just how much grief and sadness I was carrying. I am so grateful for this interaction.



The Being’s Admiration Changed My Perspective About Myself

“You have no idea how much finding Ascension Calling has meant to me. Until about a year ago, I used to feel so ashamed about being human given all the horrible things we’ve done to each other. But then I found Ascension Calling, and a channeling from the Blue Avians that really made me change the way I think about humanity. The Beings said they really admire the souls who have the courage to incarnate on Earth, or this “boot camp”. Their admiration for what humanity is dealing with totally changed the way I look at myself – and other human beings.



Confirmation of my Life Purpose

“I had a bunch of questions and Eir Ar, this amazing Blue Avian Being, knew every single one of those questions without me even asking one at the beginning.

I was all ears as I heard an incredible, well told story about all my questions. For instance, I’ll be a channeler in the future and the channeling that is occurring right now is for my healing. I also learned about my cosmic family which I have a strong bond with.

As a modern shaman, I already have a bond with crystals, stones, and herbs, and learned that I must continue making that bond stronger. All this will lead me to become the life-counselor, advisor and guide I always knew I was, but it will be in different communities and places. When Eir Ar said, “You are an activator for other light workers,” that made me finally understand one of my higher purposes.”

Luis G.

Chile, South America

More Insight into My Life!

“I did a reading with Kate recently and have to say it was truly awesome!! I was able to know more about other lives, people currently in my life and how we connected in other lives, what my purpose is for coming to Earth, and so much more. There was lots of validation for me. I feel these readings and connections to multi-dimensional Beings and Archangels are very helpful, and I have more insight into my life and potentially where I’m going.

Kate herself is warm and kind, and I felt an immediate connection with her. What an amazing gift she has to connect us with a higher consciousness. I would highly recommend this to anyone searching for this kind of experience.”

Maria Zamudio-León

Oregon, USA

I understand my son so much better now!

“I really wanted to have a deeper connection with my son. Ovita was able to help me get deep and specific insight on what was going on with my son. She told me where he was from in our light family and what he was here to learn.

This helped me a great deal as it provided me with an understanding of why he is the was he is. I was able to better guide him with renewed patience and compassion. Furthermore, when I told him about it he seemed relieved as the information really resonated with him.  It gave him a deeper more loving understanding of himself.”

Carolyne Cardy

Stouffville, ON Canada

Kate’s Ovita helped me create a better book

“I have frequently found that, when writing about metaphysical concepts, just when I think that I have a solid understanding of something, I soon discover that there is more to it.

As I was writing my book on Hypnosis and Channeling, I was rolling, along revealing my take on certain concepts, while at about the same time, Kate was channeling her first Extraterrestrial Being, Ovita. Ovita, is 4D–5D Andromedan, who caught my attention and very tactfully pointed out that I had a rather shallow understanding of certain concepts.

In doing this, Ovita was superb. She encouraged me to keep writing, while gently pointing out some ways in which I could capture deeper, broader and clearer explanations. She did this directly, with great analogies and often with good humour, e.g. “Peter, you’re over–thinking it.”

As a result of a few conversations with Ovita, I produced a better book, made a good friend and feel a love connection with her. Maybe that connection is with Ovita, maybe it’s with Kate, perhaps, in some way, it’s with Ovita + Kate or maybe it just helped me to open up to All in a more loving way. Regardless, I strongly suggest to anyone that, if you decide to work with Kate and her, now, many cosmic friends, you too will have a most fruitful, satisfying and memorable experience.”

Peter Dennis, M.B.A. ~ Author, Hypnotherapist

Richmond Hill, ON Canada

Kate & Kare

You’ve both taken it to the next level!

“Ladies… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate both of you for coming into my world. You’re both so unique and special and gifted and authentic. I’ve been involved in energy work for decades but you both have taken it to the next level. Thank you!!!!”


ON, Canada

Working with the “ K’s” has been life changing!

“Kate’s Beings have become my friends! They have helped me understand my purpose for being here. They have also given me insights into previous lives and how some people that are in my life currently were also in some past ones which gave new and more understanding and meaning to these relationships.

They encouraged me to seek healing which I really didn’t know I needed and thus reached out to Kare.

Working with Kare and her beings have been life changing!

Working with both of the “K’s” beings have been life changing, uplifting, validating, and has allowed me to open up like never before. I’ve been on a quest for knowledge, growth, help, since I was a teenager ( I am now 60). Never have I made such huge and sweeping strides as I have in these last 5 months since connecting with them.

My confidence in who I am and what my abilities are have never been more solid and comfortable.

My discovery of my journey through time and space and my true nature and essence has never before been so tremendous in knowledge and validation.

Kate and Kare are gifted beyond words and their beings are incredibly helpful, insightful, honest, pure and caring!

I’m am so very grateful for their presence in my life.”

Maria Zamudio-León, Lighworker

Bend, OR, USA

Great benefits from both sessions!

“I benefited greatly from both sessions (channeling with Kate & healing with Karen). Thank you for helping me answer questions about my life purpose and other things that were on my mind. Thank you, Karen, for “upgrading my software” and installing a new way of Being.

I already feel better and look forward to connecting with Avalon (channeled Being) either in my dreams or during meditation.”

Andrei A.

Toronto, Canada

Karen Heywood

For testimonials from clients who have experienced Karen’s healing work click here.


Karen’s Sky Beings are so helpful & patient

“In my experience, most people are a little uneasy when first hearing about or getting involved with Channeling. To me, that’s reasonable because, to most of us, Channeling is a big unknown and our media is largely in the business of generating fear.

Knowing this, I can’t think of a much better way to approach Channeling that to do it with Karen Heywood and her cosmic friends. Karen and the Beings whom she attracts are the kindest, most sensitive and most helpful characters you are ever likely to meet.

I first met Karen’s Sky Beings in the fall of 2018 and have had more than a dozen private conversations with them. In the course of those conversations, I could ask them anything and always got an answer that was helpful and, in many cases, prompted more questions. Their patience seemed endless and they conversed in a style that was engaging, sometimes intimate and frequently punctuated with great outbursts of laughter – on their part and mine. Anyone who thinks Channeling is scary, couldn’t be more wrong, particularly with Karen and her Sky friends.

If you want a perspective from a higher consciousness (6–D) to help with a problem, decision or just out of interest, I highly recommend that you engage Karen and treat yourself with a life-altering and most memorable experience.”

Peter Dennis, M.B.A. ~ Author, Hypnotherapist

Richmond Hill, ON Canada

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