Below is what people are saying about us, our work and our Beings.

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Kate Woodley’s Testimonials

I’m amazed every time!

Kate and her guides have shown me that I am worthy… and are helping me see that there is so much more to know and many ways to grow as a human. I feel more confident in my growth spiritually and as a human. I am amazed every time I meet with her!



Kate is my Touchstone for Growth

“I hardly have words anymore for the depth of healing and guidance Kate and the Beings provide. It feels really loving and good. I can’t tell you how AMAZING Kate’s work is to shift me into more empowered states of consciousness. She is my touchstone for growth and following my joy. I feel so grateful to have found her!” 



So accurate and unfiltered!

“The channeling sessions with Kate are remarkable! I come out with clarity and new insights, feeling more connected to my higher-self and guides. Kate is such a pure channel, and the information coming out of her is so accurate and unfiltered. I feel like I always have a dear, trustworthy friend in challenging times. I’ve also experienced healing and clearing of blocks during these sessions for both me and family members; the energetic shifts are deep at a soul level. With every healing, I feel dense layers being cleared, and I have witnessed immediate lightness and shifts in family members. Every session feels like a blessing!”



Kate built my confidence in channeling!

“If you’re considering working with Kate to learn how to connect with your guides or your higher guidance, don’t hesitate! I have worked with Kate to build my confidence in channeling my guides. I am so grateful that I found an awesome group of Beings to work with! I enjoyed working with Kate as she shared relatable experiences and was very humble in offering her insights and gifts. In every session, the guidance delivered so much love and compassion, helping me to find my inner strength to spread my wings and fly!”

Audra Franta

Holistic Wellness Mentor, USA

So many good things are manifesting!

“My first session with Kate was nothing short of amazing! It’s as if though something was activated within me, a “quickening” of sorts! So many good things are manifesting, so much quicker than I ever imagined, that I can hardly keep up with the ascension energy!”



Equivalent to a year’s worth of therapy!

“My first session was equivalent to a year’s worth of therapy in one go. The growth and deep peace I obtained is like a quantum leap!”

Dana Matzkin


I’m so much happier!

“I feel so much happier to have connected with my soul family to guide me, and I’m so much more excited for the future. I feel so much lighter and happier with the heart chakra clearing. I didn’t realize just how much grief and sadness I was carrying. I am so grateful for this interaction.



The Being’s Admiration Changed My Perspective About Myself

“You have no idea how much finding Ascension Calling has meant to me. Until about a year ago, I used to feel so ashamed about being human given all the horrible things we’ve done to each other. But then I found Ascension Calling, and a channeling from the Blue Avians that really made me change the way I think about humanity. The Beings said they really admire the souls who have the courage to incarnate on Earth, or this “boot camp”. Their admiration for what humanity is dealing with totally changed the way I look at myself – and other human beings.



Confirmation of my Life Purpose

“I had a bunch of questions and Eir Ar, this amazing Blue Avian Being, knew every single one of those questions without me even asking one at the beginning.

I was all ears as I heard an incredible, well told story about all my questions. For instance, I’ll be a channeler in the future and the channeling that is occurring right now is for my healing. I also learned about my cosmic family which I have a strong bond with.

As a modern shaman, I already have a bond with crystals, stones, and herbs, and learned that I must continue making that bond stronger. All this will lead me to become the life-counselor, advisor and guide I always knew I was, but it will be in different communities and places. When Eir Ar said, “You are an activator for other light workers,” that made me finally understand one of my higher purposes.”

Luis G.

Chile, South America

More Insight into My Life!

“I did a reading with Kate recently and have to say it was truly awesome!! I was able to know more about other lives, people currently in my life and how we connected in other lives, what my purpose is for coming to Earth, and so much more. There was lots of validation for me. I feel these readings and connections to multi-dimensional Beings and Archangels are very helpful, and I have more insight into my life and potentially where I’m going.

Kate herself is warm and kind, and I felt an immediate connection with her. What an amazing gift she has to connect us with a higher consciousness. I would highly recommend this to anyone searching for this kind of experience.”

Maria Zamudio-León

Oregon, USA

I understand my son so much better now!

“I really wanted to have a deeper connection with my son. Ovita was able to help me get deep and specific insight on what was going on with my son. She told me where he was from in our light family and what he was here to learn.

This helped me a great deal as it provided me with an understanding of why he is the was he is. I was able to better guide him with renewed patience and compassion. Furthermore, when I told him about it he seemed relieved as the information really resonated with him.  It gave him a deeper more loving understanding of himself.”

Carolyne Cardy

Stouffville, ON Canada

Kate’s Ovita helped me create a better book

“I have frequently found that, when writing about metaphysical concepts, just when I think that I have a solid understanding of something, I soon discover that there is more to it.

As I was writing my book on Hypnosis and Channeling, I was rolling, along revealing my take on certain concepts, while at about the same time, Kate was channeling her first Extraterrestrial Being, Ovita. Ovita, is 4D–5D Andromedan, who caught my attention and very tactfully pointed out that I had a rather shallow understanding of certain concepts.

In doing this, Ovita was superb. She encouraged me to keep writing, while gently pointing out some ways in which I could capture deeper, broader and clearer explanations. She did this directly, with great analogies and often with good humour, e.g. “Peter, you’re over–thinking it.”

As a result of a few conversations with Ovita, I produced a better book, made a good friend and feel a love connection with her. Maybe that connection is with Ovita, maybe it’s with Kate, perhaps, in some way, it’s with Ovita + Kate or maybe it just helped me to open up to All in a more loving way. Regardless, I strongly suggest to anyone that, if you decide to work with Kate and her, now, many cosmic friends, you too will have a most fruitful, satisfying and memorable experience.”

Peter Dennis, M.B.A. ~ Author, Hypnotherapist

Richmond Hill, ON Canada

Kate & Kare’s Testimonials

You’ve both taken it to the next level!

“Ladies… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate both of you for coming into my world. You’re both so unique and special and gifted and authentic. I’ve been involved in energy work for decades but you both have taken it to the next level. Thank you!!!!”


ON, Canada

Working with the “ K’s” has been life changing!

“Kate’s Beings have become my friends! They have helped me understand my purpose for being here. They have also given me insights into previous lives and how some people that are in my life currently were also in some past ones which gave new and more understanding and meaning to these relationships.

They encouraged me to seek healing which I really didn’t know I needed and thus reached out to Kare.

Working with Kare and her beings have been life changing!

Working with both of the “K’s” beings have been life changing, uplifting, validating, and has allowed me to open up like never before. I’ve been on a quest for knowledge, growth, help, since I was a teenager ( I am now 60). Never have I made such huge and sweeping strides as I have in these last 5 months since connecting with them.

My confidence in who I am and what my abilities are have never been more solid and comfortable.

My discovery of my journey through time and space and my true nature and essence has never before been so tremendous in knowledge and validation.

Kate and Kare are gifted beyond words and their beings are incredibly helpful, insightful, honest, pure and caring!

I’m am so very grateful for their presence in my life.”

Maria Zamudio-León, Lighworker

Bend, OR, USA

Great benefits from both sessions!

“I benefited greatly from both sessions (channeling with Kate & healing with Karen). Thank you for helping me answer questions about my life purpose and other things that were on my mind. Thank you, Karen, for “upgrading my software” and installing a new way of Being.

I already feel better and look forward to connecting with Avalon (channeled Being) either in my dreams or during meditation.”

Andrei A.

Toronto, Canada

Karen Heywood’s Testimonials

Able to Set Healthy Boundaries!

“Before I met Karen I was lost in a sea of grief, confusion and despair. I have been working with Karen for almost a year now, and she still amazes me. When I feel that I have cleared my hurt, pain and negativity from the past, she takes me even deeper into myself, into who I really am.

Now with a clear mind I’m able to define who I am today and set healthy boundaries with others. Instead of letting others walk all over me I’m standing up for myself – confident, calm and self-assured. I’m finally free to live my life on my own terms.

Each time I meet with Karen, I feel lighter, clearer, and have a more defined perspective. My day-to-day challenges are easier to manage. My past triggers of fear, anxiety and worry have lifted. I feel as though I’m living here, now, today versus dwelling on the past. Instead of being scared of the future, I’m looking forward to it. I’m even seeing myself in a future relationship, one full of love, respect and trust.”

Kimberley Smith

Brampton, ON, Canada

Panic & Fear GONE!

“I just have to say a “gi-friggin-normous” thank you to you. Our call today really did the trick. The panic and fear I was feeling in my mind and body is gone now, as are the thoughts which were consuming me and not allowing me to focus on work I wanted to do.

I feel calm, relaxed and complete about the situation and able to move on.

You are amazingly good at what you do and I am eternally grateful to you, and to our relationship.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

Feel free to use this as a testimonial anywhere you like. I love you to bits 🥰🥰🥰”

Gail Scott

Toronto, ON, Canada

I’ve found a new sense of myself, a new confident “Me”!

“I came to Karen with childhood family rejection, low self esteem, not trusting myself and other emotional trauma. I relied on others for my self-worth so much more than I should have. And my external world was constantly destroying what little peace of mind I did possess.

After working with Karen for only a short time I found tremendous closure with my past. I’m now able to filter the outside world and deal with everyday life without the past dragging me down. I’ve found a new sense of myself, a new confident “Me”. I’m now trusting myself to standing up for myself and set healthy boundaries. I’m so much more peaceful and calm. For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to my future. And the best gift of all is that I’m trusting myself!

Amazing! Thanks Karen!”

K Smith

Brampton, ON Canada

Now I wake up feeling hopeful!

“I was stuck, so stuck, for so many years. I battled with depression for decades. And, I’d done so much emotional work with my self but very little was lasting. Then I met Karen.

She has a phenomenal way of honing in on the emotion and helping me transmute it. Together we looked at how a specific emotion was impacting my life and how it affected me in the past. She helped me bring so many issues to a place of neutrality so I’m no longer triggered.

She also worked intimately with the consciousness of my body, the emotions and my energetic field. She helped me release energies that have dogged me for eons, that have created negative patterns and belief systems that have impacted my well being on all levels. Many of these I had no conscious awareness of, and therefore no way of releasing.

Today I have so much more energy, greater clarity of thought and I am not so overwhelmed by life (which was my daily state for so long). I’m no longer triggered by people or situations to the same degree. Waking up feels hopeful; my thought patterns having shifted to a more positive and joyous state. I’m also feeling better physicallymore energy, flexibility and ease of movement.

Thank you Karen for helping me open up to the wonders of life and self love!

PS: I don’t normally write testimonials as I feel they are often too amazing to be true. But for me, every word I have written comes from my heart. “

Karen A

Toronto, ON, Canada

What I released is equal to 1 year of therapy!


“My work with Karen was a mind-blowing experience. In a number of sessions, she helped me release so many things I didn’t even know were there. The process is so simple and the amount of trauma that I released was equal to a year of therapy, IMHO. These clearings allowed me to stop reacting to old triggers. I’m now able to pursue my spiritual path unhindered by blockages, implants, limiting programs, traumas (not only from this life but others), break family curses and break old contracts with toxic people in my life. Karen empowered me to know myself on such a deep level that I’m now able to manage new situations with real confidence.”

Carolyne Cardy

Stouffville, ON Canada

Persistent Nausea Permanently Gone!


My 10 year old daughter had been suffering from nausea and stomach aches for a few years. Visits to the doctor and a naturopath were unsuccessful and revealed no physical diagnosis. It became obvious during the healing session that my daughter’s ailment was emotionally based, and only treatable through an energetic clearing. After one healing session with Karen my daughter’s nausea was instantly and permanently gone! We can’t thank Karen enough for her incredible assistance! My daughter is now free to be a little girl without the incessant aches and discomfort that plagued her for so long.

Kate W.

Toronto, ON Canada

Fear of Public Speaking… Gone!

“Before my healing session with Karen, I had a deep fear of public speaking – let alone expressing myself openly in a group setting. Shortly after my session with her, I became noticeably more confident and comfortable about speaking up in public. The fear and anxiety are gone. I feel that I can now shine more authentically. I’m truly blessed for Karen’s healing and help.”

Kate Woodley

Toronto, ON, Canada

Truly Remarkable Shifts!

“I have been working with Karen for nearly a year now and the shifts I have experienced are truly remarkable. Some of the greatest advancements I have made are simply profound. My financial prosperity continues to grow and the priceless spiritual connection I have cultivated within myself and the universe has deepened. The flow of every appointment feels comfortable, relaxed and highly intentional. I am filled with gratitude for the service Karen and her guides have provided. I’m always looking forward to my next session!”

Vanessa Jarman

Toronto, ON, Canada

Cleared in a single session!

“I love how Karen can take a whole bunch of discordant patterns and clear them out in a single sessionSo effective! So efficient! Totally gifted!”

Judy Onorato

Bolton, ON, Canada

Real Life Changes!

“Karen is the only energy healer I’ve worked with who facilities real life changes, right in front of my eyes. I’m so grateful for my sessions with Karen and her ability to clear issues that I have been struggling with all of my life.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

I Overcame Depression, Being Overweight & Addictions!

“Hey Karen, I woke up this morning and went for a 2.5 mile run (4.02 km), and then I rode my bike for 6.5 miles (10.46 km), and then walked 2 miles (3.22 km). I was moved to tears on several occasions. Then I understood that I was actually inspired by myself. Inspired at everything I’ve overcome – especially depression, being overweight and miscellaneous obsessions and addictions. I realized that for the first time in my life I genuinely love myself…and you helped me get here. Thank you so much!”

Richard Schusterman

Texas, USA

Released from a Crazy Attachment to a Man

“I needed help to let go of an intense attachment to a man I had only met and had never even dated. It was the craziest thing! I couldn’t stop thinking about him. This was so upsetting that it felt like I was falling into a depression, which was really out of character for me. When I found Karen I was really skeptical, but willing to give it a try. In only 1 session she released this attachment and I finally felt like myself again! I never thought of that man ever again. Needless to say, I was so relieved that it worked! Thank you Karen.”


Vaughan, ON, Canada

Jealousy & Suspicions Gone!

“I came to Karen hoping that she’d be able to help me release my jealously and suspicions around my boyfriend. After only a few sessions I’m now feeling completely confident and at ease. I’m no longer plagued by those repetitive negative thoughts, feelings or insecurities. And what’s really interesting is that his behaviour has changed towards me. Now he’s so much more open and loving towards me. I can really feel his connection and his commitment to me. And the most amazing thing is that our relationship keeps gets better and better and better as I continue to integrate this work. What a relief! Thank you so much!”



Free From Cursed Bad Luck!

“I hoped that Karen may be able to help me with my bad luck. It’s like I’ve been cursed my entire life. Nothing ever worked out well for me. Karen proceeded to release all the negativity and all the blockages and sure enough there was a curse that was causing all that bad luck. I did have to go for a follow-up where Karen located and released a 2nd curse. Now that they’re gone I feel so much more positive and light, without having to “think positively”. I’m just naturally positive! My body’s posture is also naturally straighter and taller. Amazing!

Karen I’m so happy that I met you, you have changed my life in so many ways.  Thank you!”


Vaughan, ON, Canada

Free from fear and anxiety around singing in front of people!

“I went to Karen relating to a problem I was experiencing within my relationship. My first experience of Karen was her warmth and her approachable down to earth character. It was very easy to talk, and I felt a real affinity with her. Just the sound of her voice would make me smile.

As things unravelled during our session, it became clear that there were other aspects that were related to my issue that had to be healed first. Interestingly, this was connected to my voice. I am a singer but have always struggled with performing and sharing this part of me, so this was an unexpected but relevant thing to come up. This turned out to be quite a large part connecting more generally to feelings of negativity, fear and restriction. I always had a large degree of fear and anxiety around singing in front of people and this was discovered to be linked to a belief that if I sing, I am going to die. This was past life stuff and Karen cleared all of this. There was also a negative energetic influence that had taken up space at the back of me. Karen also cleared this and helped me understand what it was all about.

The following few weeks brought about some big shifts!! I managed to sing at a family event and I have never felt so relaxed or present in doing so. I was actually in my body and enjoying the experience. Someone approached me afterwards and their words were ‘that was flawless’. It was an amazing feeling!

Also, after the removal of the negative influence at the back of me, it was like feeling a part of me that had been numbed off before, or like taking off a heavy weight that was on your back and feeling a blissful lightness. A real relief! I have since worked with Karen again and will continue to do so. After each time I have felt more whole, empowered and at peace! I would highly recommend her as a healer! Thank you so much for your light and loveliness!”


Got organized easily & effortlessly!

“I’m totally rapt! After one short session I was able to change my whole desk area around and went through and released lots of paperwork, etc. easily and without having to think. I saw where everything was. Down under the desk I drilled and hammered and did everything neat and tidy and right the first time. My body naturally told me when to take breaks. I asked my body where things should go and trusted the messages despite it not being Feng Shui. I feel that I am much more focused here. My brain is clear. I’m moving along this morning, doing things quicker, walking much lighter and feeling very happy. Thank you!”

Jessie Scot


That woman no longer bothers me!

“Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that I met with that lady that we cleared during our session. Remember how her way of being with me really bothered me? Well, not anymore! I felt quite different with her. In fact, when I excused myself to use the restroom I was actually giggling to myself. Thought you would have a giggle too!!!

Hope you’re having a great week!!

Thanks for all of your help!! 🙏💜”

Suanne Wilkinson

Toronto, Canada

Powerful tools to manage empathic abilities!

“I am not one for testimonials, but having purchased a total of about 13 packages since 2015 from the FHTJ series, I would like to give a big shout out to Karen, whose package I just bought recently. She has a fun, child-like energy that will help one’s inner child connect easily with her and be at ease in her presence.

With regards to resolving deep toxic shame becuase of childhood traumas, she took me deeper than I’ve ever gone before. I am an empath and through her, I finally came across simple but powerful tools and processes that help one successfully manage their empathic ability so that you no longer view your empathic gift as a curse but rather as the gift that it is. No other modality, tools and processes worked for me prior to this and I honestly thought I’d never ever be able to successfully manage my empathy… I had almost given up… so Karen, you are a god-send and such a beautiful soul. I am truly grateful for your services. 🙏”


Gaborone, Botswana

Back pain reduced from 10 to 1!

“Thank you again Karen, from my heart for that amazing session – feels like you helped lift layers and lifetimes of ‘gunk’ off me!  Your energetic agility to travel between the worlds, from other life times, ancestral and beyond, is quite impressive, I totally Love it!  So powerful to go from a 10 to a 1 in the intensity of pain in my sacral area by the of the session, which had been going on for several days prior.  I feel truly blessed to finally get to the root of these issues – you rock!  If you’re thinking about working with Karen, I highly recommend you follow that nudge – you’ll be super happy you did!”

Helena Das

DVM, Wind Horse Medicine Woman ~ Florida, USA

Free from guilt & grief

“I was a little nervous about the call because in the past I have been a mess after energy healings. However, I found that my worry was unwarranted because Karen’s clearings are very gentle, and yet very powerful.

Before working with Karen I was feeling a lot of guilt around my father’s death. I would get teary-eyed if anyone even mentioned my Dad. And recently, whenever a loved one has died, I have been a complete mess and stuffed my emotions down even more deeply.

After working with Karen I find that I am truly at peace with Dad’s death, as well as my relationship with him. And although we only focused upon releasing the guilt I was feeling around my Dad, I find that I’m also completely at peace around other family members’ deaths. This is a bonus! Thank you Karen! My breathing feels so much “lighter”, as if a weight has been lifted from my chest and abdomen.

What amazed me was how quick and easy this clearing was.  In a half an hour I shed something I had carried for 10 years. I feel like I’ve been set free!

Thank you Karen!

Many blessings and hugs to you.



Oregon, USA

Free of Judging Myself around Charging for Healing Services

“Before working with Karen I lacked clarity, vision around my purpose. I doubted my abilities as a healer. And I certainly didn’t believe it was possible for me to make a living doing healing work because I held a deep-seated belief that it’s “unspiritual” to charge money for healing services.

After only one session with Karen I no longer have any doubt around my healing abilities! I’m so relieved to be able to say that I’m now free to move forward with a new sense of clarity and purpose. Going with the flow no longer scares me. And, the icing on the cake is my feeling a “rightness” around charging for my spiritual healing services! Amazing!

Karen, I’m so grateful for this new-found freedom. I love how I’m now able to delve deeper into my personal practice. I so deeply appreciate your gifts and look forward to working with you again!”


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thriving, without worry!

“Thank you so much for the flabbergasting session !

I felt really well today, thriving through the day without worries. It’s a state I usually don’t feel for very long, you see. The underlying heaviness is gone and I feel happy to be on earth ::)))

I’d like to schedule a second session so I can feel even better!”



Free from negative influences!

“Unbeknownst to me a “healer”, who is a Licensed Chiropractor that I had seen at the beginning of the week, had inserted herself into my field. All week I was being bombarded with negative thoughts that had quickly eroded my confidence and my trust in my intuitive knowing. I was totally knocked of my center. By the time I connected with Karen I was a mess. I was feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and angry. I was disconnected from my intuition and was constantly second guessing myself.

When Karen found this individual in my field and removed her, I felt immediate relief. My mind got quieter. My body began to relax. And, I was able to access my own Spirit and my intuitive knowing again. I was back!

Then she coached me on how to discern between messages from the egoic patterning and messages from my Spirit. I can see how this basic information will help me, so much with every future decision.

Since our session together I’m feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable in my skin. I have the knowing that I can access my own intuitive guidance and receive clear answers. It’s such a relief knowing I can trust myself! I feel now that I can more fully express my Purpose. Thank you so much Karen I am so grateful for the work you do!

Elizabeth G.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Clear of the old abandonment energies & I’m now feeling deeply connected to the love & joy

“I was feeling dissatisfied with my romantic relationship. I wanted more commitment from my partner but I really wasn’t able to clarify what that really meant or might feel like.

As Karen began her clearing, I heard the phrase, “They always leave!” I burst into tears as I told Karen what I had heard. She proceeded to release layer upon layer of trauma, grief, pain, and sorrow. She also identified a vow, “Never again!” She cleared all this past life experience and ancestral memory out of my fields as well as the cellular structure and DNA in the physical body.

After the clearing I realized that I was trying to define my relationship by focusing upon what was lacking. Now that I’m clear of these old abandonment energies, I’m perceiving an entirely different picture. I now realize how beautiful my relationship is and what a wonderful man he is. Now I feel deeply connected to the love and joy we share. It feels so, so good.

Wow! Karen’s energetic clearings are so, so powerful!”

Eram Saeed

Texas, USA

Less Pain & Increased energy! Cut pain meds in less than ½!

“I recently had a backstage pass with Karen Heywood, and want to share my experience.

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and chronic fatigue for 30 years. Since my session with Karen I’ve really noticed a lot of positive differences in my health and my energy levels.

As Karen began to clear the trauma from a number of car accidents, she found that I was being heavily influenced by a number of dark beings who were “feeding” off of my energy. Now I realize why I’ve dealt with chronic fatigue for almost 30 years after that bunch was removed!!! Karen identified an energetic vow from a past life that was still influencing me and was able to remove this too! After she removed the vow, I immediately felt lighter and I was giggling inside. What a huge difference and a huge relief to be free from all of this!

The differences are many. First and foremost on my mind is that I’ve been taking half to less than half of my pain medications, every day since our session. My energy level has increased tremendously and I’ve been walking the dog for 45 minute walks instead of the usual 20. The day after our session, I was actually able to vacuum the basement which usually would take me a couple of days. It would also make me hurt quite a bit, where on this day, I didn’t even feel like I had vacuumed. Yay!!! Along with the increase in energy, I have a better feeling of being more comfortable in my own skin and body.

Karen was such a sweetheart and very personable.  I thoroughly enjoyed this session and I continue to live a better life than I have for so many years.

With my heart full of love and gratitude, I want to thank Karen for this life changing wonderful experience!! She really is the real deal and can make a difference in your life too. I look forward to listening to her on FHTJ on June 5th and purchasing her package.”

Suanne Wilkinson

Toronto, Canada

My anxiety is gone! I’m free follow my heart’s desire to travel & explore the world!

“I suddenly began to experience debilitating travel anxiety 9 years ago. Sometimes I would be able to push my way through and make travel plans. However, when it came to packing and the thought of leaving the anxiety would take me over. Often I’d even cancel my travel at the last minute because of this overwhelming anxiety.

As Karen began clearing the layers, I saw a past life where I someone I loved died after I left for a trip. Karen quickly released the trauma, grief and pain around that old memory. Now I’m actually feeling excited about my next trip. This is a completely new experience. What a relief! Finally I’m free follow my heart’s desire to travel and explore the world!”

Eram Saeed

Texas, USA, From Heartache to Joy Global Summit

Karen is the real deal!

“I was lucky to be gifted a session with Karen Heywood. I did not know much about her except she does energetic clearings. Wow – she does ever so much more. She can see flashes of your past lives as well as feel the depth of feelings associated with energetic blocks that can be keeping you from your desires. She can see you in the glory of your light body self, and do so in a gentle and caring way that makes it safe to explore those painful parts we would prefer not to probe. She does this so naturally that you know you are in the presence of a beautiful healer. She found and cleared several energetic blocks that were so deep and old – I don’t know if would have found them on my own because they were very deep and painful. She held sacred space for me while we both worked through them. Incredible! As a discerning (and at times skeptical) person who has been on the spiritual path for a while – I can tell you she is the real deal.”

Carolyn McDougald

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

As the Session Completed the Density & Hopelessness I Felt Was Lifted…

“During our session, Karen and I were scheduled to work on fear of being seen and heard. By the time our call was to happen, I was deep in the depths of intense releases from other programs and called to say I was not up to it. Karen felt my overwhelm and asked what she could help with in the moment. She has beautiful light energy and is a pleasure to work with. She helped with several issues and even though she went over the allotted time was willing to help more. As the session completed the density and hopelessness I felt was lifted and I felt more able to continue on my path. I look forward to her launch. I’m sure she will help many others. Thank you Karen”


Florida, USA

Longstanding writer’s block gone!

“Having grown up in an abusive, alcoholic household, I have struggled for decades with the spectre of the challenge, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Nevertheless, I have had ambitions and even managed to accomplish a few things, but there has always been a nagging self-doubt underlying any success. I have done a ton of talk therapy over the years, especially following any perceived failure, and there have been some a-ha moments. But nothing ever truly got underneath that feeling of unworthiness that seemed to sabotage my best efforts at the eleventh hour.

Karen is so different from those other psychotherapists. I hesitate to call her work magical, only because through overuse it has become meaningless. But the breakthroughs I have with her are certainly in that realm—otherworldly in that they seem to just spring from out of nowhere and deliver a transformative impact. I don’t pretend to understand what she does, and thankfully it’s not necessary. She works with my spirit to expose energies trapped inside, and layer by layer deep down traumas are revealed and healed. The best part is that whatever gets released during our session gets released in the collective consciousness as well, so it’s doubly rewarding that I get to be of service to others in pursuit of my higher purpose.

In our latest session, as we worked on removing my longstanding writer’s block, I felt a subtle shift in my perception of being stifled, and suddenly a lightness of being allowed me to fly.  It only took a single word to open up that pathway. Tears of joy began to flow as I felt myself soar, seeing the situation through the eyes of a hawk gliding on air. It was pure exhilarating freedom, just what I needed to feel in the flow once again. The fact that I’m writing this now is a positive indication that the fear of my own power is starting to fade, and I look forward to what may unfold as the shroud of self-protection falls away.”

Laura V.

Toronto, Canada

In only a few sessions with Karen, I was able to increase my self worth, self esteem, excel at my job, leave an unfulfilling relationship & gain a beautiful deep sense of inner peace

“I had an ‘abundance healing’ with Karen several weeks ago, followed by a session to heal the pain and life-long emotional effects of childhood sexual abuse. I think these two healings worked together to help improve my sense of self-worth. Shortly after our work together I become more motivated at work than I have ever been in my life. I had always put about 60 – 70% effort into my career. All of a sudden I was giving 90 – 100% and it felt great! I also began noticing a positive shift in my boss’s attitude toward me and am now working towards a promotion.

A few weeks later I had another healing with Karen to heal the grief and guilt of an abortion. Again, I felt a deep sense of peace and an increase in my sense of self-worth and self-esteem after the session. A few days later a problematic relationship I was having trouble ending, started to feel absolutely unbearable. For a long time I had known that my needs weren’t being met. I wasn’t happy or being respected, however I just couldn’t ever seem to end things. Karen and I did a healing around ending this unhealthy connection and one day later I calmly and collectedly walked away from this energy-draining relationship for good.

So, in only a few sessions with Karen I was able to increase my self-worth and self-esteem, excel at my job, leave an unfulfilling relationship, and gain a beautiful deep sense of inner peace.

This is amazing. Karen’s healing goes so, so deep. It is truly remarkable and life transforming.”


Free from Irrational Jealousy

“I was being haunted by irrational thoughts and fears about my romantic partner and was having concerns that were constantly being projected by mind due to past experiences of infidelity. I knew these thoughts were irrational, but I just couldn’t shake them. These thoughts were causing me to act out in controlling and negative ways and feel very jealous. This experience was so unusual for me. I’m not normally a jealous person.

I brought this issue to Karen. Without having to get into much detail at all, she quickly got that this emotional charge was the result of a past life experience together. Within only a couple minutes, she cleared this out of my field. Now I’m my confident self again. And the next day my partner was even more loving and attentive. It’s so wonderful! Karen’s clearing was so fast, deep and thorough! Thank you!

Don’t let your relationships get toxic by negative thoughts and patterns, get Karen’s help and you will be amazed how much your relationship will improve… like mine did. “

Eram Saeed

Texas, USA

The dread is gone!

“I had a wonderful session with Karen where she removed multiple layers of fear from my energy fields. This included the dissolution of trauma and fear in my own DNA, from my ancestral lineage as well as fear I was hooked into within the human collective. The energies that were dissolved included trauma held from accidents, surgeries, natural disasters, wars (earth & galactic), and so much more.

I was quite amazed in how this process made it possible for me to feel more in my body, more at home in this world.  I have re-populated my body rather than having my awareness only in my head. I had no idea that fear stuff too up so much room! I’m so much more present now!

While I was at the dentist I noticed that I was so relaxed I was tempted to go to sleep.  The amount of tension in my body is still diminishing.  My tummy and teeth aren’t so clenched.  My shoulders are not up to my ears anymore!

My outlook has shifted from one of dread, to being excited in my life. I’m looking forward to experiencing things I had previously believed were out of my reach.  My sense of fun and adventure have returned, and the feeling that I can handle whatever comes along has been renewed.”

Susan C.

Toronto, Canada

I’m feeling so much more powerful & strong!

“Before working with Karen I felt powerless to create change in my world. Every time I would have a conversation and express my desire for change I would be shut down, ignored, or brushed off. This has happened so many times that I grew to expect it and felt that it was a waste of energy to even bother trying

However, since working with Karen I feel so much more expanded, powerful and strong. I have a completely different experience of myself. I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. I know deep inside that my perspective matters AND I can access the confidence that I need for those difficult conversations. It actually feels possible to create the change that I’ve been yearning for.

Thank you so, so much for freeing me from the chains of these patterns! Now that these HUGE blocks have been cleared, I’m so looking forward to attuning to and accessing my Spirit’s promptings and finding out what wonders are in store for me now!”

Georgina W.

Toronto, Canada

Ended a long-term dead-end relationship

“I have more energy and also deeper sleep since my healing with Karen! I really noticed results in about 3 to 4 days and I’m still releasing old stuck energy. I even noticed that my family is being more cooperative with me. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen’s work. Between the work that I’ve done with Karen and the From Heartache to Joy community, I finally found the courage to end my long term dead end relationship. Thank you!”

Jagjit Kaur


Not afraid to say “No” anymore!

“I’ve struggled with boundaries all my life. To deal with my empathic nature I learned early in life to value the needs of friends and family over my own, and that would help to keep the peace. Unfortunately, people took advantage of my kindness and I was often left feeling wanting

Karen cleared this patterning and now I’m comfortable saying “No”, with much, much less concern around reprisal. I’m more aware of my strength. My confidence has definitely risen. And I no longer waste hours or days second guessing myself.

Thanks so much! It’s such a relief to have those invisible handcuffs drop away.”


Toronto, Canada

Increased Self Acceptance & Improved Relationships

“I’ve been on a healing journey for a few years now and had seen three healers before having a session with Karen. Two were Reiki practitioners and, although Reiki feels lovely and very relaxing at the time, I never experienced any change from my sessions. Then I went to a Pranic Healer and experienced the opposite of Reiki. I definitely had a number epiphanies and  felt an emotional healing but, unfortunately, in a very intense and quite painful way, becoming overwhelmed by certain feelings.

Then I discovered Karen. I’m not sure how this lady heals but she is amazing. Having a healing session with Karen feels gentle yet powerful and the effects I see in my life after are quick and remarkable. My sense of self-acceptance has increased dramatically, my relationships have improved, and all with a gentle ease. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Karen.”


Vancouver, BC, Canada

I’m Trusting Myself Now

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

“This is how I would describe the work of Karen Heywood. I was struggling with depression, loneliness and low self-esteem. She lovingly and compassionately, helped me shift that energy and then gave me the tools to heal myself when the depression came back. It didn’t happen overnight, but with her guidance, I learned to trust my own intuition and inner guidance so that I am now happy and grounded. I still have my full range of emotions, but they don’t disable me anymore. What I love about Karen is that she empowers people to heal themselves by helping them step into their innate greatness. She is truly an enlightened being who empowers others to be the best they can be.”

Richard S

Houston, Texas, USA

I would have needed more than 1000 sessions to get done what we only did in one session with Karen

“Throughout my entire life I have felt deficient and broken. I believed that this originated from growing up in a very dysfunctional, cruel family. No matter what I’ve done I’ve been unable to find complete healing when it came to these very deep issues.

From the beginning of the session with Karen I felt so safe, cared for, and calm. I almost felt like laughing throughout the whole session because it was such an uplifting experience. Karen is wonderfully light and calming, and such a caring person to work with; definitely someone you just want to have in your life. She’s so easy to open up to.

We released issue after issue that had been preventing me from living fully and freely. We cleared gazillions of ancestral baggage, abuse, manipulation, victimhood, etc. – on all levels – ancestral, past lives, and present time. We these cleared deep issues in seconds. It was such a light and uplifting experience. And now, 5 days later, I can only say that I feel so, so much better. I now feel love for myself.  I’m able to set healthier boundaries.  I feel so light, joyful and such a great relief around being freed from all those heavy weights. I am loving and enjoying my life now. Plus, I also feel so more much trust in living and enjoying my being.

I’ve done many programs and many helped me a lot; however, Karen’s way hit home for me in such a soft, loving and powerful way. I would have needed more than 1000 sessions to get done what we only did in one session. Karen’s process is a light, easy and joyful experience. She can clear the core of an issue without even knowing exactly know what it is or where it originated. All I had to do was access the bad feeling for her to clear it. For me it feels like a miracle. I don’t want to be without that care and cure. I cannot wait to hear Karen on the show.

I am so lucky and so happy to have met Karen and receive this BSP with her. Thank you so much Karen! And thank you Eram for bringing Karen to the show. I can’t wait to get Karen´s package, and hear her lovely voice again. I am so grateful and happy. Thank you!”

Monika L.


Crystal Clear Knowing of My Soul Purpose

“Working with Karen is amazing (as always). She helped me release some really old energies that needed to be cleared and it’s like a thousand pounds have come off my shoulders and chest. I now have a crystal clear knowing of my soul purpose. I’ve been working for 5 years to remember who I am at a Soul level. Working today with Karen was definitely the tipping point. I’m so excited to get started!”

Danielle F.

Vaughan, ON, CA

Released the Stress around Getting Organized

“Wow – What Karen does is magic. In less than an hour we resolved issues that I have been grappling with for years. The feeling of being overwhelmed every time that I tried to deal with the paper work and clutter in my life has disappeared. I was feeling so stuck and unable to move forward. I felt an emotional heaviness at just the thought of sorting through and organizing my office. Now I feel like my slate has been cleared and I no longer feel stress about this. I feel positive and excited to move forward. Thank you so much Karen. You are amazing!”

Georgina W.

Bolton, ON, Canada

I’m Free to Move Forward!

“I could physically feel when you were drawing the fear-energies out of me. This is definitely life changing. I feel free to move forward in a healthy way now. Thank you so much!”

Rosie C

Vaughan, ON, Canada

Free from OCD Tendencies!

“While I have never officially been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, I definitely have many of the traits; the most significant being that if I like doing a particular activity, I will do it until something or someone forces me to stop.  On the negative side, I can waste whole days playing solitaire or Candy Crush on my phone, and then feel guilty afterwards for such a totally unproductive use of my time.  In a more positive way, I have knitted/crocheted a subdivision over my lifetime, often falling asleep while feeling compelled to do “just one more row.”  In either case, once in the grips of that obsessive/compulsive energy, it usually takes a Herculean effort to make myself stop and either go to bed, or make some dinner, or do something else that needs doing.

So I took the issue to Karen and she did her magic, clearing out patterns that were dictating this behaviour. Around 7 p.m. the following evening, I suddenly put my knitting down and got up from the couch to go and make some dinner, without a single second of internal conflict.  Then, in almost a state of shock, I stared at the knitting in disbelief that I had stopped right in the middle of a row. Walking towards the kitchen, I did a double take, unable to compute what I was seeing.

If you don’t have any OCD tendencies, you probably won’t get the profundity of this breakthrough; but if you are like me, you will understand that this is nothing short of miraculous. The point is that I now have ‘choice’ around my knitting; I can do one more row if I so choose, or I can simply stop at any moment, at any point in the pattern, and put it away for now.  How radical is that?  What a freedom, thanks to Karen.”

Laura V.

Toronto, Canada

Feeling Empowered Now!

“I can’t thank you enough for how empowered I feel after releasing and recognizing what it was that was holding me back and in fear. I am telling you right now that I feel more open to what is coming and less anxious because there is nothing to fear when living in the light. Thank you truly for your compassion and energy work. I truly can’t thank you enough for being one of my biggest and best teachers and guides, moving me through my old limitations. You are amazing and I am going to do my best to recommend you to a few people who I think would truly benefit from this.”

Samantha P.

Vaughan, ON, Canada

Free from guilt & regret around an abortion

“I had an abortion 16 years ago and never got over it. Although I feel it was the right decision at the time, I also struggled with feelings of wanting to keep the baby. One day I would be sure I wanted to end the pregnancy and the next I would day dream about being a mother. I somehow felt that the fetus would be a girl and even named her.

Because of the issues I had at the time and the lack of stability in my life, I did not feel that I was equipped to be a mother and I did go through with the abortion. Again, I feel it was the right decision, but the grief I felt around the procedure never left. If someone asked me why I didn’t have children I would say that it was my biggest regret in life and get teary. I would cry and apologize to the universe for letting myself get pregnant and having to make the decision I did. I would cry at the drop of a hat discussing abortion and motherhood. In short, this experience was not processing.

I had a healing with Karen around the abortion and during the healing I felt the old grief and guilt come to the surface. Karen helped me stay with the feeling and then, with the magic of her healing, I felt the old trauma (of the actual procedure) as well as the deep-felt grief and guilt start to dissipate.Certain things Karen said during the healing gave me a new understanding and, ultimately, peace around what happened and the decision I made.

When I think about the abortion now, I am still a little sad but I don’t feel the deep sorrow or the debilitating guilt I used to. I’m sorry that it happened but it seems far away, in the past, where it should be, and the trauma aspect of the experience is completely gone.Karen helped me heal this pain that many sessions of talk therapy just couldn’t touch.I now feel like I can move forward and find my purpose now. I am very grateful. Thank you.”


Profound fear cleared in minutes!

“Due to some issues with my irrational neighbour, I was plagued with the stress of being sued. I thought too much about it, and feared that my fear alone would bring into reality. I knew I shouldn’t be holding these fears but no matter what I did, they kept dogging me at every opportunity.

When I brought this matter to Karen she simply attuned to my field and within minutes she cleared it all out. Now when I think about this issue there’s no emotional charge at all. Karen brought me to neutral around these subjects, all in less than 5 minutes! I wish I’d met Karen earlier. I would have saved myself so much wasted time and energy. Thanks Karen!

If you also have lingering worries or fears that are affecting your life, Karen can get rid of those for you in minutes too… give her a try, you won’t regret it!”

Eram Saeed

Texas, USA

Experiencing Real Results, Fast!

“Why do I keep coming back for more sessions? In two words, it works! I’m experiencing real results, fast! I feel the changes… I’m more naturally Me with every session. Thanks Karen!”


Toronto, Canada

Road Rage Gone!

“I’ve been a road rageaholic for years. After only one session with Karen and it was gone! Amazingly, most of the time other drivers leave me alone and leave ample space in front of me and behind. It’s so much more pleasurable getting around town now. Thanks!”


Toronto, Canada

Free from the trauma of war & natural disasters

“Karen’s work is very different from the work I’ve done previously with other healers. This work is very powerful, yet gentle. She worked on releasing deep seated traumas like war, natural disasters, violence etc. from my ancestral lineage (and events known and unknown to us). These were very relevant to experiences I had growing up. My grandfather had been in a war (I heard the stories from him), we had earthquakes when I was growing up and I have seen violence and cruelty done to others.

When Karen did each clearing I felt energy release. When she did positive affirmations I felt strength build up in me in a new way! I have a very peaceful and calm feeling now when I hear about all those traumas. Also, I have a knowing that things are different now – very peaceful, loving and calm.

Thank you 🌷 “

Angela M.

Pennsylvania, USA

Really Fast Progress

“Your work has brought me along so far and so fast! It would have taken me years to get here by myself.”

Mary N.

Ontario, Canada

Free from procrastination!!! A giant gorilla lifted off my shoulders and here’s the best part; I not only didn’t owe any money, I got an $800 return!!!

“I’m recently retired so I have tons of time, yet I just could not bring myself to file my tax return before the deadline.  Fearing that I would have to pay could have been part of the problem, but in truth, there was no valid reason for me to run the risk of adding interest and late filing penalties to the bill.  It’s not like I have an excess of money.

Like many people, procrastination has been a lifelong issue and can be quite paralyzing so I took my problem to Karen.  As usual, she was able to cut to the quick quite easily.  First, she helped me articulate the specifics so that she could properly understand the intricacies of the issue.  Evidently, regarding tax returns and other such complicated forms, my mind turns to mush, similar to how a muscle feels when it has been overworked.  The harder I try to push myself to complete the task, the more of a jumbled mental mess I make.  Karen explained that I was locked into a pattern.

So in less than an hour on the phone, she did her magic shifting a bunch of energy out of my field, such that I sprung into action the second I hung up.  I got all the papers together, booked an appointment at a nearby H & R Block, and walked out of there two hours later having filed my taxes.  What a huge relief, a giant gorilla lifted off my shoulders and here’s the best part; I not only didn’t owe any money, I got an $800 return.  It really doesn’t get any better than that.”

Laura V.

Toronto, Canada

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