The Significance of April’s Eclipse

by The Council of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Council of Light.

We are present, and we greet you all with the highest love and honour.

We are members of the Council of Light, we represent a wide representation of many different councils. Councils, all of which have different and unique roles and functions to play, not only as it pertains to the human collective, but as it pertains to all collectives. All those collectives that together comprise the Cosmos, the known Universe. We are here with a message and insight with regards to this eclipse that will unfold on April 8, that will be seen and observed and witnessed by large subsets of your North American continent.

What will the Eclipse Usher In?

What we wish for you to know and understand about this eclipse – and as is true for all eclipses – is that though you observe and witness these in the physical dimension that you currently occupy, understand that in essence, this eclipse or this realignment, in many ways represents an energetic realignment that is far, far reaching in magnitude than only what exists at the physical realm. It is an energetic realignment that for humanity will encourage, and in many ways, will invite a realignment towards energies, experiences that align with higher consciousness. That this, we would say, redirection of attention, this energy in many ways will serve to help many release themselves from the old paradigm from energies and belief systems that no longer serve the individual and that no longer serve the collective.


What we wish for all of you to understand is that this eclipse in many ways helps humanity do away with any energies, beliefs, and experiences that no longer serve them. For those who have long been working to heal, to improve, this eclipse in many ways will be felt as a subtle nudge, as a gentle reinforcement of the realignment that you have long ago chosen. But for many who perhaps have not yet been aware or have not become aware of any energies and experiences that they are attached to or that they hold on to that do not serve their highest and greatest good, this eclipse will perhaps feel a little bit more energetically and emotionally abrupt. But there is nothing to worry or fear in this abruptness in that it simply serves to amplify all that which needs to be released and healed from. And in turn, it serves to amplify and redirect human consciousness, intentions, and emotions towards a higher Universal order, an order of greater compassion and greater love.

And so, these eclipses as they bring into alignment different celestial bodies, it is important to remember that each one of these celestial bodies that is part of this eclipse represent a function and energy that the eclipse serves to help individuals disconnect from that which no longer serves them and helps them realign, to reorient, or to redirect towards that which is important.

This may be experienced differently for different individuals depending on where they stand in their spiritual evolution, and depending on what within each of them needs to be healed and surrendered. But ultimately, eclipses bring about a mass healing, a mass release, and a mass clearing of any attachments to the old paradigm and to old existing beliefs that no longer serve where humanity is moving and evolving to.

How to Prepare for the Eclipse’s Energies

What we invite you to do as you prepare for this massive Eclipse and for the new energies that it will ultimately usher in is to begin in your moments of stillness and meditation to begin to ask yourselves what it is that you are holding on to that no longer serves you whether they are old connections, old attachments whether they be tangible or non-tangible, simply to become aware of all that that is in your life, your energetic and spiritual fields, in your awareness, and begin to assess all these with a greater and deeper emotional and critical eye.



What serves you, what resonates with you from a place of joy and happiness and begin to grant yourselves permission to begin to let go of and surrender all that which does not bring you joy and all that does not resonate with you from a place of love.

As this eclipse approaches, and during the eclipse as well as in the hours and days that follow, we invite you to ask yourselves what new way of being do you wish to embrace? What is important to you? What experiences and emotions do you wish to embody and pull into your experience? For all eclipses invite an energy of renewal. But when that renewal is met and filtered through your conscious mind and your heart-centred intentions, they are amplified and the impacts and effects that they have upon your experience and your lives are also amplified. This is an opportunity for you, our dear ones, to become more empowered and more conscious of what you choose to allow into your lives and into your experience, and what you choose or are ready to let go of and to surrender.



This realignment is not only that of celestial bodies, but it is an energetic realignment of massive and global scales and that we invite you to prepare for, to embrace, in the most conscious and intentional way.

Know that we are here. We support. We are always with you and behind you with love and with encouragement.

Thank you and blessings.
Council of Light

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