Heart Expanding Meditation for Transmutation

by Many, Many Beings of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from many, many Beings of Light.

We are in the presence of many, many Beings. We greet you with love and light.  

We are going to refer to the power of meditation. We are going to match this with a visualization that is going to help you actively transmute any heaviness in your heart anytime it is experienced directly through your own experience or whether you are absorbing this empathically.  

What we are going to invite you to do is simply close your eyes in this moment and bring all of your awareness into your heart. Imagine yourself standing or sitting peacefully in this vast, infinite space that is your heart chakra. It is the generator of your energy. It is your perpetual, inherent connection to Source. It is where Source love and light flows in. And it is where, in turn, it flows through you and outwards towards those around you.  

Heart Meditation

Anytime you are feeling an encroachment of any denser energies, whether it is sadness, hopelessness, or frustration, we are going to invite you to move into this heart space. See the light all around and visualize any sadness, any density, appearing before you. Perhaps this may be a small cannonball, a small iron ball; it is dense and heavy. Hold it in your hand and visualize this iron ball becoming smaller. Send light to this cannonball. And the more light you send from Source – it does not need to be your own light – it is a Source that comes in through your heart and simply encapsulates and envelopes this cannonball. And as the light moves in, this cannonball becomes softer and smaller. Simply visualise the dense energy being swept up like a very small tornado in the palm of your hand and whisk it off to the Divine Light. See this grit, the sand of denser energy, move into the Divine Light. See it leave your field. 

And once again, bring your awareness back into your heart. Remember this light that pours from Source into your heart now fills that space with love, harmony and light.  

It may help you to connect to a time in your life (or access a memory) in which you felt deep, unconditional love. Whether it is what another expressed to you, or what you felt for another, it matters not for all is love. And allow this memory to fill your entire being.  

Heart Meditation

That is a process — a meditative practice — that we invite you to do anytime you are feeling off centre or off kilter. The more you practice this, the easier it will become and the more impactful it will be. We hope this helps you.  

Remember that there is far more love in the Universe than anything that acts against love. Remember this as a fundamental, Universal truth.  

We wish you harmony, joy, and love.
Many, Many Beings of Light

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