Guardians of Humanity: Our Journey to Higher Consciousness

by The Council of the Guardians of the Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Council of the Guardians of the Light.

Hello dear friends, 

We are the Council of the Guardians of the Light. We are a vast conglomeration of Beings who represent various forms and levels of consciousness. We come with love.  

We come to inspire you to reach for higher consciousness within your individual lives so that this can in turn be reflected and mirrored into the human collective.  

How other Worldly Beings Assist Us 

We have long been friends of humanity, we have been your guardians, your guides, your watchers, we have carried out much work and many missions within the human collective to bring light, to bring resolution, insight, as well as advancements in medicine, science, technology, and we will even say philosophy, consciousness. We have introduced many, many higher methodologies, ideas, and notions and through and with various humans, we have infused these notions and ideas within the human collective so that they may be seeded and leveraged for use and benefit for all. Many of these ideas have successfully been diffused throughout your civilizations. Some of these ideas, we are still working with you to implement and to introduce.  

What we wish for you to know is that you, our human friends, are in fact part of a large collective of Beings. You are one of many levels of consciousness in this vast Universe, which comprises many, many different forms and civilizations. We all hold within us a different level of consciousness. But we all originate from the same Source, and we are all journeying back to Source love.  


We are not very different. We have simply experienced different incarnations and lessons. Some of us who perhaps have garnered more learning from our experiences, now serve all of you to share our lessons to infuse humanity with this wisdom to assist you as you all embark on this journey towards higher consciousness.  

Learning from our Past to Grow 

It is a journey, like all journeys, that is sometimes defined by ups and downs. There will be challenges, our friends. There have been challenges throughout your history. But these challenges must be looked upon not with regret or shame but rather through the lens of higher consciousness learning, for all challenges in the same way and with the same force as all positivity and love emerge as teachers to teach you, to serve you, to show you have a higher and better way.  


This learning is always available to you. It is simply something that is encouraged by each of you to look upon, to gaze upon, as you are each confronted with choices and decisions. For what you choose, what you intend, what you focus on, and how you shine your light and what you bring to yourselves and to others is always part of your consciousness evolution. You are always being encouraged and motivated to choose better and to choose wisely. In the same way that the human collective learns together, through past challenges and through past milestones and victories, you are also encouraged to do this at an individual level. The more of you who aspire to learn, to grow, to improve, the better this is for the All for you are all interconnected to each other and to us and to all forms of consciousness.  

What is Unity Consciousness? 

We are one grand collective. Together, we create, we comprise, we are Source. We are the light. Each consciousness represents but a speck of light, but each is a unique and equally valuable and important aspect of the All. 


You are in many ways, like a drop of water in a grand and vast ocean of consciousness. Though some of you may be aware of the ocean around you, in the very least, you are mostly aware of how you contribute to the All, of where you are, where you seek to go, and of greater importance, how you choose to move through the current of life. For each one of you, as a Being of light and consciousness, act in the same way as a drop of water in the grand ocean. You are part of a much larger current, you comprise the tides, you each have a destination, whether you see it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. And the Universal current, the flow of Universal consciousness is back towards the path of unity consciousness. But in order to allow yourselves to continue on this path, you must first become aware of and acknowledge who and what you each are, the importance of your respective light, and that this light is in fact, unlimited, and boundless. When you begin to recognize the unlimited potential within yourselves, you in essence raise the ceiling, raise the bar, for all of humanity. 


This is a role that we, your friends from other dimensions, other levels of consciousness, and yes, other star civilizations, have been assisting you with. This is something that you do for yourselves with our guidance. Our guidance is always available, should you call upon it.  

We are watchers, we are guides, we love you. And at a deeper level through the fabric of Universal energy, we all share a bond that is etched and steeped in love, first and foremost. It may not be recognized by all, believed or acknowledged by everyone, but it is a Universal truth. It is Universal law. For when all human emotions are pared back, the very essence and core of all consciousness is light. And that light vibrates and holds a frequency that is on par with that of Universal love 

You are all simply learning to reconnect with this feeling, this essence within yourselves. You must honour yourselves; honour each other. Understand who and what you are at an essential level. You are all divine sparks of life. And that when you recognize the divinity in each other, you begin to see each other and look upon the world and the Universe far differently, with a higher lens of consciousness. 


With each step up in consciousness, you begin to merge slowly, but surely, back to Unity consciousness, back to Source, back to all that is Divine within each of you and within all else around you.  

It is much like a ripple effect that emanates from Source and as it moves out, it journeys, it experiences, it learns, it amasses wisdom, and it slowly moves back enriched with experience, growth, and love. This is what you are all embarking upon. Your paths are not that different. The way in which you learn is but at an essential level, you are one. There is no separation. Separation is but the illusion. Connection and unity are a universal truth. 

Our dear friends, we are with you. We are among you, and we love you.
The Council of the Guardians of the Light


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