Message for Global Unity

by The Council of the Guardians of the Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Council of the Guardians of the Light.

Our dear ones,

We are the Council of the Guardians of the light. We are a group of advanced Beings who always bring messages of light, love, and compassion for all.

We see and look upon humanity with concern yet with even greater compassion. We understand that these turbulent times have created a deep sense of unrest within the hearts of many. There is much that we wish to say and share. This turbulence has long been the way of humanity but as humanity strives to reach a place of higher compassion and higher consciousness, that all conflicts and all discord —whether they are within individuals, between groups or nations — will increasingly become less and less tolerated by humanity.



What Humanity Must Learn

Humanity will continue to be confronted with all that is in discord with love, peace, and harmony. For that is what humanity is being asked and invited to overcome. Humanity is learning to shift out of a place of complacency and tolerance towards any conflicts, war, and disagreement. And though it is difficult to face, witness and encounter, this difficulty is important in helping individuals and humanity as a collective.

Understand what it is that humanity needs to achieve within themselves and as a people, for you are one people, you are one collective. You are one united soul. One Heart whose energy flows from one chakra to the next. You are far more connected and united energetically and spiritually than you understand and then you give yourselves and each other credit for.



Our dear ones, you are all sisters and brothers of the light. But you are here to reflect to each other what needs to be healed and achieved within humanity. Remember that the Universe amplifies, reflects, and mirrors all to humanity (and to each individual) all that needs to be healed and harmonized within you and within your society and civilization. The amplification of all energies of discord will continue until humanity learns to unite in a place of love and harmony, to recognize that you are not different from each other. That that which divides you is in fact superficial and pales in comparison of all that which ties you together.

You have far more connection and commonalities than you understand. Your needs are similar to each other’s needs. And each soul, each Being, deserves love, compassion, and dignity. All must not only be forgiven, but all must also learn to forgive. For it is the energy of forgiveness and compassion that unites you and paves the way towards unity consciousness and love.


Focus on Unity

You must focus not on what is unfolding as far as discord and war or conflict. But you must now shift your collective consciousness as to the united and collective needs of all. All need and want harmony, peace, compassion, and love. And by setting your sights upon this, this is how you will heal. You must not be complacent to what is unfolding. But you must learn that what is intolerable is actually here to teach you what you must overcome and sheds light on what needs to be healed and achieved.


You have the wisdom, the love, and the capability to do this, but you must work on your will. You must work on forgiveness. And you must work on weaving a common vision, one that serves all and each individual with equal compassion and equanimity. You must move forth together. And whether each individual around you is ready or willing to set their sights on this vision of global harmony, this in the very least must begin within each of you.

How to Perpetuate Love

Do not give in to the fear and upset of these times, but shine light on those who need it. Move forth with greater compassion, encourage forgiveness, and weave acts of love. So, love for this is what you will collectively reap. There is a better way for you and there will be a better way. But you must learn to neutralize this fear and upset within each of you.


And learn to recognize and amplify the love that you each have in your lives. Continue to express love and gratitude to those around you, even strangers. And by focusing on this love, you are going to perpetuate it. You are going to create a beautiful ripple effect of love throughout the cosmos in energetic ways that you may not see or understand, but they are real, and they have a far greater magnitude than you can envision in this moment.

It is time for all of you to hold a true vision of love, harmony, and peace. It is merited and deserved by all. Each individual deserves light. Though you may not see this, you must understand that all Beings are moving and orbiting back towards a place of Source love. You must be compassionate to the individual journeys of each. Whether you are in agreement with their actions or journey. You must know that this is a journey that humanity is collectively taking, and you each have an important role to play. You must be the weavers of love in order to shine the way towards love for humanity.

We are with you. We walk with you, we stand alongside you, and we guide you.

And we are here. We stand with you in unity and in love.
The Council of the Guardians of Light


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