How to Connect to your Higher Self

by The Arcturians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Andromedan Council.

Hello our dear ones,  

We are the Arcturians. We are your sisters and brothers from beyond. We always come with the spirit and energy of love and with the intention to assist and enlighten you all along this journey. It is both an individual as well as a collective journey. And as we and many beings in the past have shared, the betterment for all must first be manifested through self-improvement. Through healing, healing wounds, emotional and even physical wounds, we are here to share some insight with all of you as to how you can heal yourself and how this connection to your Higher Selves may be of benefit for you.    

What is Your Higher Self? 

We will first explain the notion and the concept of a Higher Self. The Higher Self is in essence an energetic aspect of you that is untethered by human energies and emotions that may exist along a more negative energetic spectrum. It is the aspect of yourselves that is always and inherently connected to the Divine, to Source. This is your inherent connection. Your Higher Self is the higher consciousness aspect of you that serves to guide you, that serves to keep you on the path of highest learning and of greatest expansion so that you as a soul, as a being of consciousness, can learn, evolve, and improve.  

Higher Self

You all have a Higher Self connection. Some of you have learned to nurture and to tap into your Higher Selves. And for those of you who have not, we are simply here to provide some insight.   

What we wish for you all to understand is that the Higher Self, because it is not steeped in the Earthly emotional soup, it always brings guidance that is connected to a higher perspective of greater love and compassion. It is an aspect that is not guided by the ego, nor is it influenced by fear, as is often the ego-based mind. The Higher Self in many ways acts as a guide, as a teacher. It is part of you and your true essence. It is the undisturbed aspect of you that lives forever connected to the realm of unity consciousness around where love is known and understood to be the fabric and the underlying building blocks of all experience and of all consciousness. Your Higher Self steers you sometimes in ways that are unbeknownst to you, and other times, your Higher Self sends you messages and guidance through your intuition and your inner knowing.  

Opening Up to Your Higher Self 

Your higher self is always accessible and available to you. Simply open yourselves up to connecting with and receiving guidance and information from this Higher Self. The mere act of setting the intention is usually enough for this gateway to be opened. Once this gateway is opened, like all connections, like all relationships, it must be nurtured. Your Higher Self speaks to you and guides you much like your Spirit Guides through a myriad of ways. It speaks to you often through your five senses, through your intuition, and all metaphysical senses. That is those metaphysical senses our senses that lie beyond the five physical senses are senses that are pure energetic receptors and transmitters. But they work in ways that are not influenced or motivated by the ego mind and by Earthly intentions and emotions. It is a pure form of energetic communication that all Beings, all humans, carry the innate ability to connect with and tap into. You must simply recognize that you have these abilities and understand that they are here to serve you.  


Higher Self

Your Higher Self and your Guides speak to you through your intuition, and your intuition is a window into many of the ‘Clair’ abilities. There are many ways in which intuition is funnelled through your metaphysical senses to provide you with messages.  

Your Higher Self represents the aspect of you that is eternally and perpetually connected to a higher, central, loving intelligence and force. The connection is clearer and stronger when you learn to silence and quiet your mind. When you declutter all of the external stimuli that sometimes blurs and clouds your intuition and your inner knowing, you then create an avenue for your Higher Self to guide you and to speak to you.  

How to Recognize Higher Guidance 

It does not matter if you understand in the moment that you are receiving messages whether it is coming from you, from your heart, from your intuition, your Guides, or your Higher Self. What matters is that the information is first received before the logical mind or other thoughts can get in the way. It is the first and foremost inner emotion, feeling, and sensation that is speaking to you through your intuition. And it is also very important to understand how to gauge the feeling and the validity of this emotion. If it feels right in your heart, then the guidance is right.  

Higher Self

And so, when you are looking for guidance, call upon your Higher Self and ask that the signals, guidance, and messages be felt and understood clearly. And the clarity is often in and around your heart space. It must resonate with you from a place of love and joy and that is when you know it is coming from your Higher Self. This practice is an important one. It is about a tuning to what is pure and important, and learning to disconnect and to tune out of any other thoughts, stimuli, and signals that may come from your outside or outer environment that may not always serve your highest good.  

Learning to tune into this inner voice, this in essence, is the ability to connect to your higher selves.  

And with this, we wish you ongoing harmony and bliss. 
The Arcturians


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