2024: Bridging the Gap to Higher Consciousness

by The Divine Realm ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Divine Realm.

We are friends, and dear ones, we are the Divine Realm.  

We are a conglomeration of Divine Beings who act as an extension of Source light, Source love, and Source wisdom. We are within and all around you.  

We are always available to offer an abundance of insight and guiding, loving messages for there is no shortage of that which humanity needs in this moment. Humanity, through 2024, will continue to be tested. But remember that all tests simply represent a bridge between where humanity currently stands and a glimpse into where humanity needs to move and shift into. How, when, and through what choices, emotions, and wisdom humanity chooses to cross this bridge is entirely up to humanity.  

Rise Above Manufactured Divisions 

But what we wish for you all to remember, is the unity that exists not only between each of you, but between all of you and all of us —all that there is—this is the unified consciousness field. It is animated by Source, it is reinforced by love. And remember, that although humanity appears to be divided, that through these challenges, through these circumstances that may emphasise and enhance division within your realm, in essence, you are simply being encouraged to move closer to each other, to learn that these manufactured divisions, whether they are through the divisions of nationality, political alignments, religion, any other beliefs, that they are but temporary, that they are but fragments of human consciousness in this realm, that will one day wash away.  



And all humans, all individuals, in time will come to recognize is that in essence, each of your sparks of light are unified and connected to each other. Any energies that you feel, or project on to each other, whether you are conscious of these energies or not, that they impact all those around you. And that this energy, in turn, serves to animate and charge the unified field of consciousness. And so, this message is about the important reminder of where you currently stand and where you are being called to move and shift towards. As you are faced and confronted with these challenges, with perhaps with anger, with judgement, it is simply an invitation to rise above these human emotions. And to remember that that which unites you, that which bonds you, is far more similar and far more important, and transcends all that divides you, for all that divides you in many ways is imagined and manufactured. When you are faced with anger, it is a calling to dig deeper, to reach higher in order to find that which unifies you.  

2024 will be a year where you will all be invited to cross these bridges, to come together through compassion. to set your differences aside. This is something that humanity has long been invited to do. The vast majority of you have learned to walk together, to recognize that the love within each of you, the love that you grant each other, is a love that serves you not only in this moment, but it is a love that is perpetuated and that will endure for generations to come.  



But those of you who are still faced with difficulties, those of you who still feel like you are set apart from others, you are being invited to challenge your innermost thoughts and feelings and to begin to focus upon that which is in common between you and all those around you. In essence, when you come to recognize that the essence of all those around you is an equal spark of light, and that when you work to perpetuate harmony, love, and connection, that this is the gift that you give. It is also a gift that you open yourself up to receiving from the Universe at large. For that which you project at a Universal level is always returned.  

Transmuting & Rising Above Division 

You are not too different from those that perhaps you see yourselves as different from and this is truly what stands between where much of humanity is today and your consciousness, unity consciousness. When you invest in your own light and in the light of others, you invest in Unity Consciousness, you help humanity cross and traverse this bridge into something much greater and grander than what you can all foresee in this moment.  


And when you move into a space of compassion, you help transmute all resentment, whether it is your own, that of those around you, or that that exists within the human collective, you then become a powerful vehicle and instrument of transmutation. And you become an ambassador of source love and light.  

This is your journey. And when you make choices that are in accordance with the highest and greatest good of all involved, you actually become a greater amplifier of that light. This benefits you and all those around you. You then become a guide to bring and guide humanity across this bridge that currently exists between many different factions of humanity.  

You all have the ability to stand even taller. We stand with you. We are the Divine Realm.

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