The Beings

All of our Beings are immensely compassionate and benevolent, and like us, they have unique and distinct personalities. Although they’re not all knowing, they do possess a broader understanding of the universe that they’re always willing to share.

Many of our Beings have pointed out that by assisting Earth (Gaia) and humanity, they are also helping Beings across the Universe including themselves. This is because everything is energetically connected, so what happens in one place has a ripple effect across the Universe. As such, humanity’s “negative thought/emotional pollution” is bleeding over into other realms and affecting their ability to ascend further. Greater harmony and love on Earth will perpetuate more of the same in other realms. 

Kate Woodley’s Beings

The Andromedans

This small, fifth dimensional collective includes Ovita, Samson, Saul & Eon. They originate from different parts of the vast Andromeda galaxy, which sits about 2.5 million light years away. They’re the first group that I channeled, and still remain one of my core connections. They understand human emotions, even if they don’t experience them in the same way. Instead, they experience a broader range of emotions whereas humans experience a narrower spectrum of more intense emotions.


The first time I channeled, I saw Ovita with my third eye (i.e. mind’s eye). Her smile said a thousand words, and I instantly knew that we were intricately connected. Her magnificence awed me. Her skin was luminescent at first, with flowing light hair. When her arms and hands were energetically superimposed over mine, her skin was shimmery blue. Ovita often serves as my gateway to other Beings. Her energy is gentle, calm, and soothing. By tapping into one’s essence, she offers deep insight and clarity into human emotions and dynamics. Her past life insight helps many heal from emotional wounds and blockages.

Saul & Eon

These two self-proclaimed twin souls emit warmth and affection. Their separate physical bodies share one flowing energy and consciousness. This shorter and mostly hair-covered race is sought out across the Universe given they’re master connectors. They possess an innate ability to help different beings communicate with each other. As such, they’re deeply attuned to the Earth and all creatures on her. Sometimes while channeling them, the deceased have come through with various messages.


Samson is very small and originates from one of the most efficient and rational civilizations. His race is somewhat insect-like in function and connection, but is highly evolved and benevolent. They progress along a thought continuum that’s based on thought evolution versus linear time. His deeply interconnected race experiences, understands, and intends unanimously and simultaneously. This high-energy and enthusiastic being also expresses hints of innocent humour.

The Blue Avians

These tall, elegant Beings are extremely gentle and wise. The Avians act as watchers and guardians of humanity, and are actively helping us ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Eir Ar and Aira have shared many beautiful messages and advice for humanity that have been published on this website and on YouTube.

The Arcturians

These seventh dimensional Beings hail from the giant Arcturus star system. Although nameless, they come through with immense love and gentleness. Through my Third eye, I’ve seen their green skin, large pulled back eyes, and very bulbous heads. They serve as guardians and protectors of humanity. They’re extremely spiritually evolved and are masters of universal love, wisdom, science, and technology. As such, the Arcturians have assisted humankind behind the scenes with various medical and scientific advancements. They’re also guiding us towards a higher and more connected level of consciousness. Known for their healing abilities, they can be called upon to assist with physical ailments.

The Sirian

Andreas is a humble master teacher of Sirian origin. He’s very large and powerful, and possesses various skin colors and markings on his head. As part of his extensive training, he spent much time learning from a variety of advanced teachers in numerous star systems. His strong, masculine energy comes through as an unmistakable presence. Andreas is eager to impart his knowledge about guiding principles and universal laws to help humanity align with the greatest good. I admire his humility, unlimited wisdom, compassion, and patience. He’s apt at breaking down very complex and abstract information in a way that’s easy to understand and integrate.

The Guardians of Gaia

This small collective guides and protects Gaia, our Mother Earth, in the same way that our spirit guides assist each of us. The Guardians offer a unique perspective into humanity’s interaction with Gaia, and our evolving future with her. They’re connected to all upon her, and are honored to offer guidance to humanity in relation to Gaia. 


Occasional Visitors

I’m also blessed to have channeled a wide range of other Beings. These occasional visitors include the Council of the Guardians of the Light, Gaia and one of her guardians, Alto and Reina (more master connectors), Typhus who is a Lyran, and Misty, a gentle and wise non-physical collective who also occasionally connects with Karen Heywood and Karen Ashby.

Karen (Kare) Heywood’s Beings

The Sky Beings

Sky is the name I gave to the first collective that came to me. They are comprised of approximately 1000 non-physical Beings who exist within the seventh dimension. (You see, Beings don’t generally use names beyond the 3th and 4th dimensions.)

Sky is a gathering of creational artists. The myriad of frequencies are their palette, and they use these different frequencies much like we use countless colours of paint to create with. I learned that the broader the palette that different beings have access to, the greater the sensitivity and subtlety of the creations. The Sky Beings are most interested in adding to the Beauty of the cosmos. They believe that the beauty within the physical and non-physical realms, make it worthwhile as It adds a higher frequency for others to experience.

The Sky Beings are very interested in new creation. They are intimately connected to Mother Earth Gaia’s timeline. Thus, it is Sky’s desire to assist humanity and Mother Earth Gaia in the unfoldment of their expanded and subtler expressions of Beauty.



When I first connected with Elle, her fluidity struck me. She moved like a silk scarf flowing in a gentle breeze. Her non-physical, etheric form is like the aurora borealis shimmering across the skies. She is a feminine collective who exists within the fifth dimension.

Elle is an expression of Mother Earth Gaia, and she is an individualized collective of Beings. Her purpose is to act as a heart-based mediator between Gaia and her Devas (i.e. wind, water, plants, etc.). To do this, she blends with each of these Beings with the intention to find creative solutions that will fulfill everyone’s desires. Elle is a Master Creator who bring a deep-felt sense of peace to any problem or situation.

She easily accesses human consciousness for she is an expression of Gaia, just as every human body is an expression of Gaia. Elle is especially attuned to perceiving patterns and blockages. Her heartfelt joy comes from assisting others, human and non-human, to come into alignment with who they are as a Being. And once opposing forces (or patterns) come into alignment, healing occurs. 


Skylar was the next Being that I would meet. Skylar is a collective that resides within the fifth dimension. When I connected with this collective’s energy I was filled with a crystal clarity that I hadn’t felt in this way before. Gradually I learned that they are very attuned to the intellectual structure of mankind, but in a higher-vibrational way. They also attune to the emotional nature of humanity, however their perceptions of the emotions are much broader and less intense than what humans experience.

This Skylar collective is very much connected to humanity’s timeline. They deeply desire to assist humanity embrace the higher frequencies of thought and emotion and assist Gaia in whatever way they can.


The Crystal Beings

When I met these Beings, I was struck by their crystal clarity. Thus, I gave them the name “Crystal Beings” as they don’t use names in the higher dimensions.

The Crystal Beings are non-physical. They are very bright and sparkly in appearance. The Crystal Being visit many different star systems gathering and sharing information. They permeate through dimensions very, very easily. They are trans-dimensional messengers. And while many beings can commune with the dimension below or above them quite easily, these Crystal Beings can move through any dimensional barrier with great ease. It is a seamless transition for them. And they like it this way, because they get to see here and learn everything. Their Essence is unconstrained, untethered and unlimited.

I was thrilled to learn that I was connected to these Beings in previous lives. I was not one of them, but I was in frequent communication with them. It was always the plan that they would come to me at this time.



Gaia is the actual name of our Mother Earth. She is a sentient, conscious Being who inhabits our beautiful planet in the same way that we each occupy a physical body. Gaia is loving, generous, insightful, and powerful. She is connected to all life expressed upon her, and feels the many collectives of consciousness that exist on Earth. She comes through with messages of hope and insight for humanity.


Occasional Visitors

I too am also blessed to have channeled a wide range of other Beings. These occasional visitors include the Council of the Guardians of the Light, The Arcturians and other non-physical beings who do not use names.

Karen Ashby’s Beings


The Pleiadians

The Pleiadians (Ps) are sixth and seventh dimensional beings from the Pleiades star cluster in our Milky Way Galaxy. As our first cousins, they consider themselves family and have helped seed humans on Gaia. As such, they are intimately connected  and drawn to us. They have a beautiful resonance with nature, the devas, and nature spirits and are highly concerned about the environment. Their particular love and connection to trees has been very prominent in many of the channelings.

When in physical form off planet, they are 6 to 7 feet tall with smooth bluish skin. They have large heads, large elongated eyes and are pretty much hairless. Their mouths are small due to the fact that their main mode of communication is telepathic. They are very thin with long arms and legs. They have four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot.

Each group of Pleiadians has a specific mission. Some have incarnated as humans. Many of those live in Scandinavian countries and present as tall, thin and blonde. They work seamlessly alongside their human counterparts. Although most are living very average lives, touching each person they meet with love and compassion, some have more prominent roles such as high court judges who can have more far reaching impacts. Other groups work specifically with nature spirits, plants, animals and rocks. They are helping them too to raise their consciousness. Others work off planet with other Star Beings. Some have come here to connect with individual humans such as myself. They have made it clear to me that my mission, as well as theirs, is to spread their benevolent messages far and wide.

The group that I channel consist of a 100 or 200 Beings whose mission it is to speak to me and a few other humans. Taking the questions we (Kate, Karen and I) pose, they decide as a collective how best to answer them. Then a spokesperson conveys the message back to me in English.  When I first started channeling a year and a half ago, four Beings presented to me.  Fred appeared as a three foot tall grey ET as he knew that was my “version” of how an ET should look. He took his role with me very seriously and was straightforward and thoughtful.  Roger on the other hand presented to me as a 50 year old bearded Scottish man in full kilt regalia (I have a Scottish background) and was a joker. I often saw him doing his highland jig and waving his arms furiously behind the ever serious Fred. He was there to lighten up Fred’s demure and make me laugh. Although two other beings showed themselves in those early days, they left the talking pretty much to Fred and Roger.

I now channel a more advanced group of Ps, and with the exception of Zeus, have not had the honour of meeting others individually. I find them all very loving, compassionate, intuitive and nurturing and soothing. I love their quirky sense of humour and their effervescent ways.  Several times now they have formed a marching band to display their enthusiasm and approval when I increased my vibration or caught onto a concept I had previously missed. They are a lot of fun to be around and I always feel very honoured and loved to be in their presence.

They speak to me of great change for Gaia and her inhabitants and are here in great numbers right now to guide and remind us how to reconnect to Source. Working alongside of many, many other Star Beings, they work tirelessly to help us raise our individual and collective consciousness as we draw ever closer to ascension.

The Fey

The Fey are a small collective who work with humans primarily on an emotional level. They work closely with the earthbound fairies who deal more with physicality.


Max is a beautiful maroon coloured dragon who is here to show me how to reconnect to my own power. He is dynamic, magnificent, and extremely grounded. Needless to say, he is very powerful. When he first presented to me, I was wistfully staring at a small peaceful lake. I saw him slowly raise himself from the depths, never looking directly at me but knowing that I was intently watching. He opened his mouth and let out a massive ball of fire that ignited the entire lake. As the fire died down, he remained unmoving for several minutes until he slowly began to submerge and disappear. His message was specific and strong. “You are powerful, I am here to show you the way. Think of me and we will be powerful together.”


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