How to Manifest Perfect Health

by The Arcturians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Arcturians.

 Hello our dear ones,

We are the Arcturians. As always, we greet you with love and light. It is an honour and a privilege for us to speak to you all directly and to assist you in your ongoing journey.


Manifest Health

We come here today to speak to you of perfect health. This is an aspiration that many of you strive to experience yet so very few of you have learned how to master this experience within yourselves. As many of our past messages have indicated, all that you wish to experience within yourselves and within the external world must begin within each of you. It is about accessing a higher level of belief, and reconnecting with the universal truth that states that all Beings are uniquely entitled to infinite and divine love, abundance, joy, health, and harmony, among many, many other things. That perfect health is your Divine Right.

You Are Perfect & Healthy at an Essential Level

And some of the blocks to perfect health – many of which come from your external world – there are many messages, there is much programming in your environment that leads so many of you to believe that this is an impossible experience to achieve. What we invite you all to remember is that at an essential level, whether you see yourselves as pure energy or light, that this energy, this light, all of that which comprises your essence is always in perfect health and harmony. When you come to acknowledge this very foundational principle and truth, this belief begins to take hold on all other levels within you at an emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical level.


Manifest Health

Now, our dear ones, this does not mean that some of you have not perhaps chosen to experience certain challenges in your physical experience and in your health in this lifetime. Like all challenges, they come as opportunities for you to learn, to grow, and to master the art of healing. What we invite you to do is to simultaneously recognize that you each have the inherent ability within you to access and connect to perfect health, whether it is something that you experience and recognize in this moment, or whether you learn to access it through past memories and experiences. There has likely been a time in most of your lives where you have experienced fullness, fulfilment, and vitality. And when you remember that this experience was real and true for you, it becomes easier for you to access and reactivate this energy and this way of being. Through accessing this belief, whether it is something that you have experienced or whether it is a perfect health that you imagine, you instantly create a pathway, a bridge to experiencing perfect health and harmony on all levels.

Focus Your Intentions on Perfect Health

Like all things, our dear ones, this takes practice, focus, and commitment. You must simply intend to connect with the experience of health, vitality, being agile, feeling healthy and strong. Whatever it is that incites the strongest and most positive emotion within you, we invite you to connect with that on a daily basis. But again, without specific attachment to when or how it will unfold. Simply cast your request into the cosmos and believe, accept, and embrace the improvements in your health as they become clearer and as they are felt more completely and fully.

Manifest Health

Through the practice of recognising improvements and in turn of being grateful for the health that you do have, you expand this focus and in turn you expand this energy within your field. Through this process, our dear friends, all things are possible.

This is the foundational process for all healing. It is a combination of knowing and believing that it is possible, of holding the intention and of connecting with the feelings of any health that you do feel and experience, and remembering that what you focus on expands. And so, expand the health and the vitality that you do have. And this, our dear ones, is an important step in overriding any societal programming or conditioning that may serve as a block or as a hurdle to you and the perfect and divine health that you are entitled to as part of your birthright entitlements.

Learn From Past Challenges & Move Forward

What we will also remind you of our dear ones, is this notion of learning from any challenges that you do encounter, for without learning from that which has perhaps served as a hindrance or as a challenge, whether it has been spiritually challenging, physically challenging, or both. It is of the utmost importance, to look upon all of your experiences through a higher lens of consciousness and begin to ask yourselves, “what am I supposed to learn from this? How can and will I grow, develop and improve as a result of these experiences?”


Manifest Health

Last but not least, our dear ones. The final challenge in this very important and pivotal process is about learning to be grateful for that which you have learned as a result of any ill health or experiences that have come your way for all experiences, whether you deem them to be positive or not. They are here to help you grow. And they are all opportunities that you must seize as part of your growth. Without learning to acknowledge and accept that these challenges have come to you as teachers, the full process of healing and achieving perfect health may take longer. So remember to believe that healing is possible. It begins within you. It starts with your beliefs, your intentions and accessing and focusing on the health that you do have, and in the same breath, recognizing and learning from those challenges in a way that allows you to grow and be grateful for the growth that you have experienced throughout the journey.

We, the Arcturians as well as many of your brothers and sisters from the stars, are here to share wisdom and to guide you in so many more ways than you are aware of.

We wish you ongoing health and unlimited joy. Blessings.
The Arcturians


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