Ascension Calling

Human consciousness is evolving – or ascending – to a level that will create greater harmony, love, and joy for everyone, including Mother Earth (Gaia). We all have a part to play. 

Are you ready?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help awaken and raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

By connecting with incredible, other dimensional Beings, we share messages of universal wisdom and encouragement. These compassionate Beings are here to assist and guide us all in our ascension to a greater existence.

To ensure that you hear and benefit from our Beings’ insight and messages, we regularly host live channeling events. Our events are available to listeners globally via conference line. Visit our events page to learn more.

Ascension Calling

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Meet the Channelers

When these three ladies met in person, sparks flew. The energy was so intense that they knew something was up! They soon discovered that they planned to meet in this life to bring higher wisdom and guidance to Mother Earth Gaia.

Karen Ashby

Karen is intimately connected to animals, trees, and plants. She channels the Pleiadians, the Fey collective, and a number of other Beings.

Kate Woodley

Kate is a passionate writer and author. She channels the Andromedans, Arcturians, and a number of other Beings.

Karen (Kare) Heywood

Karen is an energetic healer and channels a number of Beings, some of whom are Arcturian, 7th dimensional Beings and more.

For more information about the channelers & the Beings, click here.

The Beings’ Admiration Changed My Perspective About Myself

“You have no idea how much finding Ascension Calling has meant to me. Until about a year ago, I used to feel so ashamed about being human given all the horrible things we’ve done to each other. But then I found Ascension Calling, and a channeling from the Blue Avians that really made me change the way I think about humanity. The Beings said they really admire the souls who have the courage to incarnate on Earth, or this “boot camp”. Their admiration for what humanity is dealing with totally changed the way I look at myself – and other human beings.



Leading-edge Info & Services

Our offerings are thoughtfully designed to…

Free you from limitations
Provide valuable insight into yourself and your relationships
Assist you with opening up spiritually
Help you align to your true self and to Source

Public Events

We are always delighted when invited to speak and channel at public events.  Within the greater Toronto area, we will join in person. Otherwise, we will join remotely (when possible). Please contact us to learn about our availability and fees.

Private Sessions

We are available for private consultations to help individuals gain insight into their blockages, relationships, and life paths. These sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom for your convenience. With your permission, our sessions are privately recorded and shared with you.


Deepen your understanding of spirituality and ascension by browsing our podcasts and workshops. We have something for everyone whether you’re new to ascension and channeling, or looking for more advanced content.

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