An Earth Day Message from Gaia & Beyond

by Representatives of Gaia ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Representatives of Gaia.


Hello our friends,

We are here. We are representatives of Gaia speaking on behalf of her. It is an honour to be here with all of you, especially as we are celebrating Earth Day this week. But in essence, all days are Earth Day for Gaia is always sentient, always abundant, and always responsive to that which unfolds upon and around her. We wish for you all to know, that Gaia is a loving, powerful, and sentient Being. That she is conscious. She is aware. Her awareness is different than how a human experiences awareness. But nonetheless, it is in many ways also tied to unity consciousness. She is aware of energies, she is also aware of emotions, and how events contribute to the emotional soup of the collectives upon and within her. She, in many ways, is an energetic gauge to not only the human collective, but in essence to all collectives that express themselves upon her whether they be animal collectives, nature, or other. All these collectives connect with her in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it is upon and within the physical realm, to simply help her understand the health and the well-being of a collective, of the environment as well as of a specific ecosystem.


Earth Day

How Humanity Connects with Gaia

As her connection pertains to humanity, it is one of love. Many have described this relationship as being symbiotic. But as is sometimes the case with these relationships, sometimes it can be and is imbalanced. This is all to say that there have been times during her exchange and interaction with humanity in which there have been times, more so long ago than now, in which humanity was very much acting as custodians and guardians to humanity. And in this state of Being and energetic exchange, the relationship was very balanced and symbiotic. As a result, all thrived—not only humanity and Gaia—but all collectives upon her. Humanity once existed, in perfect balance with all collectives: the trees, the oceans, animals, and creatures.


Earth Day

But as you are all aware, over these past few centuries, there has been an increasing imbalance. What we wish for you to know is that Gaia always feels and acts in a state and place of love. Though she is aware of this imbalance, there is no resentment. There is only the desire within her to help humanity understand that an imbalance not only hurts her, but it hurts the collectives. It also hurts the human collective. And in order for humanity to thrive spiritually, they must also learn to thrive in a place of equanimity, peace, harmony, and balance with everything and all Beings around them, those that they can see and those that they are conscious and aware of, as well as those that they perhaps cannot see and are not fully conscious and aware of.

Earth Day

What Humanity Must Learn

And hence this is much of what is spoken about with regards to the evolution and the spiritual expansion of humanity. Humanity is being invited and called to see beyond their five physical senses, to learn to tune in to their metaphysical senses, and to understand that all Beings, that the universe at large, in essence, the cosmos, is an interconnected, energetic pathway. It is one that always seeks balance and that the balance between the human collective and Gaia, as well as all animal and natural collectives within and upon her, in the same way that they seek to find balance and coexist harmoniously.

So too is true of how all sentient Beings at the universal level wish to coexist with humanity and with Gaia. But for humanity to coexist with all sentient life, they must first acknowledge, become aware of, and embrace the universal truth that the universe is alive, conscious, and sentient. It is a place of tremendous intelligence and benevolence. And though there are perhaps some players who are out of balance, it is important that humanity comes to see and recognize the part that they play, and the level of interconnectedness that exists between them and all others.

Earth Day

Humanity’s Place in the Cosmos

When humanity learns to recognize how they are connected not only to Gaia, but to the universe at large, they will come to better appreciate the importance of harmony, whether it is inner (or internal) harmony, or harmony with your loved ones, with your surroundings, even harmony with the larger Cosmos — with all life and consciousness. This is what humanity is on path to achieve. This is the pathway that humanity has chosen.

Gaia is one of many Beings who is here to support humanity and its expansion, where humanity is first being invited to understand the ecosystem, and the interconnectedness and the way in which all energy, all intentions, all beliefs, are pulled and drawn into the manifest realm. And how outcomes are truly an extension of decisions, intentions, and beliefs that presently occur and exist within the human consciousness and at the human collective.

When humanity learns to achieve harmony with all Beings, human or other—within the environment that they are aware and conscious of—this is when humanity will be ready to step outside of its comfort zone, and beyond it’s known world and fully ready to interconnect more openly, more consciously, with all sentient life, with the vast and variety of collectives that exist in the cosmos at the universal level and beyond.

Earth Day

So Gaia is here as a teacher to reflect back to humanity where balance is needed on the internal as well as on the external levels. As humanity slowly learns and draws closer to the essential lessons at hand, they will move towards a greater place of spiritual readiness to interconnect with life elsewhere. Gaia is the first level of exchange, and energetic and spiritual mastery. This is what you are being invited to with love with patients. We invite you all to look around you and to see and understand how you fit in the bigger picture, how your beliefs, your actions, your words, and your intentions, create and shape the world around you how it is felt, and experienced by all those around you.

A Call for Harmony

And we invite you to act in a way that brings harmony to all those around you, even those and that which you do not understand to be fully sentient and conscious. We simply invite you to be open to this notion and see where it takes you.

The path ahead for humanity is one that as always has been, is perhaps steeped from a place of curiosity (intellectual and spiritual curiosity) but a place of tremendous responsibility, where you are being called to acknowledge how universal energies exist even outside of your realm of understanding, and even beyond what your books and education would have you know and understand in this moment.

The universe is far more intricate, complex, sentient, alive and responsive than you understand. Gaia, and the many who are connected to her, are simply here to lovingly echo this important universal truth to you. Love her. Love each other and love yourselves. And the many exchanges that lie ahead for you will also be etched from a place of universal love.

And Happy Earth Day every day!


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