How to Manifest Harmony

by The Andromedan Council ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Andromedan Council.

Greetings, we are the Andromeda Council.

It is with gratitude that we come through and flow information about how to manifest harmony. This is a theme that has long been a priority for humanity. Yet it is also a misunderstood word. It is one that is not only about capturing the very essence and definition of harmony, but it is also about understanding how harmony can be defined and how it can be imbued into one’s being to bring about the highest and greatest good at an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Universal Energy is Naturally Harmonious

Our dear ones, all energy in the Universe flows with the intention of bringing about harmony. This is the equanimous way in which all energy flows in its natural and abundant way. What sometimes creates a distortion to harmony is any resistance that may be in the field of a collective group, or even within the energetic field of an individual. Resistance to harmony can exist as many different emotions and energies. It is sometimes an inability to recognize the natural order and flow of universal harmony. Sometimes it is fear, concern, frustration – any energies that are not in full alignment and resonance with universal harmony and love will naturally create a resistance.


As such, the energy of harmony may not always be completely permeable and allowed into one’s field for all the benefits of harmony to fully take hold and integrate. What we are here to share with all of you is that when you choose to open yourself up to Universal harmony – which is a birthright entitlement along with universal love, health, abundance, and peace – you open yourself up to experiencing the reciprocal flow of giving and receiving.

When you allow yourself and choose to be in harmony with the Universe and with all other forms of consciousness around you, you actually allow far more goodness, peace, love, abundance and opportunity to flow into your reality. For harmony truly is about finding a balance between all energies.

How to Discern Harmonious Energies

When there is resistance in your field, this balance is distorted. And so, in order to open yourself up to harmony and to allow it in, you must simply become aware of any feelings, energies, or emotions within yourself that are not in resonance and in full alignment with harmony. These are emotions as you know that can feel unsettling, uprooting. It is simply about allowing yourself to release these energies to honour their presence, to acknowledge the lessons they bring, and to ask your guides and your Beings to help transmute this energy, send it into the Divine Light, thus allowing yourself to move with Universal harmony.

Universal harmony, and one’s ability to be in a synchronous flow with Universal harmony, opens you up to the flow of life. As it flows in it brings joy, clarity, peace and love. Being in harmony is about finding a balance: balancing your own energies with the energies of everything around you that is pure, clear, and has a loving vibration.

How to Open Up to Harmony

One must learn to discern between that which is essentially harmonious and that which is not. We will invite you all to learn to become attuned to the natural flow of Universal harmony by:

  • learning to tune into your own emotions and energies,
  • learning to connect with your Higher Selves and with Source, and
  • learning to connect with nature.

Nature is the epitome of human Universal harmony. All things unfold in a balanced and reciprocal manner, though at times it may appear to be chaotic. When one takes a step back and looks at the macro level of how energy flows and unfolds, one will quickly recognize the inherent harmony and balance in all things. This is the way of the Universe. It is also the way of individual energies as it exists emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and physically. As the saying goes, as above so below. What unfolds around you, our dear ones, must also be allowed to unfold within you.

And when you learn to find this inner harmony and balance within yourself, you open yourself up to flowing and evolving with Universal harmony. This opens the pathway to joy, to love, to peace, and to perfect health.

These are all underlying Universal principles and laws that work in your favour. You simply need to open yourself up to them, recognize them, allow them in and allow them to unfold in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

We wish you all harmony and bliss.
The Andromedan Council


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