Unity Consciousness is Expanding

by The Blue Avians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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We would like to speak of the polarization that is currently happening within the human collective.

We will first explain that polarization among humanity is a very normal and expected step in the ascension process. As humanity climbs towards a higher consciousness, there are of course some individuals who have, up until this point, successfully raised their consciousness, raised their vibration, who have opened their spiritual eyes, who are aligning more and more with universal wisdom, peace, truth, and light. There are other factions of humanity, who are still we will say, steeped in fear, steeped in confusion. And for this, we blame no one, for there has been much chaos.

For this darker faction of the polarity, it is very important that those Lightworkers who listen to this message understand that is not necessarily that these are humans who are not of the light. It is not that these are humans who do not choose love and peace. It is simply and primarily humans, who have not yet found clarity amidst all this confusion and anxiety that has grasped the human collective. These are individuals who have not yet opened their spiritual eyes, they have not yet awakened to the truth.



Lightworker Consciousness acts as a Positive Vacuum

But we will say this, there is a massive shift that is occurring. In the past, those who were awakening represented a very small faction of humanity. But this faction of the awakened is growing. It is becoming stronger; it is gaining momentum. And as it does, it is becoming more adept and successful at helping to awaken and lend light and clarity to those individuals who are still in the more negative state of polarization. As more and more of you come on board towards unity consciousness, there is a beautiful momentum and pull that is being extended to those who are lagging, to those who have not yet found their way towards universal consciousness, light, and truth. The visual that we are showing Kate, who is channeling, is that there is a beautiful gateway or opening that is being built. This opening is actually creating a pathway for those who are still knee-deep in confusion, anxiety, fear, and chaos that has been experienced by so many on your planet. This gateway is almost like a vacuum that is pulling many, many individuals towards the lighter end of the polarization spectrum.

This pathway is shedding light onto the darkness that has taken hold in your realm for so long. And as this light is shined, it brings clarity and truth, calm, and peace. As this light and this energy is being felt by those who have not yet opened their eyes, it helps them align more fully with this unity consciousness that many individuals are moving towards, or in the very least, are learning to face. This pull, this momentum, is having a beautiful influence on those who have been on the more negative end of the spectrum.

And so slowly but surely, we see that many more are awakening. This takes time, it takes patience. And at times, it will feel like a little bit of a tug of war, if you will. There will be a push and pull in different directions. But all in all, the momentum is in favor of the more positive end of this polarization spectrum.


Your Role in Raising Consciousness

There are more and more people awakening, there are more and more people who are opening their eyes to the truth, to peace, to love, they are starting to connect with love at a much broader and more universal level. To the Lightworkers who hear this message, we say it is at this time, more so important that you are patient and tolerant with those who may not understand, know, and see everything that you do. It is not your job to force information upon them that they may not resonate with at this time. It is simply your job to shine light upon them, to support them, to understand them, to help them find their way towards greater love, peace, and unity. How and when they find their way is up to them. It is simply your role to be the light that acts as a guidepost along their journey. It is important that all lightworkers exercise patience and understanding.

This is a journey and a process. And you have also walked down this path. You understand how tricky and confusing it can be at times. But your light, your combined light and energy create an opening. It lights the pathway for all these individuals to move from the darker end of the spectrum to the lighter end of the spectrum.

So, there is a mass shift and migration that is happening. This will take time, but it is happening, and it is positive, and you are what is creating this force, this pull, this momentum. And how you can continue to influence this shift towards greater, higher unity is by simply shining your light, being the voice of hope, reason, and love. You must lead by example. The pathway will be opened through love, tolerance, and patience. These are the keywords that we wish for all of you to remember so that you may further raise the vibration of the human collective of which you all belong to. Momentum is picking up which we are all delighted to see at this time in your Ascension evolution and journey.

Our message is of hope, encouragement, and to remember to be leaders through love, for love is what will continue to accelerate this process.

We wish you all light, love, and patience. Thank you.
The Blue Avians


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