Galactic Federation: The Answer Lies Within

by Galactic Federation ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation.

Hello our dear ones,

We are here. It is the Federation and we are always delighted and honored to have the opportunity to connect with you.

As you are, we are watching world events with bated breath. But we will say we are also marveling at this new light that is coming in. As we have communicated in the past, there has been much new light, many new energies, that have been showered upon your Earth that have been making their way through the human collective. These energies at times permeated inwards as quick or brief pulses. These pulses held their own frequency and served their own purpose. In some cases, it was to help we would say transmute certain frequencies of energies that needed to be cleared and removed from the collective as well as from your beautiful Gaia.

What we then communicated was what we would say a larger, denser tidal wave of energy that was then pouring over your Earth. This energy, our dear ones, was to help anchor the light regardless of what is and was meant to unfold upon the surface, throughout and within the human collective. It is this light, that despite what you see with your eyes, despite what you are hearing upon your Earth, it is this light that is sustaining you in a place of we will say grander unity. You are being held in a place where a higher perspective is more easily accessed, where you are able to see from within yourselves. This is a different seeing, our dear ones, where you were able to see more clearly. Where you are able to take a step back, so that you can see the forest from the trees and that you can look upon what is unfolding from a grander perspective.

As we have shared with you in our last message, what is happening is there are energies that have been kicked up. You have all been faced and steeped within these energies. But in many ways it feels like it is a great finality of old energies that you are working to transmute, that you are seeing on some level as you have seen in the past. Again, it is with a greater ability to see the bigger picture. It is again not about what is right or what is wrong. It is about learning to find it within each of yourselves, to tune into your own inner truth and achieve within your state of being an inner peace.



Behold Inner Peace & Love

For when you learn to behold the frequency of harmony, peace, joy, trust, and love within yourselves, it is this energy that is then permeated out through the collective, through Gaia, and it acts as an igniter, as an activator for many, many other humans within your field. It is a visual (that we are showing) of many candles being lit and it is as if though this beautiful flame slowly but surely begins to illuminate the whole.

As people begin to tune into their own inner light, they begin to see things differently. They are less conditioned to want to hear the version, or a version, of the truth from sources outside of themselves. And increasingly more, they are tuning into what simply feels right and true within themselves. This our dear ones is a very important part of raising consciousness. It is about learning to find your truth. It is about learning to trust your information more than you have been conditioned to trust the information that comes from outside of yourselves.



The Path to Ascension is Within You

It is not external information or external events, or the unfolding of certain events in a particular way, in a particular place, but it is rather how you choose to experience and see the world that will bring about your own deliverance. And from inside out, it will bring about a greater energy of deliverance to many around you. We have long said that the way to ascension starts within each of you. There are so many of you who are still looking outside of yourselves for the answers. While you may find some information, some of which may echo your beliefs and some of which may not, this is all an important reminder that you all have within you the ability, the capacity to access, we would say universal wisdom through your own intuition, through your own inner knowing.

We will also share this with you, our dear friends, your truth, or rather, what feels right for you does not need to be echoed in the truth of those around you.

For what we would say is that truth must first be beheld within each of you. It must be the most important truth within each of you. And this will lessen the need and the appetite for each of you to seek it, to feel, and hear it being echoed from external or extraneous sources. There is much information – conflicting information and misinformation – in the world around you. Not all of it resonates with you. But what will always resonate with you, our friends, is what lies within for the connection to Universal wisdom, knowledge and truth at a higher level is alive and well within each of you.


It is as if though you are each bound through an energetic and Soul level connection to this higher truth, but you must learn to access it. You must learn to open this gateway, this portal. This is the truth that feeds you. This is the truth that must move and propel you forward. Do not wait to hear and see the truth from sources outside of yourself. Simply learn to connect with this truth within you. And this is what will bring about your freedom. This is what will bring you to a place of greater centeredness and inner power, inner knowing. It is your power to behold. It is not something that will be granted and gifted to you our dear ones. It is up to you to grant it and gift it to yourselves.

We understand this is a deep message. It is much for you to think about. We would invite you all to ask yourselves where you have been seeking the truth and where it resonates. And we will say it should always first and foremost resonate within each of you.

We are connected to each of you. We are available to guide you. We are here to help uplift the collective, but we are not here to do it for you. We are here to help you do it for yourself, for this is the true path towards enlightenment and empowerment.

And on that our friends, we leave you with the knowing and the reassurance that you are loved, you are supported. You have all that you need within yourselves. Connect with the hope; connect with the truth. Know that you are of the light. And we wish you blessings and deep joy.

Thank you.
The Galactic Federation


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