Galactic Federation: Opening the Floodgates to Greater Energy

by Galactic Federation ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light.

Hello our dear ones, there are so many who have gathered and there are so many messages.

We first send you much love, much gratitude. We are here in a place of grace, in a place of suspended excitement, as we watch this beautiful unfoldment that is happening within humanity and upon your Earth.



A New Tide is Flowing

The way that we are showing this to this one [Kate], it is as though you can imagine a traffic jam or a blocked blood vessel that is slowly being unblocked, and the energy is beginning to flow forth again. This is how it is being represented. It is as though the human collective is becoming less stagnated. It is as though the collective is beginning to expand more so. We have seen segments and pockets of the human collective awaken, become more aware, do their inner work, expand their gifts, learn to attune to the beyond.



But it is as though this has and continues to have a ripple effect upon so many. This ripple effect, we will say in many ways, is the driving force behind this flow, this grand opening up that is beginning to permeate through pockets of the human collective that until recently had been unreached or to some had been largely unattainable. In many ways, it is as though the tide is flowing, the tide is growing. It is becoming stronger. And as you sink your feet into the shores of this beautiful ocean, the tide is now rising, and you will meet this tide with a welcoming energy.

Feel what you wish to Manifest

This is a new dawning for humanity. It is one though that we will say do not try to see with your eyes. It is one that you must feel your way through for humans are so attached to what they see and likely what they want to see. And everyone wants to see something slightly different. As such, if you cast your focus upon what you wish to see — and it is very much attached to the physical world, to logistical transactions, to an unfolding in a certain way, in a certain area — perhaps what will manifest will be more of a mixed bag. Once again, we wish to remind you and humanity to gaze your focus on what you emotionally want to experience. And we invite you to think in broad strokes. Is it freedom? Is it joy? Is it love? Is it forgiveness and the ability to forgive?



The flow is opening, and there is much that is opening up energetically. There’s a massive expansion. As such, there are many eyes and many hearts that are focused on humanity. This has been the case for long. Many of your brothers and sisters from the stars are standing with you, energetically enhancing your focus upon love and joy. We will also say they are encouraging humanity to move away from the division, the hate, and the anger that so many have felt for years, for decades. And they are helping those humans come to a place of greater compassion, love, and understanding.

For it is understanding each other that will help you move up a notch in this evolutionary ladder, in this beautiful spiritual journey that you have all embarked upon, and that you are, we will say, accelerating along at a beautiful momentum.

All is Unfolding through Light

So there are many here to showcase their support, to invite humanity inwards to focus on what you want to feel. For we will tell you, our dear friends, not all will unravel upon your Earth as many have prophesized. It is not always going to unfold in the order or in the manner in which you are attached to. But you must nonetheless trust that it is unfolding in accordance with light and in accordance with Universal laws and principles. These are the true forces that move you forward. And these are the forces that we invite you to align with. These principles are steeped in love and joy. All you need to do to open the floodgates is to connect with that joy and that love within yourself. And as such, you move yourself forward and you help move humanity forward on a much grander scale.



Many Beings Support You

There are many eyes and hearts with you all at all times. There are many more of you who are asking more actively for support and for guidance. Make no mistake, many, many have stepped forward to assist humanity in the ways in which you need this assistance. For many of you it is about healing and releasing your inner wounds. For it is these wounds that prevent you from seeing the big picture. As you heal and release these wounds, you see into a level of love and compassion for many not seen and experienced before. These Beings, these guides, they’re stepping forth to support and assist you. They, in many ways, are the ones who are opening the gateway, the windows for you to feel, experience, and see into this higher level of consciousness. It is your experience that will get you there. It is not what is unfolding upon your Earth. This is just a manifestation of many different, and we will say in some ways, conflicting desires.

You must all unite from a place of love and compassion. It is the force of this unity that will propel you forward, our dear friends. Remember these words. Remember how loved and supported you are. Remember how many are cheering you on. How many are guiding you, are supporting you behind the scenes and on all fronts: spiritual, energetic, and yes, even physical.

We are here. We stand with you.

The Galactic Federation


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