The Full Story

Karen Heywood’s Story

The Pleiadians came through during a channeling session in October 2018 and informed hypnotist Peter Dennis that there was another channeler that he should connect with near Kleinburg, Ontario. The Pleiadians provided hints as to how to find this channeler—and indeed he did! Karen Heywood worked out of The Rock Shop in Kleinberg.

When Peter called and informed me that the Pleiadians had told him about me, I was so excited! Given I had been exploring channeling and extraterrestrials since the 1980s, these ideas were not new to me. Peter explained that the Pleiadians indicated that, unbeknownst to me, I was already channeling in my healing work, and that I was a perfect candidate for channeling. I was over the moon with the idea of becoming a channeler! After meeting with Peter to feel him out and ask a million questions, I agreed to give it a try. In our first session, I connected to a 7th dimensional collective that I named the Sky Beings (they don’t use names). Needless to say, I quickly agreed to continue with weekly practice sessions. 

Kate Woodley’s Story

When I came across a channeling event hosted by Peter Dennis in December 2018, I felt compelled to attend. Given my deep interest in all things spiritual, including extraterrestrials, I ran out the door with my coat in hand. When I met Karen Heywood and Peter Dennis that evening, I sensed an instant connection with them. My heart blew open when Peter Dennis called me to inform me that the Pleiadians, as well as Karen Heywood’s Sky Beings, said that I should join their channeling group. When fate knocks on your door, you answer! Following a meeting with Peter to further explore this intriguing opportunity, I underwent my first hypnosis session and connected with an incredible Andromedan collective.  

Since then, we have continued to connect with new Beings.

And although each collective has their own flavour, they’re all extremely benevolent, loving, and compassionate. They’ve affirmed that it’s time for humanity to return to the harmonious oneness of the All. They’re also here to remind us that we’re not alone on our journey. As such, we feel compelled to see this mission through. It’s an honour and delight to work alongside these beautiful light-based Beings who guide us toward ascension.

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