The Arcturian Council: On the Doorstep of Change

by The Arcturian Council ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Arcturian Council.


Hello our dear ones.

We are the Arcturians along with many members of the Arcturian Council. We are honored and delighted as always to connect with all of you.

It is a privilege for us to not only witness humanity’s ongoing evolution, but to be a part of it in any way possible. You are truly at the precipice of a new era. It is as if though, you are at the doorstep of great change. But as you approach this doorstep, and the door begins to open, it shines upon you a new light, a light not seen or felt before. This new light, our dear ones, is bathing you in a universal love, in a universal light that will act for each of you as a catalyst, as a key, if you will, to help open you up to more and more energy, guidance, and information that is dawning upon your Earth at this time.



The Seeds of Change have been Sowed

This new light that is shining upon you is rich with information. Information that on some levels is from such a high consciousness. It is at this point being anchored in your subconscious and unconscious levels. But like seeds, this information is going to groom and nurture you. It will serve to guide you as you further develop as you expand your consciousness.

Like all seeds, it is difficult to know how it will grow. But you must know and trust that it will grow into the being that it is meant to be for humanity. This is the dawning of a higher collective consciousness. For some, it is the beginning of an awareness that they are part of a unified, loving force, a unified consciousness. For those of you who perhaps are a little bit further along in your journey of spiritual evolution, it is going to act as a key to help bring about more innate abilities that will help propagate and accelerate your expansion. But that will also enable you to serve as catalysts in the growth and awakening of those around you.



The light that you each perpetuate has a ripple effect. As we and many other higher beings have indicated, all spiritual evolution begins within each of you. This is where the change must first be seen and felt. You must learn to see and experience life through a lens and filter of love and higher perspective. Once this becomes second nature to you, you begin to guide and teach others to do this for themselves. This is how the great propagation of higher consciousness evolves. And as more and more of you continue to expand and open up, it has a beautiful impact on all those around you.

There are many seeds of change that are happening at a societal level. We understand that on the surface, there appears and feels to be much chaos. But understand that with all growth, there can be a time of natural chaos and unpredictability. It takes us back to the analogy of the seed. These seeds of change are now beginning to unravel, to crack open. And what is beginning to emerge is not yet discernible for you as a collective. But you must trust the growth. And as long as you continue to nurture these seeds with love and joy, they will grow and emanate in love and joy and they will reflect back to you in love and joy. That is, be the change, feel the change, and propel the change that you desire to see and experience in those around you as well as society at large.


Evolution is Accelerating

This momentum, our dear ones, it cannot and will not be stopped. Like all momentum, there is a time of adjustment to change and to the speed at which time is accelerating. That is to say that some of these changes will appear rather quickly. Like others, it is a slow growing seed, but nonetheless equally powerful and meaningful.

Trust that all is unfolding in accordance with divine timing. Trust that you are all being guided.

We will invite you, as we close this message, we invite you all to look upon all change as an opportunity, a window through which perhaps the view on the other side is not yet clear, but you are beginning to crack open these blurred windows. And as you slowly open them, you will learn to see further and further. You will learn to see beyond the week, month, or year ahead and you will look out into the great horizon of long-term potential and change. This is the destination that we invite you to gaze your eyes and your hearts upon.

Take heart, our dear friends. You are on the precipice of beautiful change. We stand with you with love and guidance.

The Arcturian Council 


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