Waves of Lightworkers

Waves of Lightworkers

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Waves of Lightworkers

by The Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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And so, you see, while there was a handful of lightworkers who did work with the masses to raise the collective consciousness, for the most part, they were readying the environment, the energy fields and the masses for the second and larger wave of star seeds.

And by way, we do not imply that they were all born or activated at the same time. It is just to say that the second generation of star seeds and lightworkers have a slightly different role. They have come in in larger numbers. Some are still coming in. However, the majority of those who are meant to be part of the second generation of star seeds have already arrived on your planet. Some are older, some are your age and some are as young as small children. And those very young small children may simply serve to raise the collective consciousness of the masses through their high vibrations of love, peace and harmony. They may not have to actively take on a specific role. Their mere presence is the unfolding of their role.

But for the older generations such as yourself, you have more active, involved roles that you’ve had to wake up to and step into more importantly. And, of course, as you know, you have fully stepped into your role. But now it’s just the beginning. There is much work for you to do.

And Kate do not feel that just because there is much work for you to do, do not for a moment believe that you are only helping and supporting and awakening the masses through the channeled messages. For you too, like all lightworkers, carry a high vibration. When others are in your mere presence, this helps to increase their vibration. Some to a point that creates a more tolerable collective resonance for Mother Gaia. And others to the point of awakening, or near to. For when one’s vibration increases, it nears them to the vibrational threshold of full awakening and full activation for those who have a role to play.

And there are still many, many star seeds who have not fully awakened to their role. But this is happening. It is happening on a grand scale. The momentum is picking up. On every level the momentum is picking up for those second-generation star seeds to waken and to step into the role and for those who are commencing their journeys, the momentum is also picking up. So, momentum is occurring on many levels, in many different ways. So, embrace it, allow it and welcome it.


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