Tuning out the fear of the Coronavirus

Tuning out the fear of the Coronavirus

Tuning out Fear of the Coronavirus

by The Crystal Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood | www.AscensionCalling.com

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Tend to your own Spirits

Although the coronavirus is are top of mind for most humans upon the planet who are plugged into the media, that is not the important piece that we would like to communicate. What is important is that people tend to their own spirits. And when the fear arises within them to not be a contributing factor to the fear that is running rampant across the planet. But rather withdraw from the fear. Be present with your own fear and allow yourself to process it.

Shift out of fear-filled states

Bring in those thoughts, those memories, those feelings that will enable you to shift out of that fear-filled state. And this will become even more important for each individual, with each passing day.  People are ensconced in this fear and getting stuck and allowing it to, to run their worlds. It’s a feeding frenzy for the dark ones.

Do take physical precautions

And what we invite you to do as humans is to be cognizant of what is happening, what is going on. Take certain precautions, ie: you know if you need food, if your cupboards are bare, ensure that you have some food in the house as you are watching the shelves [at the grocery stores] becoming bare. And this is unfortunately important.

Ask for energetic protection

But more than that, don’t get caught up in the in the fear. When you go out, before you leave the house surround yourself in love. Call upon your friends, your non-physical friends or angelic beings, or whomever you have a resonance with, to protect you. And imagine that you have a bubble around you protecting you, not even so much from the virus but from the fear.

Attune to the feelings that bring a smile to your face

It’s the fear that this virus resonates with, as does all disease. Disease is a physical manifestation of the lower frequencies, emotional frequencies that humans vibrate upon. Therefore, it’s more important than ever, to take time to meditate to attune to the vibrations the feeling that bring a smile to your face, that bring a smile to your heart, that make you feel safe. And simply recalling a memory where you actually felt that [good feeling] even if it was just from a movie. It does not matter from where you felt it. What matters is that you amplify these good feelings in your field, and memory serves to do this.

So, disconnect from the media, not totally and completely. It’s important to keep an ear to the ground to know what’s happening. But don’t spend your days or hours or any longer than necessary plugged into that fear.

Do whatever brings good feelings to you

And stay present with yourself. Be vigilant to not let that fear sneak in. Dance. Connect with nature. Do whatever brings good feelings to you – whether that be yoga, dance, physical movement, whatever it is. And that energy will act as a protective balm, if you will, that will keep this fear, this dis-ease at bay.

Everyone needs to learn to shift their perspective

Kate: And what I’m really gathering from your message is that everyone needs to learn to shift their perspective. When tuning into the media it’ important that you don’t allow the media to dictate what you’re going to focus on or think about that day, let alone what you’re going to feel. Everyone has to tune in to their own spirit and their own heart and dictate their own thoughts and feelings for the day.

Tune into your heart

Precisely. And to tune in to one’s heart to one spirit one only need ask, “How do I want to feel today? How do I want my day to unfold?” And then you’ll get a feeling or a thought. Then use that as your touchstone for the day and keep coming back to it and how good that feels. So, then you’re amplifying that which you want to amplify in your experience. And using your phones to remind you to focus upon what it is you want to. You can set your alarm for to go off every hour. There are many apps out there that will that will buzz you on the hour to remind you remember [to focus upon your desired feeling/intention]. Because this is not something that humans are so trained in.

Retrain your mind

And to train the mind at first, it does seem like a bunch of wild horses going off in a million directions and it does require a little effort. As you take each step, it becomes easier and easier. And then you’ll notice what triggers you, what upsets you – as in the media, many, many of the television shows out there, the movies have been designed to activate the fear. Humans have become entrained to fear. It’s about shifting one’s attention and learning how to do that. And at first it does require a bit of effort. But if think you about it, how powerful music is. You hear a song from your childhood and boom, you’re right back there! Right back in that memory in those good feelings. Use music that brings forth good memories. That’s a beautiful way to do it! Or whatever tool works for you.


Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

by The Crystal Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood | www.AscensionCalling.com

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 This is Crystal. And we are in agreement with the Pleiadians (click here to see their message). And we would like to add that we are seeing the Essence of Love, this higher frequency, coming into and throughout the planet and all the beings upon it. So, all beings are being influenced by this higher frequency.

Love is dissolving the old ways of being

And as a result, this higher frequency—this love—is contributing to the dissolution of many old structures. These could be personal habit patterns, social habit patterns, or collective patterns; you can think of this as economic structures, political structures, or personal structures. All these patterns that are, you might think of as outdated, will begin, or have already begun, the dissolution.

You’re seeing this with so much of the polarized news that is so prevalent throughout your media. Many people, many humans, are holding the perception that the planet is going to hell in a handbasket, so to speak. But what is truly actually happening is that these horrors, this evil that has been going on for eons and eons of time is now just becoming conscious. People are just now becoming aware of it. It’s becoming exposed.

And this is what the love is doing (bringing this darkness out of the shadows). It’s hard to take. It’s hard to accept. It’s a hard pill to swallow. However, one must learn. One must see where they are before they can take action to make a change in a healthier, more positive direction.

Exercises that will help during these challenges

So, given that this (the love) is going to continue to deepen and expand, we would like to offer up some exercises that can be helpful during such difficult times. When you find that you are challenged, that you’re being emotionally upset or triggered by things that you hear, things that you see, things that people are speaking about, politely excuse yourself or turn off the media.

Focus on your Breath

And just take a moment and focus upon your breath. And as this one will say and tell you, that by just simply focusing upon how it feels as the air moves into your body, and the air moves out of your body, this is one of the fastest ways to shift out of the mind and into the body.

So, this is one excellent, excellent technique to help soothe. Just focus upon a soothing breath… bringing that soothing breath in… and soothing your entire being. And you can think of just releasing any of the discordant energy and breathing in soothing, soothing energy.

Recall a memory that evokes joy or love or happiness

Another excellent exercise to help shift your state is to recall the time, recall a memory… It could be your own personal memory, or could be a movie that you’ve seen that evokes a really good feeling within yourself. This could be a memory of laughter, joy, happiness. For this one, it’s walking in the woods, seeing the sunset, looking at the stars. That’s what brings her peace and joy and opens her heart, expands her heart.

So, whatever it is for you, recall memories that bring this positive state into your experience now, in this moment. By learning to do this, it will teach you—that this idea that you’re not dependent upon external circumstances to feel good… that you can evoke this from within yourself—that will become a reality. But it does require practice. And it’s time. It’s time to take control of your own feeling experience, and focus upon that which you want to experience more of in your life. So, you’re amplifying this good feeling in your energies, in your field. And as a result, you’re going to attract more goodness into your world.

Focusing on the Breath is Meditation

Meditation is another excellent, excellent modality but people often shy away from meditation. We find that the breath is one of the best for bringing a person quickly back to their center. And you can just do this so easily just by focusing upon the breath and the feeling experience at the physical level.

It’s actually better than it appears

So, this is what we would like to impart. That there are changes, a lot of changes. They will look terrible. But underlying the dirt, the filth, are being cleared away so that the goodness can begin to take stronger root within this realm.

We thank you for your attention.
The Crystal Beings, Universal Travelers 


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