Channeled Interview with Ashtar

Channeled Interview with Ashtar

Channeled Interview with Ashtar, Pleaidian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

ET Ships & The Event

Karen (interviewer): We recently saw a video of a young English boy sharing a vivid experience he had of being on a large ET ship. Kate and I were wondering if we’re all going to get to be beamed up to ships during the event?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar (channeled through Kate): So we, me and my entourage, laugh as you two have been beamed up many times. Of course, you do not have much recall of this. Kate has very limited recall of being on a ship in a common eating area. And in part this is because the two of you channel so frequently and clearly that we have already imparted so much information to you that it’s almost irrelevant that you experience this in the conscious state. But we understand from a human perspective that this is the ultimate prize.

And so, this is one of many, many stories that has emerged and that will continue to emerge in greater frequency to help prepare the masses for one eventual possibility. We will say, we still do not know if the onboarding onto ships will be necessary. Nonetheless, the light forces have been very well prepared for this for decades. We are constantly on standby.

All ships are equipped with very similar facilities, very similar traits and characteristics. But their physical shape and size will vary depending on the builder race that is responsible for these particular arks. There are many, many different ET races that have been volunteering to build these ships. And while they have all been consulting with us, and with each other, as well as a myriad of humans, that design will vary somewhat from one to the next. There is no one (ship) that is better than the other. As I’ve mentioned, they are all exactly similar as far as luxury, functionality and the quality of sustainable life that is required for a possibly longer journey. We will say that in short time, we will likely have far more clarity as to whether it will be necessary for the onboarding onto ships.

If the onboarding is required, then you will be prepared. You will likely have more conscious recall of this so that when you are more permanently boarded onto these ships, it is not a jolt to your system.

But we have not commenced with these conscious recalls for everyone, and we will not commence until it is deemed necessary, you see.

The Event & Ascension Timelines

We are not exactly certain as to when we will know, but we do expect to have greater clarity in the coming months. And of course, this depends on a myriad of factors both on Gaia and elsewhere in the solar system, including your beautiful Sol, your sun. For she too is a key player in this entire ascension. Much of this starts with her. Believe it or not, this is an important piece of information that has seldomly been communicated and shared with the masses. There is much going on, in and around her orbit that will largely dictate the extent of the solar flare, as well as the timing. It all must culminate in a beautiful and perfect balance. Everything must be in its right way, at the right time. And when everything lines up, boom! It will happen. We have full confidence that it will all align.

What we are not confident of is exactly when, and this is why we have all been so tight lipped in sharing a date or a specific timeline. What we can say is that based on what is happening today and up until now, and the momentum that we the light forces are gathering, we do see that it is very possible that this will happen within less than a year. But things are changing daily on your planet. These riots have lowered the vibration of many through anger. And so, it is sometimes a game of two steps forward and one step back. We need the lightworkers to hold a peaceful, calming vibration for all those who have been swept up in this wave of anger and revolts that we are seeing around the world.

We understand the plight of humans, we understand it in their hearts. They mean well, they mean to bring justice. The challenge is bringing justice about through calm and civility as opposed to through anger and frustration. This is something that the majority of humans have not yet mastered. But come a time when they will have mastered peaceful revolution, this will be a huge win for the light forces.

Karen (interviewer): Thank you. Wow. So how many main timelines are you looking at?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Yes, we are at this point. There are three key timelines that are slowly but surely converging. There are roughly two others that are slowly withering away. And we are pleased to say that those two timelines are on the more negative side of reality. The three timelines that we are looking at certainly err on the more positive side. However, two of those three timelines do lead to a longer or slightly slower ascension process. When that is a year or more out. There is one timeline that we are personally favoring and that we are, let us say, influencing to the best of our abilities which would bring about the Event within the year.  We do not know which of these three (timelines) will win. And as you know, things shift, things change.

But we are playing with three. And we will say is that these three timelines, while they do of course carry variations and differences, all undoubtedly lead to ascension. There is no doubt.

Karen (interviewer): Beautiful. And is there anything that the lightworkers can do to assist in in creating this one timeline that you are all favoring?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Yes, there will be many world events that will anger and agitate the masses. This one incident that has led to these riots is one, but it will not be the only one. It is important that the lightworkers hold the calm, that they sympathize with those who are frustrated, and rightfully so. But it is important that they encourage their fellow humans to revolt peacefully with light, love, and patience in their hearts. And patience does not imply to be patient with those who are ruling out freedom or those who are creating in justices. No, we are referring to patience with regards to trusting that all will be right in the end. Patience that justice will be served, it may not be today, but it will be served whether it is in a day, in a week, or in months. Revolution does not need to be fast and riotous. Revolution can be done through one’s mind, through a conscious state of peace and love that is first felt within and that’s then shared with others. Whether verbally or non-verbally, it is an energetic revolution, not one that is fought with fists and fire.

Karen (interviewer): Beautifully said, Thank you.

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Let me remind you of John Lennon, and the revolution from his bed. Many of you remember this. This was a very symbolic and important message. That one can have a massive impact without raising a fist.

Thank you. Blessings to you all.
Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander 

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