Summer Solstice Energies

Summer Solstice Energies

Summer Solstice Energies

by The Sky Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Sky Beings: We do see a number of energies flowing forth into the earth realm at the Summer Solstice. And they will be much more easily integrated into the energetic systems of Gaia as well as humanity now that the dark energies have been cleared out.

This will be very fortifying and strengthening.

Kate: Do you foresee any impacts on humans? Is it going to be felt positively or is it going to be rather taxing on us energetically or physically?

Sky Beings:  For those who have been working on themselves and cleansing, it will be very fortifying. For those who have bodies that are very toxic, it will become increasingly difficult for those people and animals. And we see that these difficulties will be labeled as Coronavirus casualties – which is not true. For a short amount of time this narrative will still be hollered by the news networks.

The rising goodness will overtake the negative narrative

However, the truth of the rising of the goodness, and the health, and the vitality will soon overtake that negative narrative. We see the white wave rising and splashing over the dark wave, the negative mainstream narrative and it will take time for this dissolution.

However, the Light is on the rise and the momentum is continuing to build. The dark realm beings do not have much hope and they are scrambling and trying to hold on to everything they can hold on to.

Kate: A desperate scramble is what I’m getting.

It is imperative that people focus on the goodness

Sky Beings: Exactly. And a crumbling. And this is why it is imperative that people focus on the goodness that they want to create in their worlds, the new way, their new worlds. That will continue to add to the amplification of this wave.

Kate: Well said. Thank you for that beautiful visual of the white wave. I love it!

Sky Beings: You’re very welcome. It has been a pleasure to reconnect with you as always. You are never alone, as you know, and we would like to pass that on to all of humanity. You are not alone in this. We are present. And we love you.

Kate: We love you. Thank you for your support.

Sky Beings: Thank you and Blessings.

Kate: Blessings to you. Thank you Sky Beings.


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