Gaia’s Call to Lightworkers: Raise your Vibration

Gaia’s Call to Lightworkers: Raise your Vibration

Gaia's Call to Lightworkers

by Gaia ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Mother Earth Gaia: Hello Kate, this is Mother Earth Gaia.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Gaia, thank you for coming through.

Mother Earth Gaia: It is my pleasure. In this moment in time, it’s not so much a healing that is required, but rather a coming together of like-minded beings who resonate in the way that you and this one (the channeler) do.

And I say this because we are coming into a sector of space that is going to evoke a lot of tumultuous energies within all beings, all humans most especially. And these tumultuous energies are energies that have been repressed or suppressed, and have not been cleansed. So they’re being brought fourth into consciousness so that they can be released and cleansed. They feel to me like small irritants that I would like to brush away. However, I do not wish to physically brush these people away.

My preference, of course, is that all the humans do the work that is required. And at the essential level, it’s about bringing one’s vibration back to a love-filled state. With the turmoil that is going on within the world, there is less and less love and this is what is required.

Lightworkers need to Raise the Collective Vibration

What is being asked of you and your like-minded friends is take time to focus upon good feeling states so to bring the vibrational experience and have the entire planet back into a more love-filled state. Right now it’s offside and expressing at a lower frequency. I asked the lightworkers to focus upon anything that brings them into a higher state of consciousness, whether it be love, appreciation, gratitude, happiness, nature, whatever it is that evokes a more open and expansive state.

And we would invite you to post this upon your social media networks to get this request out, this message out.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Do you think that the best approach would be to share this message and ask lightworkers to meditate on love and on holding light and space for everyone else on the planet? Or do you think it would be best as a pre-recorded meditation that we share?

Mother Earth Gaia: I and we, being all the beings that you and this one (channeler) channel for, we are all here together. Although it is I, Mother Earth Gaia, who is speaking for all of us, we feel that it is best that this particular message be posted. And yes, meditation is a wonderful idea to invite all beings to meditate. But even more than that, it’s about shifting your state, choosing your state, choosing to be in a love-filled harmonious state throughout your day.

Tune out of turmoil, and tune into love

When you find yourself getting swept up into a conflict or turmoil or watching something or listening to someone that is evoking an upset feeling, think to yourself, choose that moment to shift, choose to remember a time in your life and let that be like a touchstone, a positive resource. Focus upon that memory, that goodness, and actually consciously shift your state—and practice this. This will become more and more essential and to begin to do it now will have massive payoffs, even two, three weeks from now.

So to answer your question, yes, meditate and choose a different state. When you notice, just like in meditation, when you notice that you’re not attending to your breath anymore, bring yourself back to your breath. It’s exactly the same practice. Although a little bit more challenging, we understand. But bring yourself back to a happier state.

How to Raise your Vibration

And if it’s a matter of just thinking of your dog, your cat, or your baby, something that brings a smile to your face, that’s all that’s needed. That’s all that’s needed to raise your vibration. Does this make sense?

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Yes, it does. And thank you very much for that insight and guidance.

Mother Earth Gaia: And thank you too for your attention. And the Federation of Light would like to express their thanks to all the lightworkers who are on the ground who are assisting and participating. A special shout out to them and all their work. Thank you.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Thank you, I know that those words will be greatly appreciated by so many lightworkers. Thank you and blessings.


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