Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies - Lion's Gate and more

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Kare [interviewer]: Could you please speak to the energies that are hitting the planet? Now with this Lion’s Gate opening up?

Ashtar [channeled through Kate]: Yes, I am helping Kate visualize this Lions Gate portal. She is seeing it is a portal. It is not a perfect circle. It is almost star-shaped with about five points that extend outwards towards Earth and it is connected to the galactic center. It’s not necessarily that this portal has opened, but it is rather that Earth is coming into alignment with this portal. And as such, it will become in more direct receipt of the energies that flow through this portal. This portal acts as an amplifier of energies that are being emitted from the galactic center, it is much like a shortcut – a wormhole – direct to Earth.

Portal Energy May Feel Intense

And as this energy communes and blends with the energy on Earth, at first, it is felt much like a jolt or a shock, where in some instances individuals seem to go into a state of heightened confusion. As Kate (channeler) would say, there is a berserk energy and erratic behavior that comes about them.

And then it slowly settles, the energy is accepted by the people. It is no longer a matter of resisting it, but it is blanketed through their field, and the long-term overwhelming feeling is one of deep soothing. We are seeing this energy as deeply cleansing. We are showing Kate (channeler) a visual of an individual’s trauma and negativity slowly being swept out and cleansed as this energy moves through them and through their field.

But like much new energy, there is a time of resistance. And that resistance triggers erratic, inexplicable behavior and triggers until it can be absorbed. Once it does its magic, it is highly potent and powerful. And ultimately, as these individuals clear their trauma, their vibration is raised, and their vibration becomes more aligned with the energy that continues to flow through this Lion’s Gate portal. As such, they become more receptive to the energy, and as they become more receptive to the incoming positive energy, there is a positive feedback cycle that is instigated whereby one’s vibration continues to heighten and raise. So this is, as you would say, a speeding up, an amping up of one’s vibration all in preparation for ascension.

Adapting for the Lion’s Gate Portal Energy

Kare [interviewer]: Is there anything that people can do to make this transition easier on themselves?

Ashtar: Yes, you are going to chuckle but we will once again say meditation. But let us take this time to specify how and when. The initial period of resistance that many individuals feel when the Lion’s Gate energy flows through, this resistance can be lessened through meditation. That is the time when one must meditate and allow the energy to flow through them. They must at that moment in time become aware of the triggers that are surfacing and the traumas that need to be released. And as a result of focusing on this, they are allowing this energy to do its work more quickly and more easily.

So, instead of perhaps hours, days, or weeks of resistance, this will be greatly shortened and lessened. And the energy will let us see work its magic far, far more easily. There must be conscious allowing, as opposed to conscious resistance. This is the key that we wish for them to remember.

Kare [interviewer]: As you were speaking, I was saw an image or a vision of sitting in meditation and imagining that my field is completely open and all this energy is pouring in and it’s moving right through my field just like a fresh breeze.

Ashtar: Yes. And for someone who is open and aware as yourself, that would be very effective. For someone who is perhaps more resistant, what we would advise is to imagine a beautiful layer of water above your crown chakra. And as this energy flows through, it first hits the water where it is buffered and softened before the energy then transmutes through the water and into one’s field. So imagine either a beautiful pool or clear water over your crown chakra, or an energetic force field that helps to absorb, buffer, and lessen the energy as it comes through so that it can be more slowly but fully absorbed by lessening the resistance.

More Incoming Energies Will Help Humanity

And we also wish to inform humanity of this: there will be many different kinds of energies, they will become more frequent, they will become more potent, and they will be more strongly felt.

Those who resist will have more adverse reactions and as such, we are informing you of this so that we can prepare you and help you prepare for these energies. We wish for all of humanity to absorb these energies to allow themselves to be helped and soothed, cleansed and cleared by these energies.

This is ultimately their purpose. They are here to assist. But so many resist for this is a change on so many levels that many do not understand. This meditation that we have just informed you of will help lessen the resistance for the Lion’s Gate energy but as well as for future energies. For the less resistant you become, and the more accepting you become, the smoother, the future blasts of energy will become for all of you.

Kare [interviewer]: Yes, I have found that in the healing work that I do, that as I and my client, work together to release trauma from their fields, that the next time they’re met with what used to trigger them, that energy just moves right through them. There’s nothing for it to stick to.

Ashtar: That is correct. It is so important that individuals allow this energy to move through them and in doing so, they must recognize the triggers, they must recognize all the emotions that they are feeling and honor them, whether they are negative or not. The negative ones must be recognized, so that they can be healed and cleared.

Impacts of Healing Energies

So, some may be feeling fear in a future energy blast, or they may be feeling confusion and this does not mean that they are necessarily reacting negatively to the incoming energy. Quite to the contrary, it means that this energy is having the desired effect for it’s allowing the negative emotions to surface and in turn be released.

If you are adversely reacting to these energies, it is because they are having the desired effect at first. However, if you are unable to move through that negativity, then you must meditate and more consciously allow yourself to release the trauma, release the negative emotions. And ultimately you should feel soothed after every energy blast. It should become easier and easier, but it does not mean that there will never be a negative emotion experienced. Understand that they are being released in layers. Like all things, it is a phased and gradual approach.

Kare [interviewer]: And from what I’ve observed, these energy blasts that the Earth receives are usually in conjunction with astrological alignments. Is that how you see it or is it different from that?

Ashtar: It is absolutely correct. We are focusing more specifically on the position of Earth vis a vis the galactic core or center. Nonetheless, as the Earth moves into greater alignment with the galactic core, of course, there is planetary movement and there are different alignments that are also exerting their energetic influence. And so, one who looks at this through the astrological phase is looking at it more holistically. We are simply looking at the incoming energy that is directly impacting Earth. But yes, of course it is all related to astrology and astronomy.  

The Collective is Brightening

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. Thank you for that clarification and guidance. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Ashtar: We would simply like to say that with each, let us say phase, or blast of incoming energy, we’re seeing smaller and smaller pockets of humanity resist them with the same fervor that they have in the past. What this serves to indicate is that all in all, humanity is healing.

That despite the fear and the confusion that many are experiencing as a result of COVID or the economy, the vibration of humanity is rising and it will continue to do so. There is less resistance, there are fewer adverse reactions to the incoming energy. And that is because humanity is becoming more positively aligned. They are releasing their traumas and they are healing in so many different ways. 

We are so proud of all of you. We being not only members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but all your benevolent extraterrestrial star brothers and sisters who have been watching and supporting you. We are seeing an immense difference collectively, and it is beautiful. Do not for a moment be led astray by what you are seeing and hearing in your mainstream news. It’s a facade and it is not at all indicative of the true positive trend and movement that is taking place across the globe everywhere, and we’d like to stress ‘everywhere’, no matter where the virus may seem to be wreaking havoc. There IS a positive momentum. And this undercurrent is extremely powerful and it is being noticed by all of your galactic friends. So know that you are on the right path.

There is much more light that is being emitted from Gaia and from humanity than yesterday, and compared to last week, and from last year. It is a constant and continuous brightening. We wish that you could see it from our standpoint.

Kare [interviewer]:  Thank you. Thank you so much for your love for your appreciation and for your guidance and suggestions and clarification of ideas and concepts that we’re desiring to understand more fully. I greatly appreciate it.

Ashtar: You are most welcome and we’re always happy to pass along our encouragement and the truth, more importantly.

Blessings to all of you,
Commander Ashtar


Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Progress Update from Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

Progress Update from Commander Ashtar

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Kate! Thank you for connecting with me. It is Ashtar your friend, and humble servant — servant to all humanity in fact. I have connected with you for I have some information that I would like you to convey to the masses.

There has been much happening here. From the perspective of the Galactic Federation of Light, we are evermore busy. We are constantly and readily engaged with many Alliance members or white hats in this ongoing game, or battle, as some of you have referred to it. We understand that from your standpoint many are becoming increasingly impatient for progress is not moving fast enough… It is difficult to see. But understand that from the standpoint of most, in fact, the vast majority of humans, the progress that we see is nearly impossible for you to see.

Your Mainstream News is Misleading

We see things from a very different vantage point. And that is our advantage, and your disadvantage. This is why it is so important that I connect with all of you, so I can share some uncensored and accurate information. This information is not information that will be revealed to you through your mainstream media. We have long, long given up on that. And we would encourage you to steer clear of mainstream media for what comes forth is all programming designed and aimed to influence you and hold you in a place of fear and uncertainty. And as of late, as has been reflected by the protests and riots occurring around the globe, the mainstream media has been serving to fuel the anger that so many are feeling.

We would encourage you to ask yourselves, how you feel while you watch the news. Do you feel uplifted or discouraged? This should guide whether or not you should continue to watch, or listen to, your mainstream news.

Many Negative ET Forces Have Been Captured

On our front, the Galactic Federation of Light has made some significant inroads. We communicated to you recently that we had fully surrounded and captured many of the malevolent ET forces who had bases in and around your planet. While there are still a few stragglers, for lack of a better word, we would like to inform you and assure you all that the vast majority of them have been caught. This of course pertains to the negative ET forces.

It is not to say that members of other negative forces, that is human groups that we shall not name out of concern for censorship, are still at wide. However, we know who they are. Many of you know who they are, and their time is limited. Their time is running out. They are cornered in many ways. We will not reveal more at this time for there are still operations underway.

What we wish for you all to know is that progress is fast and furious on our front, from our angle. Do not measure our progress based on what you are hearing from your news, or what you are NOT hearing for that matter. For there is a huge and deep disconnect between your mainstream media, your leaders, and the heads of many organizations, and what we, the Alliance and the Light forces, would be communicating to you.

Tuning Into the Truth, and Away from Confusion

We would also encourage you all to trust what resonates with you, at your heart level. What must resonate with your heart chakra is usually the truth. But you must learn to tune into this for you have been, and will continue to be for some time, fed a lot of mixed messages and misinformation. Remember that this is the mass campaign of confusion that the negative forces have imparted to the masses. It has been ongoing for decades, but it has become particularly interesting and plagued over these past few months, particularly with regards to the pandemic, protests, and we will simply say, what is happening on the political front in many nations.

Not All is at it Seems

We understand your impatience. We at times, even ourselves, were impatient. But we are pleased to say that our impatience has come to an end, for we have seen tremendous progress on all fronts. Our lightworkers and our Light forces continue their brilliant and meaningful work. And this is happening on the physical, spiritual, and energetic level on Earth, and, dare I say, off Earth. There are many groups of humans who are working alongside with many different ET races to carry out important work that will ultimately lead to the freedom of humanity and to the impending ascension.

We understand that as you read the lay of the land, it does not seem to be going in the right direction. We know that you feel impatient to see change. It is coming. It will come gradually, at times slowly but surely, and at other times, it will be a fast strike. You have heard this before. But I will continue to say that you must all trust the plan.

Be Patient with the Process

You must not only trust us, but you must trust yourselves. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of learning to tune in to what resonates with each of you, for the truth lies within. So many of you rely on external sources of information in order to quell or feed the truth that you seek out.

If you simply tune into yourselves, either through meditation or quiet time, the information that you seek out will be presented and revealed to you. You must also be patient with this process for many of you are disconnected with yourselves and are simply in the process of reconnecting. This reconnection is hugely important for your spiritual growth and development, and will help you find an easier path to Ascension in the long run.

The Galactic Forces are Aware of Everything

We have been observing every political move, and every sentiment that the masses have been feeling. We have observed all events on your planet. We have even observed the happenings that have not made their way to the mainstream media for very obvious reasons. We have seen and continue to follow it all.

know that there are millions of Light beings that stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with us in seeing this mission of light through to completion. There is lots of movement on our end, and it is all extremely positive and very encouraging.

Remain Calm

We wish you much love and ongoing positivity. Remember to continue to maintain a state of inner calm and harmony, no matter what is happening around you. And remember that all emotions are contagious. What you feel will be felt by those around you. So you must be aware of what you choose to feel and what emotion you choose to share and spread.

Many blessings to you all.
Commander Ashtar


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