Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

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Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

by Samson, Andromedan ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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We are teaching you about the flow of light, information and wisdom, from that of the collective to that of the inner collective. And you see, every individual’s inner wisdom, inner compilation of experiences and love can be most valuable when it feeds that of the collective. And in turn, the information that exists within the collective, including its love, its wisdom, its teachings can in turn benefit the individual. This flow is key for the expansion and evolution of the collective consciousness. For it is constantly moving forward and evolving. As the experiences of all individuals who comprise the collective consciousness feed into this collective energetic entity, it grows and expands. It brightens. And it matters not if the wisdom is founded in dark or light-based experiences. What matters is the learning that has resulted from those experiences, for that learning can easily be translated into wisdom, wisdom that feeds the whole. And in time, humans will become more adept at tuning into this collective consciousness. They will be able to derive and deduct the important lessons that are contained within this universal wisdom regardless of the whether or not they have experienced the various situations that have led to that wisdom, you see. This is the beauty and the benefit of the collective. Information is available for all – whether one has fed into it, whether one has experienced all that is contained within.

It is much like the internet. You can type in, and access, any word—and an abundance of information will appear. Though you are not aware of it when you are typing it, all the information is there ready to be offered and downloaded.

The collective consciousness can much be compared to and described as the spiritual internet. However, your internet can carry within it some darkness, some negativity, and many, many mistakes or incorrect information. The collective consciousness filters all of it and it boils it down to light-based wisdom, regardless of how this wisdom was amassed or contributed to the whole. It exists in its purest form. It exists in higher learning, in love, in forgiveness, in altruism and in healing.

For every human experience, and in fact, every experience that has ever been lived by any being (whether they be human or other), it is all for the purpose of spiritual growth and betterment. And once that lesson has been filtered and purified to a point of positive learning, growth and betterment, it then feeds universal wisdom and the collective consciousness. For they are one and the same. And so every being, whether they are aware of it or not, whether they intend it or not, feed the whole. They are part of the whole.

It is much like the analogy that we have shared with you in the past where every individual entity, or soul, is a drop of water in a massive wave in the ocean. That wave represents the collective consciousness taking shape, moving in tandem, moving forward towards a common goal. Nonetheless, every drop of water is part of the whole. The difference is humans at this time, see and identify themselves as one individual drop of water, they do not understand that they are part of the whole, that they are part of this collective, which is comprised of many souls of many drops of water moving together.

In time, as humanity ascends in consciousness and in their understanding of consciousness and universal love, they will be aware that they are moving together towards a greater existence, towards a greater unifying purpose. This is how we can best describe the collective consciousness.

And every drop of water is important. But it is still an individual entity, that is part of a much bigger movement. And so everyone is important, but together you are more powerful, much like an ocean wave. There is a combined, united life force that exists, that is much stronger and more influential than a single drop that is contained within. It is such a simple analogy that you can all understand when it is described as water. Yet when it is described as your own spirituality, combined with that of the collective spirituality, it can and has become so confusing. But it need not be.

For any truth, when it is intact and unfiltered through one’s individual bias, or expectations and fears, is simple and beautiful. As all universal wisdom, and the laws that are derived from that universal wisdom, are simple and easy to grasp, as long as one removes the filters of expectation, bias, and fear. And we will add another lens that has been misused by many humans. And that is the lens of full, separate individuality. Individuality on its own is positive. But when one sees themselves as separate, separate from the greater good, from the greater love, that is a form of disconnect that is derived by fear and a deep misunderstanding. So we are simply here to share with you, our human brothers and sisters, other beings of our light family, that you are not alone.

You are not alone in every sense of the word. You are more connected and more united than you have ever imagined. And there is beauty and endless love and joy and peace within this universal and collective wisdom. It is yours. It has always been yours. And it is yours to grasp, to revel in, to learn from, to grow with and into. Whether this starts within yourself at an individual level, or whether this starts with a small spiritual group or community, it does not matter as long as you are moving towards the greatness that lies in the collective. As long as you are moving forward.

We wish you much light and many blessings.



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