Earth’s Role in the Universe

Earth’s Role in the Universe

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Earth's Role in the Universe

by Eir Ar ~ The Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.

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As more light comes across your planet, this light is in turn beamed out across the universe. It is a propulsion of majestic proportions. It is an exponential growth in light, beyond what you can fathom. And this is Earth’s role. This expansion of light enables the expansion of the universe. For all in all, there is far more light in the universe than not. And the light that is coming on to Earth is birthing far more light. It is creating a more beautiful, more closely interconnected light family. A family that is comprised of many worlds, many entities, and many collectives. And, of course these collectives represent these worlds and energies.

But yes, there are still dark spots or stains within this light universe that we are all collectively co-creating. But they are running out of places to hide. They are running out of places to go. While there are still some far, dark reaches of the universe that they may escape to, eventually the light will find them. Many, many will join the light – some more easily, some reluctantly. But there will always be a handful, who forever hide from it.

But understand Kate, that this Ascension that is happening on your earth-plane is in fact, and indeed, helping to eliminate darkness in your universe. This is how important the ascension of Gaia, humanity and the entire solar system is. For your solar system is one of many heartbeats of your galaxy. And when this heartbeat starts to beat in closer alignment to that of the light forces, the light will reverberate throughout the universe. And as such, there will be far less room for darkness to grow or exploit and create chaos.

And, so while the ascension of humanity is having a positive domino effect on all the many races and light beings (that will also somewhat co-ascend as a result of humanity’s ascension) this light that is being created by the combination of ascensions is creating a more light-filled and positive universe.

And so, all beings and energies benefit. And your universe is connected to the multiverses. They are separated by dimensionality. We are providing you with the visual of a bubble that has a very thin membrane. Your universe is surrounded by a constantly expanding membrane. It is expanding at this time. And on the other side of that membrane, there are other bubbles. Some are adjacent to your universe and some are not. But you see when there is more light within your bubble or within your universe, this helps shine light on other universes. And when one bubble is greatly shining, it helps to attract other universes to it. And thus, the light forever expands. It is much like lighting series of candles in a church or at a ceremony. The more candles are lit, the greater the collective light.

So you can imagine Earth as the wick in a very large candle. Once the Earth is lit, and enlightened, Earth’s candle helps light many millions of candles all around it. And, so your role and Earth’s role are highly important and coveted. We are excited for the universe, and we are very excited for humanity and our dear friend Gaia. For Gaia has been closely connecting with us. She, as we have mentioned, is patiently waiting her turn.


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