Path to Spiritual Success

Path to Spiritual Success

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Path to Spiritual Success

by The Arcturians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello Kate. The Arcturians are here. Today we will be talking about the path to spiritual success.

All humans must look back on their life with great pride for how they reacted to challenges, hurdles and problems that they encountered, created, or were faced with. And the source of these problems, or the cause of them, matters not for they were charted and they were determined to manifest in anyone’s life. The true success is overcoming the deep emotional wounds and healing from them. And the ability to heal from these challenging life situations is how we would encourage you all to measure spiritual success.

It is not that you failed, it is not that you made a mistake. It is not that you didn’t act in accordance with that of all universal laws at all times. You are human. You come to this life, you come to this planet and live in this realm for you know and understand from the get go that it will be tarnished. That it will be peppered with mistakes and challenges. But you must look back on the canvas of your life and perceive the wholeness of your creation with pride. Pride that you overcame it, pride that you learned from it, and pride in the grand end result of what remains of you and of your spirit at the end of the road. And what the majority of humans will find, is that the end result, the final canvas that represents all the doings and all their past actions of this life, is far more beautiful and grander than they ever could have imagined.

And so it is important to take a step back and not to focus on what you didn’t do right, but focus on what you did right. For we can guarantee that in the majority of situations, you did far more right than you did wrong. But humans have been so deeply programmed and trained to focus on the negative, to extrapolate the difficult when there is far, far more beauty and strength that lies all around.

So it is important that each soul that comes to Earth must first feel pride in the fact that they have chosen to come to this very, very difficult realm. For it is one of the hardest schools of life. It is what many refer to in slang as the major boot camp. Its atmosphere is dense and challenging at best. And any soul that can muddle through life and still find a way to strive towards love, towards betterment, and who can recognize the beauty despite the density within and all around, that is a brave soul. One that is blossoming and shining, regardless of any negativity that it perceives. This is true spiritual success.

It is important that each individual looks back on life, not at what went wrong, not as what they regret and wish they did differently. But look back at what they did do right at times where they expressed love when it was difficult, at times when they fought for the truth when it was challenging at times, and when they strove to see the light in even the darkest of situations. If one looks back and has difficulty seeing that, then the recognition alone that there was an opportunity to see more optimistically, that is a grand step towards betterment. So it’s never too late. There is always an opportunity to learn, whether in the moment or in hindsight. For your human life is the grand canvas of all learning. It is a fast track school, a boarding school, a boot camp, as we’ve mentioned. And only the most hardy and determined souls come here. Those who are truly devoted, not only to their own learning and development, but to helping those around them by being facilitators, teachers, and advisors simply by being in this realm.

Many are shining their light and raising the vibration of love across the planet. And so, take pride not only in what you have accomplished, but also in what you and many, many millions of humans around you are accomplishing by simply being in your realm. For this is a grand collective accomplishment.

Continue to walk forward with great light. Shine your light, feel the love, not only for those around you but for yourself too, for there is no separation.

We wish you much love and much light,
Your friends, the Arcturians.


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