Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

by Eir Ar ~ The Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.

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Hello, we are back again.

We are showing Kate a visual of the planet with the field that the 5G is beginning to create. And it is creating a field of great static. It’s much like there’s white noise that will constantly be flooding the human field, the collective consciousness.

 5G network impacts our emotions

This white noise will serve to interfere and interrupt any clarity, to deflect any light, and even worse, through this added effect it will enhance or amp up any fear. And so, of course the 5G does not have a direct relation or correlation with the coronavirus. However, as has been mentioned by us before, there is mounting fear about this virus within the human collective, and the 5G’s static is amplifying that fear. 5G has the ability to amplify all negative emotion—it is disruptive.

5G is only a temporary hurdle

However, we do not see at this time that the 5G will be as widespread and global prior to ascension. We are seeing it affecting certain pockets or fields, but it will not be as pervasive and widespread as many are fearing at this point in time. We feel that before that happens, humanity will reach a point of mass ascension.

And the 5G is just another technology that, as you know, is being leveraged by the dark ones to slow the process. However, we wish to remind you all that ascension is inevitable. It is much like a beautiful tidal wave of light, and the dark ones may throw rocks, they may put logs in the tidal wave’s way, and it may slow down the tidal wave, but the momentum has begun and nothing will stop it. So this is just fear.

Shift your perspective away from fear

And we wish for you to remind others that as long as they walk away from fear, they will not be impacted by the negative effects in the way that they believe. It is only when you embody the fear that you open yourself up to all the negativity that comes with it. So humans, and all individuals, have a great choice here. They can embody the light, the security, the happiness, and the power that they wish to embody, or conversely they can embody fear, anger, and grief. So you must choose what you wish to embody. That will in turn create and manifest your reality, and it will help perpetuate it for those around you.

What we would say about 5G, once again as with many things, the best way to prepare is to shift your perspective. This change must start within, and you are not powerless to protect yourself from it. You must always shield yourself with white light, and choose not to embody the fear that is offered to you. So many of you gobble it up for lack of a better word.

Nothing will stop human ascension

But you, as many light workers, are vibrating and existing at a much higher level, one that for the most part is above and beyond fear. However, you must reach down to those who are still populating that fearful vibration, and you must help lift them up. You must hold space for them. You must shield them with light and send light to the collective consciousness.

Nothing, and we repeat nothing, will stop ascension. And so, 5G is like a rock thrown at a tidal wave.

Global fear is a gauge of the upcoming ascension

We would also like to very briefly add (and we understand that you’re running out of your linear time, and we chuckle as we say that) that the fear you see being brought onto the planet is an indication that ascension is coming. This fear and this propaganda are the last resort for the dark ones. So this is a marker or gauge of their fear, their fear of ascension. They know they will not stop it but they are trying to slow it.

There is beautiful change ahead

Whenever you hear of anything negative or fearful, remember that this should serve not as a reminder that there are dark ones out there, but conversely, it should serve as a reminder to you (and all light workers) of the beautiful change and momentum that is upon you.

And this fear being thrown at you is a marker of the desperation that exists within the dark ones. They’re losing, and they’re aware that they’re losing their hold. They no longer have a grip. The worse things get according to your media, the better it is for all of you for it is a sign that they are desperately trying to stop what they know is coming.

Let this serve as a beautiful reminder of the change ahead for all of you. And embody that light… embody that excitement. Focus upon what lies beyond these changes and this temporary, fleeting fear.

Blessings to all of you.

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