Finding Unity Amid the US Election

Finding Unity Amid the US Election

Finding Unity Amid the US Elections

by The Council of the Guardians of the Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Council of the Guardians of the Light [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Hello, this is the Council of the Guardians of the Light. It has been some time.

There is a need for people to learn how to stay calm amid the chaos. We are seeing that there will be much frustration, irritability, and confusion in the United States as a result of this coming election. Whatever result may be yielded will not appease and please the entire population. So, regardless of the outcome, there will be a significant subset of the population that is quite dissatisfied. And we do see that this will create an energetic division, a deep divide in and of itself will begin to percolate and manifest in other areas of society if the steep divide is not healed and addressed fairly early on.

And the way we are showing this to Kate (channeler) is a deep abyss with energies and polarity on either side. And if this abyss, this crevice, is not healed and mended, we see that this divide will continue to widen, to deepen, and to darken energetically. We see that it will become the main focal point of the American psyche, and to some extent but a lesser extent, the global population.


Focus on Unity, on What Unites You

There will be much, much attention, energy and focus placed on to the division and the anger. And we are seeing much blame thrown from one side of this abyss to the other and vice versa.

So we would advise you to help people bridge the gap, to help them see beyond political opinions and alignments and to find unity in the fact that they are human. Regardless of what side of this divide they stand on, at a core level what they seek is the same.

Everyone seeks peace. Everyone wants unity. Everyone wants the well-being of their family, their neighbors and their community. This is the common thread that should be focused on rather than the division at a political level.



 Politics are Manufactured Divisions

You must remind people that politics is very superficial. It is a manufactured division that has been created by those who seek to continue to divide humanity. And so, it is important that people focus on their common desires and what unites them at a spiritual level, not what divides them at a political level. Very important.

And while we understand that many of your (Ascension Calling) newsletter subscribers are not only in the United States, this message does apply to all, for in every country there are divisions along political and or racial lines.

This message needs to be about unity and how one can overcome their anger, their difference of opinions, in order to once again bond and unite with a neighbor or with anyone else who may not hold their same superficial beliefs. It is about distinguishing and discerning between superficial beliefs and deep-seated, central spiritual needs and beliefs, which we feel for the majority of humanity is quite aligned and united. There are basic needs that every human strives for.

When in fact, all elections should stand to unite people to stand together for what is important, for humanity, not for one group or another based on the color of their skin, their political alignments, or whatever they need that week or month.


This is Part of the Grand Shake-up

Division is superficial. Alignment in unity is deep and long lasting.

This is in a nutshell the message that needs to be iterated. This selection while it is this divisive, it is also part of this grand shake-up that many of your Beings have spoken of. Being faced with discomfort forces any one individual to focus on why they feel uncomfortable with something, and what they need to focus on in order to once again find peace and inner calm. It forces one to think about their priorities and what is important to them.

So there is a grand percolation that is happening at an individual level, particularly for those who are not awake yet. This is part of the jolt that will trigger their awakening. For those who are already awake see this election for what it is. They see the truth behind the scenes.

For those who are still very bought-in to the superficiality of this election, this is the grand shake-up for them. So this controversial election, and the issues that stand to divide humanity, this is what people are being confronted with and faced with. And while it is uncomfortable, it is a blessing and it is necessary. This you can speak of as well.

The Council of the Guardians of the Light


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