Are you empathic?

Are you on a spiritual path?

Are you struggling?

    The Empath's Survival Kit

    The Empath’s Survival Kit will help you…

    • Gain a better understanding of what an empath is
    • It will provide you with tools that will help you stabilize, ground and re-focus

    You’ll also learn how to…

    • Center yourself
    • Discern between your energy and other’s energies
    • Disconnect from others that you’ve consciously or unconsciously connected to
    • Shield yourself
    • Ask your Guides for assistance
    • Clear your field

    What’s included in the package?

    • A channeling (mp3) that dives into how to better manage your Empathic Ability
    • An e-book that outlines:
      1. The Characteristics of an Empath
      2. Being and Empath ~ A Gift and a Curse
      3. The Only Permanent Solution
      4. How to Disconnect & Clear Your Field
      5. More Resources
    • A Video that illustrates how to “Disconnect & Clear Your Field”
    • An mp3 that you can load onto your phone so that you can “Disconnect & Clear Your Field” on the go.

    Channeled Guidance with Kate

    Kate Woodley

    In a private channeling session with Kate, you’ll receive insightful information and messages about you, have an opportunity to ask questions and dialogue directly with her Beings. Each session offers:

    • Clarity and guidance about your life, path, relationships, and growth.
    • A deeper understanding of your current challenges, and how to move forward with peace.
    • Aura and chakra clearing, revitalization, and rebalancing.
    • Cord cutting to help release attachments that don’t serve you.
    • An opportunity to learn more about your guides.
    • Insight about your past lives to identify a pattern that needs to be released.
    • A path and approach to feeling lighter and more optimistic.

    So many good things are manifesting!

    “My first session with Kate was nothing short of amazing! It’s as if though something was activated within me, a “quickening” of sorts! So many good things are manifesting, so much quicker than I ever imagined, that I can hardly keep up with the ascension energy!”



    Private channeling sessions are 60 minutes each which include up to 45 minutes of channeling.

    Our private sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom (audio only). You will receive an mp3 recording via email after the session.  

    The Being’s Admiration Changed My Perspective About Myself

    “You have no idea how much finding Ascension Calling has meant to me. Until about a year ago, I used to feel so ashamed about being human given all the horrible things we’ve done to each other. But then I found Ascension Calling, and a channeling from the Blue Avians that really made me change the way I think about humanity. The Beings said they really admire the souls who have the courage to incarnate on Earth, or this “boot camp”. Their admiration for what humanity is dealing with totally changed the way I look at myself – and other human beings.



    For more testimonials click here.

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email.


    FAQs about Kate’s Private Sessions

    How do I make an appointment?

    Simply click on the channeler you’d like to book a session with, and she’ll contact you directly to schedule an appointment.

    Once you contact Kate Woodley, you’ll receive an initial email with more information about the session (i.e. how to book, prepare, and pay).

    Upon booking your session, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your Zoom link for the session.

    All appointments times are in Eastern Time (i.e. Toronto, Canada).

    Are sessions done in person or over the phone?

    All private channeled sessions are conducted over the phone or via Zoom (audio only). Zoom is a free web-based conference line.

    The client is responsible for all long-distance charges incurred for sessions by phone.

    All appointment times are in Eastern Standard Time (i.e. Toronto, Canada). Please double check your appointment time against your local time zone.

    Can I call using Skype?

    We prefer to use Zoom (audio only). If this presents a problem for you, we can use Skype. We will supply you with the appropriate Skype ID to call upon confirmation of your appointment.

    Do I call you at my session time?

    If you’ve chosen a phone session, then you call us. The phone number will be included in the session confirmation email that you’ll receive after booking your appointment.

    If you opt to use Zoom, we’ll email you a Zoom link about two to three days prior to your appointment.

    Important: Before your session, please ensure that you’ve downloaded Zoom on your computer or other device. At session time, simply open the email and follow the instructions.

    How do I download Zoom?

    To download and install the Zoom application, go to From the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client for Meetings”.

    Zoom will automatically download when you start your first Zoom Meeting.

    Can I record my private session?

    With your permission, we’ll record your private session. However, technical issues can and do occasionally arise. For this reason, our clients are also encouraged to record the session from their end.

    An electronic file (i.e. mp3 format) will be emailed to you within two to three days following your session. The recording is included in the price of the session.

    Note: All recordings are for your personal use. We respectfully ask that our private sessions remain private and are not posted on social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

    What kind of questions should I ask?

    Often times, our clients want clarity on what’s going on in their lives, usually in the areas of love, money, career, spiritual growth and expansion. It’s a good idea to come prepared with questions. Remember, if you want specific answers or information, then consider asking specific questions, such as:

    • What pattern is causing this problem ________________? (be specific about the problem)
    • What emotional issues are holding me back?
    • What patterns do I need to let go of?
    • Are any of my past lives causing this issue ________________? (be specific about the issue)
    • What should I be focusing on?
    • Am I on the right path? (specify career or spiritual path)
    • What can I do to improve my relationship with ____________?
    • What can I do to improve all my relationships?
    • What can I do to improve my career?
    • What can I do to evolve or deepen my spirituality?
    • What do you feel is lacking in my life?
    • Why are ETs interacting with us/me?
    • Why are ETs here now? What are their intentions towards me/us?

    Avoid asking the Beings about specific outcomes (i.e. when will I get married) or detailed instructions (i.e. how to build a free energy device). Although they have a broader perspective, they’re not all-knowing. They offer helpful insight and recommendations. If you’re looking for general guidance, feel free to ask broader questions such as, “Do you have any guidance for me?” or “What do you want me to know?”

    Questions about our reality or universe also provide a greater understanding of ourselves, so don’t be shy to ask!

    Do channeled sessions differ from psychic readings?

    Channeled sessions are less focused on providing specific predictions. Instead, the Beings offer incredible insight and wisdom into yourself —and your life—to help you move forward positively. This may involve helping you shift your perspectives and limiting beliefs to create a more abundant, joyful, and love-filled life.

    Who do you channel during my session?

    Depending on the topic, the appropriate Being(s) will come through. Your entourage (i.e. guides, angels, soul family, etc.) are always present for your sessions and will often share information with our Beings who are all loving and benevolent.

    Will you tell me my future?

    Although our Beings may provide some insight into likely outcomes, they will advise you how to create a better reality for yourself. By identifying what may be prohibiting you from creating what you want, they guide you in manifesting what you want.

    How should I prepare for a session?

    We recommended that you write down between five and ten questions for the Beings. If you have more than that, great! The more time you invest in formulating specific questions, the more you’ll gain from your session. It’s a good idea to write down your questions in advance. Once in session, you may be positively influenced by the Beings’ higher frequency and might forget some of your questions!

    Can I really get all of my questions answered in 45 minutes?

    Our Beings can share a great deal of information in 45 minutes. However, depending on your questions, you may not have time to ask all of them. That said, we suggest you ask your most important questions first!

    Can I extend my session once the reading starts?

    Due to our booking system and schedule, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able extend your session during a private session. Instead, you’re invited to schedule a subsequent session through our booking system.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your session, you can either opt for a full refund or reschedule your session within 3 months of the original appointment.

    If you cancel or reschedule within less than 48 hours, you will incur a service charge of 25% off your refund.

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