Med Beds: Accessing Higher Healing

by Ashtar & The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Ashtar [channeled through Kate Woodley]: Hello, this is Ashtar. And I’m joined by a couple other members of the Galactic Federation. It is always a pleasure to be back in your presence.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Regarding the med beds, do you see an ETA for when that technology might be released?

Ashtar [channeled through Kate Woodley]: There are already a few med beds on your Earth. These are what we would describe as more bare bone, simpler versions of the technology that we have off planet. And the reason for this is because there is a learning curve. In order to learn, for any light worker, medical or health practitioner, they must become familiar with a simpler concept and version of the med bed before new technologies and higher aspects of these med beds can be made available.

Again, this is about slow transformation in a way that is digestible and adaptable for humans. And so at this time, these med beds, these very few that are on your planet, are being discovered — there is a learning curve. And as the evolution of humanity progresses, there will be slowly but surely more med beds that will be introduced across your planet.

Slowly and surely, there will be new features for lack of a better word that will be added and tacked on to these med beds until a time that they are fully ramped up. But again, if we were to give humanity these highly advanced med beds before their human consciousness is at a level where it can properly leverage these med beds, it would not serve the full purpose and offer the full benefits. In a nutshell, most are not fully ready for the full spectrum of med bed benefits that is available off world. It is about learning and adapting to these med beds and allowing a proportional increase in human evolution so that it can match the level of understanding that must be absorbed within anyone being before they can fully leverage everything that a med bed has to offer.

Med beds work with very high frequencies of light. And these frequencies interact with the human consciousness as well as their intentions. Until the human consciousness has evolved to the point where it could fully and properly interact with the higher technology of the med bed, many humans would not be able to receive the full benefits of healing and treatment, because their consciousness is not yet a match — a vibrational match — for these med beds. I understand that this may be an oversimplified explanation, but it is the best and most honest explanation that I can provide at this time.


Med Beds


Can Lightworkers access this tech through meditation?

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]:  Thank you. I’m wondering about those light workers who are working diligently on raising their frequency. Would we be able to access this technology energetically through meditation or maybe during our dream time for personal healing? 

Ashtar [channeled through Kate Woodley]:  We always encourage individuals to ask your Higher Selves if you truly require an actual med bed for the healing or if healing can be delivered through other means. Before med beds can be fully delivered to humanity, it is important that humanity first accept and understand that they have the ability to heal themselves. The idea with ascension is empowering humanity as opposed to having humanity entirely rely on technologies and assistance that are outside of themselves.

This is part of the reason as to why I explained that humanity’s consciousness must evolve before med beds can be properly leveraged. Part of this evolution will come with the understanding by humanity that they are their primary healers, that healing cannot be expected outside of themselves, but it must be learned from within. Of course, med beds can provide a new layer and level of healing from the outside in, but it must begin within.




Do not rely on one form of medical assistance

And so we do not want humanity to rely on one form of medical assistance to another. For this is not going to promote your evolution, nor is it going to allow you to realize the power and the innate abilities that you each carry within you. There are many aspects of themselves that they can heal, and that this empowerment, this recognition of one’s own abilities, must first be mastered before you can rely on external technologies.

We would advise you to first ask “what is it within myself that I can heal and how?” And once you feel that you have come some way in your own healing, if there’s anything that you cannot heal on your own, then that is the question to ask your Higher Self and your Beings, “what aspect of myself do I need assistance with healing?”

This is a meeting of the minds. There are some aspects that you can heal on your own and there are other aspects of yourself that you need assistance with. The idea here is that you are not 100% reliant on something or someone that lies outside of yourself.

We hope this answers your question and explains our answer. It is always a pleasure.

Ashtar & The Galactic Federation of Light


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