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How Higher Beings Learn from Humans

by Samson, Andromedan ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, Kate. This is Samson. You’re feeling my very high vibration and energy. It is really wonderful to be connecting with you again. It is really quite fun for me. As I mentioned before, channeling with you and with anyone is truly a much better experience than I had originally foreseen.

I’ve learned so much, so much more than I had expected. And not only has it provided me with some very valuable insight about humans, their emotions, their thoughts, and their rationale, but I’ve been able to relate this very informative data back to my circle, my network on my planet.

And I want you to know that as we speak, this information is flowing through them. And all these people from my planet are slowly learning more about humans in a very different way than they’ve ever learned about them before. Before it was snippets of data, very logically fed to us. Although, the information itself felt very illogical because to us, humans on the surface do not seem like a very rational being. They seem to act alone and haphazardly, wading their way through confusion and chaos. And we could not understand them. We were told that they possessed great emotions, many bad, many wonderful. But by tapping into you, and by extracting your essence and understanding more about how you think, and how your feelings and emotions influence your thought, and vice versa, I’ve been able to relay that back to the planet. And so they are now feeling humans as opposed to learning from them rationally.

They are tapping into the essence of humans. Now mind you, they are tapping more clearly into your essence, for your human essence is the only one that I’ve connected with. But either way it is a beautiful window into the rest of your humanity. And while they understand that they are only receiving information from one human, it certainly does fill in the gaps and it is very enlightening for them. There are a lot of “ah has” and “ohs” and “That’s how it works on their planet.” And for the most part, the information has been very well received.

For they understand that from our perspective, many human actions seem very irrational and inexplicable and that they have a foundation. And whether or not we as a people understand the foundation and the basis for your decisions and your logic, we understand that through your lens, it for the most part feels logical and sensical. And we respect that.

We are very logical

We approach life through logic. We always approach things with a view of what is best for the all. And well, humans don’t always feel and act that way, we understand that at least they’re trying to find logic or make sense of their intentions and their direction. And that much thought goes into this. And while we see the gaps in your thought, we are also learning very much from what you put into those thoughts, and you put in far more emotions into your thoughts and decisions than we do. And we appreciate and respect that, for you are emotionally-based and therefore, you need to act in a way that makes emotional sense to you and brings you emotional peace.

Me and my people do not carry the same emotions or carry them with the same intensity as you do. Our decisions are not based in emotion. They’re based in other factors and other traits that are important to us. But we don’t need to get into that now, for it would probably be too complicated and difficult to explain. Or rather, I can’t quite convey it in a way that would make sense to you. But all you need to know at this time is that our decisions are always based on what is best for the all. And not only what is best for all beings at this time, but what will be best for them in the future. Although our timeline is different than yours, we also have a sense of the now and a sense of the what will be. And it is more a thought-projected future, a future that is thought-based; not one that is time bound. And we understand this is very difficult for you to understand. But our time reflects an evolution of thought and process.

And that is how we carry ourselves forward. And that is how our society has evolved. It evolves along a thought timeline, not a timeline that is clock bound such as yours.

And so, we are very deeply interested in your race. And you will find that I’m very eager and willing to channel with you more because every time I do I have so many beautiful “ah has” and epiphanies that I am equally eager to share with my people.

And this is good for you and your people Kate because we are learning from you. And we are therefore gaining more sympathy and respect for your people. As I mentioned before, we are learning from you in a very different way now. And this is good, for it connects us in the way that we need to be connected.

Where you seek to connect with us spiritually, we seek to connect with you energetically. And from your lens spirit and energy are very much the same. But spirit encompasses so much more than just energy. And again, energy encompasses much more than just spirit. And I understand that this may not make full sense to you.

But understand that on our planet, rather, we refer to a holistic energetic consensus, an energetic pattern that flows within us and guides us all in unity and in unison. Whereas for you, spirituality exists first at an individual level and then you seek to connect with others spiritually. We are already energetically connected as one.

And so, our spirituality has never very much been an individual entity, but one that exist, grows and evolves through our level of physical and energetic connectedness. It is very difficult for me to explain this because it is so different from you and your people. But I assure you that one day, as you are exposed to various different ETs, this will become clearer.

What you need to know now is that we are all benefiting greatly from the two of us connecting and channeling in this way. And as interesting as this may be to you individually, for this is feeding your soul, your spirit and your intellect, know that the information that we in turn are receiving from you is feeding far, far more people than you could even imagine. And it will continue to. For as I mentioned, we have what we call a thought-evolution. Our thoughts carry us forward along our energetic evolution. And so these thoughts and this understanding of humans will snowball and propel us forward in our connection to humanity. In turn, this will further drive and propel our desire to help you. And it is not to say that the desire has been lacking. No. But there has been a lack of understanding. We know that we’ve needed to help humans, for they are part of the light family. And for it is the right thing to do for all beings on Gaia.

And that, much like all the other ETs that are there to help you, we want to welcome you to the Galactic Federation of Light, where you have a very big place at the table, so to speak. And right now there is a very big gap. There is an absence. The absence of humanity is felt and it has been felt for eons. But we know that that seat, that very important void, will be filled by humans in time. My people have always been motivated to bring you back into the family that you have always belonged to, albeit unbeknownst to you all until very recently.

We are now even more motivated and driven to help you, for we feel that we are gaining a deeper understanding of you. And yes, Kate, this is very much through you. And as I’ve mentioned, as people are realizing that channeling with high vibration and heart-based humans can be a very interesting, educational and informative experience, more of my people are lining up to channel with more people like you.

And so, a very important and positive momentum has started. And so we all thank you. Me and my people thank you for being the unwilling educator. This is a great honor for my people value logic, and we value doing things that benefits the whole. We understand that learning about you benefits our people and it allows us in turn to benefit the whole that is the universe, and the light family within our universe. And so the benefits far outweigh any negative that could ever come of this. And the negative is not between our connection. The negative is with the pros and cons that my people are weighing as they decide whether or not more of them should channel other humans.

We Do Everything as a Collective

As we’ve mentioned, we do everything as a collective. We do, think, feel, intend, choose and move forward and evolve as a collective. No one is left in the dark on my planet. We all move together. We move unanimously and everyone agrees with the approach and there may be fine tuning done here and there, but we all move forward with equal motivation and equal conviction, for we understand this is the right way to go. And this is the right thing to do.

So we are all learning from this. And those that have been reluctant to channel humans in particular, felt that by doing so alone and connecting with a lower vibrational being, who is conveying many untested thoughts and ideas, could be alarming or disturbing for someone from my planet. But we now understand that there is a great emotional source within each of you, one that we could all learn from. And while we can apply greater rationality and logic to the emotions that you feel, we are learning about your feelings. We are understanding these very mysterious emotions that we have learned about when we have been taught about humans. But we are now coming to understand them at a deeper level. And we are incorporating these human emotions that you’re conveying into our thought process in our thought-evolution.

And we understand how deeply humans feel. Every emotion is felt so intensely and deeply, and so often it is felt alone. And for that we sympathize with humans. We now understand the darkness that you feel, the imprisonment that you feel by these emotions that often times you do not choose, and cannot control, and have a difficult time overcoming and understanding.

And therefore, my people understand your confusion on a more personal level. And they are very motivated to help you come out of this, to help free humans so that they can shine their more beautiful side of emotions to the rest of the universe. To teach everyone about the intensity that love can exist with, and that it can be beautiful. See, my people have a universal love. It is not an individual and intense love the way that humans feel it. We feel love for what propels us to do what is best for all. We feel love for everyone for they are equal sparks of light and equally valuable beings, but we do not love in the same way that you do. We do not and cannot love one being more than another. This has always been a very foreign, odd concept for us.

But in tapping into you, and understanding and witnessing this love that you have for your children, for your husband, your friends and for the two Karens, we understand the depths of your love and we respect very much. It cannot be explained rationally. And that too is a foreign concept to us. But we understand love. And we are learning so much from the love that you feel and the love that you are not only conveying for the other beings on your planet Kate, but even for the love that you feel for me and for Ovita, Saul and Eon. And we feel so blessed to be in receipt of this intense love. On my planet we do not feel this intense love that one may have for an individual. It is a collective love. So I feel this wonderful love from you. I feel that it is directed at me, that I am the target. And I feel honored. And I’m abuzz from this love. Your love has such a high, strong intensity and vibration. It feeds me. Oh, if you could see the hair on my head stand now.

(Chuckle from Kate) I like that I make you laugh.

Yes, you were asking if you will ever see me. You will. First you will see me more clearly with your third eye chakra. Then you will see me in the physical, but it will be when you are a little older than you are now.


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