Gaia: Healing from Incoming Energies

by Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Hello, this is Mother Earth Gaia in concert with the Crystal beings and the Sky Beings. This makes for quite an interesting collaboration in that there are many dimensions being represented here.

Kate [interviewer]: So welcome Gaia, the Crystal Beings and Sky Beings. It’s wonderful to have all of you with us today. And wow, I’m very excited about the information that’s going to come forth from all of you in tandem. I don’t know if you have an opening message or if you would just like to share anything that you feel that human needs to know at this time.


Incoming Energies Can Trigger Old Wounds

Gaia [channeled through Kare]: Yes, and this is why we are collaborating, so that we can bring to you the clearest message possible. There are many shifts and changes happening. So much energy is flowing forth into this realm from our galactic core. And this is exactly as it should be. We’re happy to be receiving this energy. Humanity is also benefiting greatly from these energetic streams if you will, for as they land upon our body, of Gaia, the vibrations are indeed being raised. And this can trigger many past energies that are still caught in your energy field.

When these triggers arise, it’s an opportunity to continue deepening your work, to release these triggers, to release this past pain and hurt. For it’s going to be become even more and more difficult to bring it forward, to take it forward, to carry it forward into the new worlds that are unfolding.

This energy is healing. It is not intended to hurt you or harm you or bring you down in any way. It is not intended to trigger you. However, if it does, then that indicates that healing is required. And that’s all it is. And many, many people will have the though, “Oh my goodness, I thought I dealt with this!” And yes, it’s true you did. However, these are new energies that you have not been subject to until this moment in time. And any of the residual that just happens to be out of alignment with this new energy is going to come into consciousness. So, it’s not that you haven’t done your work for you have. It’s rather a request that you continue to deepen and continue to expand.


Ask the Beings for Healing

And for those of you who do not have healing techniques available to you, what we would invite you to do is ask Beings of Light (for help), any with whom you resonate with, for example many Christian people will resonate with Jesus, Mother Mary. If you’re attuned to the angelics that may be Archangel Michael, Raphael, etc. etc. So, go to and draw upon the resources that you have available to you and ask those beings for their guidance and assistance in releasing these energies. And we remind you that you do need to ask, to ask for assistance, because Beings of Light abide by the rule of non interference. So, unless you ask, our hands are tied. Unless it is a life and death situation that is not in alignment with your soul path, and then yes, we will jump in and shift this.


How to Release Energies

Crystal Beings [channeled through Kare]: This is the crystal beings we would also like to speak to how to release energies, and to know when you have done so.

So, we’ll begin with the second question first, how to know when you have released these energies. When you think of the event that was upsetting you, there will be no emotional charge around it. You will be neutral or (the event will appear) distant. It will not affect you emotionally. That is how you know when something has shifted, when you shifted the trauma or the upset.

Now to shift the trauma or upset, that can be a little trickier in that every being is different in their makeup and what they resonate with. Some people use the imagination and are able to call upon higher beings or even healers to come and assist them in clearing this, this offending upset or trauma or energy field. And through their imagination they’re able to bring themselves to a neutral position.

Other people will be able to better do this through visualization, through possibly utilizing NLP techniques. You can imagine the issue or problem becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, more and more and more distant. And you can imagine changing the visual from full living color to black and white. You can imagine turning the volume down on the sound. Or even dimming the light, you can try any and all of these techniques. Some work better for others. Some work better in certain situation. You can try them all on.

And those are a couple of really simple, simple techniques that you can use to release these energies so that you can come into greater alignment with the essence of who you are, with your beingness, your soul, your higher self.

Kate [interviewer]: That was a beautiful explanation. Thank you very much.

Crystal Beings [channeled through Kare]: You’re very welcome.


It’s Going to Get Messy

Kate [interviewer]: Is there anything else that you want to share? Any closing messages for humanity?

Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Thank you. Yes. And this is Mother Earth Gaia in concert with the Sky Beings and the Crystal Beings but it is I who is stepping forth to answer this question.

Yes, we want to soothe your worries. Yes, you are going through great change and even greater change is to come. And anytime there is great change, or any change at all for that matter, it is challenging. And it always gets very messy before things begin to begin looking better, healthier, cleaner.

A perfect example being when you’re cleaning out a closet. First of all, you have to pull out all the stuff, cull through it, decide what you’re going to keep, what you’re going to give away, what you’re going to trash. And then it’s a matter of putting it back into the closet in an organized fashion. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes focused attention.


Do This to Stabilize Yourself

And this is what you are being all being called upon to do at this time…

  • To focus upon what it is you desire
  • To do your cleaning and clearing and
  • To look closely and use your discernment. To discern what is true, what feels right for you. And not depend upon others to make those decisions.

This time is all about coming back to you, coming back to your center, coming back to your power, coming back to your own knowing.

And this is what will assist you in bringing you back home to yourself…

  • By exercising your sovereignty,
  • By focusing,
  • By taking time out of your day,
  • By focusing upon the feelings you want to experience – the peace, the harmony, the beauty, the cooperation, the collaboration of peoples, and most importantly, the peace.

So, take time out of your day and focus upon these qualities.

And although many timelines are indeed shifting and morphing and we have a great battle between the light in the dark, however, the outcome is assured. And it’s really about everyone making the choice again, in this moment, and in the next.

But these energies that are coming through into this realm from the galactic core, are indeed asking much of us all. We all are here of our own choice. We are all here because we desire to experience this magnificent transition into a new realm. And we are all here because we all wanted a hand in creating it.


Embrace Your Sovereignty, Power & Light

So, I invite you to step forth. Embrace your sovereignty. Embrace your creative power. Stand in your Light. And create the beauty and the magnificence and the peace and the collaboration that you each are desiring in your own hearts.

Kate [interviewer]: Beautifully said. Thank you so very much for those inspiring words.

Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Thank you for the opportunity to express my love to all. We thank you. All the beings here, for there are hundreds upon thousands that are just the waiting for you to ask for our assistance.

Blessings to you all.


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