Galactic Federation: A New Light is Rising!

by Galactic Federation ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light.


Hello ladies,

We are here! We are dazzling with excitement! We have been waiting for this.

We have been occupied with this grand show that is happening upon your beautiful Earth. There have been quite a few celebratory conversations and we will say meetings that have taken place here in the higher levels of the Galactic Federation. The entire Federation is in a beautiful, joyous uproar, and a beautiful uprising of victory, of light, of new hope that is not only felt among all members of the Federation, but that we are all beginning to glimpse throughout humanity and it is delightful to witness, to savor, to feel, to absorb, to sense. It is the rising of a new sun. It is the dawning of a new era. But it is just the beginning. This sun is finally beginning to rise and humanity is beginning to see light, true light, a new light, a light not seen before or at least not seen in a very, very long time.


Inner Revolution

Spiritual Enlightenment begins Within

This light is beginning to bathe the human consciousness, it is beginning to stir about an inner revolution. For you must all remember, our brothers and sisters, that this rising of your awareness, or rising of your consciousness, it all begins within.

You are in fact, the warriors that are bringing about a new consciousness within yourself. It is about overcoming the old thought patterns, the old energies, the old emotions, and it is about birthing a new way of being, feeling, and experiencing within yourselves. When you embody the epitome of these beautiful and positive emotions, you begin to collectively raise the vibration of all those around you, and you begin to manifest all that which you desire. And so this new sun that is rising upon your world, it is first and foremost rising within each of you, within your hearts.


Tipping Point


The Spiritual Tipping Point has Been Reached

And we will say, and this is a special message to the Lightworkers and the Starseeds who have been working so tirelessly in their conscious and even in their unconscious states. To all of you we greet you with the deepest gratitude and recognition for all that you have done. For it is thanks to all of you, your efforts, your light, the gifts that you have been bringing to the world and bringing through to humanity. You have helped humanity reach a new tipping point, a tipping point that has rolled out the red carpet for this new light that is being infused across your world, but more importantly, within the human collective.

And so we here on the Federation level are joyous. This is not to say the work is complete, but it does in one way mark the end of a difficult phase. And for those of you who have been with us through this journey, you understand it has been difficult – it has been difficult for the collective but it has also been felt within each of you. You have had to face your own challenges. You have had to work hard to keep your vibration high. And yes, you are still doing this work. It must continue. But it is going to get easier, it is going to feel lighter. You are turning a new page and the new page is splashed with hope. It is steeped in joy.


Positive Change Will Manifest on Earth

Now, our friends, this does not mean as we have said that the work is complete, but we are now shifting our focus to something very different. We are beginning to pull together teams, teams of people here on our side, on the Federation side, who are going to be working more closely with our friends on the ground; a shoulder to shoulder style of collaboration. It is going to be more involved. It is going to be more hands on.

But at first it is going to be information and positive change that is going to be diffused for lack of a better word through the minds, through the ideas of those lightworkers who stand in all industries, in all systems, and all across your globe. It is as if though, these lightworkers, who are part of many different collectives, many different groups, they are going to be downloaded with guidance, with information that is going to help accelerate this positive change.

You must remember our dear ones, as eager as we all are to usher in this change, change is change. Change is a process. It still takes some patience, it still takes some time, but you must understand that we are in the positive timeline, we are navigating towards positive change, some change will be ushered in quite easily, quite quickly. And there will be other changes that will be more involved, that will be more gradual for lack of a better word.

Some change will be noticeable within weeks, but some other changes will take years. And so you must all hold the light. You must all continue to visualize this future that you want to experience.

Collective Vision


Hope Emerges Within Each of You

You must see through the headlines. And yes, pun intended. You must read between the lines, you must look at the hope that perhaps is not spelled out for you, but is absolutely present energetically and spiritually. And if you cannot see or find the hope around you, as we have said, you must navigate to your inner levels and find the hope within. This time, our dear ones, this stage in the ascension process, this is about all of you sifting through the confusion, sifting through these many levels of emotions, to find your own truth, to find and steer towards your moral compass. This takes work, it takes discipline. But like all things, practice makes perfect. And so it is a matter of training your thoughts, guiding your ideas, holding the vision, the vision of what you want to experience, what you want for Mother Earth Gaia, what you want not only for the human collective, but for all collectives upon and within Gaia.


Navigate Your Visions & Thoughts

It is this powerful collective vision that will help navigate and steer us more quickly towards the path that you desire. You must understand our friends in most in many ways you are all in the driver’s seat. You are first and foremost in the driver’s seat of your own lives, driving towards your own truth. But as you all do this, as you all seek your own truth, your own inner harmony, joy, love, and peace, you help to raise the frequency of all around you and collectively, you will fast track towards a far, far brighter future.

This message, our dear friends, is about hope. It is about positive change. It is about paying less attention to the confusion – all this mass confusion – that has attempted to hold you back. This is going to slowly shift. It’ll slowly drift. But you are in control of what you choose to focus on. This is your power and no one and nothing can take that away from you.

Know that we stand beside you and behind you and with you to help you see this vision through. We are we are collectively immersed in this new rising sun with all of you and we are seeing it through, and we are seeing all of you through this time of change. Like all change there may be small bumps, but it is beginning to smooth out.

Hold the vision of smooth transformation. Hold the hope. Be in the light.

Thank you and blessings to you!
The Galactic Federation of Light


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