Gaia’s Perspective on the Coronavirus

by Gaia & The Guardians of Gaia ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Gaia: Hello ladies, this is Gaia

Kate: Hello Gaia. I’m honored to be in your presence. Welcome. I thank you very, very much. We would like to know if you have any messages for humanity with regards to what we are all undergoing at this time. There is massive change for us at this point because of COVID-19. It has changed the way we interact. It is changing our society for the time being. And I’m sure that you are picking up on this change. What would you like to tell your human friends?

Gaia: Oh, my, there’s so much to express.

Your meditations are helping

First, I would like to commend all the lightworkers for their work and I want you to know that it is making a difference. I know many of you are wondering if these meditations are making any difference because the external news that you’re watching is not reflecting this change at all. However, I can assure you that it is making a difference and I ask that you continue with your meditations, with however you are moved to contribute. It is making a difference. Every little drop of positive energy is another drop on our side, so to speak.

It’s time to choose what you want to experience

It is a very, very polarized time in the history of this realm. And it will become even more so before, you could say, before the world splits. It is not a physical splitting. It is a choice point that this mythological split is expressing. It’s a choice of which side you as a being choose to resonate with? The fear? Or the peace? And the ascension, is of course, upon the side of peace.

Choose Love

And this COVID-19, as you are referring to it as, is a very polarizing energy that has come into the planet to assist people in making choices. It brings up everything. And this is an opportunity for each being to make a new choice. To choose the love. To choose the harmony. And although the mainstream news is reporting upon terrible circumstances and people dying, we would invite you to look more directly to your experience. What is your experience in your neighborhood? People are getting out. They’re happier. They’re more relaxed. They’re honoring each other’s space and keeping the distance. And at the same time, they’re honoring their own needs to be out, to be conversing and to be celebrating. And all this good, positive energy is contributing to the love that we all in our hearts want.

The mainstream media, and even the not-so-mainstream media, who are speaking to you could say the opposite side of the coin to which the mainstream media is talking… those talking points. They’re still fighting.

We all want to come Home

And what we all desire—whether it be myself, whether it be the Guardians of Gaia, your higher selves, or all the Beings who are here holding space for each and every one, for myself for this entire third dimensional experience—we all want to come home. We all want to come home to that place of peace. We all want to come back home to love. We all want to come back home to trust… trusting that we are safe and well.

Focus upon what you want to create

And this is a grand opportunity to focus upon what it is you do want to experience. Take time out of your day, whether it be busy or not busy (for those extremes exist too for people) and focus upon that which you want to create. This is an opportune time to look at what is it you want to create. Even if it’s a lost job, for possibly that job did not bring you joy. Trust that there is a reorganization that is going on and will continue to go on after. And the important thing is to hold to the frequency, the energy, the feelings, the good feelings that you desire to manifest. Allow those to move out in front of you, to move forward, to visualize, to imagine. And you’re inviting more of that into your field, and therefore more of those energies into your physical experience.

Kate: That is beautiful. Thank you, Gaia.

Gaia: And I want to express that this was a concert of Gaia and The Guardians of Gaia who were speaking.

Kate: Thank you for that. Thank you. And if I may ask one more question. Would you and The Guardians like to tell humanity about what humanity can expect in the next year?

The Guardians of Gaia: These are the Guardians speaking, for we have access to this information more readily than Gaia. And we see that there is great change. And the main thought, the main focus to keep in mind, is that this is indeed change for the better. And although humans are not so comfortable with change, it will be challenging but the outcome of these changes will be so much more rewarding and fulfilling and heart-inspiring than any perceived losses.

We’re being called to focus on the future we desire

We do not see this change as being horribly difficult in that there are many timelines that this could be going down. And this is why we’re inviting you, and calling you, to focus upon that which you want to create. This is where you’re deciding which timeline you will experience. There are some [timelines] that are difficult, but it does not need to be that. We invite you, we call you to focus upon change that’s positive, change that you easily adapt to, and change that once established, is deeply appreciated and honored.

Kate: Thank you. Beautiful words. And yes, it’s a very solid reminder that we co-create a future and that we have to remain positive and focus on that which we desire.

Gaia is releasing many old energies that no longer serve her

Gaia: And understand that during this time that I, Gaia, will be releasing many old energies that no longer serve me, and no longer serve this ascension energy that is gathering momentum and strength. The fears that you experience, the fears that you experience within your body, are also felt by Gaia. For her body is your body and vice versa. And when you do feel these fears, to call upon your guides to assist you in the release of this. Call upon your guides to assist Gaia in the release of this, for it truly is a co-creative effort. It’s actually a mass effort for you all are going through a very similar time.

Fear will be present. This is normal and natural. This is not to be repressed or ignored. If it [the fear] is arising, then acknowledge it and then ask for assistance in releasing it fully and completely. This is a time of polarities, a time of letting go of the darkness, of the deeply ingrained fears of the collective, of the ancestral memory that is actually impressed into the DNA, into the physical structures. This is releasing. And we thank you for your efforts.

And we also understand that it can be awkward and feel awkward in the beginning. This is a time to reach out to friends. And to ask for assistance from your guides, to reach out to those who understand this process, and to trust that the help is there. For it truly is.

You are not alone

And that you are not alone in this time, even though it may appear as such. We are all in this together. We chose to be here in this moment, on this timeline, at this time. Whether we’re conscious of this choice or not, matters not. What matters is the energies, the feelings that we embody and moving forward through this difficult time. What matters is that we embrace these good feelings, this better world that is in the process of manifesting. And trusting that this is indeed happening now.

You are in the midst of the ascension, the rising of consciousness. And you have been for some time. It is going well. And Gaia is very grateful for everyone, for every effort. Thank you.

Kate: Thank you for that beautiful message. I know it will help many. You’ve offered some wonderful tools to help people deal with the fear and how to ask for help. And we’re very grateful.

Many Beings are assisting

Gaia: As am I and as are the Guardians. We thank you and we thank all the beings, human and non-human, who are lending their might, their energies, their focus, their attention. For when I say you are not alone, it truly is true. You are not alone. There are many beings: angelic who are assisting, extraterrestrials who are circling your planet within the invisible realms, who are also assisting. There’s so many.

And the important thing is not to open up to just anyone but use your discernment and use your intention. Intend to open up to those who are aligned with the ascension energies, who are aligned with the light. Be clear about who it is you are asking for help from. This is very important and a very powerful time.

Trust your own knowing. This is what this time is all about. It’s about bringing the power back to your own hearts, to bring your choice, your free choice, your free will, back to your own heart, to your own mind.


Yes, it is a grand time. And there is cause for celebration. And we remind you to celebrate the small victories, the smallest of victories. For this has been beaten out of you, for generation after generation. It’s time to celebrate the brilliance of your humanity and the beautiful heart that you embody.

Kate: Thank you, Gaia. And thank you to The Guardians of Gaia, for your presence, your time, your inspiring messages.

Gaia: We appreciate the opportunity to express through this one and through you in this way.

Kate: Thank you very much. Many, many blessings to you.

Gaia: And blessings to all. We thank you.



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