Finding Your Inner Wisdom

by Andreas, Sirian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, I would briefly like to speak to you about wisdom, and the importance of tuning into one’s inner wisdom in 2020.

All of your various and magnificent beings have warned of many changes in 2020. And there will be much, much media coverage of negative events. But understand that these events will be from the lens and the perspective of very few. And they will be offered by those who are not necessarily of the light. And so, it is very important for humanity not to tune in as frequently to the news. And this is not because ignorance is bliss. No, this is because you all have inner wisdom that is far greater and far more aligned with the universal truth than any radio station, TV station, or newspaper that you can attune to.

Wisdom is abundant in each of you

It is important that you all understand that your inner wisdom is more closely tuned to truth, reality, love, and fact than anything your media can feed you. So we are going to encourage you to tune out from all extraneous noise for this is all it is. It is noise. It is trying to shape your opinions and it is trying to tune you out and away from your own internal compass which carries with it the opinion of universal truth. You do not need to look outside of yourselves for truth and information. It is within each of you. It is within reach if you simply listen to it.

We, your universal and cosmic brothers and sisters, are all within reach. We are here to bring you the unbiased truth. Truth that will help you. Truth that will help unite you all, that will bring you together, and that will lift your spirits and feed your soul in a way that no media outlet has and will ever do.

Everything you need lies within

And 2020 will carry much negativity. And we are telling you that because, within each of you, there is all the light and all the love that you need. For inside, you are connected to everything that you need. What you need lies not outside of you, it lies within. This is where truth must be fished from. You do not need to seek it externally. We cannot stress this enough. As such, by tuning out of what lies around you in the world, and by tuning into your inner world, you will tap into everything you need.

This can be achieved through meditation

If meditation is not your forte, then simply close your eyes and sit in silence and just be with yourself. For you are all that you need. Your soul has all the riches. You were born with these riches and you will die with these riches. These riches are non-material. They are fully spiritual. And when you learn to attune to your own spirit, you will learn to tune into the truth that you and your soul needs. You will learn to tune into the truth that humanity seeks but does not know where to find.

Tune out the media and your phones

You have all been looking in the wrong direction. We are here to tell you that what you need lies within. We cannot stress and emphasize this enough. We are concerned for your moral and spiritual well-being. For you’re tuned into your phones, your televisions, your radios, and to noise. You seek connection to noise that feeds you not. The true connection comes through silence, through feeling, through the all knowing that lies within. And this does not need to be sought out with great difficulty or effort.

Silence is your soul’s music

You simply need to be in silence. For as another Being said, silence is the soul’s music. This will feed you all the information, all the knowing, and all the answers that you seek. They are within you, for there’s no disconnect between your own internal wisdom and universal wisdom.

You are all intricately and beautifully connected to each other and to all of your cosmic brothers and sisters. No, we do not look like you, but our essence and our core is pure and as bright as your own. And one day you will learn to tune out that which does not matter, that which does not carry the truth. And you will learn to distinguish seamlessly between what is truthful and what is not. But this must start within each of you. And this is why we stress the need for meditation and silence.

Connect with nature

Perhaps you can even connect with nature, for nature does not lie. All the lessons that you need lies within nature that’s all around you. It is in the spirit realm that so desperately wants to be heard, but that you have all learned to tune out.

Go back to your native roots. Look to your native brothers and sisters for the wisdom that they’ve learned to collect from everything that is in nature. Every spirit that lives in a tree, a flower, a river, the oceans and lakes, the air and the wind, carry with them a gentle truth that will always help your soul grow, and that will keep you on your true path.

So learn to tune into what’s important. Learn to tune into yourselves, to your own spirit, and to the spirit of all in the wilderness around you. For this is what you have always been connected to. This is what feeds your soul. This is what will free you. This is what will release you from the stress and noise that has imprisoned you for so long.

Finding your truth

So we are here, our human brothers and sisters, to teach you where to find true truth. And it is not in your news. You need to turn off your TVs and your phones, and tune yourselves back on to your own internal and spiritual compasses. You have become disconnected from yourselves. But as we have said, true happiness, your path, and true spiritual richness lies within. It is free. And it is your own voice that carries these messages−and no one else’s. Do not be discouraged by what your news outlets feed you.

And remember, there’s far more light coming into your realm and moving across your planet then you can see at this time. But if you learn to tune in, you will feel it. And you will hear its beautiful messages−messages that are abundant and ready to be heard if you simply learn to hear them. We will leave you with that.

2020 should be about wisdom and tuning into one’s internal wisdom. For it is there, and it lies within.

We bid you all much love and much light. And remember, you are not alone. You have never been alone, and you will never ever be alone.



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