Ashtar’s Insight into Recent Fatigue

Ashtar’s Insight into Recent Fatigue

Ashtar's Insight into Recent Fatigue

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare [interviewer]: Many of us have been very, very tired over the past week or two and requiring a lot more sleep. Is there something going on that you can speak to?

Ashtar and GFOL [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Yes, there are a number of criteria. What we are showing Kate (channeler) is a visual of incoming energies which in and of themselves, the incoming energy, or the waves that we have seen moving in, are not as fatiguing or impactful on humanity.

However, the incoming energy has been working to clear out negative and dense energy. As the old, denser energy is moving out, it is once again moving through many lightworkers. For you know that the two of you, as many on your planet, act as two-way energetic valves. You allow new light and energy to be anchored and you also allow older energies at times to move through you and up and out so that it can be transmuted.



Outgoing Energy is Creating Fatigue

So, this outgoing energy has been very heavy for many of you, particularly those who are quite awakened and who have fully stepped into their role as lightworkers. And as you know, you have many roles. And the other aspect of this is because many of you have been called upon more frequently in your dreamtime in order to carry out your other work. And so, spiritually and energetically you are not as rested for oftentimes in your sleep, energetically, you may be resting or you may be galivanting through more pleasant, restful dimensions and realms. However, when you are called upon to do more heavy work, this is intense and at times can feel energetically draining. When you wake up, you are still fatigued energetically. And this tends to take hold at a physical level.

This fatigue tends to anchor itself in the body as well. So it is felt on many levels. We don’t see that this will last much longer, for there has been a huge clearing out of these old, stagnant, dense energies that have been leaving your planet.

However, as we’ve mentioned, this is half the story. You will continue to be called upon in your dreamtime to work, to assist, to carry out your respective missions. And so, there will still be some fatigue, but it will be less of a double whammy. It will not be coming at you from every direction but rather from one direction. We see for some, the fatigue has already begun to subside. For others, it may be another week or so. And there may be ebbs and flows and ups and downs in these spurts of energy and moments of fatigue. We hope this explains.

We thank you ladies for your time, for giving us a voice and for helping us impact humanity. And blessings to all.


Ashtar’s Remedy for Impatience

Ashtar’s Remedy for Impatience

Ashtar's Remedy for Impatience

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare [interviewer]: Is there a topic that you would like to speak to for our newsletter this month?

Ashtar & the GFOL [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Let us confer. There is always so much we wish to say, but we need to align the message with the general mood and frequency of the human collective.

There are two themes coming up. There is a focus on lack, and there is much impatience. Many, many are experiencing impatience on a number of different levels. They are impatient with the state of the planet, they are impatient with their fellow humans, particularly those who may not be awakening or may not be standing from a place of unity, those who are creating division. It is triggering many lightworkers. It is creating much more upset than need be.


Old Emotions are Being Purged

We also see that many lightworkers who are awakening are naturally being called and impulsed to step into their work. And of course, we encourage them and we invite them to do so. However, they must be ready to step into their work. And in order to be ready, there is much inner work that they need to do. We have seen mass clearings, mass purging, mass introspection on behalf of many lightworkers, but they are growing tired of this. They are eager to sweep these old negative emotions under the rug so that they can step into their brighter role. And we understand this, and we are not telling people not to step into their role. But we are simply reminding them of the need to be patient with their inner work.

This is extremely important that they remove themselves from any lower vibrational energies, emotions, and experiences so that they can more fully and consistently vibrate in alignment with universal love because they need to uplift humanity into this vibration. They are the hot air balloon, if you will, that upholds the rest of humanity. And if they themselves are not clean, and honed and ready, they cannot fully carry out their work or doing so would be very difficult.



Be Patient with Yourselves & Each Other

We are going to remind everyone to be patient with themselves, to be patient with the process that they need to undergo at a personal and spiritual level. And at the same time to be patient with their fellow humans who are also undergoing their own emotional purging, who are also in the process of awakening or have not awakened yet.

We must remind everyone that we need to respect everyone else’s journey and process. We need to exercise compassion, as opposed to impatience.

We all need to be kinder with ourselves and kinder with each other. It is through compassion that there will be growth, unity, and positive momentum. The impatience only serves to hold you down and back. It slows the progress, you see. We would like the two of you to speak more about being patient with yourself, to accept and acknowledge everything that you are feeling and experiencing for all these emotions come as teachers. These teachers cannot be ignored, they must be heard. And once the lesson has been accepted and integrated, then you are ready to move on to the next.



And as for the lack that we mentioned, this lack is somewhat related to the impatience. But people are focusing on what they do not have – not only with the material and with the tangible – but a lack of intuition, a lack of patience, a lack of support from those around them, a lack of compassion, either compassion that they feel they are receiving from others or, as we have implied before, a lack of compassion towards themselves and their own process.


You Are Being Reborn

For you are all, in your own ways, you are being reborn. You are letting go of the old: the old you, the old patterns, the old energies, even the old energies that belonged to humanity and to your mother Earth, Gaia. You are shedding these. This is an old skin they are literally crawling out of, and you are re-emerging into a brave new world and into a brave new version of yourselves.


All this takes patience and compassion. There is no lack. There is just a letting go of the old that did not serve you. The new world and the new you will not have any lack, quite to the opposite. It will be abundant and fulfilling. And so everyone’s perspective must change.

I understand that we have shared much but this is very important for humanity to understand. This is part of the healing process. It is an important and pivotal part of the transformation.

We thank you ladies for your time, for giving us a voice and for helping us impact humanity. And blessings to all.

~ Ashtar & Members of the Galactic Federation of Light

Note: During this channeling we asked Ashtar to provide us with a method to help people shed old emotions and shift their perspective. He offered this simple yet powerful visualization exercise. We hope you enjoy it.

Guided Meditation
Shifting into a Higher Perspective

& Releasing Emotion



This guided meditation takes you on a journey to a better version of yourself. Through focused attention on specific intentions, learn to release old, negative emotions to shift to a higher and more positive perspective.

Join us via Zoom for our first ever live channeled broadcast from the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL). Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the GFOL.

When: Sunday, March 14th, 2021
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Blue Avian Message: The Key to Ascension is Inward Focus

Blue Avian Message: The Key to Ascension is Inward Focus

Blue Avian Message: The Key to Ascension is Inward Focus

by The Blue Avians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 


Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: We wonder if you wouldn’t mind talking to whatever it is that you feel that our audience would benefit from today for the newsletter?

Blue Avians [channeled through Kate Woodley]: Thank you. Yes, we have a message, thank you. This is still Eir Ar and Aira (Blue Avians) and Avalon and we are joined by a few key delegates from the Galactic Federation of Light. These are delegates who monitor and assess the frequency of the human collective and they have the ability to tune into any disturbances in this field.

What is of a huge disturbance at this time is that so many individuals are focusing on particular processes, on specific predictions that are very detailed and that are anchored in politics, and that are focused on high-ranking, high-powered individuals and the role that they have to play on Earth. It is very, very important that we take this opportunity to remind humanity not to hang their hopes, nor their personal Ascension journey, on specific occurrences and the unfolding of specific events that lies outside of themselves. They cannot control what happens to a specific individual whether they are of the light or not, when it will occur, or how things will unfold.


Focus Inwardly

What they need to do is to re-attune and focus on themselves. For it is the internal spiritual journey that will set you all free. Freedom must be found and unlocked at an individual level. It cannot be expected from situations that lie outside of any one individual. Once again, by focusing on these specific events, how and when they will unfold and specific outcomes, you are handing over your power. But you have all the power you need within you.

Do not focus on specific predictions. But focus on your own journey, which at this time for so many of you as you are in different stages of your own respective awakenings, for some of you the journey is about letting go of patterns, memories, and experiences that have kept your frequency and your emotions low and down. This is about breaking through and breaking free from what has for too long held you down.


Ascension Internal Journey

 What has held you down varies from one individual to the next. It is up to each of you to identify those chains and break free from them. As you awaken, you are also learning to access many innate abilities – abilities that all humans have but some of you, many of you, have very acute abilities that are in development or waiting to be discovered and developed. You must focus on your contribution to the world as opposed to the world’s contribution to you and your life. Do not allow your journey to be dictated by external circumstances and situations. And more importantly, if things don’t occur or unfold as you so desired, do not allow it to lower your vibration. For by doing so, you hand over your power to something or someone and to forces that do not serve you. You know those forces of which we speak of. They are those who are not of the light. They are those who wish to keep you down in a vibration of fear, helplessness, powerlessness, anger and frustration which so many of you have succumbed to.


There are Many Roads to Ascension

We understand that many of you had hoped for specific outcomes at this point in time. We will take this opportunity to remind you all of the importance of focusing inwardly at this time.

For the key to freedom is by learning to free yourselves before you can free others, and it is no one else who is going to come and free you until you learn to do this for yourself. You are all sovereign. You must rely less on the powers that be – that you have granted and attributed so much power to – and realize that you have all the power within yourselves.

So, you must let go of set expectations and detachments and trust that there are many, many different ways to ascension. It will be experienced differently from one person to the next. Do not worry about how humanity is getting to ascension. You will get there. It is already unfolding. It is written. But like many journeys, there are a number of different routes to which you can get there. And so perhaps route ‘A’ did not pan out as you had hoped. But there are a number of many other equally wonderful and hopeful routes that you must now shift your focus towards.


Rely on Yourself & Not on Predictions

And so again, this is about taking back your freedom, your power, doing your inner work, relying more on yourself and less on circumstances outside of yourselves. Focus less on specific predictions for they can be wrong and they change from day to day.

You must understand this. As many before us have said, this is a multi-dimensional chess game. And as such, it is very difficult for any one person or a number of higher-dimensional Beings to predict exactly how it will play out. What you must focus on is that we, the forces of the light, win the chess game. Do not focus on the next move or the next two moves. Focus where you stand at a spiritual level on the chessboard.

And do not allow yourselves to be distracted, and more importantly, for your vibration to be lowered. For there is much that you have to look forward to individually and collectively. You are on the path to ascension, you will not be derailed. We, your Beings who are of the light, who love you, who are guiding and assisting you in so many more ways than you understand, we will not let you down. We will not turn our backs. We are here to help you individually and collectively. But you must trust us. But you must trust yourselves first. And so this is about trusting that all is unfolding in accordance with the plan of the light.

Do not allow yourselves to be discouraged. For we are winning. We have won. How it will play out is still to be determined. But keep your eyes on the prize as you all like to say. We hope that this message brings you much reassurance, much hope, and much peace.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Beautiful words of encouragement and much, much needed during this time. Thank you very, very much.

Blue Avians [channeled through Kate Woodley]: We will simply in closing say that we understand there are many in the lightworker community who are disheartened and discouraged. This is a temporary feeling. We encourage you not to dwell there, to pick yourselves up, to remember that you are all ascending and this is a journey of ups and downs, temporary ebbs and flows. The outcome is grand – and we are here to remind you of that. Remain hopeful, keep the peace. Do not focus on what you feel is a downfall. For there are many, many bright turns just around the corner.  

So remain hopeful and focus on the big picture. Do not get lost in the weeds. We love you and we stand with you.


A Message from the Galactic Federation of Light: Stand Together in 2021

A Message from the Galactic Federation of Light: Stand Together in 2021

Stand Together in 2021

by The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 


Hello, this is Ashtar and I’m joined by a few key members of the Galactic Federation of Light.  And these members are what we refer to as ‘foreseers’, or ‘seers’, of the next realm of light that is coming across your Earth. They are members of a higher Council that we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light, frequently confer with particularly when we’re looking at likely timelines. We seek their counsel and their advice as to how to steer humanity, how to guide you all along these probable timelines in order to yield the most positive outcome for humanity. For this is always our primary focus, goal, and objective. For your well being is our mission. Your ascension is our grand mission. And we stand with you side by side.

As these timelines shift, change and evolve, you are all aware of the degree to which change takes hold on your planet. And we wish to take this opportunity to remind you that in many ways you are the champions of this change. You are the navigators of these timelines. For it is your very collective thoughts, beliefs, desires, and focus that take you along one timeline or another. This is why we take every opportunity to remind you of the powerful creator Beings that you are, and more importantly, of why it is so important for you to focus on the future that you wish and desire for yourself and for humanity.


More will Awaken to the Truth

Let us now shift to 2021. This year ahead will in some ways mirror 2020 in that there will be many changes. Much will be brought to the surface at an individual level as well as collectively at a societal level. Many are awakening and waking up to the truth and the hard reality that exists on the Earthly plane. And by hard reality, we are referring to the forces that shape humanity, that control humanity.

As you open your eyes, as more of your fellow humans begin to understand more fully and clearly the true forces at play and what is truly at hand, we see that the collective will begin to move forward in lockstep. As has been the case in 2020, that there will be some ongoing division among humanity, we see that slowly and gradually, humanity and opposing groups will slowly begin to unite. As you awaken, you understand that you are more powerful when you stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder than when you stand apart. For the dark forces wish to keep you separate, and they will do and create any situation they can to keep you divided. It is important that you stand together and that you stand up for the truth.

More truths will be revealed to you throughout 2021. These truths will serve to gradually and slowly awaken more of you. And it is important to those of you who are light warriors and light workers that you come together and that you help those who are awakening. For you must understand, they are awakening in a much harsher reality than you awoke to.


For the reality of 2021 in some ways will feel far more raw. The hard truth, as we’ve mentioned, will begin to surface. Humanity will unite and will become far, far more powerful of a voice than ever before. You must use your voice more than you ever have. This is the voice of calm and peace. But it is also the voice that demands truth and that will demand far greater justice for all. For there will be those who will seek to take away even more of your freedoms and more of your rights through the guise of this virus or an offshoot of this virus.


Hold the Light & the Peace

Many of you will be compelled and called to begin to reveal the truth to those around you who are still asleep. Our advice to you, our dear ones, is to do this while holding them in light and peace. And when you speak the truth, it is not ever to be done with any fear, but rather with calm reason. For you must understand that those who are awakened, while they may have escaped one fear, they are perhaps awakening to a new fear.

And so I ask you, my lightworker friends, my brothers and sisters of the light, to hold those who are awakening in a place of calm and peace. Help them understand the power they have within them and how this power can be united. For humanity is unstoppable and you will continue to be unstoppable as you begin to unite in 2021. There will be situations that will be presented to you that will cause you to stand up and unite more so than ever. You can unite behind a common purpose and cause, but this must all be done peacefully.


Lightworkers must stand UNITED

We will take this opportunity to remind you that as lightworkers you must stand together and united before you can be the teachers and the ralliers for the rest of humanity. It is important that you support your fellow lightworkers even if their opinions or ideas may be somewhat different than your own. 


You must remember the grand cause and mission at hand, and that is the ascension of humanity through the most light-filled timeline that you desire. How you get there is up to you, we will hold your hand, we will guide you, we will always shine the light and show you the way. But it is up to you to walk together and walk the path of the light. It is the only way for true unity is a unity of hearts at an energetic and spiritual level.


2021 is the Year of Lightworkers

For the first half of 2021 we do see that there will be more restrictions, but these will gradually lighten. But it is you, our lightworkers, who can accelerate this opening up, this justice, this freeing of humanity that is at hand. So 2021 is your year. It is the year of your voice, of your truth. It is time for you not only to stand in the light but to move forward in the light.

And as we’ve mentioned, you will be called to move forward in many different ways. And some of you may be called to move forward for a different cause. But it will all be for the benefit of humanity. The cause that you will stand behind will be that which resonates in your hearts. You must do and act as your heart compels you to do. Know and trust that you are being ushered into the movement and the cause that needs you, your energy, your knowledge, and your leadership at that time. And as you are all compelled to begin to more fully carry out your mission, your life purpose, the puzzle pieces that comprise Ascension will come together far more easily.

So this is the year of rising up. It is the year of opening your eyes, of demanding truth, of letting the truth be known. But prior to your ascension, the road will be wrought with the need for freedom and justice. These must be achieved before Ascension can occur. It is not the other way around. But you are the ones that will bring about this freedom and justice, and it is together where you will find the greatest strength and the greatest momentum forward.

Do not allow others to divide you my dear lightworkers for they are trying very, very hard. We have seen some cracks in the lightworker community. But these can be patched up and sealed if you all learn to see through any minor differences and stand and walk and speak in UNITY.

We will be coming to you again with more messages about 2021. As the year progresses, as events unfold, we will guide you.

Know that we always hold you in light. We watch over you with love, with pride, and know that you are all honored and cherished. We thank you all for your work.

 The Galactic Federation of Light

Ashtar on the December 21st Energies

Ashtar on the December 21st Energies

Ashtar on the December 21st Energies

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Hello and greetings! We are here. This is Ashtar. And I’m joined by a few key members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

It is always a pleasure and a delight to be in your presence and we know and understand exactly why you have come to us. There is much ado about nothing! And we chuckle as we say this for we closely tune in to your social media platforms, and we understand that there are many theories, beliefs and much conflicting information with regards to what will actually occur around this winter solstice on December 21.

New Energy will Bring more Peace

So, we are attuning to this situation. We will say, well, it will not be anything quite eventful as some have claimed, or some are expecting. We see that like all solstices, there will be new energies that will be ushered in. Any solstice, whether it is winter or summer, brings about an important transitionary time energetically for humanity — and for Gaia. But for the purpose of this particular message, we will focus on the December 21, 2020 solstice. And so, the Age of Aquarius is dawning and these energies are very much acting as the red carpet for the ushering in of this new age, of this new era, that will bring much harmony and much peace in the long term.

This will not mark any grand event. It will not mark the solar flare, no. We wish we could share this news for we understand that many, if not most of you who will listen to and read this message are quite anxious and excited for the flare. But it is not time yet. We do not feel that the tipping point has been reached at the human collective yet. However, the energies that will be coming in and around December 21 are important. They are potent, and they will be intense. However, this does not mean that they will be intensely felt by humanity.

Solstice Energy will Impact Everybody Differently

The visual that we are showing Kate (who was channeling) is that for those who are still sleeping, who are not yet fully aware, it will create a little bit of a percolation, a minor shake up, that will help boost their personal vibration to a point where they will be more receptive to information and spiritual openness. It does not mean that this will trigger their awakening. It means that it will bump them up a notch towards an eventual awakening.

But everyone’s awakening must happen in divine timing with their spiritual path. It must align with what is in alignment with their greatest good.

For those of you who are awake and aware, this incoming energy will not change anything much within you for you are already awake and aware. But what we see is that it will create a different kind of shake up: what we will refer to as an attunement whereby any residual or pent-up energies and emotions that no longer serve you will be more easily cleared out and released.

So, this process, this minor internal journey, this spiritual release may be felt and experienced differently for some of you in comparison to others. For some, it may be a noticeable release, you may begin to think of experiences or situations that once shook you that are mysteriously reappearing in your field of consciousness. And the only reason why they are reappearing is so that they can be acknowledged, dealt with and released. For others, this release may be more seamless and it may feel like your load is being lightened. So for some of you there may be slightly more intense emotions, waves of release, and for others it will be a quicker release and lightening.



But we do not see that this is anything that will garner as much (or that should garner) as much attention as it has, for these energies are constantly coming in. But there has been much ado about December 21 because we understand it is aligned with the solstice. It does mark, from a planetary and astrological perspective, a lining up of planets that mark this new beginning. But this new beginning will not necessarily be visible or immediately tangible in your individual lives or at a societal level. It is simply an important milestone and marker of this new era, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, as many of you have mentioned and as have some songs been focused on.

Focus on the Brighter Future that You Desire

This will be a minor shift. But all these minor shifts are important stepping stones. Some are large, some are small, but they are all taking you in the right direction. So we would tell you not to focus unilaterally on December 21. But focus rather on the future at hand: the future that you wish to create for yourselves at an individual level as well as that at a collective level. This is about the future. It is about tying up loose ends, closing out and closing off what no longer serves you and making way for new growth, new energies, and anything that is new and improved.

For this is truly what this energy is about. It is getting rid of the old in order to usher in new energies, new growth. But it will be experienced slightly differently depending on where you’re at in your personal spiritual development.

And so on this note, we wish you all peace as these energies slowly begin to attune you in the way that you need attunement. Know that you can call upon us and your Beings for support, help, and guidance throughout this internal journey that you will all experience.

We do look forward to connecting with you all in the future with far grander and more important information about the year ahead: 2021! And we will tell you to stay tuned for this next message.

And in the meantime, we wish you all much light and much peace.


Ashtar’s Important Advice to Lightworkers

Ashtar’s Important Advice to Lightworkers

Ashtar’s Important Advice to Lightworkers

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, frequently tune in to your social media platforms. And we are in many ways delighted by the increased light, by the awareness, by the willingness of many of you lightworkers and starseeds alike to share information and insight, to collaborate, to come together and support each other.

We are also, however, quite concerned for lack of a better word around the amount of misinformation that is being circulated. And some of this information is unintentional, it is innocent, it is information that is brought forth by individuals who are unfortunately very attached to certain outcomes and whose expectations are filtered and create bias within the messages they put forth. This is unintentional.

Avoid Specific Attachments

But we wish to say to all individuals to avoid becoming attached to any set predictions, to any set outcomes, whether it is the timing of a specific event, whether it is the outcome of a particular political landscape or election, whether it is how chaotic the world may or may not become. There are many predictions out there that we feel are spoiling the waters of clarity.

Our advice to all of you, for we know that with so much confusion it is very difficult to discern at times, but we would advise all of you, those who are sharing these messages as well as those who are reading them, to only attune to that which resonates with you in your heart. If any message creates fear or concern, it does not serve you and it will likely not serve humanity. Do not give it any more effort or energy for it is not feeding your soul. And if there is a message that fills you with hope, inspiration and joy, then that is the message that you were meant to hear.

Perpetuate Hope & Calm

As lightworkers it is important to remember that we all have a responsibility for perpetuating calm and hope through the information that we share. And we understand that there are a lot of truths out there that are difficult for all of us to hear. And that many on Earth are here as truth seekers, whistleblowers, and they are doing their job very well.

For those of you who resonate as lightworkers and starseeds, it is important that you hold the light, that you remain the voice of calm, that you infiltrate hope, love and peace where it is needed. And while many of you do not intend to do the opposite, you must truly filter your messages and ask yourselves if there is any even minor or mildly fear-based information that could create alert or panic. Then you must decide if it is worth sharing this message or not. It is very important how you share your message. And ask yourself if this message will serve the all or not?


Social Media

Focus on the Beautiful Future that Lies Ahead

There is a confusion, a blanket of chaos and uncertainty that has blanketed humanity. And we are all working hard to lift this, to help many humans discern. And we need your help. We need you to be the voice of calm and of reason. We understand there is much difficulty in the world, and the outcome is absolutely positive and beautiful for humanity, regardless of how and when it will come. You must hold the vision of the end result, the future and the life that you seek for yourselves and for humanity.

These messages of fear will not help anybody. Because remember, while many have the ability to read these messages and discern and maintain an optimistic outlook, there are many who have not yet learned the art of discernment, who are not yet masters of holding the light within themselves. And you must consider the impact of fearful messages on those who are desperately seeking inspiration and hope. So remember, my dear lightworkers, those who are part of our broader soul family, you are here to be the voice of hope, of light and of love. So this is about the art of discernment, and the need to hold the calm and to spread the light and only the light.

I hope this message meets you all with an open mind and I hope that you understand that the intention of this message is to remind you all of the importance of the role that you play here. That your voice is a beacon of light and hope and so you must do your best to keep it as such.

We thank you for considering our words. And we thank you for your work and your commitment.


Ashtar: Setting an Intention that Benefits You

Ashtar: Setting an Intention that Benefits You

Ashtar on Spiritual Gift Giving

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare Heywood [interviewer]: I wonder if you could speak to us about intention and the importance of becoming very crystal clear about your intentions.

Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light [channeled through Kate Woodley]: Yes, intentions are very closely tied to the ability to manifest. And so many individuals are quite adept at setting an intention. However, the way in which they formulate the intention is equally important. For when the intention is somewhat specific, then it serves its purpose. But if the intention is too specific, it at times can be counter-productive in that it can be limiting.

We will share an example. If one sets the intention that “they will become abundant through their work as a website developer in a particular country,” well while yes this has been specific, however, they have greatly narrowed the bandwidth of possibilities that comes their way. For perhaps great success, happiness and abundance could come their way through many things other than simple website development. And maybe these opportunities will come through many other countries other than one that they have called out.


Intentions should be Linked to a Positive Emotion

So we would advise all humans when setting the intention, that the intention be focused and based on a positive emotion. For instance, if one seeks more abundance, the intention or the affirmation could be “I intend to attract more abundance through all that brings me joy”. And it could be that simple.



As such, they are not limiting how this abundance comes their way, from who and where. It is simply that abundance is being welcomed, intended, and invited in through any way which is joyful.

And you’ll see that we have tied in an emotion to the intention. This is for those of you who are quite adept at the law of manifestation. It is very similar that the intention should have an underlying positive emotion that is associated with it. You can visualize, you can imagine, but it is far more powerful when it is associated with a positive feeling that truly resonates with your heart from a place of joy. Does this answer your question?

Kare Heywood [interviewer]: Yes, beautifully. Thank you so much. Is there anything you’d like to add around that subject?

Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light: No, we feel that this is something that many humans are still learning and practicing. But as humanity is raising their collective consciousness, they are actually naturally becoming more adept at setting intentions that serve their greatest good. This message is simply to help you all along with a simple reminder of the importance of positive emotions when setting your intentions – and not being too specific. For specific details can be limiting. Keep it broad but clear.


Ashtar on Spiritual Gift Giving

Ashtar on Spiritual Gift Giving

Ashtar on Spiritual Gift Giving

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Ashtar [channeled through Kate Woodley]: This is Ashtar. And I’m joined by a few members of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is a pleasure to be in your presence again.

We are always honored when you come to us. We would like to talk a little bit about the holidays and the shift that is happening. It is beginning now but is going to grow in time with regards to material gift giving to spiritual gift giving.

We have observed, as many humans have felt across your planet for at least a year now, that with such confusion, with such chaos and uncertainty, there is an increasing yearning and hunger for clarity. Clarity that comes through spiritual insight through information and messages and gifts (for this is the word of the night) that cannot be granted in anything that is tangible. A true gift is one that exists at an energetic level that serves to dwell in one’s heart for the purpose of awakening, of opening up to one’s innate calling or ability.

But spiritual giving is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We know that this is an expression that you are familiar with, but let us plant a visual for you.


Insight is a Spiritual Seed

When you give the gift of clarity and insight, this is a seedling that is planted within one’s essence, within one’s core. This seedling is fed and watered and it grows. It grows in many ways. Ways in which the individual needs the seedling to grow. Whether it is freedom, whether it is clarity, whether it is finding one’s true path, whether it is gaining insight that leads one to heal any ills within a relationship or negative cyclical thought patterns. It represents an opportunity for release and spiritual freedom.

In that freedom, there is growth, there is newness. And with that newness one creates and attracts more opportunities, situations, and people that align to their happiness and to their true calling in life.

So a spiritual gift, the gift of insight and clarity, which can be very different from one individual to the next, is truly what all of humanity needs. A blender, a dishwasher, or a new sweater, while they may create joy in the moment, it is very short lived. But insight, information, and enlightenment grows and expands endlessly — and it connects one to the boundless and infinite wisdom of the universe.

It creates a bridge from which so many more gifts can be found.



Material Needs will Melt Away

We would advise you, and all of humanity in fact, to focus on one’s spiritual needs. It is not a matter of looking around your house to see what is missing. It is a matter of looking inside yourselves to see what feelings and emotions are missing and what needs to be healed. For once you are full and fulfilled within yourself, the material needs will melt away. They will become less important and this truly reflects the shift which humanity is coming into: a move away from material belongings that fill an endless void, an insatiable appetite for more stuff that does not serve one’s true needs.

One’s appetite can only be truly satiated when it comes from within. And there is no tangible gift you can give one that will fully fulfill one’s spiritual, inner needs. So see the gift of insight as the seed that blossoms and grows and erases the need for anything that is purely material. This distinction is very important. And while most humans understand this on some level, the vast majority are not living by these words.

And this takes us back to the very core lesson that you are all aware of: money and material belongings do not buy or bring happiness. Happiness only comes from within.


Ask What your Soul Needs

So ask yourselves this holiday season what you need in your soul, in your life, that is not tangible, that may not be visible, that cannot be touched or smelled or felt, but that fills you in your heart.

And you’ll find that when you ask yourself this very simple but important question, the answer will come.

And when it comes you may not know exactly what to do with that answer, but give it time for as we’ve mentioned, it is a seed. Like all seeds, you must allow it to grow as it may. It must unfold organically. You must nurture that seed. You all have the seed, but you have not learned to tend to it.

So this holiday season is the time to tend to your inner needs.

We hope that this message does not in any way sound cliche, but we feel that given the turmoil that exists on a superficial level across your planet, this is a very important message that we truly hope will resonate with many.


Finding Unity Amid the US Election

Finding Unity Amid the US Election

Finding Unity Amid the US Elections

by The Council of the Guardians of the Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Council of the Guardians of the Light [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Hello, this is the Council of the Guardians of the Light. It has been some time.

There is a need for people to learn how to stay calm amid the chaos. We are seeing that there will be much frustration, irritability, and confusion in the United States as a result of this coming election. Whatever result may be yielded will not appease and please the entire population. So, regardless of the outcome, there will be a significant subset of the population that is quite dissatisfied. And we do see that this will create an energetic division, a deep divide in and of itself will begin to percolate and manifest in other areas of society if the steep divide is not healed and addressed fairly early on.

And the way we are showing this to Kate (channeler) is a deep abyss with energies and polarity on either side. And if this abyss, this crevice, is not healed and mended, we see that this divide will continue to widen, to deepen, and to darken energetically. We see that it will become the main focal point of the American psyche, and to some extent but a lesser extent, the global population.


Focus on Unity, on What Unites You

There will be much, much attention, energy and focus placed on to the division and the anger. And we are seeing much blame thrown from one side of this abyss to the other and vice versa.

So we would advise you to help people bridge the gap, to help them see beyond political opinions and alignments and to find unity in the fact that they are human. Regardless of what side of this divide they stand on, at a core level what they seek is the same.

Everyone seeks peace. Everyone wants unity. Everyone wants the well-being of their family, their neighbors and their community. This is the common thread that should be focused on rather than the division at a political level.



 Politics are Manufactured Divisions

You must remind people that politics is very superficial. It is a manufactured division that has been created by those who seek to continue to divide humanity. And so, it is important that people focus on their common desires and what unites them at a spiritual level, not what divides them at a political level. Very important.

And while we understand that many of your (Ascension Calling) newsletter subscribers are not only in the United States, this message does apply to all, for in every country there are divisions along political and or racial lines.

This message needs to be about unity and how one can overcome their anger, their difference of opinions, in order to once again bond and unite with a neighbor or with anyone else who may not hold their same superficial beliefs. It is about distinguishing and discerning between superficial beliefs and deep-seated, central spiritual needs and beliefs, which we feel for the majority of humanity is quite aligned and united. There are basic needs that every human strives for.

When in fact, all elections should stand to unite people to stand together for what is important, for humanity, not for one group or another based on the color of their skin, their political alignments, or whatever they need that week or month.


This is Part of the Grand Shake-up

Division is superficial. Alignment in unity is deep and long lasting.

This is in a nutshell the message that needs to be iterated. This selection while it is this divisive, it is also part of this grand shake-up that many of your Beings have spoken of. Being faced with discomfort forces any one individual to focus on why they feel uncomfortable with something, and what they need to focus on in order to once again find peace and inner calm. It forces one to think about their priorities and what is important to them.

So there is a grand percolation that is happening at an individual level, particularly for those who are not awake yet. This is part of the jolt that will trigger their awakening. For those who are already awake see this election for what it is. They see the truth behind the scenes.

For those who are still very bought-in to the superficiality of this election, this is the grand shake-up for them. So this controversial election, and the issues that stand to divide humanity, this is what people are being confronted with and faced with. And while it is uncomfortable, it is a blessing and it is necessary. This you can speak of as well.

The Council of the Guardians of the Light


The Benefits of Med Beds

The Benefits of Med Beds

The Benefits of Med Beds

by The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare [interviewer]: This gentleman that I came across is saying that he’s able to transform or remove or delete nano technology within people’s bodies. And I guess my question around that is this possible? And can Kate and I do this if it is possible? 

Galactic Federation of Light [channeled through Kate]: Yes, it is possible. What we are seeing or rather what we are showing Kate (channeler) is that this is all a question of vibration. This nanotechnology feeds upon, and is fueled or rather enabled by, lower vibrations within one’s body… within one’s being. When one focuses on raising their vibration, it is almost as if though this nanotechnology is deactivated or somewhat energetically dismantled. It is much like it is zapped for lack of a better word. And how this happens is a rather complex explanation that we do not feel that Kate (channeler) would understand for it is rooted in physics, and even in quantum science.

But we feel that in the future, for those who have had a rather difficult time raising their vibration, and deactivating any nano technology that may be within their physical body, we are seeing what you are calling med beds. We do not necessarily call them med beds, but we understand that this is familiar and it resonates with you, so we will refer to these med beds as light capsules. And this light carries with it a high vibration that removes any pathogens, toxins or any other minute or miniscule technology that may be present in the body. It is much like a laser treatment, but it is not purely laser. It is a newer, more highly evolved light-based technology that some of you on your planet have access to but has not been made broadly available as of yet.

So yes, it is possible. Until these light capsules or med beds are available, which will not be for a time, the only way that you can do away with it is by raising your vibration. And for those of you who are more apt in this skillset by setting the intention that you will not be subject to anything within your body, or outside, that does not serve your greatest and highest good.

But we understand that many of you have not yet mastered this practice. It is still out of reach of your understanding. And so if you are concerned about this, know that in the future, these pathogens will and can be eliminated.


Everyone is a sovereign to their own body

Kare [interviewer]: That’s a very helpful and comforting message. Thank you very much. So as you were speaking, I was thinking for my own practice in assisting other people in healing, often I’ll come across implants. And call upon different beings to help me remove them. Is this something that I could do with nanotechnology that I came across or come across?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, absolutely. There is no limit to human intention and focus. Any limitations have been taught to you, and they are not founded in truth. There is very little difference between the underlying technology and composition of an implant versus the nanotechnology. The only difference is with regards to the size, and as such, the ease with which you can perceive or notice that during your clearing work, you see. But you can absolutely remove this. But it is also imperative that the individual who comes to you must believe that it can be done. For this is a meeting of minds between your intentions and the client’s intentions.


Intention & Focus

 And while your intentions are very, very powerful, they are far more powerful when combined with your client’s. And it is important that these clients understand that this can be done. Everyone is a sovereign to their own body. You control your health and your well being far, far more than you are all aware of. This is part of how you have all been disenfranchised from your own power and abilities. We very much look forward to reminding you, and awakening all of you, to your inner beauty and your vast, vast range of abilities. It will be grand. It will be a thrill for so many of you to dabble and discover in that which you are capable of doing—and healing yourselves and others is a large part of this.


Med Beds work with One’s Intentions & Consciousness

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. Thank you so much. And is there anything else? Is there anything else that you would like to add before we sign off? 

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we would simply like to inform you that these med beds or these light capsules while they are highly technologically advanced, they work in tandem with one’s consciousness; with one’s intentions. It is not something that is done to an individual from the outside. For nothing can really be done to an individual without their authorization and their permission for you are all masters of your own domain.


Med Beds

 If one goes to the med bed with the intention of regenerating themselves, this intense light, this high-vibrational energy works in combination with your intentions to have the desired effect. It is simply ‘amping up’ your own intentions. And it is speeding up the end result, so to speak.

This is a highly and grossly oversimplified explanation, but we feel that it is one that will serve you all well so that you can understand how these med beds work. If you go in with the intention of removing pathogens, it will be done. If you go in with the intention of rejuvenating yourselves, then it will be done. It is light that accentuates your own light and your own desires. We hope this clarifies. 

Kare [interviewer]: That’s very, very exciting. Do you by chance have a sense of when these med beds may be more readily available to humanity? 

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we have many, many off planet. There are a few that are on planet that a small number of individuals have access to. Some of these individuals are not necessarily of the light, but they have benefited from these med beds.

But these med beds, or light capsules, have been made available to light warriors and light workers, those who are on the forefront of advancements in medical and health fields who have been learning about their functionality, who have been testing and experimenting their use and their benefits. And so, there are a limited number now. In the future, once your current institutions, particularly those in the areas of health that do not necessarily serve humans or always have their best interest at heart, once there is a more fulsome dismantling of that approach and that mentality, these med beds will be slowly and gradually introduced. We feel that in a few years, they will be more commonly known and understood. We feel that it will be a slow and gradual introduction. And once the knowledge becomes more mainstream and commonplace, then there will be many who will work to propagate these light capsules, or build and learn about them, so that they will in time have a global reach.


You Can Heal Yourself Through Your Intentions

Kare [interviewer]: Wonderful. I can’t wait, that sounds fantastic. And I’m wondering if in  meditation we could energetically engage with a med bed, and reap the benefits that way now?

Galactic Federation of Light: Ah, now, that is a good and interesting question. We are so delighted that you have asked that. There are some of you who in your dream time have had access, while minimally, and rather at a energetic or astral level, you have had access to these med beds rather for spiritual and energetic healing and soothing. A few individuals have had access to these at a physical level.

But let us say this, you each are a light capsule. You have the ability of these med beds if you tap into your own power and abilities. We understand that at this time, this seems like a long shot. It feels like what you would say is far fetched. But with your intentions and your focus, and by believing that you have unlimited healing powers, you can begin to focus on cellular rejuvenation, on healing on many levels. You can always call on your entourage for assistance. While we cannot necessarily guarantee that everyone who puts in the request to access a med bed at this time will have the opportunity to do so at this time. But we can see in the future, it will be more readily available.


Saint Germain: The New World is Arising

Saint Germain: The New World is Arising

The New World is Arising

by Saint Germain ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Saint Germain. 

Kate [interviewer]: And while we have you, St. Germain, do you have any other messages for humanity that we can share on your behalf?

St. Germain [channeled through Kare]: Humanity is going through a very challenging time where the old world is in the process of collapsing, of dissolving, and the new world is arising. And it is right, it is time for these old structures to give way to the new. And just as this one often says that when you’re cleaning out a closet, it gets terribly messy before it gets cleaned and organized. You have to drag everything out and look at it and make choices.

And this is what humanity is going through right now. They’re looking at their lives, so many aspects – how they make their livings, what they do, what they lend their energies to, what they are involved with – and they are beginning to make new choices. This Coronavirus has given people enough space to stop and to really begin looking at what is important to them, to their families and to humanity as a whole. And this will continue for the next year, possibly two. It’s very dependent upon your choices and that which you choose to focus upon.

Give Yourselves Space to Grieve

And this, my friends, is extremely important. That you look at what is leaving and release it. And understand that with every single change, there is a letting go, even if it’s a good letting go, in that it’s positive and healthy, you’re making the choice to do it. It’s still a letting go. It’s still a death, if you will. There’s going to be grief and grieving involved. So when these emotions come up, please simply be present with them. And let them wash through you. Do not become attached to the emotion. As an example, simply cry the tears and feel/sense/imagine all that energy just moving through you like a fresh summer breeze. You don’t need to hold on to it. And then once the emotion is passed, it’s important to shift your attention to that which you desire to create, even if you don’t know what that might look like. Focus upon how you want to feel. You all know how you want to feel.

You’re Releasing Imprisonment

You are in the process of releasing great, great contraction, great, great imprisonment. And once you get out of that jail, and you’re able to open your arms wide open, and breathe deeply, and trust that even though you don’t know what it’s going to look like or how this is going to happen, hold the faith that you will be guided, that you are not alone. We are with you and guiding you and that you will find the way.

Listen to Your Intuition

And it’s also important to listen to what arises within your mind’s eye, so to speak. So if you’re impulsed to buy a few extra groceries this week, do it. Don’t be cleaning out the whole store but buy a few extra that you’re being prompted, because these are uncertain times. And you need to be prepared for changes, shifts and in consistencies that will most probably manifest in your supply chains.

new world

And understand that if you’re prompted to do this from within, then that is right and correct. But do not do this from a place of fear. If you’re in fear, then it’s important to be present with it and process it. For if you do not release it properly, you will attract more to you.

Do Your Inner Work

So, it’s important to do the work, the inner work, and release the pains, release the sorrows, release the griefs, release the fears, so that you can be clear and moving forward into your futures with a focused attention upon your desired intention and feeling, so that that is what you are creating.

Kate [interviewer]: Thank you. I do have one last question for you. I know that we’re coming into a time of I guess, societal instability and great change. Do you have any insight as to how long the instability and change will last before we start to see positive changes at a societal level?

Even With All The Chaos, There’s Much Positive

St. Germain [channeled through Kare]: It really depends upon the individual. For even now, with all the chaos that you are facing, there is much positive that is already manifesting. So it depends upon your perspective and your point of view, and understand that this is not what you wanted to hear. This is not the real question. But we wanted to point this out to you, that it boils down to your choice, then your perspective always. Now from a wider, more expansive, broader look, we see that the instability shall ensue for another year, possibly two.

Live By & Teach the Higher Principles

And this movement, this change. Yes, indeed, it will be scary for most, but that is the role that the lightworkers have agreed to take up. To stand as pillars of light and to show the way. And to teach higher principles. And to guide people in their new creations, to the highest possible principle that they can stretch and expand out to, and reach to.

Keep your eye upon what you can do, what higher principles you can bring to humanity to assist them in this transition. To take on the perspective that you are here to help and to assist in this transition will make it much less scary for you. And that perspective will assist you in positioning yourself as an essential element.

And in doing so, that will keep you safe. And because you will be feeling very stable within yourself, because you will be connected to your own spirit, to your own heart, to your own knowing, and the expressing this, that will add to the stability of the nations, the communities and the families that you are involved with.

It Depends Upon You

So what we’re saying is that it depends upon you. Remember, you all as individuals have this connection to this greater power that is you. You’ve been training for this your entire lives, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

And you are bringing this energy to this planet, to humanity. And this is what you came here to do. This is what you came here to be.

Focus on Feeling Stable

And to focus upon this beautiful energy that runs through you, and the confidence that comes with it. That will stabilize not only you, but the people that surround you, and the people that surround them, and so on, and so on.

You Are What is Needed

So even though the light workers appear to be sparse and few in number, you are exactly the right number. And exactly what is needed. And to trust that as you connect to your own knowing you will be guided and prompted. And to trust your intuitive knowing, that right feeling. And when you feel it, follow it. For within that right feeling is the stability, is the new world that is unfolding.

You have done this many times before. Many of you are very practiced at bringing light to realms that need it. And this is just another experience. It’s time to remember to connect with the power and let it flow through you and bring forth the stability in the new world, in the way that it wants to manifest.

Kate [interviewer]:  Beautifully said and you made some very important point. Thank you very, very much for your wise words.

St. Germain [channeled through Kare]: Thank you for the opportunity to bring this message to all people. There is much to be hopeful for. And yes, it looks like it’s going to be possibly difficult time. But if you keep your eye on the prize, keep your heart connected to your own being and your own knowingness nothing can stop you.

As you connect more and more with stability, you will be able to very little practice simply in your outer life experience just take a deep breath. Remember what that feels like that connection, that stability and be right back there. We invite you to practice this. You are much more powerful than you know.

Blessings to you all.

Kate [interviewer]: Thank you. Thank you so much for that.


The Galactic Federation of Light: Our Future Economy-Part 1

The Galactic Federation of Light: Our Future Economy-Part 1

Our Future Economy - Part 1

by The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Galactic Federation of Light [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Hello. We are key members of the Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Ashtar. Ashtar is present, but he has called upon a handful of the, we will simply call ourselves, the ground crew coordination primes or masters if you will, for there are members of the Galactic Federation that have been tasked with specific mandates to carry out work on Earth, and to help lead humanity towards significant and positive changes.

We have been focusing on many of the economic changes. And of course, this also pertains and relates to the infrastructure that currently exists on your planet. For the economy, as you very well understand for you are so locked into it, is an intricate web that affects and influences every aspect of life for humanity. So there are many, many individuals that are part of this Federation off world, as well as on your world, incarnated as humans and/or in human form, who are the key conductors of this change. But with all change, there must be a grand doing away with that which must not continue, for it does not serve the all.

And so, the key focus, as you are witnessing now through the global changes, the key focus is on dismantling the economic infrastructure that has served to imprison humanity, for lack of a better word.

For we have heard many, and almost all of you say at one point or another in your lives, that you are slaves to money. Most, if not all, of you feel this way. Even those of you who have great wealth, feel imprisoned by it, whether you are fully and consciously aware of this or not. And so, there is great change and with that change, there will be a time of perceived instability, even insecurity, which we will say, has been peppered through your daily lives on and off for the last decade or more.

Economic Transformation will be Gradual

For all significant changes must occur over a very long timeframe. This is not something that can be done overnight, or within a year or two. These changes have begun. But they are being accelerated. And they have been fast paced, if you will, in alignment with the onset of COVID or rather with the onset of the major impacts and effects that COVID has had on humanity. These must go hand in hand. For it is a perfect window of opportunity while so many of you are taking a step back from your regular, busy lives and taking a step back and re-assessing your dependence on society; the over-reliance which has been unnecessary and disenfranchising to so many of you.

Long-standing Institutions are Crumbling

So there is much, we will call, underground work. A major sweep that is taking effect and the repercussions and impacts of this are starting to manifest in your reality. You are beginning to see before your very eyes, the crumbling. Major banks are tightening their belts, stores and retailers need to re-invent their approach. They now need to customize their goods and services for the benefit of humanity.

And many educational systems and political frameworks are being dismantled, but they are also starting to be rebuilt. But the rebuilding will take time, it will take years and years. It will be slow. And there will be some institutions, some aspects of your economic life that will see fast change, whereas for others, it will be slow and paced.

The Thrill of Great Change Lies Ahead

This, of course, is a reflection of the complexity of change that must occur within any one institution or area of your social life and infrastructure. So, we will advise all humans to simultaneously brace yourselves for this roller coaster ride, but with all rides, there will be a thrill, there is excitement, there is a new adventure at every turn.

This is nothing that you need to fear. But we will advise you to take it day by day. Do not allow yourselves to fall into place of fear or perceived insecurity. For when these grand changes are finally ushered in, and when they finally begin to take a stronghold on your daily lives, you will all breathe a sigh of relief. The ride will be over. But the laughter and the thrill will ensue.


And when you stop and look around at your world, your society, and you compare it to a few years back, these changes will be significant and massive. But more importantly, they will benefit all the people, for you currently live in a pyramid structure where everyone works. There is turmoil and labor for all so that only few at the very top can benefit. The few at the top, for the most part, have not re-distributed or shared this wealth. They have hoarded it for themselves. This is not the way of the future. This structure and this approach is not in alignment with the path and the future destiny of humanity.

A Time of Service to Others is Almost Upon You

You are heading towards a time of service to others, where you recognize fully and completely that you are not disconnected from each other. And that which benefits the one benefits that all, and what benefits that all benefits the one.

This applies equally to the economy, to wealth, and abundance. For the more you give, the more you get back. And the more you receive, the more you have to give. This is the energetic dynamic that will take hold in your future.

The Universe is Infinitely Abundant

But you have all been programmed and trained to believe that there is a lack, that there is not enough for all. This is deeply false for the universe is abundant, infinitely abundant, we shall say.

But this very important universal law and underlying principle has been withheld from humanity, as have many, many truths. The truth of abundance is slowly coming to manifest in your world. And when it does, you will all understand it and benefit from it fully, as will many, many other truths that have been revealed and that are going to be revealed to you in the future. The economic structure that has been destructive and pervasive in your world is still deeply misunderstood by so many humans.

Implementing GESARA

And so, GESARA and NESARA, as many of you have referred to it, is the doing away with the old and the introduction of the new. We do not wish to get into the micro-level details of how this will occur. You must trust that very detailed, solid and long-term plans are in place.

As we have mentioned, the plan has begun, changes are underway. What humanity must do is embrace these changes. Do not fear them for they will serve all of you in the end.

And there may be some growing pains, there may be times when you feel that you have a little bit less, but this will be very short lived. And we say this to nail not to instill fear, but so that you can prepare by storing a little bit of extra food and water. By perhaps withdrawing a little bit of cash from your bank accounts and having it with you, as an emergency fund, for there may come a time where there will be a fuller disturbance at a societal level. There may be short-term business shutdowns. There may be once again times where you will need to quarantine yourselves. And there will be times where you are feeling a little uncertain about stepping out in the world for the change will be visible.

But we will invite you, and remind you more importantly, to look upon this change as the change that has been written about for millennia. This is the change you have all asked for. You must remember this, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, these changes have been requested by you and by all of humanity for the current system does not work for you.

GESARA will Bring Positive Job Changes

A new system will be put in place. There may be some job changes. Jobs and roles may evolve. But we assure you that in the future, you will all have a greater choice and more flexibility to do what it is that your heart desires. You will be able to pursue work that fulfills and fuels you. It will no longer feel like an obligation or forced labor.

And with this passion, a compassionate new way of working and doing and serving others as well as yourselves, for it must be done in balance. You will notice that abundance will flow freely and easily for all sectors of humanity. Regardless of where you live.

We will say that some of this change will be more noticeable in some cities and in some countries. Some will adopt these changes more quickly. But it will have a global reach in time. Everyone will benefit but everyone must also brace themselves for this magnificent transformation that is coming. It will be coming, or rather it will be continuing, over the next year or two. Everything will look quite different. The way children are taught, the way you go about your daily lives, there will be more time to spend with your families.

And believe it or not, there will be less focus on money and more focus on doing what fills your heart every day. There will be more free time. Your load will be lightened drastically.

But until then, we say to you enjoy the ride and trust the outcome. Fear it not. For you are supported. You are not alone. There are many, many brilliant minds and bright hearts who are propelling this change in every nation, in every sector, as well as your friends off world who are overseeing this and are heavily involved and supporting and guiding those of you who are on the ground who are not only affecting this change, but who are also being affected by it.

Stay tuned for Part 2


Gaia: Healing from Incoming Energies

Gaia: Healing from Incoming Energies

Gaia: Healing from Incoming Energies

by Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Hello, this is Mother Earth Gaia in concert with the Crystal beings and the Sky Beings. This makes for quite an interesting collaboration in that there are many dimensions being represented here.

Kate [interviewer]: So welcome Gaia, the Crystal Beings and Sky Beings. It’s wonderful to have all of you with us today. And wow, I’m very excited about the information that’s going to come forth from all of you in tandem. I don’t know if you have an opening message or if you would just like to share anything that you feel that human needs to know at this time.


Incoming Energies Can Trigger Old Wounds

Gaia [channeled through Kare]: Yes, and this is why we are collaborating, so that we can bring to you the clearest message possible. There are many shifts and changes happening. So much energy is flowing forth into this realm from our galactic core. And this is exactly as it should be. We’re happy to be receiving this energy. Humanity is also benefiting greatly from these energetic streams if you will, for as they land upon our body, of Gaia, the vibrations are indeed being raised. And this can trigger many past energies that are still caught in your energy field.

When these triggers arise, it’s an opportunity to continue deepening your work, to release these triggers, to release this past pain and hurt. For it’s going to be become even more and more difficult to bring it forward, to take it forward, to carry it forward into the new worlds that are unfolding.

This energy is healing. It is not intended to hurt you or harm you or bring you down in any way. It is not intended to trigger you. However, if it does, then that indicates that healing is required. And that’s all it is. And many, many people will have the though, “Oh my goodness, I thought I dealt with this!” And yes, it’s true you did. However, these are new energies that you have not been subject to until this moment in time. And any of the residual that just happens to be out of alignment with this new energy is going to come into consciousness. So, it’s not that you haven’t done your work for you have. It’s rather a request that you continue to deepen and continue to expand.


Ask the Beings for Healing

And for those of you who do not have healing techniques available to you, what we would invite you to do is ask Beings of Light (for help), any with whom you resonate with, for example many Christian people will resonate with Jesus, Mother Mary. If you’re attuned to the angelics that may be Archangel Michael, Raphael, etc. etc. So, go to and draw upon the resources that you have available to you and ask those beings for their guidance and assistance in releasing these energies. And we remind you that you do need to ask, to ask for assistance, because Beings of Light abide by the rule of non interference. So, unless you ask, our hands are tied. Unless it is a life and death situation that is not in alignment with your soul path, and then yes, we will jump in and shift this.


How to Release Energies

Crystal Beings [channeled through Kare]: This is the crystal beings we would also like to speak to how to release energies, and to know when you have done so.

So, we’ll begin with the second question first, how to know when you have released these energies. When you think of the event that was upsetting you, there will be no emotional charge around it. You will be neutral or (the event will appear) distant. It will not affect you emotionally. That is how you know when something has shifted, when you shifted the trauma or the upset.

Now to shift the trauma or upset, that can be a little trickier in that every being is different in their makeup and what they resonate with. Some people use the imagination and are able to call upon higher beings or even healers to come and assist them in clearing this, this offending upset or trauma or energy field. And through their imagination they’re able to bring themselves to a neutral position.

Other people will be able to better do this through visualization, through possibly utilizing NLP techniques. You can imagine the issue or problem becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, more and more and more distant. And you can imagine changing the visual from full living color to black and white. You can imagine turning the volume down on the sound. Or even dimming the light, you can try any and all of these techniques. Some work better for others. Some work better in certain situation. You can try them all on.

And those are a couple of really simple, simple techniques that you can use to release these energies so that you can come into greater alignment with the essence of who you are, with your beingness, your soul, your higher self.

Kate [interviewer]: That was a beautiful explanation. Thank you very much.

Crystal Beings [channeled through Kare]: You’re very welcome.


It’s Going to Get Messy

Kate [interviewer]: Is there anything else that you want to share? Any closing messages for humanity?

Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Thank you. Yes. And this is Mother Earth Gaia in concert with the Sky Beings and the Crystal Beings but it is I who is stepping forth to answer this question.

Yes, we want to soothe your worries. Yes, you are going through great change and even greater change is to come. And anytime there is great change, or any change at all for that matter, it is challenging. And it always gets very messy before things begin to begin looking better, healthier, cleaner.

A perfect example being when you’re cleaning out a closet. First of all, you have to pull out all the stuff, cull through it, decide what you’re going to keep, what you’re going to give away, what you’re going to trash. And then it’s a matter of putting it back into the closet in an organized fashion. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes focused attention.


Do This to Stabilize Yourself

And this is what you are being all being called upon to do at this time…

  • To focus upon what it is you desire
  • To do your cleaning and clearing and
  • To look closely and use your discernment. To discern what is true, what feels right for you. And not depend upon others to make those decisions.

This time is all about coming back to you, coming back to your center, coming back to your power, coming back to your own knowing.

And this is what will assist you in bringing you back home to yourself…

  • By exercising your sovereignty,
  • By focusing,
  • By taking time out of your day,
  • By focusing upon the feelings you want to experience – the peace, the harmony, the beauty, the cooperation, the collaboration of peoples, and most importantly, the peace.

So, take time out of your day and focus upon these qualities.

And although many timelines are indeed shifting and morphing and we have a great battle between the light in the dark, however, the outcome is assured. And it’s really about everyone making the choice again, in this moment, and in the next.

But these energies that are coming through into this realm from the galactic core, are indeed asking much of us all. We all are here of our own choice. We are all here because we desire to experience this magnificent transition into a new realm. And we are all here because we all wanted a hand in creating it.


Embrace Your Sovereignty, Power & Light

So, I invite you to step forth. Embrace your sovereignty. Embrace your creative power. Stand in your Light. And create the beauty and the magnificence and the peace and the collaboration that you each are desiring in your own hearts.

Kate [interviewer]: Beautifully said. Thank you so very much for those inspiring words.

Gaia, Crystal Beings & Sky Beings [channeled through Kare]: Thank you for the opportunity to express my love to all. We thank you. All the beings here, for there are hundreds upon thousands that are just the waiting for you to ask for our assistance.

Blessings to you all.


Commander Ashtar: Incoming Energies are Preparing You for the Solar Flare

Commander Ashtar: Incoming Energies are Preparing You for the Solar Flare

Commander Ashtar: Incoming Energies are Preparing You for the Solar Flare

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: From what I understand the ascension is intimately tied to the solar flare. Can you speak to that a little bit how that how that works?

Commander Ashtar [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Yes, the energies that are currently inundating Gaia are all intensifying and preparing humanity, as well as many other collectives within and upon her, for the flare, for the ascension. The flare will be the ultimate culmination of the most intense and brightest energies that will literally melt away any darkness, any lower vibration energies.

This is why so many who are not awake will be confused. For all of a sudden that which they have resonated with will be gone. And there will be a great period of disorientation until they—and their vibration—can calibrate with the energy and the vibration that will be ushered in through the flare. So, the flare truly is not necessarily just a bright flash of light. It is a highly potent wave of energy—high vibrational energy—that without these prior and smaller waves of incoming energies, no human could withstand physically or spiritually.

Incoming Waves of Energy Serve a Purpose

And all of these incoming waves serve to tune up your body, your energetic body as well, so that they can withstand the energy of the flare. The flare will be like (we are showing Kate a visual) of a massive broomstick that will sweep away any remaining residual negativity. There is cleaning and clearing work underway as we speak. But this flare will be the last sweep, if you will. The energy that comes in from the flare will remain. Whereas many of the energies that have come to Gaia have come as waves that have caressed and embraced Gaia, and that have slowly moved away. Some have remained for they are serving to fine tune Earth’s resonance as well as the collective resonance of humanity… Slowly but surely much like tuning a piano. Some of the energy that comes in does its part and it washes away much negativity with it.

Some of these energies remain and some do not. The flare will remain. Does this answer your question?

Interviewer: It does. I am also wondering about the flare. Much of humanity, I understand, will not be able to withstand the energy of the flare and it will also be very destructive to planet. Is that what you are seeing? Or do you see something different from that?

People Have a Choice to Ascend or Not

Commander Ashtar: there is the possibility that some will not withstand the energy of the flare. However, we feel that many of those humans will have already, at some conscious level, chosen not to ascend. Those that cannot withstand, they will receive extra shielding for lack of a better word. Until such a time when the confusion lifts and they understand that which is happening.

They will even have a choice in those moments as to whether or not they wish to continue on this path to ascension, or whether they wish to leave their bodies and move into another plane of existence. The choice will always be there. Some have already chosen. Many are not even yet aware of that they have a choice to make. And those who are not aware and will not be aware of the choice until such a time that the flare comes, they will be given the choice in the moment: in the hours and days that follow as their confusion lifts.

And they will be given many opportunities to choose. We hope that as many of our human brothers and sisters will choose to join us, but we respect that the choice is theirs and that it must be what is part of their path and their journey.

This is not something that we can force. It is simply something that we can inform and prepare humanity for, and hope that as many as possible choose the light, choose future progress and evolution.

Impacts of The Solar Flare

As for destruction to Gaia… in the past, this was a very real and likely possibility. We do see that there will be surface damage in some parts. However, we are optimistic and opting towards the timeline that will yield a gentler result. You recall in the past, you have been informed by me and a number of your other Beings that there were a number of possibilities. One [possibility] in which the flare would deliver a harsh blow to Gaia, and another where it would be gentler, more easily absorbed. At this point, we feel that the gentler version is the most likely.

Focus on a Brighter Future

However, as you know, in this multi-dimensional chess game, things change frequently. Nonetheless, we are prepared for all possibilities and we have been prepared for all possibilities for a very, very long time. There is always the possibility that people will be onboarded or relocated to safer surface areas on Gaia during and following the flare as much as possible.

We feel that this will be easier for humanity if there’s no massive disruption and destruction.

For humanity will be so focused on the death and the destruction that they will lose sight of that which is truly important: that there’s a new future, a brighter, bolder future that is being birthed before their eyes, co-created by them and by us. For we are all connected, we must co create this together. So we do not have a definitive answer but at this point in time, we see it being a gentle caress as opposed to a harsh blow.

Interviewer: Thank you so much.

Blessings to all of you,
Commander Ashtar


Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies - Lion's Gate and more

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Kare [interviewer]: Could you please speak to the energies that are hitting the planet? Now with this Lion’s Gate opening up?

Ashtar [channeled through Kate]: Yes, I am helping Kate visualize this Lions Gate portal. She is seeing it is a portal. It is not a perfect circle. It is almost star-shaped with about five points that extend outwards towards Earth and it is connected to the galactic center. It’s not necessarily that this portal has opened, but it is rather that Earth is coming into alignment with this portal. And as such, it will become in more direct receipt of the energies that flow through this portal. This portal acts as an amplifier of energies that are being emitted from the galactic center, it is much like a shortcut – a wormhole – direct to Earth.

Portal Energy May Feel Intense

And as this energy communes and blends with the energy on Earth, at first, it is felt much like a jolt or a shock, where in some instances individuals seem to go into a state of heightened confusion. As Kate (channeler) would say, there is a berserk energy and erratic behavior that comes about them.

And then it slowly settles, the energy is accepted by the people. It is no longer a matter of resisting it, but it is blanketed through their field, and the long-term overwhelming feeling is one of deep soothing. We are seeing this energy as deeply cleansing. We are showing Kate (channeler) a visual of an individual’s trauma and negativity slowly being swept out and cleansed as this energy moves through them and through their field.

But like much new energy, there is a time of resistance. And that resistance triggers erratic, inexplicable behavior and triggers until it can be absorbed. Once it does its magic, it is highly potent and powerful. And ultimately, as these individuals clear their trauma, their vibration is raised, and their vibration becomes more aligned with the energy that continues to flow through this Lion’s Gate portal. As such, they become more receptive to the energy, and as they become more receptive to the incoming positive energy, there is a positive feedback cycle that is instigated whereby one’s vibration continues to heighten and raise. So this is, as you would say, a speeding up, an amping up of one’s vibration all in preparation for ascension.

Adapting for the Lion’s Gate Portal Energy

Kare [interviewer]: Is there anything that people can do to make this transition easier on themselves?

Ashtar: Yes, you are going to chuckle but we will once again say meditation. But let us take this time to specify how and when. The initial period of resistance that many individuals feel when the Lion’s Gate energy flows through, this resistance can be lessened through meditation. That is the time when one must meditate and allow the energy to flow through them. They must at that moment in time become aware of the triggers that are surfacing and the traumas that need to be released. And as a result of focusing on this, they are allowing this energy to do its work more quickly and more easily.

So, instead of perhaps hours, days, or weeks of resistance, this will be greatly shortened and lessened. And the energy will let us see work its magic far, far more easily. There must be conscious allowing, as opposed to conscious resistance. This is the key that we wish for them to remember.

Kare [interviewer]: As you were speaking, I was saw an image or a vision of sitting in meditation and imagining that my field is completely open and all this energy is pouring in and it’s moving right through my field just like a fresh breeze.

Ashtar: Yes. And for someone who is open and aware as yourself, that would be very effective. For someone who is perhaps more resistant, what we would advise is to imagine a beautiful layer of water above your crown chakra. And as this energy flows through, it first hits the water where it is buffered and softened before the energy then transmutes through the water and into one’s field. So imagine either a beautiful pool or clear water over your crown chakra, or an energetic force field that helps to absorb, buffer, and lessen the energy as it comes through so that it can be more slowly but fully absorbed by lessening the resistance.

More Incoming Energies Will Help Humanity

And we also wish to inform humanity of this: there will be many different kinds of energies, they will become more frequent, they will become more potent, and they will be more strongly felt.

Those who resist will have more adverse reactions and as such, we are informing you of this so that we can prepare you and help you prepare for these energies. We wish for all of humanity to absorb these energies to allow themselves to be helped and soothed, cleansed and cleared by these energies.

This is ultimately their purpose. They are here to assist. But so many resist for this is a change on so many levels that many do not understand. This meditation that we have just informed you of will help lessen the resistance for the Lion’s Gate energy but as well as for future energies. For the less resistant you become, and the more accepting you become, the smoother, the future blasts of energy will become for all of you.

Kare [interviewer]: Yes, I have found that in the healing work that I do, that as I and my client, work together to release trauma from their fields, that the next time they’re met with what used to trigger them, that energy just moves right through them. There’s nothing for it to stick to.

Ashtar: That is correct. It is so important that individuals allow this energy to move through them and in doing so, they must recognize the triggers, they must recognize all the emotions that they are feeling and honor them, whether they are negative or not. The negative ones must be recognized, so that they can be healed and cleared.

Impacts of Healing Energies

So, some may be feeling fear in a future energy blast, or they may be feeling confusion and this does not mean that they are necessarily reacting negatively to the incoming energy. Quite to the contrary, it means that this energy is having the desired effect for it’s allowing the negative emotions to surface and in turn be released.

If you are adversely reacting to these energies, it is because they are having the desired effect at first. However, if you are unable to move through that negativity, then you must meditate and more consciously allow yourself to release the trauma, release the negative emotions. And ultimately you should feel soothed after every energy blast. It should become easier and easier, but it does not mean that there will never be a negative emotion experienced. Understand that they are being released in layers. Like all things, it is a phased and gradual approach.

Kare [interviewer]: And from what I’ve observed, these energy blasts that the Earth receives are usually in conjunction with astrological alignments. Is that how you see it or is it different from that?

Ashtar: It is absolutely correct. We are focusing more specifically on the position of Earth vis a vis the galactic core or center. Nonetheless, as the Earth moves into greater alignment with the galactic core, of course, there is planetary movement and there are different alignments that are also exerting their energetic influence. And so, one who looks at this through the astrological phase is looking at it more holistically. We are simply looking at the incoming energy that is directly impacting Earth. But yes, of course it is all related to astrology and astronomy.  

The Collective is Brightening

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. Thank you for that clarification and guidance. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Ashtar: We would simply like to say that with each, let us say phase, or blast of incoming energy, we’re seeing smaller and smaller pockets of humanity resist them with the same fervor that they have in the past. What this serves to indicate is that all in all, humanity is healing.

That despite the fear and the confusion that many are experiencing as a result of COVID or the economy, the vibration of humanity is rising and it will continue to do so. There is less resistance, there are fewer adverse reactions to the incoming energy. And that is because humanity is becoming more positively aligned. They are releasing their traumas and they are healing in so many different ways. 

We are so proud of all of you. We being not only members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but all your benevolent extraterrestrial star brothers and sisters who have been watching and supporting you. We are seeing an immense difference collectively, and it is beautiful. Do not for a moment be led astray by what you are seeing and hearing in your mainstream news. It’s a facade and it is not at all indicative of the true positive trend and movement that is taking place across the globe everywhere, and we’d like to stress ‘everywhere’, no matter where the virus may seem to be wreaking havoc. There IS a positive momentum. And this undercurrent is extremely powerful and it is being noticed by all of your galactic friends. So know that you are on the right path.

There is much more light that is being emitted from Gaia and from humanity than yesterday, and compared to last week, and from last year. It is a constant and continuous brightening. We wish that you could see it from our standpoint.

Kare [interviewer]:  Thank you. Thank you so much for your love for your appreciation and for your guidance and suggestions and clarification of ideas and concepts that we’re desiring to understand more fully. I greatly appreciate it.

Ashtar: You are most welcome and we’re always happy to pass along our encouragement and the truth, more importantly.

Blessings to all of you,
Commander Ashtar


Finding Unity Amid the US Election

Commander Ashtar’s Perspective on the US Election & Trump

Commander Ashtar's Perspective on the US Election & Trump

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.


Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: I’m curious if you have a perspective about the US election and whether Trump will be re-elected? If you want him to be re-elected?

Commander Ashtar [channeled by Kate Woodley]: It would be our own preference that he would be okay. But we are seeing much turmoil.

We see that while from the benevolent ETs’ standpoint, and for those who are awakened and aware, having Trump in place would be beneficial, for he is behind the scenes doing his part to end the rampant corruption that exists on your planet. However, we also see that his re-election will also have a negative effect on the collective for he is hated. He has become a scapegoat, an easy scapegoat.

So we like to see the silver lining in all possibilities and as such, we plan accordingly. If he is re-elected, then we have a politician in place that we can work with. But if he is not elected, we do see the people being calmer, however, we are back at square one with regards to having the wrong people in high places.


Dark Forces are Being Taken Out

Nonetheless, by the time the election comes around, much of the backbone of this dark structure will have been disintegrated. And so, if they do reclaim their power in the US, it will be a very weak facade. They will no longer have the infrastructure, the contacts and the connections to do their ill work, shall we say. At this point we see that anyone who is elected is a weak puppet for the grand forces behind them are no longer in place. There is an underlying movement that is far stronger than the superficial politics at this time. Many of the dark ones, the Cabal players, are in the process of being taken out. And even if Trump were to lose, it does not mean that there will be a resurgence in the Cabal. It just means that they have won one card game. But it is one small card game in the grand scheme of all things that are happening, much of which, as you well know, has not made the mainstream news.


Confusion Around Trump

Interviewer: Can you shed some light on the Trump situation? I think so many people are very confused. We know that from what you’ve said, and others off planet, that you would like him to be in power and you think he has some good points. However, he’s a very strange person and maybe you can understand in part why he is so hated on this planet.

Commander Ashtar: He has been divisive as a leader, but in many cases the division was necessary for this division represented a crack in the old structure that needed to fall down. He is, by nature, a stubborn and argumentative person, which in one way made him the ideal candidate to stand up to the dark ones. However, because of his strength in the face of the dark ones, this has also been his demise in the face of the masses.


Positive Momentum in Politics

He is a great fighter. He has created and started the momentum that needed to be started in US and global politics. And at this point, the masses do not yet understand that there is, in most but not all cases, a method to his madness. We do not stand behind all of his actions, but at an essential and core level, he stands far, far apart from those dark ones. And he has successfully helped to pull the rug out from under them.

So we will just leave you with these reassuring words. Whether he wins the election or not, nothing will stop ascension. And if he wins the election, there will be turmoil. If he loses, there will be turmoil. Either way, there will be pros and cons. We are simply learning to leverage the positive to benefit humanity, and to benefit the ascension cause.

We are preparing for many different possibilities for we are still playing with a number of different timelines.


Gaia’s Call to Lightworkers: Raise your Vibration

Gaia’s Call to Lightworkers: Raise your Vibration

Gaia's Call to Lightworkers

by Gaia ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Mother Earth Gaia: Hello Kate, this is Mother Earth Gaia.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Gaia, thank you for coming through.

Mother Earth Gaia: It is my pleasure. In this moment in time, it’s not so much a healing that is required, but rather a coming together of like-minded beings who resonate in the way that you and this one (the channeler) do.

And I say this because we are coming into a sector of space that is going to evoke a lot of tumultuous energies within all beings, all humans most especially. And these tumultuous energies are energies that have been repressed or suppressed, and have not been cleansed. So they’re being brought fourth into consciousness so that they can be released and cleansed. They feel to me like small irritants that I would like to brush away. However, I do not wish to physically brush these people away.

My preference, of course, is that all the humans do the work that is required. And at the essential level, it’s about bringing one’s vibration back to a love-filled state. With the turmoil that is going on within the world, there is less and less love and this is what is required.

Lightworkers need to Raise the Collective Vibration

What is being asked of you and your like-minded friends is take time to focus upon good feeling states so to bring the vibrational experience and have the entire planet back into a more love-filled state. Right now it’s offside and expressing at a lower frequency. I asked the lightworkers to focus upon anything that brings them into a higher state of consciousness, whether it be love, appreciation, gratitude, happiness, nature, whatever it is that evokes a more open and expansive state.

And we would invite you to post this upon your social media networks to get this request out, this message out.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Do you think that the best approach would be to share this message and ask lightworkers to meditate on love and on holding light and space for everyone else on the planet? Or do you think it would be best as a pre-recorded meditation that we share?

Mother Earth Gaia: I and we, being all the beings that you and this one (channeler) channel for, we are all here together. Although it is I, Mother Earth Gaia, who is speaking for all of us, we feel that it is best that this particular message be posted. And yes, meditation is a wonderful idea to invite all beings to meditate. But even more than that, it’s about shifting your state, choosing your state, choosing to be in a love-filled harmonious state throughout your day.

Tune out of turmoil, and tune into love

When you find yourself getting swept up into a conflict or turmoil or watching something or listening to someone that is evoking an upset feeling, think to yourself, choose that moment to shift, choose to remember a time in your life and let that be like a touchstone, a positive resource. Focus upon that memory, that goodness, and actually consciously shift your state—and practice this. This will become more and more essential and to begin to do it now will have massive payoffs, even two, three weeks from now.

So to answer your question, yes, meditate and choose a different state. When you notice, just like in meditation, when you notice that you’re not attending to your breath anymore, bring yourself back to your breath. It’s exactly the same practice. Although a little bit more challenging, we understand. But bring yourself back to a happier state.

How to Raise your Vibration

And if it’s a matter of just thinking of your dog, your cat, or your baby, something that brings a smile to your face, that’s all that’s needed. That’s all that’s needed to raise your vibration. Does this make sense?

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Yes, it does. And thank you very much for that insight and guidance.

Mother Earth Gaia: And thank you too for your attention. And the Federation of Light would like to express their thanks to all the lightworkers who are on the ground who are assisting and participating. A special shout out to them and all their work. Thank you.

Interviewer [Kate Woodley]: Thank you, I know that those words will be greatly appreciated by so many lightworkers. Thank you and blessings.


Blue Avian Messages: Solar Flare, Ascension & Timelines

Blue Avian Messages: Solar Flare, Ascension & Timelines

Blue Avian Messages: Solar Flare, Ascension & Timelines

by Eir Air, Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, this is Eir Ar. I’m a Blue Avian.

And I’m delighted to once again come to you through Kate. Hello. We understand you have quite a few questions. But we would first like to open up with a message. And this certainly plays in to your earlier conversation with regards to patience and what you are seeing versus what is truly occurring and happening on your planet.

From our standpoint, Mother Earth Gaia, is far far brighter. It is not to say that there are no more dark stains, patches of confusion, and an underlying sentiment of fear. But we must say that much of this fear, much of this confusion, has begun to clear. It has lifted. However, this is not being made clear through your mainstream news.

Steer Clear of Mainstream News

We have often spoken to humanity about the importance of steering clear of your mainstream news. For, as many of you are already aware, your mainstream news is owned by those who are NOT of the light, and they wish to keep humanity in a state of fear and confusion. And they will do this at any opportunity they have regardless of whether it is through politics, through war, through the pandemic. Their list is long.

Many are Awakening

From our standpoint, we are seeing the true picture. We are tuning into the truth, and the truth is that many humans are awakening quite beautifully. Remember that because you are all so intricately connected, when one human awakens, it is much like there’s a spark of light that has been ignited. And that spark of light spreads, it is a contagion that begins, you see. Ascension and the awakening of the collective begins at an individual level and it quickly spreads to a small group, then to a larger group, until it brightens and illuminates the collective. And this holistic illumination is what we the Beings are seeing from our standpoint.

There is tremendous progress, great hope, and incredible momentum. Do not be led astray by what you are hearing, or more importantly, by what you are not hearing in your news. It is very important that you do not judge 5D matters based on 3D information. There’s a deep incongruency in this level of information, processing, and filtration. So, please remember that you were all moving in the right direction.

Disclosure will Unfold at the Right Pace for Humanity

We understand that as humans, you have grown up with very shocking news, movies, and media and as such, you expect the ascension process to be peppered with shocking revelations, with instant disclosure. This is not necessarily how it will unfold, but you must trust that what is happening is for the greatest good of all. It may not be what you want to see or hope for, or have come to expect at the individual level, but at the collective level, this is the pace that the masses can absorb and understand. And you must trust and respect that for everyone to awaken, some of this information must be fed to them gradually and slowly.

Kate, who I am channeling now, mentioned this earlier. Her awakening process was a series of spoon fed, or spoon feeding, of information so that she could slowly process and understand. Once you are awakened, you are ready for more info. The appetite has been triggered. The appetite for a more expansive consciousness never ceases but you must respect that for those who are asleep, this speed this rate is not sustainable. So understand that for the betterment of all, for the greatest interest of humanity, at times this must unfold slowly and not as one would expect or hope. But nonetheless, the unexpected can help have a very positive outcome.

Ascension Can Evolve in Different Ways

If you can imagine the ascension process as a canvas many, many years ago, decades ago, this was a blank canvas. There are many ways in which the canvas can be painted. There are many ways in which Ascension can unfold. How quickly it is painted, or what color is placed on the canvas first matters not for the end result is the same. Do not force your hand upon this canvas. But nonetheless, you must do your part.

Support those who are not yet Awake

And you ask what can you do? Do what you have continued to do. Hold the space, hold the light, support those who are awakening and be compassionate for those who are not yet awakened. Do not judge, for once you are awakened, you must stand united regardless of whether your fellow humans are awakened yet or not. For you are a human collective before you are a collective of ascended or pre-ascending humans, or unawakened.

This is just another way to create division. Do not fall into this trap. The best way that you can unite is by holding each other in love, support, and suspend all judgment.

Trust that you were on the right and righteous path. And it matters not exactly how and when you get there, but you must trust that you are well on your way; that this will not stop. The rug will not be pulled out from under you whether this happens next week, or next year, or beyond.

Ascension is Coming

Timelines, in the grand scheme of things, are fleeting, they change. What you must continue to hold and envision is this beautiful post-ascension world that you are about to taste and experience.

You have heard much of what ascension and ascended life will look like. We are at the moment showing Kate a beautiful visual of many beloved, benevolent ETs—your brothers and sisters from beyond and from the stars and from within your beautiful Earth—reaching out to humanity in love and light, ready to teach, ready to assist, ready to guide, ready to lead and ready to be led for you will not only be students, but in some ways you will be teachers.

There is much, much beauty that awaits you, but we understand that this confusion that you are currently experiencing on your globe is difficult. Remember it is temporary, it is fleeting.

Envision the Future, but Focus on the NOW

You must continue to hold the vision for the future and draw upon the beauty, the calmness, and the love that you see and experience around you now. So, you can focus on the vision that you want but you must remember to live in the NOW. Despite what your media is feeding you, there is far more love on your planet, between humans, than what you are being led to believe.

Believe what you are experiencing in your heart. And if you are having a difficult time drawing upon this love and this light, then focus on a time when you did feel it, and you will help perpetuate and recreate this in your life experience.

We are now open to your questions our dear friends.

The Coming Solar Flare

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you so much for your beautiful words and beautiful wisdom. I wonder if you could speak to us about where it looks like the solar flare may be in this moment? I know it’s constantly changing, and I don’t know if you want to address this or not.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, we are showing Kate (channeler) a visual of this flare originating from energies that are sourced from your galactic center. This will be where it all begins. And it will be triggered when Earth is in the right position. It is moving through a photon high area of the galaxy now. And when the time is right, when Earth is in the right position, as well as the sun for the sun will be the key domino to fall in the solar system that you all reside in. When the moment is right, this flare will be triggered. This energy will be emitted like a very strong pulse, an intense wave of energy and bright light that originates from your galactic core, or your galactic sun as some of you describe. This will hit and trigger the sun into its flare.

Solar Flare Timelines & Possibilities

At this time, you must all understand that you are still existing and experiencing a few timelines. And so, until these timelines converge, there are a number of possibilities.

  • The two possibilities that we will point out is that in one scenario, the flare will be quite intense. And the matter of intensity is directly related to the consciousness of humanity at the time of the flare. Those who are awake will be more attuned in their vibration to receive this energy, and as such, it will be a more blissful, calm experience. Whereas those whose vibration is not yet where it should be, will be jolted and shocked by this energy. This will lead to a time of confusion bewilderment for some.
  • The second possibility is that the flare will be more subtle, and that it will be a softer, more subtle experience, but that will nonetheless trigger an awakening. Now the ascension process will be triggered by this flare.

What to Expect from the Solar Flare

Many of you are in the process of ascending. But for many of you who are awake, this flare will jolt you up to the next level. It will be much like an instant Ascension.

For those who are still asleep, should they choose the brighter side of the polarized world, that is, should they choose to ascend in the moment, there will be a time of confusion. Their process will be slower. There will be an awakening process at which time they will begin to ascend. And so it will not be instant for all.

How quickly it is triggered truly depends on one’s vibration. For the vibration must match that of the incoming energy for the flare has its own vibration. It is extremely high, bright, and love based.

So again, you must all do your work. You must continue to raise your vibration. This may be a subtler, softer, more blissful experience for you. And those who are not yet awake should not have any fear for this flare will nonetheless result in a very positive outcome for them. But the process will be more confusing for they will not understand it in the moment, and as such, it will create or perpetuate a state of fogginess for a matter of hours, or a few days. And many of them will need assistance from those who have ascended. So this will be the beginning of a mass outreach between humans, and it will also mark the appearance or arrival of many, many benevolent ETs who will come to assist in many, many different ways. This is part of the great plan. There are many, many races of Beings who are assisting in different ways. Some will assist from space, others will assist as hands on the ground, so to speak.

Timelines are Converging

And so there will be great change, beautiful change, but we will not comment at this time as to the exact timeline or timing rather, for as we have mentioned, there are a number of different timelines that we are looking at. But we are pleased to see that these timelines are surely converging. And there are some timelines that are falling away. Those that are falling away are what we would define and describe as the more negative timelines. Those that are shining more brightly are the more positive timelines.

But of course, the potential for a stronger or subtler flare exists differently in each timeline. Does this answer your question?

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: It does. Thank you very, very much. And I think what I’m hearing is that this solar flare is almost acting as a super power booster for consciousness. It’s like an influx of higher consciousness into the system. Is that an accurate understanding?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes. The visual that we are providing Kate is an individual who is waking up in the morning and feels asleep or groggy. They are conscious. They are somewhat mindful, but once they have their coffee or their tea, this insurgence of energy and alertness comes across them. So, much like what caffeine may do for your body, this flare this energy will do for your consciousness.

Ascension will Trigger Innate Abilities

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Beautiful. Thank you. And as a result, after the flare, all humanity will have greater access to their own abilities such as the clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. It will be easier to access those higher abilities.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Absolutely. It is important to note that for many humans, these abilities are awakening within them now. For there are many who have had these abilities and are honing them. Some are learning to access them all, and others will learn to access them much more easily and quickly post flare and post-ascension.

So this will not be a similar experience for all for this ascension process, as the awakening process, is very different from one individual to the next. But once all of those who are meant to ascend have ascended, then the sky will be the limit. You will be privy to the myriad of abilities and powers that you innately have that are coded in your DNA that many of you do not even yet understand.

Post-Ascension, all Senses & Abilities will be Heightened

You come to describe your senses as very compartmentalized or separate senses. Imagine an instant layering and combination of all those senses, feeding you information at once, and then multiply that by 100. This is how alert, aware, and honed your abilities will be.

But it is not to say that this will come overnight. Many of you will need to learn how to better leverage these abilities. And this is why some of you have honed these abilities for you are learning how to master them, so that in time, you can be a teacher to those who are coming into these abilities. This is part of the massive outreach of humanity that I implied to earlier where people will reach out to others as teachers, some will be students, and some will be teachers. But everyone will have something to teach someone else.

How to Hone our Innate Abilities

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you. Beautiful. And is there anything that we can do now to begin preparing to enhance our intuitive capabilities, our intuition, so on and so forth?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, there are two very important things that we would encourage all humans to do.

  • The first is you must meditate. Meditation is the food for your soul that so many of you are deprived of. Your souls are malnourished as far as meditation. In the same way that you need to feed your physical bodies, you need to stimulate your mind in your intellect. You must feed your spirit. And that feeding is in terms of finding stillness, finding peace, finding quiet. You must tune into your inner universe, for your outer world is bombarding you with confusion and energy that does not all serve you. But by tuning in to your inner source, your inner wisdom, your inner abilities, you will train yourself to become more intuitive. And in time, you will learn to trust that intuition.
  • The second thing that humans must learn is to trust themselves and trust their intuition. We the Beings see and feel the amount of doubt and self-doubt that you all experience in many different ways since childhood. You were not born with self-doubt. This was trained and programmed into you for a very obvious reason because there are some who do not want you to know how powerful you are. When you trust your intuition, you open the floodgates and you allow that to flow. You allow that to feed your intellect, to feed your spirit, and even to feed your physical body. That intuition is like blood to your body. Intuition is the foundational fabric and fiber of your soul. It is what connects one aspect of you to everything else. It is the lifeline you have to your inner self as well as to the outer universe which lies beyond. You must feed it, you must train it to become more expansive You must trust it. Very important.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Beautifully said thank you. And is there a form of meditation that would be an easy starting point for people who are new to meditation? 

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: Yes, we understand that in your busy, busy world, many steer clear of meditation out of they fear that they cannot. It is those who say they cannot [meditate] that need it the most.

Those are those that need to still their mind. For those individuals, we would say, learn to sit quietly, and just breathe and focus on your breath. And start with a minute, and then slowly expand that to two minutes until such a time that you can do this for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Start small, start slow.

Benefits of Various Meditations Types

Like we mentioned before, things must unravel gradually at a rate that is comfortable for the individual. Sometimes this is the best way to ensure momentum in the right direction. And for those who are practiced meditators, we are confident that you have found what works for you, but we will challenge you with this. If you are an active meditator, such as Kate [channeler], where you meditate on information, you may astral travel or channel, we would advise you to do what has NOT come naturally to you. We would advise you to be still and try to clear your mind for many of you meditate by seeking externally as opposed to meditate and seeking internally.

Try to meditate in a different way than what you are used to. For there are many forms of meditation, many of which are beneficial. And much like one needs a varied diet to feed their body, one needs a varied form of meditation to feed their soul. You must treat your souls like you treat your bodies, you must exercise it and you must feed it. And this must be done daily.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you, that was beautifully said. And what I have found is to focus upon the breath, and focus even on the feeling of the breath and how it feels as the air moves and how it feels as it releases. As I focus on the feeling, it helps me stay present. It becomes soothing.

Eir Ar, Blue Avian: And congratulations on finding your bliss. We would encourage all humans to meditate to a point where they find their bliss and they know how to find that bliss.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Yes. And we’re nearing the end of the hour. I’m wondering if you would like to express any last words. Anything that you feel is important?

Eir Ar, Blue Avian:  Yes, I am joined here by so many Beings, off world Beings who would like to convey their staunch support and admiration for humanity. They see how hard the lightworkers and light warriors are working, and they feel the fear and confusion of so many on your planet.

Star Beings Can Assist Humanity in Many Ways

They would like to remind you all that you are not alone, and let me explain what we mean by ‘you are not alone’. Not only are your brothers and sisters from the stars are here to guide and assist you. We are here with so many of you spiritually and energetically. We are in, and connected to, your auric field. You simply need to call upon us, ask for assistance and we will help you.

We will help you in ways that you may not even be aware or conscious of, but we will help you heal.

We will help you release your trauma.

We will help you move on the right path.

We are with you energetically, side by side. You may not see us (though some of you can and have seen us) but most of you cannot yet see us.

We are right there beside you. And when we are not beside you, we are energetically connected to you through your meditations, through your channelings, when you are in a time of quiet thought, when you are sleeping we are with you.

We help you, we work alongside many of you.

So know that the assistance is multilayered and far, far more complex than you understand at this time. These words that we speak are not empty words. It is not a metaphor of you are not alone. It is a literal truth, a universal truth you have never been alone and you will never be alone.

In time, you will physically see us. You will come to know and believe our presence without a doubt. And at that time, it will be a delight for all of us Beings to see that you finally understand what we have meant all along by saying that you are not alone.

We bid you much love and many blessings.

Interviewer [Kare Heywood]: Thank you. Thank you for the messages and thank you for your presence and your love.


Commander Ashtar’s Update: Humanity Must Stand United

Commander Ashtar’s Update: Humanity Must Stand United

Ashtar's Update: Humanity Must Stand Together

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.


Our Solar System was the Stronghold of the Negative ETs

Interviewer:  I wonder if you could speak to why this solar system is the hub of your activity right now?

Ashtar: There are a number of reasons. The main reason is that hundreds of thousands of years ago the war for the rights for lack of a better word, and for use and access to this solar system was lost by the Light forces. And as such, there were many dark forces that came in and they created many vortexes and portals, through which many more dark forces from around this universe and others could come in. This is how they reinforced their protection. This is how they created barriers around the solar system. And more importantly, one of the many jewels of the solar system which was Gaia.

This Solar System was a Free-for-All for the Dark Forces

So this war had been lost. And this solar system had literally become a free for all for the dark for far, far too long. It took the light forces many, many millennia to even be able to approach the solar system in the way that we needed in order to have an impact to begin to once again, etch an imprint of light upon the solar system. There is much work that needs to be done here. This solar system has been like an anchor to the galaxy’ energy and on some levels to the universal energy. The balance between light and dark was lost here. In this very solar system.

We have worked long and hard to restore balance. It is now at a point where it is more or less balanced. However, as you well know, in order for ascension to occur, it must be fully balanced in favor of the light and it is definitely moving in that direction. But there is much clearing that needs to be done. This has been a pit of darkness, with the number of portals where anything and everything of the dark could come. Many moons, many planets, including Gaia were completely infested. It had become a safe zone for the dark, literally out of reach of the Galactic forces of light, and therefore, out of reach of any discipline. Any Darkness was allowed to grow and breed and harm, and the energetic repercussions were starting to impact quite heavily many parts of the Milky Way galaxy and far beyond. This is in part why the Galactic Federation of Light grew to the force that it is today. For so many planets, so many beings were being impacted by this wave of darkness that was originating from the solar system.

The Original Plan for Gaia

And here we are today, doing the work that we have been working towards for so many hundreds of thousands of years, getting Gaia and the entire solar system back on the original plan. A plan of a living library, a place of exchange, an important stopover, an interdimensional transit point for so many beings. But of course all of this was halted and hijacked by the dark. So this clearing work, this battle, has been ongoing. It has been relentless for so many of us. But we are finally making headway and we are seeing the light and the momentum is extraordinary. We all have hope – it is beyond hope now. It has been won but the work must be done, you see.

This is where everything that is part of the master plan is now being manifested. It is now running its course. It is being acted out, or played out as you like to say, still much work as it is being played out. We cannot stand back and watch. We must be involved in any and every way possible. But of course, we need to do this in lockstep with humanity and with Gaia herself.

The Second Half of 2020 will Test Humanity

Interviewer: Can you give us any advice as to what humanity may be facing as we approach the second half of 2020? As well as any recommendations that you can give to us so that we are in alignment with the higher vibrational plans that you are working with?

Ashtar: Yes, and that is an excellent question. There is much coming down the pipeline for humanity. If you envision the first part of 2020 as a ripple effect, where humanity has had to face its darkest moments, its darkest demons. The second half of 2020 will force humanity to look these demons in the mirror to face much more of the pain and trauma that they experience at an individual level, at a societal level, and more broadly at a collective level.

What is happening now is that humans are being forced to face many issues, whether they are personal or societal, that must be resolved. And this is a test for humanity. While Yes, you must use your voice for freedom and for justice, it must be done calmly, harmoniously, and peacefully. For violence begets violence in the same way and with the same force that peace begets peace. We hope that humanity has learned to tread carefully, but steadfastly in the right direction for all in the first half of 2020 so that they continue this firm but peaceful march in the second half of 2020.

More Uprisings Expected in 2020

There will be more triggers, more uprisings, there will be more that will happen politically and in your communities that will create frustration and anger, that will seem to deepen the divide. But remember, it is not being done to divide unless you allow it to do so. how you react is completely up to you. You must control the emotions that you wish to feel and express. And you must remember that you must call upon the emotions that you wish to experience collectively. 

Do you wish for a violent and angry society? Or do you wish for a united and harmonious society? How you fight, how you use your voice, is exactly what you will create. It’s exactly what you will perpetuate more of.  So you must be conscious of your thoughts of your feelings, your words, and your actions. And this is true in every individual’s personal life, as it is at a collective level, at work, in your communities, in your neighborhoods, at a political level and beyond.

Humanity Must Stand United

We will not make any bold statements or prophecies about what will come in 2020, but it will be more of what you have seen in the first half. But remember these are tests. Do not allow yourselves to be played for there are many who wish to play you. You must stand together, regardless of your creed, color, religion, or political beliefs. For at the end of the day, these matters not. What matters is that you are all human. And at the core, you all wish for the same things. You all want happiness, health, freedom and justice for everybody. So you must work for it together. You will not achieve this divided, you will achieve this together.

You’re all in this together, you were all being tested but by a few. And so, you must stand together, do not let them divide you. And when we speak of them, you know who we are referring to. What you all want is the same. Do not let anyone convince you of anything different.

You’re on the Path to a Beautiful, Peaceful Existence

And when you pass these tests, when you use your united voices harmoniously, confidently, and in peace, you will reach a new collective way of being that will propel you, all of humanity, towards a better existence and much grander one, one that is well on the way and on the path to ascension. You must trust this. Do not let them Divide you, we cannot stress this enough for this is all they have. But all you have is each other. You have us, but until we can materialize and show ourselves and step forth, more publicly, you have each other and you must stand together as one for you are all one. You have all always been one. You have simply forgotten. You allowed them to make you forget. It is time for you to remember who you are, where you come from, and more importantly, where you are going.

Where you are going is beautiful. Do not lose sight of this, regardless of how angry they make you, regardless of what they do or what they say. You’re on the path to a beautiful, peaceful existence. Nothing can stop you. But it is up to you as to whether this path is easy or difficult. We encourage you and invite you to choose the easy path. And that is the path of standing together in harmony. It’s that simple. So let it be that simple.

Interviewer: Mass meditations help to add our energy to that vision.

Ashtar: We always encourage mass meditations and there are many. And we are delighted to see so many of you coming together. The mass meditations have a beautiful way of dissipating the collective frustration that we see and that is being experienced by so many. They dissipate this frustration. They help bring about more light to those who need it. But it is in the thick of these protests, it is in the thick of any moment of anger or frustration that you must all learn to find the same calm and peace that you would during meditation. For peace and calm must not only be experienced in meditation, you must learn to tune into this and bring it up at all times, no matter what’s happening around you. That is your power. That is how you will find power.

Turn Away From that which Aggravates You

Interviewer: Is there anything else that we can do to prepare?

Ashtar: We would invite you to turn away from that which aggravates you. We find that humans tend to be hooked on or addicted to negative sources of stimuli, whether it is news or low vibrational music. You tend to gravitate to that which agitates you in a more negative way. You must learn what does not serve you and learn to tune away from it.

And when you do, within a matter of days you will feel different, and conversely, you must learn to tune in to that which does help you. We will invite those of you who are open, and who believe in extraterrestrials and in ascension, we will invite you to call upon us – to all the benevolent ETs – ask us to help you heal, to teach you, to aid you, and you will be guided and assisted.

And we are with you. We are in your skies. Some of you can see us, some cannot see us yet. But we are completely surrounding you with love, light and peace. We are observing your moves and we offer support in many, many ways. There are many of us who are literally boots on the ground assisting and there are many of us who are assisting you from above. And there are even non-physical, other dimensional beings who are assisting humanity energetically. There is much trauma that needs to be healed at the individual and collective levels. If you invite us in to assist and to help, we will be there. We simply need to know that you grant us permission, and we will gladly come to your assistance.

Continue to Be Strong, Continue to Be Hopeful

Interviewer: Understand that it is very, very important that when making such a request, crystal clear that they are inviting only benevolent beings into their experience to assist them.

Ashtar: All beings must be purely of the light in order for humans to assist. Yes.

And we would simply like to say in closing that we understand that these have been very trying times for many humans around the world, whether it has been the virus, the protests, the economy… you have been tested. But from our standpoint, you continue to stand up, stand tall, and stand strong. You are a brave and resilient group of beings, and you are so admired and respected.

Continue to be strong, continue to be hopeful for the future that we know is coming your way. You need just a little more patience, but you are almost there. We love you so much. And blessings to you. Thank you. And blessings to all.

Interviewer: Do you foresee the challenges that humanity is facing going on beyond 2020?

Ashtar: At this point we are seeing much volatility. We are showing Kate (channeler) an image of popcorn and fireworks. There will be lots of triggers, lots of events that will rattle humanity in different ways and in different parts of the world between now and the end of the year. We See the end of the year being an important turning point where some, but not all, of these 2020 issues will come to a close. There will be much resolution, there will be greater peace.

The issues of humanity will not be fully behind you come into 2021, but it will be very different than what it looks like now. It will be far better, far calmer, far more peaceful, and many, many humans will have awakened in the process. And this is exactly what these circumstances are meant to do. They are meant to rattle you to a point where you wake up. They are meant to jolt you out of the habits and out of this 3D matrix that has kept you down. It must become so uncomfortable that you no longer wish to be complacent. You wish to break free from this pattern, from this existence.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

And so there will be much shaking and much rattling between now and the end of the year. But there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It is coming. We encourage you to stay calm and stay strong.

And we would simply like to say in closing that we understand that these have been very trying times for many humans around the world, whether it has been the virus, the protests, the economy… you have been tested. But from our standpoint, you continue to stand up, stand tall, and stand strong. You are a brave and resilient group of beings, and you are so admired and respected.

Continue to be strong, continue to be hopeful for the future that we know is coming your way. You need just a little more patience, but you are almost there.

We love you so much. And blessings to you. Thank you. And blessings to all.
Commander Ashtar


Commander Ashtar: Prepare for Incoming Energies – Lion’s Gate & more

Progress Update from Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

Progress Update from Commander Ashtar

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

To download this mp3, please click here.
Then click on the 3 vertical dots to access the download function.

For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Kate! Thank you for connecting with me. It is Ashtar your friend, and humble servant — servant to all humanity in fact. I have connected with you for I have some information that I would like you to convey to the masses.

There has been much happening here. From the perspective of the Galactic Federation of Light, we are evermore busy. We are constantly and readily engaged with many Alliance members or white hats in this ongoing game, or battle, as some of you have referred to it. We understand that from your standpoint many are becoming increasingly impatient for progress is not moving fast enough… It is difficult to see. But understand that from the standpoint of most, in fact, the vast majority of humans, the progress that we see is nearly impossible for you to see.

Your Mainstream News is Misleading

We see things from a very different vantage point. And that is our advantage, and your disadvantage. This is why it is so important that I connect with all of you, so I can share some uncensored and accurate information. This information is not information that will be revealed to you through your mainstream media. We have long, long given up on that. And we would encourage you to steer clear of mainstream media for what comes forth is all programming designed and aimed to influence you and hold you in a place of fear and uncertainty. And as of late, as has been reflected by the protests and riots occurring around the globe, the mainstream media has been serving to fuel the anger that so many are feeling.

We would encourage you to ask yourselves, how you feel while you watch the news. Do you feel uplifted or discouraged? This should guide whether or not you should continue to watch, or listen to, your mainstream news.

Many Negative ET Forces Have Been Captured

On our front, the Galactic Federation of Light has made some significant inroads. We communicated to you recently that we had fully surrounded and captured many of the malevolent ET forces who had bases in and around your planet. While there are still a few stragglers, for lack of a better word, we would like to inform you and assure you all that the vast majority of them have been caught. This of course pertains to the negative ET forces.

It is not to say that members of other negative forces, that is human groups that we shall not name out of concern for censorship, are still at wide. However, we know who they are. Many of you know who they are, and their time is limited. Their time is running out. They are cornered in many ways. We will not reveal more at this time for there are still operations underway.

What we wish for you all to know is that progress is fast and furious on our front, from our angle. Do not measure our progress based on what you are hearing from your news, or what you are NOT hearing for that matter. For there is a huge and deep disconnect between your mainstream media, your leaders, and the heads of many organizations, and what we, the Alliance and the Light forces, would be communicating to you.

Tuning Into the Truth, and Away from Confusion

We would also encourage you all to trust what resonates with you, at your heart level. What must resonate with your heart chakra is usually the truth. But you must learn to tune into this for you have been, and will continue to be for some time, fed a lot of mixed messages and misinformation. Remember that this is the mass campaign of confusion that the negative forces have imparted to the masses. It has been ongoing for decades, but it has become particularly interesting and plagued over these past few months, particularly with regards to the pandemic, protests, and we will simply say, what is happening on the political front in many nations.

Not All is at it Seems

We understand your impatience. We at times, even ourselves, were impatient. But we are pleased to say that our impatience has come to an end, for we have seen tremendous progress on all fronts. Our lightworkers and our Light forces continue their brilliant and meaningful work. And this is happening on the physical, spiritual, and energetic level on Earth, and, dare I say, off Earth. There are many groups of humans who are working alongside with many different ET races to carry out important work that will ultimately lead to the freedom of humanity and to the impending ascension.

We understand that as you read the lay of the land, it does not seem to be going in the right direction. We know that you feel impatient to see change. It is coming. It will come gradually, at times slowly but surely, and at other times, it will be a fast strike. You have heard this before. But I will continue to say that you must all trust the plan.

Be Patient with the Process

You must not only trust us, but you must trust yourselves. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of learning to tune in to what resonates with each of you, for the truth lies within. So many of you rely on external sources of information in order to quell or feed the truth that you seek out.

If you simply tune into yourselves, either through meditation or quiet time, the information that you seek out will be presented and revealed to you. You must also be patient with this process for many of you are disconnected with yourselves and are simply in the process of reconnecting. This reconnection is hugely important for your spiritual growth and development, and will help you find an easier path to Ascension in the long run.

The Galactic Forces are Aware of Everything

We have been observing every political move, and every sentiment that the masses have been feeling. We have observed all events on your planet. We have even observed the happenings that have not made their way to the mainstream media for very obvious reasons. We have seen and continue to follow it all.

know that there are millions of Light beings that stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with us in seeing this mission of light through to completion. There is lots of movement on our end, and it is all extremely positive and very encouraging.

Remain Calm

We wish you much love and ongoing positivity. Remember to continue to maintain a state of inner calm and harmony, no matter what is happening around you. And remember that all emotions are contagious. What you feel will be felt by those around you. So you must be aware of what you choose to feel and what emotion you choose to share and spread.

Many blessings to you all.
Commander Ashtar


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