Commander Ashtar’s Update: Humanity Must Stand United

Commander Ashtar’s Update: Humanity Must Stand United

Ashtar's Update: Humanity Must Stand Together

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.


Our Solar System was the Stronghold of the Negative ETs

Interviewer:  I wonder if you could speak to why this solar system is the hub of your activity right now?

Ashtar: There are a number of reasons. The main reason is that hundreds of thousands of years ago the war for the rights for lack of a better word, and for use and access to this solar system was lost by the Light forces. And as such, there were many dark forces that came in and they created many vortexes and portals, through which many more dark forces from around this universe and others could come in. This is how they reinforced their protection. This is how they created barriers around the solar system. And more importantly, one of the many jewels of the solar system which was Gaia.

This Solar System was a Free-for-All for the Dark Forces

So this war had been lost. And this solar system had literally become a free for all for the dark for far, far too long. It took the light forces many, many millennia to even be able to approach the solar system in the way that we needed in order to have an impact to begin to once again, etch an imprint of light upon the solar system. There is much work that needs to be done here. This solar system has been like an anchor to the galaxy’ energy and on some levels to the universal energy. The balance between light and dark was lost here. In this very solar system.

We have worked long and hard to restore balance. It is now at a point where it is more or less balanced. However, as you well know, in order for ascension to occur, it must be fully balanced in favor of the light and it is definitely moving in that direction. But there is much clearing that needs to be done. This has been a pit of darkness, with the number of portals where anything and everything of the dark could come. Many moons, many planets, including Gaia were completely infested. It had become a safe zone for the dark, literally out of reach of the Galactic forces of light, and therefore, out of reach of any discipline. Any Darkness was allowed to grow and breed and harm, and the energetic repercussions were starting to impact quite heavily many parts of the Milky Way galaxy and far beyond. This is in part why the Galactic Federation of Light grew to the force that it is today. For so many planets, so many beings were being impacted by this wave of darkness that was originating from the solar system.

The Original Plan for Gaia

And here we are today, doing the work that we have been working towards for so many hundreds of thousands of years, getting Gaia and the entire solar system back on the original plan. A plan of a living library, a place of exchange, an important stopover, an interdimensional transit point for so many beings. But of course all of this was halted and hijacked by the dark. So this clearing work, this battle, has been ongoing. It has been relentless for so many of us. But we are finally making headway and we are seeing the light and the momentum is extraordinary. We all have hope – it is beyond hope now. It has been won but the work must be done, you see.

This is where everything that is part of the master plan is now being manifested. It is now running its course. It is being acted out, or played out as you like to say, still much work as it is being played out. We cannot stand back and watch. We must be involved in any and every way possible. But of course, we need to do this in lockstep with humanity and with Gaia herself.

The Second Half of 2020 will Test Humanity

Interviewer: Can you give us any advice as to what humanity may be facing as we approach the second half of 2020? As well as any recommendations that you can give to us so that we are in alignment with the higher vibrational plans that you are working with?

Ashtar: Yes, and that is an excellent question. There is much coming down the pipeline for humanity. If you envision the first part of 2020 as a ripple effect, where humanity has had to face its darkest moments, its darkest demons. The second half of 2020 will force humanity to look these demons in the mirror to face much more of the pain and trauma that they experience at an individual level, at a societal level, and more broadly at a collective level.

What is happening now is that humans are being forced to face many issues, whether they are personal or societal, that must be resolved. And this is a test for humanity. While Yes, you must use your voice for freedom and for justice, it must be done calmly, harmoniously, and peacefully. For violence begets violence in the same way and with the same force that peace begets peace. We hope that humanity has learned to tread carefully, but steadfastly in the right direction for all in the first half of 2020 so that they continue this firm but peaceful march in the second half of 2020.

More Uprisings Expected in 2020

There will be more triggers, more uprisings, there will be more that will happen politically and in your communities that will create frustration and anger, that will seem to deepen the divide. But remember, it is not being done to divide unless you allow it to do so. how you react is completely up to you. You must control the emotions that you wish to feel and express. And you must remember that you must call upon the emotions that you wish to experience collectively. 

Do you wish for a violent and angry society? Or do you wish for a united and harmonious society? How you fight, how you use your voice, is exactly what you will create. It’s exactly what you will perpetuate more of.  So you must be conscious of your thoughts of your feelings, your words, and your actions. And this is true in every individual’s personal life, as it is at a collective level, at work, in your communities, in your neighborhoods, at a political level and beyond.

Humanity Must Stand United

We will not make any bold statements or prophecies about what will come in 2020, but it will be more of what you have seen in the first half. But remember these are tests. Do not allow yourselves to be played for there are many who wish to play you. You must stand together, regardless of your creed, color, religion, or political beliefs. For at the end of the day, these matters not. What matters is that you are all human. And at the core, you all wish for the same things. You all want happiness, health, freedom and justice for everybody. So you must work for it together. You will not achieve this divided, you will achieve this together.

You’re all in this together, you were all being tested but by a few. And so, you must stand together, do not let them divide you. And when we speak of them, you know who we are referring to. What you all want is the same. Do not let anyone convince you of anything different.

You’re on the Path to a Beautiful, Peaceful Existence

And when you pass these tests, when you use your united voices harmoniously, confidently, and in peace, you will reach a new collective way of being that will propel you, all of humanity, towards a better existence and much grander one, one that is well on the way and on the path to ascension. You must trust this. Do not let them Divide you, we cannot stress this enough for this is all they have. But all you have is each other. You have us, but until we can materialize and show ourselves and step forth, more publicly, you have each other and you must stand together as one for you are all one. You have all always been one. You have simply forgotten. You allowed them to make you forget. It is time for you to remember who you are, where you come from, and more importantly, where you are going.

Where you are going is beautiful. Do not lose sight of this, regardless of how angry they make you, regardless of what they do or what they say. You’re on the path to a beautiful, peaceful existence. Nothing can stop you. But it is up to you as to whether this path is easy or difficult. We encourage you and invite you to choose the easy path. And that is the path of standing together in harmony. It’s that simple. So let it be that simple.

Interviewer: Mass meditations help to add our energy to that vision.

Ashtar: We always encourage mass meditations and there are many. And we are delighted to see so many of you coming together. The mass meditations have a beautiful way of dissipating the collective frustration that we see and that is being experienced by so many. They dissipate this frustration. They help bring about more light to those who need it. But it is in the thick of these protests, it is in the thick of any moment of anger or frustration that you must all learn to find the same calm and peace that you would during meditation. For peace and calm must not only be experienced in meditation, you must learn to tune into this and bring it up at all times, no matter what’s happening around you. That is your power. That is how you will find power.

Turn Away From that which Aggravates You

Interviewer: Is there anything else that we can do to prepare?

Ashtar: We would invite you to turn away from that which aggravates you. We find that humans tend to be hooked on or addicted to negative sources of stimuli, whether it is news or low vibrational music. You tend to gravitate to that which agitates you in a more negative way. You must learn what does not serve you and learn to tune away from it.

And when you do, within a matter of days you will feel different, and conversely, you must learn to tune in to that which does help you. We will invite those of you who are open, and who believe in extraterrestrials and in ascension, we will invite you to call upon us – to all the benevolent ETs – ask us to help you heal, to teach you, to aid you, and you will be guided and assisted.

And we are with you. We are in your skies. Some of you can see us, some cannot see us yet. But we are completely surrounding you with love, light and peace. We are observing your moves and we offer support in many, many ways. There are many of us who are literally boots on the ground assisting and there are many of us who are assisting you from above. And there are even non-physical, other dimensional beings who are assisting humanity energetically. There is much trauma that needs to be healed at the individual and collective levels. If you invite us in to assist and to help, we will be there. We simply need to know that you grant us permission, and we will gladly come to your assistance.

Continue to Be Strong, Continue to Be Hopeful

Interviewer: Understand that it is very, very important that when making such a request, crystal clear that they are inviting only benevolent beings into their experience to assist them.

Ashtar: All beings must be purely of the light in order for humans to assist. Yes.

And we would simply like to say in closing that we understand that these have been very trying times for many humans around the world, whether it has been the virus, the protests, the economy… you have been tested. But from our standpoint, you continue to stand up, stand tall, and stand strong. You are a brave and resilient group of beings, and you are so admired and respected.

Continue to be strong, continue to be hopeful for the future that we know is coming your way. You need just a little more patience, but you are almost there. We love you so much. And blessings to you. Thank you. And blessings to all.

Interviewer: Do you foresee the challenges that humanity is facing going on beyond 2020?

Ashtar: At this point we are seeing much volatility. We are showing Kate (channeler) an image of popcorn and fireworks. There will be lots of triggers, lots of events that will rattle humanity in different ways and in different parts of the world between now and the end of the year. We See the end of the year being an important turning point where some, but not all, of these 2020 issues will come to a close. There will be much resolution, there will be greater peace.

The issues of humanity will not be fully behind you come into 2021, but it will be very different than what it looks like now. It will be far better, far calmer, far more peaceful, and many, many humans will have awakened in the process. And this is exactly what these circumstances are meant to do. They are meant to rattle you to a point where you wake up. They are meant to jolt you out of the habits and out of this 3D matrix that has kept you down. It must become so uncomfortable that you no longer wish to be complacent. You wish to break free from this pattern, from this existence.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

And so there will be much shaking and much rattling between now and the end of the year. But there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It is coming. We encourage you to stay calm and stay strong.

And we would simply like to say in closing that we understand that these have been very trying times for many humans around the world, whether it has been the virus, the protests, the economy… you have been tested. But from our standpoint, you continue to stand up, stand tall, and stand strong. You are a brave and resilient group of beings, and you are so admired and respected.

Continue to be strong, continue to be hopeful for the future that we know is coming your way. You need just a little more patience, but you are almost there.

We love you so much. And blessings to you. Thank you. And blessings to all.
Commander Ashtar


Progress Update from Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

Progress Update from Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

Progress Update from Commander Ashtar

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Kate! Thank you for connecting with me. It is Ashtar your friend, and humble servant — servant to all humanity in fact. I have connected with you for I have some information that I would like you to convey to the masses.

There has been much happening here. From the perspective of the Galactic Federation of Light, we are evermore busy. We are constantly and readily engaged with many Alliance members or white hats in this ongoing game, or battle, as some of you have referred to it. We understand that from your standpoint many are becoming increasingly impatient for progress is not moving fast enough… It is difficult to see. But understand that from the standpoint of most, in fact, the vast majority of humans, the progress that we see is nearly impossible for you to see.

Your Mainstream News is Misleading

We see things from a very different vantage point. And that is our advantage, and your disadvantage. This is why it is so important that I connect with all of you, so I can share some uncensored and accurate information. This information is not information that will be revealed to you through your mainstream media. We have long, long given up on that. And we would encourage you to steer clear of mainstream media for what comes forth is all programming designed and aimed to influence you and hold you in a place of fear and uncertainty. And as of late, as has been reflected by the protests and riots occurring around the globe, the mainstream media has been serving to fuel the anger that so many are feeling.

We would encourage you to ask yourselves, how you feel while you watch the news. Do you feel uplifted or discouraged? This should guide whether or not you should continue to watch, or listen to, your mainstream news.

Many Negative ET Forces Have Been Captured

On our front, the Galactic Federation of Light has made some significant inroads. We communicated to you recently that we had fully surrounded and captured many of the malevolent ET forces who had bases in and around your planet. While there are still a few stragglers, for lack of a better word, we would like to inform you and assure you all that the vast majority of them have been caught. This of course pertains to the negative ET forces.

It is not to say that members of other negative forces, that is human groups that we shall not name out of concern for censorship, are still at wide. However, we know who they are. Many of you know who they are, and their time is limited. Their time is running out. They are cornered in many ways. We will not reveal more at this time for there are still operations underway.

What we wish for you all to know is that progress is fast and furious on our front, from our angle. Do not measure our progress based on what you are hearing from your news, or what you are NOT hearing for that matter. For there is a huge and deep disconnect between your mainstream media, your leaders, and the heads of many organizations, and what we, the Alliance and the Light forces, would be communicating to you.

Tuning Into the Truth, and Away from Confusion

We would also encourage you all to trust what resonates with you, at your heart level. What must resonate with your heart chakra is usually the truth. But you must learn to tune into this for you have been, and will continue to be for some time, fed a lot of mixed messages and misinformation. Remember that this is the mass campaign of confusion that the negative forces have imparted to the masses. It has been ongoing for decades, but it has become particularly interesting and plagued over these past few months, particularly with regards to the pandemic, protests, and we will simply say, what is happening on the political front in many nations.

Not All is at it Seems

We understand your impatience. We at times, even ourselves, were impatient. But we are pleased to say that our impatience has come to an end, for we have seen tremendous progress on all fronts. Our lightworkers and our Light forces continue their brilliant and meaningful work. And this is happening on the physical, spiritual, and energetic level on Earth, and, dare I say, off Earth. There are many groups of humans who are working alongside with many different ET races to carry out important work that will ultimately lead to the freedom of humanity and to the impending ascension.

We understand that as you read the lay of the land, it does not seem to be going in the right direction. We know that you feel impatient to see change. It is coming. It will come gradually, at times slowly but surely, and at other times, it will be a fast strike. You have heard this before. But I will continue to say that you must all trust the plan.

Be Patient with the Process

You must not only trust us, but you must trust yourselves. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of learning to tune in to what resonates with each of you, for the truth lies within. So many of you rely on external sources of information in order to quell or feed the truth that you seek out.

If you simply tune into yourselves, either through meditation or quiet time, the information that you seek out will be presented and revealed to you. You must also be patient with this process for many of you are disconnected with yourselves and are simply in the process of reconnecting. This reconnection is hugely important for your spiritual growth and development, and will help you find an easier path to Ascension in the long run.

The Galactic Forces are Aware of Everything

We have been observing every political move, and every sentiment that the masses have been feeling. We have observed all events on your planet. We have even observed the happenings that have not made their way to the mainstream media for very obvious reasons. We have seen and continue to follow it all.

know that there are millions of Light beings that stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with us in seeing this mission of light through to completion. There is lots of movement on our end, and it is all extremely positive and very encouraging.

Remain Calm

We wish you much love and ongoing positivity. Remember to continue to maintain a state of inner calm and harmony, no matter what is happening around you. And remember that all emotions are contagious. What you feel will be felt by those around you. So you must be aware of what you choose to feel and what emotion you choose to share and spread.

Many blessings to you all.
Commander Ashtar


Channeled Interview with Ashtar

Channeled Interview with Ashtar

Channeled Interview with Ashtar, Pleaidian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

ET Ships & The Event

Karen (interviewer): We recently saw a video of a young English boy sharing a vivid experience he had of being on a large ET ship. Kate and I were wondering if we’re all going to get to be beamed up to ships during the event?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar (channeled through Kate): So we, me and my entourage, laugh as you two have been beamed up many times. Of course, you do not have much recall of this. Kate has very limited recall of being on a ship in a common eating area. And in part this is because the two of you channel so frequently and clearly that we have already imparted so much information to you that it’s almost irrelevant that you experience this in the conscious state. But we understand from a human perspective that this is the ultimate prize.

And so, this is one of many, many stories that has emerged and that will continue to emerge in greater frequency to help prepare the masses for one eventual possibility. We will say, we still do not know if the onboarding onto ships will be necessary. Nonetheless, the light forces have been very well prepared for this for decades. We are constantly on standby.

All ships are equipped with very similar facilities, very similar traits and characteristics. But their physical shape and size will vary depending on the builder race that is responsible for these particular arks. There are many, many different ET races that have been volunteering to build these ships. And while they have all been consulting with us, and with each other, as well as a myriad of humans, that design will vary somewhat from one to the next. There is no one (ship) that is better than the other. As I’ve mentioned, they are all exactly similar as far as luxury, functionality and the quality of sustainable life that is required for a possibly longer journey. We will say that in short time, we will likely have far more clarity as to whether it will be necessary for the onboarding onto ships.

If the onboarding is required, then you will be prepared. You will likely have more conscious recall of this so that when you are more permanently boarded onto these ships, it is not a jolt to your system.

But we have not commenced with these conscious recalls for everyone, and we will not commence until it is deemed necessary, you see.

The Event & Ascension Timelines

We are not exactly certain as to when we will know, but we do expect to have greater clarity in the coming months. And of course, this depends on a myriad of factors both on Gaia and elsewhere in the solar system, including your beautiful Sol, your sun. For she too is a key player in this entire ascension. Much of this starts with her. Believe it or not, this is an important piece of information that has seldomly been communicated and shared with the masses. There is much going on, in and around her orbit that will largely dictate the extent of the solar flare, as well as the timing. It all must culminate in a beautiful and perfect balance. Everything must be in its right way, at the right time. And when everything lines up, boom! It will happen. We have full confidence that it will all align.

What we are not confident of is exactly when, and this is why we have all been so tight lipped in sharing a date or a specific timeline. What we can say is that based on what is happening today and up until now, and the momentum that we the light forces are gathering, we do see that it is very possible that this will happen within less than a year. But things are changing daily on your planet. These riots have lowered the vibration of many through anger. And so, it is sometimes a game of two steps forward and one step back. We need the lightworkers to hold a peaceful, calming vibration for all those who have been swept up in this wave of anger and revolts that we are seeing around the world.

We understand the plight of humans, we understand it in their hearts. They mean well, they mean to bring justice. The challenge is bringing justice about through calm and civility as opposed to through anger and frustration. This is something that the majority of humans have not yet mastered. But come a time when they will have mastered peaceful revolution, this will be a huge win for the light forces.

Karen (interviewer): Thank you. Wow. So how many main timelines are you looking at?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Yes, we are at this point. There are three key timelines that are slowly but surely converging. There are roughly two others that are slowly withering away. And we are pleased to say that those two timelines are on the more negative side of reality. The three timelines that we are looking at certainly err on the more positive side. However, two of those three timelines do lead to a longer or slightly slower ascension process. When that is a year or more out. There is one timeline that we are personally favoring and that we are, let us say, influencing to the best of our abilities which would bring about the Event within the year.  We do not know which of these three (timelines) will win. And as you know, things shift, things change.

But we are playing with three. And we will say is that these three timelines, while they do of course carry variations and differences, all undoubtedly lead to ascension. There is no doubt.

Karen (interviewer): Beautiful. And is there anything that the lightworkers can do to assist in in creating this one timeline that you are all favoring?

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Yes, there will be many world events that will anger and agitate the masses. This one incident that has led to these riots is one, but it will not be the only one. It is important that the lightworkers hold the calm, that they sympathize with those who are frustrated, and rightfully so. But it is important that they encourage their fellow humans to revolt peacefully with light, love, and patience in their hearts. And patience does not imply to be patient with those who are ruling out freedom or those who are creating in justices. No, we are referring to patience with regards to trusting that all will be right in the end. Patience that justice will be served, it may not be today, but it will be served whether it is in a day, in a week, or in months. Revolution does not need to be fast and riotous. Revolution can be done through one’s mind, through a conscious state of peace and love that is first felt within and that’s then shared with others. Whether verbally or non-verbally, it is an energetic revolution, not one that is fought with fists and fire.

Karen (interviewer): Beautifully said, Thank you.

Pleiadian Commander Ashtar: Let me remind you of John Lennon, and the revolution from his bed. Many of you remember this. This was a very symbolic and important message. That one can have a massive impact without raising a fist.

Thank you. Blessings to you all.
Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander 

Summer Solstice Energies

Summer Solstice Energies

Summer Solstice Energies

by The Sky Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Sky Beings: We do see a number of energies flowing forth into the earth realm at the Summer Solstice. And they will be much more easily integrated into the energetic systems of Gaia as well as humanity now that the dark energies have been cleared out.

This will be very fortifying and strengthening.

Kate: Do you foresee any impacts on humans? Is it going to be felt positively or is it going to be rather taxing on us energetically or physically?

Sky Beings:  For those who have been working on themselves and cleansing, it will be very fortifying. For those who have bodies that are very toxic, it will become increasingly difficult for those people and animals. And we see that these difficulties will be labeled as Coronavirus casualties – which is not true. For a short amount of time this narrative will still be hollered by the news networks.

The rising goodness will overtake the negative narrative

However, the truth of the rising of the goodness, and the health, and the vitality will soon overtake that negative narrative. We see the white wave rising and splashing over the dark wave, the negative mainstream narrative and it will take time for this dissolution.

However, the Light is on the rise and the momentum is continuing to build. The dark realm beings do not have much hope and they are scrambling and trying to hold on to everything they can hold on to.

Kate: A desperate scramble is what I’m getting.

It is imperative that people focus on the goodness

Sky Beings: Exactly. And a crumbling. And this is why it is imperative that people focus on the goodness that they want to create in their worlds, the new way, their new worlds. That will continue to add to the amplification of this wave.

Kate: Well said. Thank you for that beautiful visual of the white wave. I love it!

Sky Beings: You’re very welcome. It has been a pleasure to reconnect with you as always. You are never alone, as you know, and we would like to pass that on to all of humanity. You are not alone in this. We are present. And we love you.

Kate: We love you. Thank you for your support.

Sky Beings: Thank you and Blessings.

Kate: Blessings to you. Thank you Sky Beings.


Behind the Scenes Cleanups

Behind the Scenes Cleanups

Behind the Scenes Cleanups

by The Sky Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Sky Beings: Cleanups behind the scenes are indeed happening. And although the mainstream news is not speaking to these wonderful cleanups that are happening. In fact, mainstream news has no idea and you may get little smatterings of little bits and pieces on your internet; however, there is so much more happening that behind the scenes that the majority of humanity is completely unaware of that are assisting in the shift and the change in the transition of Mother Earth Gaia into a much more positive, healthy experience for humanity.


Focus on What you Want to Experience

And we would have people focus upon the feeling experience of what they want to experience in their lives.

Put a blind eye, for the time being, to the scare tactics that are being promoted upon the mainstream news. And rather focus upon how you want to feel, what kind of world do you want to create. And for the moment, just ignore the hows – how are we going to do this? That will come.


Create a Momentum of Positive Energy

What’s important right now is to create a momentum of the positive, of what you want to experience – the love, the goodwill, the good nature, the helpfulness, the neighborliness. And take a moment out of each day – and write in a journal, or on your computer, or send an email to yourself, or text to yourself – just reminding yourself how you want your world to feel. And once this energy, this positive energy, gains momentum, then the hows will begin to be flashed into your consciousness as intuitive knowings, of ideas of how you can begin to create more and more of this.

The idea here in the initial stages is to create space for yourself to begin your personal creative process. And understanding that it will require time. It will require time to create that inner momentum, to create that space.


Access & Amplify Positive Memories

And another beautiful way to augment this is to recall times in your life, when you did feel good. To begin your contemplation with those experiences of when you did feel good, when you did feel happy – that might have been when you were playing with your children and you were laughing, or having fun with your best friends, or joking, or being in nature, or being on holiday and laughing. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

Begin focusing upon that and once you’ve got an inner smile and an outer smile on your face, remembering how these things felt then begin writing, jotting down notes of how you want to feel, how you want your world to be.


Trust that the Momentum is Building

And, trust that the momentum is going to begin building. And stop yourself from looking to the outside world to see if it’s unfolded yet for you. This is an inner experience that you’re creating. And when it’s gained enough momentum, it will begin to attract good things into your world, bit by bit. It will begin to appear in the outer world. But that the essence here is to begin on the inside and create that momentum. Build that snowball. Begin pushing it down the hill so that it begins creating its own momentum so that you don’t have to.

And music, music is another beautiful contributor to good feeling. Dancing. Doing things that make you happy, whether that’s yoga, or running, or exercise, or watching a comedy on TV. Whatever it is for you. It’s different for everybody. We’re all we’re all unique.

Focus. Yes, focus on what tickles your fancy, brings that inner smile to your inner world.

Kate: Yes, and all these wonderful examples that you highlight are all so effective at raising one’s vibration and in turn attracting and creating more bigness in their life. Thank you for that reminder.

Sky Beings: Blessings and have fun.


Progress Update from Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces

Commander Ashtar’s Message to Humanity

Commander Ashtar's Message to Humanity

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from Ashtar, Pleiadian Commander of the Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings to all humanity and our friends. This is Commander Ashtar at your service.

It is always with great honor and excitement that I have the privilege to share with you some very important and meaningful updates.  These updates can now be shared on a more regular basis for there is much happening on the earthly realm, both energetically and at a physical 3D level. Let us start with what is happening and permeating on your realm at an energetic level. There has been a two way influx of energy moving on to Gaia, your beautiful Mother Earth, and moving out from her. We have had a number of lightworkers and light warriors who have been conducting some very effective and efficient clearing work. They have cleared out layers of darkness—both physical and non-physical—from your realm.


Negative Entities Are Being Removed

This has represented a massive outflux, a mass exodus of negative entities and energy that has been removed both from inner Earth and Earth’s surface. We will not provide the details of what has been removed. For this would take far too long, and for some of you, it may instill more concern than relief. What I can say is that with the vast removal of these layers of darkness, there is now a greater influx of bright and powerful light as well as light codes and information. It has been more successfully permeating your planet. This light information has been landing in humanity’s DNA to trigger and activate the necessary information to prepare you all for the upcoming and impending ASCENSION. We understand that there are growing pains. Many of you are feeling Ascension illness and symptoms. We assure you these are temporary, and they are all for a grand and beautiful outcome.

Energetically, Gaia looks far brighter, she’s far healthier. This is not to say that there is not still work to be done. This is not to say that there are no more dark forces among you. There are, unfortunately. However, the good news is that a large number of them have been cleared and captured. They are no longer able to instill the amount of oppression, fear, and abuse that has been imparted among humanity for millennia, and in some cases, eons.


Light Forces are Making Significant Gains

At a physical level on your planet, the light forces are amassing speed, their efforts are being accelerated, largely because many of these dark forces have been removed, and as such, the lightworkers and the light warriors are increasingly unobstructed. The momentum that we have seen from our standpoint is incredible. We are seeing Light forces move steadily across many regions of your planet, even those far reaches that until recently, were, let’s say unattainable. The Light forces, our boots on the ground or our specialized ground forces, have reached every dark corner, every underground base, every underwater base, and even those cloaked dark ships that have been lurking in your skies, in your atmosphere—and even in the solar system—have been surrounded and in most cases, they have been captured and incapacitated. This is extraordinary news and we are pleased to communicate this with all of our friends on Earth.

We understand that you would like more information. Trust, when we say that in time, all the information that you need to know will be granted. For now, you simply need to know and understand that the light forces are ahead of the game. Their progress has been tremendous and victory is upon us. In many ways, this has been won, but there is still some logistical work and some covert operations that are still being carried out.


Humanity is Awakening

What lies ahead for humanity is beyond beautiful. The suffering, the oppression, the fear, anxiety and confusion that has plagued so many of you for too long is slowly starting to lift. Many who have felt fear as a result of this Coronavirus are slowly but surely emerging from the blanket of fear that has held them down. They are once again starting to pop their heads and open their spiritual eyes and awaken to the truth that surrounds them. But they are also awakening to the future and the life that they want to see and experience. And as such, they are creating this for themselves and they are perpetuating this at the collective consciousness level. Know that you do not stand alone. Of course, all of our lightworkers on the ground (whether you are aware that you are a light worker or not), stand shoulder to shoulder energetically and consciously. Know that you are joined by legions of your friends from the stars, both in non physical and physical form, who support you steadfastly.


Envision Your Beautiful Future

We, including myself Ashtar, all send you so much love and light. And we would like to congratulate everyone for their work. Whether you are consciously aware of what you have contributed to this mission, know that you have all played an important part and you have delivered your missions successfully. Continue to hold the light and to envision the future that you want for yourself. It is almost here. It is almost upon you all. Just a little bit more patience and a LOT of trust.

Your faithful friend,
Commander Ashtar



Being in the Flow

Being in the Flow

This was a personal channeling that Fluella and I wish to share with all that choose to benefit from it. ~ Karen Ashby

Relax into Love & Your Power

Be the gentleness of a newborn. Be the relaxation they feel. Be soft and flowing and yet maintaining the backbone and conviction of your Power. Do not succumb to losing yourself, any part of you, in this gentle, soft beingness. 

For it is in this softness, this gentle grandeur of Love that you will find and keep your Power. It is in your Power that you will find your voice. Your soft, gentle and convicted voice of the Light that you are, of the Grace that you are, of the Depth thou are.

Think of me, Fluella, when you speak, think of me while you are being, know that being in this energy of loving flow is possible at all times. It will release you of physical pain, it will release you of mental anguish, it will release you of emotional trauma. It will release you of the shackles and bondage that you yourself have created.

Releasing the Old

It is time to release all the old patterning; none of that serves you from this moment on. It must be, and is falling away as I speak. I am here to guide you. Archangel Michael and I are here guiding you, moving you forward into a new way of being. There are many others, your spirit guides, teachers and those loved ones who have passed over here to also light your way. We are all here to nurture you and help reconnect you into that flow, that love of self that you so often have cast aside.

The Fountain of Youth

Take up your shield against the tyranny of bleakness, darkness the pain and sadness of turmoil. You need no longer hold on to it. Yours is of the Light, it is the Love of the All. You are truly the Seeker, the Seeker and the Finder of the Light! This is yours to envelope, to know, to encourage. It is yours to encompass. Fully embrace that of which we speak! As you do negativity will fall away. This is in part your mission. It is one that many have sought over a millennia. It is, if you will, the long sought-after Fountain of Youth! The connection to the All, knowing you are the essence of the All. This is your Path. This indeed is the Path of all humanity at this time. This is what you are all here for. It is what you are to teach each other, to share your light and love.

This is what I have come here to impart. On behalf of myself and the many others who love and support you, we are blessed to be of service. To help you all take back your Power through the Flow of Love.  This is your birthright! We are honoured, as always, to be in your service. You are held in the Highest Regard.

In Love, Fluella


5-Day NO NEWS Challenge

5-Day NO NEWS Challenge

This is an except from “Awakening Humanity Amid Polarization”.
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The “No Mainstream Media” 5-Day Challenge

We would like to offer or suggest a tool, or a light challenge, that may come to the masses through you. Our challenge is that we will encourage humanity to turn off their news for five days. 

We understand for many this will be difficult but we will invite them to focus upon how lighter they feel at the end of the five days. How calmer, how clearhow happier and more secure they feel. 

And this in itself will be telling to them for they will understand the negative energy that is fed to them from the media. There are many ways to be informed without needing to hold out your bowl and have it be filled with fear for your consumption. For that is exactly what so many are doing. Unknowingly.

Let this be the five day, no media challenge. And we would encourage people to make a note of how they feel on day one versus day five. The results will be tremendous and palpable. And we feel that in that time, many will trigger their own awakening. Because their entourage, their guides, their angels, their Beings, their higher selves will be able to permeate and penetrate through this layer of confusion; and will be able to speak directly to the core essence of these individuals.

We challenge humanity to NO media. 

Kare: Wow. So when you say no media, you mean no YouTube, no internet, no TV. 

Blue Avians: We mean no mainstream news, whether it be televised or read on the internet. For the mainstream is the mainstream of darkness and confusion, is it not?

And what may help them if they are having a difficult time overcoming their addiction to their devices or the internet, then give them some suggestions for light-filled websites that they may go to whether they be meditations, prayers, feel good stories about how people are coming together during this pandemic. For there are so many more positive stories than there are not.

But your mainstream does not want you to know about the good, for it counters their agenda. But there are many, many websites that are sharing heartwarming stories about generosity, kindness, and a coming together at a grander level… more so than ever before. This is what people need to tune into. 

Kare: Love it! Thank you. Excellent suggestion.

Blue Avians: We are honored. Thank you and Blessings to you.

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Awakening Humanity Amid Polarization

Awakening Humanity Amid Polarization

Awakening Humanity Amid Polarization

by Eir Ar & Aira, Blue Avians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Blue Avians: Hello, the Blue Avians are here. It is Eir Ar, and I’m joined by Aira.

And let us say that we’ve had to ourselves muddle through crowds of Beings who are gathering to witness this channeling, and in fact, many channelings by lightworkers for they feel that this is the primary source of truth and universal reason that is coming through to your world amidst this confusion that you speak of.  

Multi-dimensional battle between Light & Dark

So as you can imagine, these Beings are concerned about the level of confusion, and as such they want to contribute in clearing it. They want to be part of the truth that comes through. And so while of course, you and Kate are not channeling this large crowd, they are here to contribute to the greater collective consciousness of humanity and much of that information is also being funneled through to us so that it can come through Kate.

Know that you all have an abundance of support and admirers. For yes, they are in awe of humanity—the courage that humanity has demonstrated, particularly that of the truth tellers, the lightworkers we shall even say, the front-liners for there are front-liners who are actively involved in the battle between the light and dark forces. This battle is happening multi-dimensionally and it’s at so many levels, even at the individual level. There are dark and light forces fighting to sway the choice of each individual. 

Mainstream Media adds to Confusion

Of course, the light is trying to help individuals see and choose the light, but the dark is trying to sway them. For many individuals that confusion persists—the media is simply adding to that confusion. But needless to say, this conflict (and we do not like to use that word) but in essence, we must speak the truth. This is a conflict. It is happening multi-dimensionally at the collective consciousness and within the individual consciousness of so many.

Higher Beings are in Awe of Humanity & Lightworkers

And so, these Beings are in awe of this conflict that so many humans have chosen to experience to partake in and to lead for the lightworkers are on the frontier of this mass expanding consciousness. They are guiding it towards a lighter polarity. But there is much dross, there is much heaviness, and so the lightworkers have had to work extra hard and so they are being supported by growing crowds of light Beings, whether angelic or extraterrestrial. There is such support, awe, and love and admiration. For all of you, no matter what your part, what your role, or what your contribution, we would like to take this opportunity to express to you our deep gratitude. For we know that the experience is difficult even for lightworkers, there are moments of confusion. You are not fully immune, you are simply equipped to rise above the confusion. That is the difference. And so we commend you for rising above and staying above it not only for yourselves but for those that you serve, for those that you support, guide, and lead. 

Kare: Thank you beautifully expressed. Thank you so much. 

Increased Polarization on Earth

Blue Avians: And we would like to say we are showing Kate a visual. Right now, we are seeing three masses along the spectrum of polarity. There is the dark that is falling ever so lower. And there is the light which is rising ever so highly. And in the middle, the greatest mass of all, is a massive confusion. So this is a tug of war.

This is what we spoke of a few moments earlier about a conflict occurring on so many levels. There is a giant ball of gray in the middle. And we see so many souls muddling through, trying to come up for air and they gasp as they do.

Lightworkers Lift People Out of Confusion

It is as if though the lightworkers fish them out as soon as they emerge for air, and you pull them with you into the brighter, clearer polarity. The ones that come up for air, maybe those who attend your events, read your posts, read information that is not fed to them from the media. Those who in a moment of meditation, rise in consciousness enough so that they may be fished up and rescued by the light forces. And as such triggers their awakening.

When the Confusion Clears, Ascension Will be Triggered

It is a rise in consciousness, and the battlefield is this pit of confusion. This pit will continue for some time, but in time it will thin. And we would like to say that for now, the prediction is that the majority of individuals will align with the light. But there are some who will be won over by the fear, the anger, and the confusion of the dark. And when this cloud clears, and everyone has been more fully aligned by choice, this will trigger ascension. It cannot happen with this confusion. The confusion must lift enough for people to make a choice.

And when the masses — for we see at this point there will be masses who will join the light— and as such, their soul and their consciousness will brighten and lift. That will be the tipping point that will trigger ascension. And for some time to come, humanity and earth will be actively battling through this confusion.

Everyone Has a Choice

But the light forces have more pull, they have more power. They are a magnetic force that so many will flock to. It is already written that the light has and will win. But the question and the battle remains with so many individuals who have not yet to make their choice, who do not even know that there is a choice to be made.

As such, as Andreas [Sirian Being] has mentioned to you some time ago, it is important in your messages to the masses that you inform them of this choice. It does not need to be presented as gloom or doom, do or die. No, this can be presented to the masses that they must choose kindness, a better existence that they must find joy amidst this confusion, by virtue of finding calm and joy and of being the love they wish to see amidst this confusion. That is enough to pull them towards the light polarity. It does not need to be a conscious choice about ascending (for many do not even know and understand ascension at this point in the battle, in the game), it is a choice of choosing joy, love and kindness. It is that simple.

As such, it must be presented in simple ways, in simple language, for this is where you will win over many who are still buried by confusion and in receipt of conflicting messages. Does this answer your question as to how you can help shape and thin the confusion? 

The “No Mainstream Media” 5-Day Challenge

We would like to offer or suggest a tool, or a light challenge, that may come to the masses through you. Our challenge is that we will encourage humanity to turn off their news for five days. 

We understand for many this will be difficult but we will invite them to focus upon how lighter they feel at the end of the five days. How calmer, how clear, how happier and more secure they feel. 

And this in itself will be telling to them for they will understand the negative energy that is fed to them from the media. There are many ways to be informed without needing to hold out your bowl and have it be filled with fear for your consumption. For that is exactly what so many are doing. Unknowingly.

Let this be the five day, no media challenge. And we would encourage people to make a note of how they feel on day one versus day five. The results will be tremendous and palpable. And we feel that in that time, many will trigger their own awakening. Because their entourage, their guides, their angels, their Beings, their higher selves will be able to permeate and penetrate through this layer of confusion; and will be able to speak directly to the core essence of these individuals.

We challenge humanity to NO media. 

Kare: Wow. So when you say no media, you mean no YouTube, no internet, no TV. 

Blue Avians: We mean no mainstream news, whether it be televised or read on the internet. For the mainstream is the mainstream of darkness and confusion, is it not?

And what may help them if they are having a difficult time overcoming their addiction to their devices or the internet, then give them some suggestions for light-filled websites that they may go to whether they be meditations, prayers, feel good stories about how people are coming together during this pandemic. For there are so many more positive stories than there are not.

But your mainstream does not want you to know about the good, for it counters their agenda. But there are many, many websites that are sharing heartwarming stories about generosity, kindness, and a coming together at a grander level… more so than ever before. This is what people need to tune into. 

Kare: Love it! Thank you. Excellent suggestion.

Blue Avians: We are honored. Thank you and Blessings to you. 

Gaia’s Perspective on the Coronavirus

Gaia’s Perspective on the Coronavirus

Gaia’s Perspective on the Coronavirus

by Gaia & The Guardians of Gaia ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Gaia: Hello ladies, this is Gaia

Kate: Hello Gaia. I’m honored to be in your presence. Welcome. I thank you very, very much. We would like to know if you have any messages for humanity with regards to what we are all undergoing at this time. There is massive change for us at this point because of COVID-19. It has changed the way we interact. It is changing our society for the time being. And I’m sure that you are picking up on this change. What would you like to tell your human friends?

Gaia: Oh, my, there’s so much to express.

Your meditations are helping

First, I would like to commend all the lightworkers for their work and I want you to know that it is making a difference. I know many of you are wondering if these meditations are making any difference because the external news that you’re watching is not reflecting this change at all. However, I can assure you that it is making a difference and I ask that you continue with your meditations, with however you are moved to contribute. It is making a difference. Every little drop of positive energy is another drop on our side, so to speak.

It’s time to choose what you want to experience

It is a very, very polarized time in the history of this realm. And it will become even more so before, you could say, before the world splits. It is not a physical splitting. It is a choice point that this mythological split is expressing. It’s a choice of which side you as a being choose to resonate with? The fear? Or the peace? And the ascension, is of course, upon the side of peace.

Choose Love

And this COVID-19, as you are referring to it as, is a very polarizing energy that has come into the planet to assist people in making choices. It brings up everything. And this is an opportunity for each being to make a new choice. To choose the love. To choose the harmony. And although the mainstream news is reporting upon terrible circumstances and people dying, we would invite you to look more directly to your experience. What is your experience in your neighborhood? People are getting out. They’re happier. They’re more relaxed. They’re honoring each other’s space and keeping the distance. And at the same time, they’re honoring their own needs to be out, to be conversing and to be celebrating. And all this good, positive energy is contributing to the love that we all in our hearts want.

The mainstream media, and even the not-so-mainstream media, who are speaking to you could say the opposite side of the coin to which the mainstream media is talking… those talking points. They’re still fighting.

We all want to come Home

And what we all desire—whether it be myself, whether it be the Guardians of Gaia, your higher selves, or all the Beings who are here holding space for each and every one, for myself for this entire third dimensional experience—we all want to come home. We all want to come home to that place of peace. We all want to come back home to love. We all want to come back home to trust… trusting that we are safe and well.

Focus upon what you want to create

And this is a grand opportunity to focus upon what it is you do want to experience. Take time out of your day, whether it be busy or not busy (for those extremes exist too for people) and focus upon that which you want to create. This is an opportune time to look at what is it you want to create. Even if it’s a lost job, for possibly that job did not bring you joy. Trust that there is a reorganization that is going on and will continue to go on after. And the important thing is to hold to the frequency, the energy, the feelings, the good feelings that you desire to manifest. Allow those to move out in front of you, to move forward, to visualize, to imagine. And you’re inviting more of that into your field, and therefore more of those energies into your physical experience.

Kate: That is beautiful. Thank you, Gaia.

Gaia: And I want to express that this was a concert of Gaia and The Guardians of Gaia who were speaking.

Kate: Thank you for that. Thank you. And if I may ask one more question. Would you and The Guardians like to tell humanity about what humanity can expect in the next year?

The Guardians of Gaia: These are the Guardians speaking, for we have access to this information more readily than Gaia. And we see that there is great change. And the main thought, the main focus to keep in mind, is that this is indeed change for the better. And although humans are not so comfortable with change, it will be challenging but the outcome of these changes will be so much more rewarding and fulfilling and heart-inspiring than any perceived losses.

We’re being called to focus on the future we desire

We do not see this change as being horribly difficult in that there are many timelines that this could be going down. And this is why we’re inviting you, and calling you, to focus upon that which you want to create. This is where you’re deciding which timeline you will experience. There are some [timelines] that are difficult, but it does not need to be that. We invite you, we call you to focus upon change that’s positive, change that you easily adapt to, and change that once established, is deeply appreciated and honored.

Kate: Thank you. Beautiful words. And yes, it’s a very solid reminder that we co-create a future and that we have to remain positive and focus on that which we desire.

Gaia is releasing many old energies that no longer serve her

Gaia: And understand that during this time that I, Gaia, will be releasing many old energies that no longer serve me, and no longer serve this ascension energy that is gathering momentum and strength. The fears that you experience, the fears that you experience within your body, are also felt by Gaia. For her body is your body and vice versa. And when you do feel these fears, to call upon your guides to assist you in the release of this. Call upon your guides to assist Gaia in the release of this, for it truly is a co-creative effort. It’s actually a mass effort for you all are going through a very similar time.

Fear will be present. This is normal and natural. This is not to be repressed or ignored. If it [the fear] is arising, then acknowledge it and then ask for assistance in releasing it fully and completely. This is a time of polarities, a time of letting go of the darkness, of the deeply ingrained fears of the collective, of the ancestral memory that is actually impressed into the DNA, into the physical structures. This is releasing. And we thank you for your efforts.

And we also understand that it can be awkward and feel awkward in the beginning. This is a time to reach out to friends. And to ask for assistance from your guides, to reach out to those who understand this process, and to trust that the help is there. For it truly is.

You are not alone

And that you are not alone in this time, even though it may appear as such. We are all in this together. We chose to be here in this moment, on this timeline, at this time. Whether we’re conscious of this choice or not, matters not. What matters is the energies, the feelings that we embody and moving forward through this difficult time. What matters is that we embrace these good feelings, this better world that is in the process of manifesting. And trusting that this is indeed happening now.

You are in the midst of the ascension, the rising of consciousness. And you have been for some time. It is going well. And Gaia is very grateful for everyone, for every effort. Thank you.

Kate: Thank you for that beautiful message. I know it will help many. You’ve offered some wonderful tools to help people deal with the fear and how to ask for help. And we’re very grateful.

Many Beings are assisting

Gaia: As am I and as are the Guardians. We thank you and we thank all the beings, human and non-human, who are lending their might, their energies, their focus, their attention. For when I say you are not alone, it truly is true. You are not alone. There are many beings: angelic who are assisting, extraterrestrials who are circling your planet within the invisible realms, who are also assisting. There’s so many.

And the important thing is not to open up to just anyone but use your discernment and use your intention. Intend to open up to those who are aligned with the ascension energies, who are aligned with the light. Be clear about who it is you are asking for help from. This is very important and a very powerful time.

Trust your own knowing. This is what this time is all about. It’s about bringing the power back to your own hearts, to bring your choice, your free choice, your free will, back to your own heart, to your own mind.


Yes, it is a grand time. And there is cause for celebration. And we remind you to celebrate the small victories, the smallest of victories. For this has been beaten out of you, for generation after generation. It’s time to celebrate the brilliance of your humanity and the beautiful heart that you embody.

Kate: Thank you, Gaia. And thank you to The Guardians of Gaia, for your presence, your time, your inspiring messages.

Gaia: We appreciate the opportunity to express through this one and through you in this way.

Kate: Thank you very much. Many, many blessings to you.

Gaia: And blessings to all. We thank you.



Tuning out the fear of the Coronavirus

Tuning out the fear of the Coronavirus

Tuning out Fear of the Coronavirus

by The Crystal Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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Tend to your own Spirits

Although the coronavirus is are top of mind for most humans upon the planet who are plugged into the media, that is not the important piece that we would like to communicate. What is important is that people tend to their own spirits. And when the fear arises within them to not be a contributing factor to the fear that is running rampant across the planet. But rather withdraw from the fear. Be present with your own fear and allow yourself to process it.

Shift out of fear-filled states

Bring in those thoughts, those memories, those feelings that will enable you to shift out of that fear-filled state. And this will become even more important for each individual, with each passing day.  People are ensconced in this fear and getting stuck and allowing it to, to run their worlds. It’s a feeding frenzy for the dark ones.

Do take physical precautions

And what we invite you to do as humans is to be cognizant of what is happening, what is going on. Take certain precautions, ie: you know if you need food, if your cupboards are bare, ensure that you have some food in the house as you are watching the shelves [at the grocery stores] becoming bare. And this is unfortunately important.

Ask for energetic protection

But more than that, don’t get caught up in the in the fear. When you go out, before you leave the house surround yourself in love. Call upon your friends, your non-physical friends or angelic beings, or whomever you have a resonance with, to protect you. And imagine that you have a bubble around you protecting you, not even so much from the virus but from the fear.

Attune to the feelings that bring a smile to your face

It’s the fear that this virus resonates with, as does all disease. Disease is a physical manifestation of the lower frequencies, emotional frequencies that humans vibrate upon. Therefore, it’s more important than ever, to take time to meditate to attune to the vibrations the feeling that bring a smile to your face, that bring a smile to your heart, that make you feel safe. And simply recalling a memory where you actually felt that [good feeling] even if it was just from a movie. It does not matter from where you felt it. What matters is that you amplify these good feelings in your field, and memory serves to do this.

So, disconnect from the media, not totally and completely. It’s important to keep an ear to the ground to know what’s happening. But don’t spend your days or hours or any longer than necessary plugged into that fear.

Do whatever brings good feelings to you

And stay present with yourself. Be vigilant to not let that fear sneak in. Dance. Connect with nature. Do whatever brings good feelings to you – whether that be yoga, dance, physical movement, whatever it is. And that energy will act as a protective balm, if you will, that will keep this fear, this dis-ease at bay.

Everyone needs to learn to shift their perspective

Kate: And what I’m really gathering from your message is that everyone needs to learn to shift their perspective. When tuning into the media it’ important that you don’t allow the media to dictate what you’re going to focus on or think about that day, let alone what you’re going to feel. Everyone has to tune in to their own spirit and their own heart and dictate their own thoughts and feelings for the day.

Tune into your heart

Precisely. And to tune in to one’s heart to one spirit one only need ask, “How do I want to feel today? How do I want my day to unfold?” And then you’ll get a feeling or a thought. Then use that as your touchstone for the day and keep coming back to it and how good that feels. So, then you’re amplifying that which you want to amplify in your experience. And using your phones to remind you to focus upon what it is you want to. You can set your alarm for to go off every hour. There are many apps out there that will that will buzz you on the hour to remind you remember [to focus upon your desired feeling/intention]. Because this is not something that humans are so trained in.

Retrain your mind

And to train the mind at first, it does seem like a bunch of wild horses going off in a million directions and it does require a little effort. As you take each step, it becomes easier and easier. And then you’ll notice what triggers you, what upsets you – as in the media, many, many of the television shows out there, the movies have been designed to activate the fear. Humans have become entrained to fear. It’s about shifting one’s attention and learning how to do that. And at first it does require a bit of effort. But if think you about it, how powerful music is. You hear a song from your childhood and boom, you’re right back there! Right back in that memory in those good feelings. Use music that brings forth good memories. That’s a beautiful way to do it! Or whatever tool works for you.


Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

Ascension, 5G & the Coronavirus

by Eir Ar ~ The Blue Avian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.

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Hello, we are back again.

We are showing Kate a visual of the planet with the field that the 5G is beginning to create. And it is creating a field of great static. It’s much like there’s white noise that will constantly be flooding the human field, the collective consciousness.

 5G network impacts our emotions

This white noise will serve to interfere and interrupt any clarity, to deflect any light, and even worse, through this added effect it will enhance or amp up any fear. And so, of course the 5G does not have a direct relation or correlation with the coronavirus. However, as has been mentioned by us before, there is mounting fear about this virus within the human collective, and the 5G’s static is amplifying that fear. 5G has the ability to amplify all negative emotion—it is disruptive.

5G is only a temporary hurdle

However, we do not see at this time that the 5G will be as widespread and global prior to ascension. We are seeing it affecting certain pockets or fields, but it will not be as pervasive and widespread as many are fearing at this point in time. We feel that before that happens, humanity will reach a point of mass ascension.

And the 5G is just another technology that, as you know, is being leveraged by the dark ones to slow the process. However, we wish to remind you all that ascension is inevitable. It is much like a beautiful tidal wave of light, and the dark ones may throw rocks, they may put logs in the tidal wave’s way, and it may slow down the tidal wave, but the momentum has begun and nothing will stop it. So this is just fear.

Shift your perspective away from fear

And we wish for you to remind others that as long as they walk away from fear, they will not be impacted by the negative effects in the way that they believe. It is only when you embody the fear that you open yourself up to all the negativity that comes with it. So humans, and all individuals, have a great choice here. They can embody the light, the security, the happiness, and the power that they wish to embody, or conversely they can embody fear, anger, and grief. So you must choose what you wish to embody. That will in turn create and manifest your reality, and it will help perpetuate it for those around you.

What we would say about 5G, once again as with many things, the best way to prepare is to shift your perspective. This change must start within, and you are not powerless to protect yourself from it. You must always shield yourself with white light, and choose not to embody the fear that is offered to you. So many of you gobble it up for lack of a better word.

Nothing will stop human ascension

But you, as many light workers, are vibrating and existing at a much higher level, one that for the most part is above and beyond fear. However, you must reach down to those who are still populating that fearful vibration, and you must help lift them up. You must hold space for them. You must shield them with light and send light to the collective consciousness.

Nothing, and we repeat nothing, will stop ascension. And so, 5G is like a rock thrown at a tidal wave.

Global fear is a gauge of the upcoming ascension

We would also like to very briefly add (and we understand that you’re running out of your linear time, and we chuckle as we say that) that the fear you see being brought onto the planet is an indication that ascension is coming. This fear and this propaganda are the last resort for the dark ones. So this is a marker or gauge of their fear, their fear of ascension. They know they will not stop it but they are trying to slow it.

There is beautiful change ahead

Whenever you hear of anything negative or fearful, remember that this should serve not as a reminder that there are dark ones out there, but conversely, it should serve as a reminder to you (and all light workers) of the beautiful change and momentum that is upon you.

And this fear being thrown at you is a marker of the desperation that exists within the dark ones. They’re losing, and they’re aware that they’re losing their hold. They no longer have a grip. The worse things get according to your media, the better it is for all of you for it is a sign that they are desperately trying to stop what they know is coming.

Let this serve as a beautiful reminder of the change ahead for all of you. And embody that light… embody that excitement. Focus upon what lies beyond these changes and this temporary, fleeting fear.

Blessings to all of you.

Finding Your Inner Wisdom

Finding Your Inner Wisdom

Finding Your Inner Wisdom

by Andreas, Sirian ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, I would briefly like to speak to you about wisdom, and the importance of tuning into one’s inner wisdom in 2020.

All of your various and magnificent beings have warned of many changes in 2020. And there will be much, much media coverage of negative events. But understand that these events will be from the lens and the perspective of very few. And they will be offered by those who are not necessarily of the light. And so, it is very important for humanity not to tune in as frequently to the news. And this is not because ignorance is bliss. No, this is because you all have inner wisdom that is far greater and far more aligned with the universal truth than any radio station, TV station, or newspaper that you can attune to.

Wisdom is abundant in each of you

It is important that you all understand that your inner wisdom is more closely tuned to truth, reality, love, and fact than anything your media can feed you. So we are going to encourage you to tune out from all extraneous noise for this is all it is. It is noise. It is trying to shape your opinions and it is trying to tune you out and away from your own internal compass which carries with it the opinion of universal truth. You do not need to look outside of yourselves for truth and information. It is within each of you. It is within reach if you simply listen to it.

We, your universal and cosmic brothers and sisters, are all within reach. We are here to bring you the unbiased truth. Truth that will help you. Truth that will help unite you all, that will bring you together, and that will lift your spirits and feed your soul in a way that no media outlet has and will ever do.

Everything you need lies within

And 2020 will carry much negativity. And we are telling you that because, within each of you, there is all the light and all the love that you need. For inside, you are connected to everything that you need. What you need lies not outside of you, it lies within. This is where truth must be fished from. You do not need to seek it externally. We cannot stress this enough. As such, by tuning out of what lies around you in the world, and by tuning into your inner world, you will tap into everything you need.

This can be achieved through meditation

If meditation is not your forte, then simply close your eyes and sit in silence and just be with yourself. For you are all that you need. Your soul has all the riches. You were born with these riches and you will die with these riches. These riches are non-material. They are fully spiritual. And when you learn to attune to your own spirit, you will learn to tune into the truth that you and your soul needs. You will learn to tune into the truth that humanity seeks but does not know where to find.

Tune out the media and your phones

You have all been looking in the wrong direction. We are here to tell you that what you need lies within. We cannot stress and emphasize this enough. We are concerned for your moral and spiritual well-being. For you’re tuned into your phones, your televisions, your radios, and to noise. You seek connection to noise that feeds you not. The true connection comes through silence, through feeling, through the all knowing that lies within. And this does not need to be sought out with great difficulty or effort.

Silence is your soul’s music

You simply need to be in silence. For as another Being said, silence is the soul’s music. This will feed you all the information, all the knowing, and all the answers that you seek. They are within you, for there’s no disconnect between your own internal wisdom and universal wisdom.

You are all intricately and beautifully connected to each other and to all of your cosmic brothers and sisters. No, we do not look like you, but our essence and our core is pure and as bright as your own. And one day you will learn to tune out that which does not matter, that which does not carry the truth. And you will learn to distinguish seamlessly between what is truthful and what is not. But this must start within each of you. And this is why we stress the need for meditation and silence.

Connect with nature

Perhaps you can even connect with nature, for nature does not lie. All the lessons that you need lies within nature that’s all around you. It is in the spirit realm that so desperately wants to be heard, but that you have all learned to tune out.

Go back to your native roots. Look to your native brothers and sisters for the wisdom that they’ve learned to collect from everything that is in nature. Every spirit that lives in a tree, a flower, a river, the oceans and lakes, the air and the wind, carry with them a gentle truth that will always help your soul grow, and that will keep you on your true path.

So learn to tune into what’s important. Learn to tune into yourselves, to your own spirit, and to the spirit of all in the wilderness around you. For this is what you have always been connected to. This is what feeds your soul. This is what will free you. This is what will release you from the stress and noise that has imprisoned you for so long.

Finding your truth

So we are here, our human brothers and sisters, to teach you where to find true truth. And it is not in your news. You need to turn off your TVs and your phones, and tune yourselves back on to your own internal and spiritual compasses. You have become disconnected from yourselves. But as we have said, true happiness, your path, and true spiritual richness lies within. It is free. And it is your own voice that carries these messages−and no one else’s. Do not be discouraged by what your news outlets feed you.

And remember, there’s far more light coming into your realm and moving across your planet then you can see at this time. But if you learn to tune in, you will feel it. And you will hear its beautiful messages−messages that are abundant and ready to be heard if you simply learn to hear them. We will leave you with that.

2020 should be about wisdom and tuning into one’s internal wisdom. For it is there, and it lies within.

We bid you all much love and much light. And remember, you are not alone. You have never been alone, and you will never ever be alone.



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Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

Love is Dissolving the Old Ways

by The Crystal Beings ~ Channeled by Karen Heywood |

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 This is Crystal. And we are in agreement with the Pleiadians (click here to see their message). And we would like to add that we are seeing the Essence of Love, this higher frequency, coming into and throughout the planet and all the beings upon it. So, all beings are being influenced by this higher frequency.

Love is dissolving the old ways of being

And as a result, this higher frequency—this love—is contributing to the dissolution of many old structures. These could be personal habit patterns, social habit patterns, or collective patterns; you can think of this as economic structures, political structures, or personal structures. All these patterns that are, you might think of as outdated, will begin, or have already begun, the dissolution.

You’re seeing this with so much of the polarized news that is so prevalent throughout your media. Many people, many humans, are holding the perception that the planet is going to hell in a handbasket, so to speak. But what is truly actually happening is that these horrors, this evil that has been going on for eons and eons of time is now just becoming conscious. People are just now becoming aware of it. It’s becoming exposed.

And this is what the love is doing (bringing this darkness out of the shadows). It’s hard to take. It’s hard to accept. It’s a hard pill to swallow. However, one must learn. One must see where they are before they can take action to make a change in a healthier, more positive direction.

Exercises that will help during these challenges

So, given that this (the love) is going to continue to deepen and expand, we would like to offer up some exercises that can be helpful during such difficult times. When you find that you are challenged, that you’re being emotionally upset or triggered by things that you hear, things that you see, things that people are speaking about, politely excuse yourself or turn off the media.

Focus on your Breath

And just take a moment and focus upon your breath. And as this one will say and tell you, that by just simply focusing upon how it feels as the air moves into your body, and the air moves out of your body, this is one of the fastest ways to shift out of the mind and into the body.

So, this is one excellent, excellent technique to help soothe. Just focus upon a soothing breath… bringing that soothing breath in… and soothing your entire being. And you can think of just releasing any of the discordant energy and breathing in soothing, soothing energy.

Recall a memory that evokes joy or love or happiness

Another excellent exercise to help shift your state is to recall the time, recall a memory… It could be your own personal memory, or could be a movie that you’ve seen that evokes a really good feeling within yourself. This could be a memory of laughter, joy, happiness. For this one, it’s walking in the woods, seeing the sunset, looking at the stars. That’s what brings her peace and joy and opens her heart, expands her heart.

So, whatever it is for you, recall memories that bring this positive state into your experience now, in this moment. By learning to do this, it will teach you—that this idea that you’re not dependent upon external circumstances to feel good… that you can evoke this from within yourself—that will become a reality. But it does require practice. And it’s time. It’s time to take control of your own feeling experience, and focus upon that which you want to experience more of in your life. So, you’re amplifying this good feeling in your energies, in your field. And as a result, you’re going to attract more goodness into your world.

Focusing on the Breath is Meditation

Meditation is another excellent, excellent modality but people often shy away from meditation. We find that the breath is one of the best for bringing a person quickly back to their center. And you can just do this so easily just by focusing upon the breath and the feeling experience at the physical level.

It’s actually better than it appears

So, this is what we would like to impart. That there are changes, a lot of changes. They will look terrible. But underlying the dirt, the filth, are being cleared away so that the goodness can begin to take stronger root within this realm.

We thank you for your attention.
The Crystal Beings, Universal Travelers 


For more information that will help you better deal with the coming changes, please go to…
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2020 — A Year of Massive Change

2020 — A Year of Massive Change

2020 — A Year of Massive Change

by The Pleiadians ~ Channeled by Karen Ashby |

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Hello we are the Pleiadians.

We definitely have a message for 2020 that we wish to share.

It will be — it already is — a year of change, a year of massive shifting, not just for Mother Earth Gaia, but for the masses. It is going to be very intense, and by intense we mean in a good way. Although, on a personal level, you won’t all necessarily feel it at the onset. And from an emotional point of view, that is necessarily good. But as we say, this is a time of great change. And it is a time of dropping away from so many old thought patterns and belief systems.

Take time to slow down

Sometimes it will seem like you’re running after yourself to keep up. And this indeed may be the case. However, we would ask you when you feel this way to take a moment out of your day. Even if you’re just at work and going to the washroom for example, take another 30 seconds or a minute or two. However long you feel you can to ground yourself, to stop yourself from running, to open up to the essence of the change.

Focus inwards

And those of you that are further on the path will know about how to connect with the consciousness of that, which is the change in you. If you don’t understand that, then just to say I’m stopping myself, I’m slowing down for 30 seconds or a minute or two. And I’m focusing inward on being grounded and taking my energy into mother Gaia, so that you can carry on with your day without that feeling of trying to catch up to yourself.

Expect change on many levels

So, a huge year of change for all of you personally, for relationships, changing homes, changing locations, environments, changing jobs, doing a lot of change. Even if you’re not doing any of those obvious things, marriages, or divorces, you will be changing on a huge multi-dimensional level which you won’t necessarily be aware of. But as we’ve said before, now that we’re mentioning this, it will help you be aware of doors that are opening and doors that are closing. And as they say, when one door closes, another opens. So, be aware and have fun with the energy of this year because it’s so, so different from last year already.

Thank you for that message. We hope this helps.
The Pleiadians

For more information that will help you better deal with the coming changes, please go to…
Love is Dissolving the Old Ways, and
Finding Your Inner Wisdom


Path to Spiritual Success

Path to Spiritual Success

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Path to Spiritual Success

by The Arcturians ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello Kate. The Arcturians are here. Today we will be talking about the path to spiritual success.

All humans must look back on their life with great pride for how they reacted to challenges, hurdles and problems that they encountered, created, or were faced with. And the source of these problems, or the cause of them, matters not for they were charted and they were determined to manifest in anyone’s life. The true success is overcoming the deep emotional wounds and healing from them. And the ability to heal from these challenging life situations is how we would encourage you all to measure spiritual success.

It is not that you failed, it is not that you made a mistake. It is not that you didn’t act in accordance with that of all universal laws at all times. You are human. You come to this life, you come to this planet and live in this realm for you know and understand from the get go that it will be tarnished. That it will be peppered with mistakes and challenges. But you must look back on the canvas of your life and perceive the wholeness of your creation with pride. Pride that you overcame it, pride that you learned from it, and pride in the grand end result of what remains of you and of your spirit at the end of the road. And what the majority of humans will find, is that the end result, the final canvas that represents all the doings and all their past actions of this life, is far more beautiful and grander than they ever could have imagined.

And so it is important to take a step back and not to focus on what you didn’t do right, but focus on what you did right. For we can guarantee that in the majority of situations, you did far more right than you did wrong. But humans have been so deeply programmed and trained to focus on the negative, to extrapolate the difficult when there is far, far more beauty and strength that lies all around.

So it is important that each soul that comes to Earth must first feel pride in the fact that they have chosen to come to this very, very difficult realm. For it is one of the hardest schools of life. It is what many refer to in slang as the major boot camp. Its atmosphere is dense and challenging at best. And any soul that can muddle through life and still find a way to strive towards love, towards betterment, and who can recognize the beauty despite the density within and all around, that is a brave soul. One that is blossoming and shining, regardless of any negativity that it perceives. This is true spiritual success.

It is important that each individual looks back on life, not at what went wrong, not as what they regret and wish they did differently. But look back at what they did do right at times where they expressed love when it was difficult, at times when they fought for the truth when it was challenging at times, and when they strove to see the light in even the darkest of situations. If one looks back and has difficulty seeing that, then the recognition alone that there was an opportunity to see more optimistically, that is a grand step towards betterment. So it’s never too late. There is always an opportunity to learn, whether in the moment or in hindsight. For your human life is the grand canvas of all learning. It is a fast track school, a boarding school, a boot camp, as we’ve mentioned. And only the most hardy and determined souls come here. Those who are truly devoted, not only to their own learning and development, but to helping those around them by being facilitators, teachers, and advisors simply by being in this realm.

Many are shining their light and raising the vibration of love across the planet. And so, take pride not only in what you have accomplished, but also in what you and many, many millions of humans around you are accomplishing by simply being in your realm. For this is a grand collective accomplishment.

Continue to walk forward with great light. Shine your light, feel the love, not only for those around you but for yourself too, for there is no separation.

We wish you much love and much light,
Your friends, the Arcturians.


Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

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Interaction Between the Collective Consciousness & the Individual

by Samson, Andromedan ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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We are teaching you about the flow of light, information and wisdom, from that of the collective to that of the inner collective. And you see, every individual’s inner wisdom, inner compilation of experiences and love can be most valuable when it feeds that of the collective. And in turn, the information that exists within the collective, including its love, its wisdom, its teachings can in turn benefit the individual. This flow is key for the expansion and evolution of the collective consciousness. For it is constantly moving forward and evolving. As the experiences of all individuals who comprise the collective consciousness feed into this collective energetic entity, it grows and expands. It brightens. And it matters not if the wisdom is founded in dark or light-based experiences. What matters is the learning that has resulted from those experiences, for that learning can easily be translated into wisdom, wisdom that feeds the whole. And in time, humans will become more adept at tuning into this collective consciousness. They will be able to derive and deduct the important lessons that are contained within this universal wisdom regardless of the whether or not they have experienced the various situations that have led to that wisdom, you see. This is the beauty and the benefit of the collective. Information is available for all – whether one has fed into it, whether one has experienced all that is contained within.

It is much like the internet. You can type in, and access, any word—and an abundance of information will appear. Though you are not aware of it when you are typing it, all the information is there ready to be offered and downloaded.

The collective consciousness can much be compared to and described as the spiritual internet. However, your internet can carry within it some darkness, some negativity, and many, many mistakes or incorrect information. The collective consciousness filters all of it and it boils it down to light-based wisdom, regardless of how this wisdom was amassed or contributed to the whole. It exists in its purest form. It exists in higher learning, in love, in forgiveness, in altruism and in healing.

For every human experience, and in fact, every experience that has ever been lived by any being (whether they be human or other), it is all for the purpose of spiritual growth and betterment. And once that lesson has been filtered and purified to a point of positive learning, growth and betterment, it then feeds universal wisdom and the collective consciousness. For they are one and the same. And so every being, whether they are aware of it or not, whether they intend it or not, feed the whole. They are part of the whole.

It is much like the analogy that we have shared with you in the past where every individual entity, or soul, is a drop of water in a massive wave in the ocean. That wave represents the collective consciousness taking shape, moving in tandem, moving forward towards a common goal. Nonetheless, every drop of water is part of the whole. The difference is humans at this time, see and identify themselves as one individual drop of water, they do not understand that they are part of the whole, that they are part of this collective, which is comprised of many souls of many drops of water moving together.

In time, as humanity ascends in consciousness and in their understanding of consciousness and universal love, they will be aware that they are moving together towards a greater existence, towards a greater unifying purpose. This is how we can best describe the collective consciousness.

And every drop of water is important. But it is still an individual entity, that is part of a much bigger movement. And so everyone is important, but together you are more powerful, much like an ocean wave. There is a combined, united life force that exists, that is much stronger and more influential than a single drop that is contained within. It is such a simple analogy that you can all understand when it is described as water. Yet when it is described as your own spirituality, combined with that of the collective spirituality, it can and has become so confusing. But it need not be.

For any truth, when it is intact and unfiltered through one’s individual bias, or expectations and fears, is simple and beautiful. As all universal wisdom, and the laws that are derived from that universal wisdom, are simple and easy to grasp, as long as one removes the filters of expectation, bias, and fear. And we will add another lens that has been misused by many humans. And that is the lens of full, separate individuality. Individuality on its own is positive. But when one sees themselves as separate, separate from the greater good, from the greater love, that is a form of disconnect that is derived by fear and a deep misunderstanding. So we are simply here to share with you, our human brothers and sisters, other beings of our light family, that you are not alone.

You are not alone in every sense of the word. You are more connected and more united than you have ever imagined. And there is beauty and endless love and joy and peace within this universal and collective wisdom. It is yours. It has always been yours. And it is yours to grasp, to revel in, to learn from, to grow with and into. Whether this starts within yourself at an individual level, or whether this starts with a small spiritual group or community, it does not matter as long as you are moving towards the greatness that lies in the collective. As long as you are moving forward.

We wish you much light and many blessings.



How Higher Beings Learn from Humans

How Higher Beings Learn from Humans

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How Higher Beings Learn from Humans

by Samson, Andromedan ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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Hello, Kate. This is Samson. You’re feeling my very high vibration and energy. It is really wonderful to be connecting with you again. It is really quite fun for me. As I mentioned before, channeling with you and with anyone is truly a much better experience than I had originally foreseen.

I’ve learned so much, so much more than I had expected. And not only has it provided me with some very valuable insight about humans, their emotions, their thoughts, and their rationale, but I’ve been able to relate this very informative data back to my circle, my network on my planet.

And I want you to know that as we speak, this information is flowing through them. And all these people from my planet are slowly learning more about humans in a very different way than they’ve ever learned about them before. Before it was snippets of data, very logically fed to us. Although, the information itself felt very illogical because to us, humans on the surface do not seem like a very rational being. They seem to act alone and haphazardly, wading their way through confusion and chaos. And we could not understand them. We were told that they possessed great emotions, many bad, many wonderful. But by tapping into you, and by extracting your essence and understanding more about how you think, and how your feelings and emotions influence your thought, and vice versa, I’ve been able to relay that back to the planet. And so they are now feeling humans as opposed to learning from them rationally.

They are tapping into the essence of humans. Now mind you, they are tapping more clearly into your essence, for your human essence is the only one that I’ve connected with. But either way it is a beautiful window into the rest of your humanity. And while they understand that they are only receiving information from one human, it certainly does fill in the gaps and it is very enlightening for them. There are a lot of “ah has” and “ohs” and “That’s how it works on their planet.” And for the most part, the information has been very well received.

For they understand that from our perspective, many human actions seem very irrational and inexplicable and that they have a foundation. And whether or not we as a people understand the foundation and the basis for your decisions and your logic, we understand that through your lens, it for the most part feels logical and sensical. And we respect that.

We are very logical

We approach life through logic. We always approach things with a view of what is best for the all. And well, humans don’t always feel and act that way, we understand that at least they’re trying to find logic or make sense of their intentions and their direction. And that much thought goes into this. And while we see the gaps in your thought, we are also learning very much from what you put into those thoughts, and you put in far more emotions into your thoughts and decisions than we do. And we appreciate and respect that, for you are emotionally-based and therefore, you need to act in a way that makes emotional sense to you and brings you emotional peace.

Me and my people do not carry the same emotions or carry them with the same intensity as you do. Our decisions are not based in emotion. They’re based in other factors and other traits that are important to us. But we don’t need to get into that now, for it would probably be too complicated and difficult to explain. Or rather, I can’t quite convey it in a way that would make sense to you. But all you need to know at this time is that our decisions are always based on what is best for the all. And not only what is best for all beings at this time, but what will be best for them in the future. Although our timeline is different than yours, we also have a sense of the now and a sense of the what will be. And it is more a thought-projected future, a future that is thought-based; not one that is time bound. And we understand this is very difficult for you to understand. But our time reflects an evolution of thought and process.

And that is how we carry ourselves forward. And that is how our society has evolved. It evolves along a thought timeline, not a timeline that is clock bound such as yours.

And so, we are very deeply interested in your race. And you will find that I’m very eager and willing to channel with you more because every time I do I have so many beautiful “ah has” and epiphanies that I am equally eager to share with my people.

And this is good for you and your people Kate because we are learning from you. And we are therefore gaining more sympathy and respect for your people. As I mentioned before, we are learning from you in a very different way now. And this is good, for it connects us in the way that we need to be connected.

Where you seek to connect with us spiritually, we seek to connect with you energetically. And from your lens spirit and energy are very much the same. But spirit encompasses so much more than just energy. And again, energy encompasses much more than just spirit. And I understand that this may not make full sense to you.

But understand that on our planet, rather, we refer to a holistic energetic consensus, an energetic pattern that flows within us and guides us all in unity and in unison. Whereas for you, spirituality exists first at an individual level and then you seek to connect with others spiritually. We are already energetically connected as one.

And so, our spirituality has never very much been an individual entity, but one that exist, grows and evolves through our level of physical and energetic connectedness. It is very difficult for me to explain this because it is so different from you and your people. But I assure you that one day, as you are exposed to various different ETs, this will become clearer.

What you need to know now is that we are all benefiting greatly from the two of us connecting and channeling in this way. And as interesting as this may be to you individually, for this is feeding your soul, your spirit and your intellect, know that the information that we in turn are receiving from you is feeding far, far more people than you could even imagine. And it will continue to. For as I mentioned, we have what we call a thought-evolution. Our thoughts carry us forward along our energetic evolution. And so these thoughts and this understanding of humans will snowball and propel us forward in our connection to humanity. In turn, this will further drive and propel our desire to help you. And it is not to say that the desire has been lacking. No. But there has been a lack of understanding. We know that we’ve needed to help humans, for they are part of the light family. And for it is the right thing to do for all beings on Gaia.

And that, much like all the other ETs that are there to help you, we want to welcome you to the Galactic Federation of Light, where you have a very big place at the table, so to speak. And right now there is a very big gap. There is an absence. The absence of humanity is felt and it has been felt for eons. But we know that that seat, that very important void, will be filled by humans in time. My people have always been motivated to bring you back into the family that you have always belonged to, albeit unbeknownst to you all until very recently.

We are now even more motivated and driven to help you, for we feel that we are gaining a deeper understanding of you. And yes, Kate, this is very much through you. And as I’ve mentioned, as people are realizing that channeling with high vibration and heart-based humans can be a very interesting, educational and informative experience, more of my people are lining up to channel with more people like you.

And so, a very important and positive momentum has started. And so we all thank you. Me and my people thank you for being the unwilling educator. This is a great honor for my people value logic, and we value doing things that benefits the whole. We understand that learning about you benefits our people and it allows us in turn to benefit the whole that is the universe, and the light family within our universe. And so the benefits far outweigh any negative that could ever come of this. And the negative is not between our connection. The negative is with the pros and cons that my people are weighing as they decide whether or not more of them should channel other humans.

We Do Everything as a Collective

As we’ve mentioned, we do everything as a collective. We do, think, feel, intend, choose and move forward and evolve as a collective. No one is left in the dark on my planet. We all move together. We move unanimously and everyone agrees with the approach and there may be fine tuning done here and there, but we all move forward with equal motivation and equal conviction, for we understand this is the right way to go. And this is the right thing to do.

So we are all learning from this. And those that have been reluctant to channel humans in particular, felt that by doing so alone and connecting with a lower vibrational being, who is conveying many untested thoughts and ideas, could be alarming or disturbing for someone from my planet. But we now understand that there is a great emotional source within each of you, one that we could all learn from. And while we can apply greater rationality and logic to the emotions that you feel, we are learning about your feelings. We are understanding these very mysterious emotions that we have learned about when we have been taught about humans. But we are now coming to understand them at a deeper level. And we are incorporating these human emotions that you’re conveying into our thought process in our thought-evolution.

And we understand how deeply humans feel. Every emotion is felt so intensely and deeply, and so often it is felt alone. And for that we sympathize with humans. We now understand the darkness that you feel, the imprisonment that you feel by these emotions that often times you do not choose, and cannot control, and have a difficult time overcoming and understanding.

And therefore, my people understand your confusion on a more personal level. And they are very motivated to help you come out of this, to help free humans so that they can shine their more beautiful side of emotions to the rest of the universe. To teach everyone about the intensity that love can exist with, and that it can be beautiful. See, my people have a universal love. It is not an individual and intense love the way that humans feel it. We feel love for what propels us to do what is best for all. We feel love for everyone for they are equal sparks of light and equally valuable beings, but we do not love in the same way that you do. We do not and cannot love one being more than another. This has always been a very foreign, odd concept for us.

But in tapping into you, and understanding and witnessing this love that you have for your children, for your husband, your friends and for the two Karens, we understand the depths of your love and we respect very much. It cannot be explained rationally. And that too is a foreign concept to us. But we understand love. And we are learning so much from the love that you feel and the love that you are not only conveying for the other beings on your planet Kate, but even for the love that you feel for me and for Ovita, Saul and Eon. And we feel so blessed to be in receipt of this intense love. On my planet we do not feel this intense love that one may have for an individual. It is a collective love. So I feel this wonderful love from you. I feel that it is directed at me, that I am the target. And I feel honored. And I’m abuzz from this love. Your love has such a high, strong intensity and vibration. It feeds me. Oh, if you could see the hair on my head stand now.

(Chuckle from Kate) I like that I make you laugh.

Yes, you were asking if you will ever see me. You will. First you will see me more clearly with your third eye chakra. Then you will see me in the physical, but it will be when you are a little older than you are now.


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