This was a personal channeling that Fluella and I wish to share with all that choose to benefit from it. ~ Karen Ashby

Relax into Love & Your Power

Be the gentleness of a newborn. Be the relaxation they feel. Be soft and flowing and yet maintaining the backbone and conviction of your Power. Do not succumb to losing yourself, any part of you, in this gentle, soft beingness. 

For it is in this softness, this gentle grandeur of Love that you will find and keep your Power. It is in your Power that you will find your voice. Your soft, gentle and convicted voice of the Light that you are, of the Grace that you are, of the Depth thou are.

Think of me, Fluella, when you speak, think of me while you are being, know that being in this energy of loving flow is possible at all times. It will release you of physical pain, it will release you of mental anguish, it will release you of emotional trauma. It will release you of the shackles and bondage that you yourself have created.

Releasing the Old

It is time to release all the old patterning; none of that serves you from this moment on. It must be, and is falling away as I speak. I am here to guide you. Archangel Michael and I are here guiding you, moving you forward into a new way of being. There are many others, your spirit guides, teachers and those loved ones who have passed over here to also light your way. We are all here to nurture you and help reconnect you into that flow, that love of self that you so often have cast aside.

The Fountain of Youth

Take up your shield against the tyranny of bleakness, darkness the pain and sadness of turmoil. You need no longer hold on to it. Yours is of the Light, it is the Love of the All. You are truly the Seeker, the Seeker and the Finder of the Light! This is yours to envelope, to know, to encourage. It is yours to encompass. Fully embrace that of which we speak! As you do negativity will fall away. This is in part your mission. It is one that many have sought over a millennia. It is, if you will, the long sought-after Fountain of Youth! The connection to the All, knowing you are the essence of the All. This is your Path. This indeed is the Path of all humanity at this time. This is what you are all here for. It is what you are to teach each other, to share your light and love.

This is what I have come here to impart. On behalf of myself and the many others who love and support you, we are blessed to be of service. To help you all take back your Power through the Flow of Love.  This is your birthright! We are honoured, as always, to be in your service. You are held in the Highest Regard.

In Love, Fluella


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