Ashtar's Remedy for Impatience

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare [interviewer]: Is there a topic that you would like to speak to for our newsletter this month?

Ashtar & the GFOL [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Let us confer. There is always so much we wish to say, but we need to align the message with the general mood and frequency of the human collective.

There are two themes coming up. There is a focus on lack, and there is much impatience. Many, many are experiencing impatience on a number of different levels. They are impatient with the state of the planet, they are impatient with their fellow humans, particularly those who may not be awakening or may not be standing from a place of unity, those who are creating division. It is triggering many lightworkers. It is creating much more upset than need be.


Old Emotions are Being Purged

We also see that many lightworkers who are awakening are naturally being called and impulsed to step into their work. And of course, we encourage them and we invite them to do so. However, they must be ready to step into their work. And in order to be ready, there is much inner work that they need to do. We have seen mass clearings, mass purging, mass introspection on behalf of many lightworkers, but they are growing tired of this. They are eager to sweep these old negative emotions under the rug so that they can step into their brighter role. And we understand this, and we are not telling people not to step into their role. But we are simply reminding them of the need to be patient with their inner work.

This is extremely important that they remove themselves from any lower vibrational energies, emotions, and experiences so that they can more fully and consistently vibrate in alignment with universal love because they need to uplift humanity into this vibration. They are the hot air balloon, if you will, that upholds the rest of humanity. And if they themselves are not clean, and honed and ready, they cannot fully carry out their work or doing so would be very difficult.



Be Patient with Yourselves & Each Other

We are going to remind everyone to be patient with themselves, to be patient with the process that they need to undergo at a personal and spiritual level. And at the same time to be patient with their fellow humans who are also undergoing their own emotional purging, who are also in the process of awakening or have not awakened yet.

We must remind everyone that we need to respect everyone else’s journey and process. We need to exercise compassion, as opposed to impatience.

We all need to be kinder with ourselves and kinder with each other. It is through compassion that there will be growth, unity, and positive momentum. The impatience only serves to hold you down and back. It slows the progress, you see. We would like the two of you to speak more about being patient with yourself, to accept and acknowledge everything that you are feeling and experiencing for all these emotions come as teachers. These teachers cannot be ignored, they must be heard. And once the lesson has been accepted and integrated, then you are ready to move on to the next.



And as for the lack that we mentioned, this lack is somewhat related to the impatience. But people are focusing on what they do not have – not only with the material and with the tangible – but a lack of intuition, a lack of patience, a lack of support from those around them, a lack of compassion, either compassion that they feel they are receiving from others or, as we have implied before, a lack of compassion towards themselves and their own process.


You Are Being Reborn

For you are all, in your own ways, you are being reborn. You are letting go of the old: the old you, the old patterns, the old energies, even the old energies that belonged to humanity and to your mother Earth, Gaia. You are shedding these. This is an old skin they are literally crawling out of, and you are re-emerging into a brave new world and into a brave new version of yourselves.


All this takes patience and compassion. There is no lack. There is just a letting go of the old that did not serve you. The new world and the new you will not have any lack, quite to the opposite. It will be abundant and fulfilling. And so everyone’s perspective must change.

I understand that we have shared much but this is very important for humanity to understand. This is part of the healing process. It is an important and pivotal part of the transformation.

We thank you ladies for your time, for giving us a voice and for helping us impact humanity. And blessings to all.

~ Ashtar & Members of the Galactic Federation of Light

Note: During this channeling we asked Ashtar to provide us with a method to help people shed old emotions and shift their perspective. He offered this simple yet powerful visualization exercise. We hope you enjoy it.

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