Ashtar's Insight into Recent Fatigue

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Kare [interviewer]: Many of us have been very, very tired over the past week or two and requiring a lot more sleep. Is there something going on that you can speak to?

Ashtar and GFOL [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Yes, there are a number of criteria. What we are showing Kate (channeler) is a visual of incoming energies which in and of themselves, the incoming energy, or the waves that we have seen moving in, are not as fatiguing or impactful on humanity.

However, the incoming energy has been working to clear out negative and dense energy. As the old, denser energy is moving out, it is once again moving through many lightworkers. For you know that the two of you, as many on your planet, act as two-way energetic valves. You allow new light and energy to be anchored and you also allow older energies at times to move through you and up and out so that it can be transmuted.



Outgoing Energy is Creating Fatigue

So, this outgoing energy has been very heavy for many of you, particularly those who are quite awakened and who have fully stepped into their role as lightworkers. And as you know, you have many roles. And the other aspect of this is because many of you have been called upon more frequently in your dreamtime in order to carry out your other work. And so, spiritually and energetically you are not as rested for oftentimes in your sleep, energetically, you may be resting or you may be galivanting through more pleasant, restful dimensions and realms. However, when you are called upon to do more heavy work, this is intense and at times can feel energetically draining. When you wake up, you are still fatigued energetically. And this tends to take hold at a physical level.

This fatigue tends to anchor itself in the body as well. So it is felt on many levels. We don’t see that this will last much longer, for there has been a huge clearing out of these old, stagnant, dense energies that have been leaving your planet.

However, as we’ve mentioned, this is half the story. You will continue to be called upon in your dreamtime to work, to assist, to carry out your respective missions. And so, there will still be some fatigue, but it will be less of a double whammy. It will not be coming at you from every direction but rather from one direction. We see for some, the fatigue has already begun to subside. For others, it may be another week or so. And there may be ebbs and flows and ups and downs in these spurts of energy and moments of fatigue. We hope this explains.

We thank you ladies for your time, for giving us a voice and for helping us impact humanity. And blessings to all.


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