Ashtar’s Important Advice to Lightworkers

by Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, frequently tune in to your social media platforms. And we are in many ways delighted by the increased light, by the awareness, by the willingness of many of you lightworkers and starseeds alike to share information and insight, to collaborate, to come together and support each other.

We are also, however, quite concerned for lack of a better word around the amount of misinformation that is being circulated. And some of this information is unintentional, it is innocent, it is information that is brought forth by individuals who are unfortunately very attached to certain outcomes and whose expectations are filtered and create bias within the messages they put forth. This is unintentional.

Avoid Specific Attachments

But we wish to say to all individuals to avoid becoming attached to any set predictions, to any set outcomes, whether it is the timing of a specific event, whether it is the outcome of a particular political landscape or election, whether it is how chaotic the world may or may not become. There are many predictions out there that we feel are spoiling the waters of clarity.

Our advice to all of you, for we know that with so much confusion it is very difficult to discern at times, but we would advise all of you, those who are sharing these messages as well as those who are reading them, to only attune to that which resonates with you in your heart. If any message creates fear or concern, it does not serve you and it will likely not serve humanity. Do not give it any more effort or energy for it is not feeding your soul. And if there is a message that fills you with hope, inspiration and joy, then that is the message that you were meant to hear.

Perpetuate Hope & Calm

As lightworkers it is important to remember that we all have a responsibility for perpetuating calm and hope through the information that we share. And we understand that there are a lot of truths out there that are difficult for all of us to hear. And that many on Earth are here as truth seekers, whistleblowers, and they are doing their job very well.

For those of you who resonate as lightworkers and starseeds, it is important that you hold the light, that you remain the voice of calm, that you infiltrate hope, love and peace where it is needed. And while many of you do not intend to do the opposite, you must truly filter your messages and ask yourselves if there is any even minor or mildly fear-based information that could create alert or panic. Then you must decide if it is worth sharing this message or not. It is very important how you share your message. And ask yourself if this message will serve the all or not?


Social Media

Focus on the Beautiful Future that Lies Ahead

There is a confusion, a blanket of chaos and uncertainty that has blanketed humanity. And we are all working hard to lift this, to help many humans discern. And we need your help. We need you to be the voice of calm and of reason. We understand there is much difficulty in the world, and the outcome is absolutely positive and beautiful for humanity, regardless of how and when it will come. You must hold the vision of the end result, the future and the life that you seek for yourselves and for humanity.

These messages of fear will not help anybody. Because remember, while many have the ability to read these messages and discern and maintain an optimistic outlook, there are many who have not yet learned the art of discernment, who are not yet masters of holding the light within themselves. And you must consider the impact of fearful messages on those who are desperately seeking inspiration and hope. So remember, my dear lightworkers, those who are part of our broader soul family, you are here to be the voice of hope, of light and of love. So this is about the art of discernment, and the need to hold the calm and to spread the light and only the light.

I hope this message meets you all with an open mind and I hope that you understand that the intention of this message is to remind you all of the importance of the role that you play here. That your voice is a beacon of light and hope and so you must do your best to keep it as such.

We thank you for considering our words. And we thank you for your work and your commitment.


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