Arcturian Message: Create in the Vibration of Love

by The Arcturian Council ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Arcturians.


Hello our dear ones,

We are at the Arcturians. We are honored and delighted to once again have an opportunity to share our messages, insight and love with you all. As you may know, we in many ways are your brothers and sisters of the light. We are not that different from you. Although perhaps, to the naked eye, you would see and perceive us as quite different.

We would like to speak briefly about the connection that we, the Arcturians, share with humanity. We have long served as your guardians, as your guides, as your watchdogs. We have long served as watchdogs to humanity as well as to your beautiful Gaia to ensure that your evolution is aligned with all that you need to know, feel, and experience so that this ascension process may be in alignment with your greatest good. Of course, there is only any level of intervention, and we will say more direct guidance, from us when we feel that it is necessary. All in all, our dear ones, we are all equal sparks of the Divine Source. The only difference is that perhaps we have ventured a little bit further along in our consciousness evolution.



We have experienced long, long ago much of what humanity is experiencing at this time. And as such, we stand by you and with you, as guardians who know all too well what you are experiencing. We understand the division, the polarity, the judgment, and the fear that is often very pervasive in your realm and in your experience. We are here to remind you, our dear ones, that you are part of a much grander collective, that many of you have been us, and that many of us have been you. We are simply at this time in different stages of our evolution. We are experiencing something different but nonetheless we are all part of a grand collective of light.

Manifest from Love

We, the Arcturians, come to remind you that at your core, you are much more than you give yourselves credit for. You are light and you are of the light. You are capable of great love as well as great and tremendous creativity. When you create through love, you manifest great things. And conversely, if you create in the absence of love, what you manifest also reflects the absence of love. As such, we are here to remind you to connect with your Higher Selves and your inner light. Remember who you are, what you are from; that at your source point origin you are all from the light simply experiencing individuality and remembering that even as individuals of light, you are part of a much greater collective. This collective is a strong one, it is bonded and sealed in love and in peace. This is what you are all learning to return to. But like many journeys, it can be bumpy at times, it can be wrought with ups and downs. Humanity has been experiencing this.



We are here to assure you that the ride forth will level out. It will normalize. And as you become clearer in your thoughts of love, and what you want to experience and manifest in your individual lives as well as for humanity as a whole, you will very easily and quickly manifest and attract all that you desire.

Wielding Your Creative Power

As such, it is important that you are very aware of all of your thoughts, all of your intentions, your desires, and your words. For this is what the Universe is hearing, and at this time, the energies are ripe for manifestation. So be aware of your co-creative power, your abilities. Be very mindful of all that you focus on and choose wisely. Choose Love, choose unity, choose harmony.


Do not succumb to the fear and the negativity that has been long fed to you. For it is your power as well as your birthright entitlement to rise above all that is not within the vibration of love. The vibration of love is your spiritual home. It is your true forum and arena through which you can experience and manifest all things. This is your power. It is a power that you are all learning to become familiar with once again.

It is our pleasure and delight to see you play with these abilities. They are not new powers, but they are powers that many of you have forgotten to wield in a way that benefits you and to the greatest good.

Once again, our dear loved ones, you are supported and you are guided. Be creative. Use love as your canvas for creation.

Blessings to all of you,
The Arcturians

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