Accessing Spiritual Abilities: Part 6: Clairsentience

by Council of the Guardians of the Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Council of the Guardians of the Light. 

Part 6: Clairsentience


Hello our dear ones,

We are the Council of the Guardians of the Light. We are pleased to be here and to have this opportunity to speak to you all. For we understand that as of late, you have been learning much about your innate human abilities. That is, all abilities that you possess at a metaphysical and spiritual level. There are many, many more in fact than we can speak of simply because many of your metaphysical abilities are still in development, they are still evolving and shifting, and many of you are learning about these.



But today we will speak about Clairsentience for this is an ability that is intensifying within the entire human collective. Clairsentience is also known within your realm as clear sensing, or clear feeling. It is an ability to filter energies and information that is generated and or originates from people, locations, and even events that lie outside of any one individual. This, in many ways, can be interchangeable with the empathic abilities for they are very, very similar. But Clairsentience exists as a broader spectrum, as an ability that can permeate many, many more fields. Whereas the ability to be empathic can allow you to read the immediate energies that are in and around your purview of existence, clairsentience exists at a much broader level. It is an ability to tune in to real or ‘live time’ energies, whether they are coming from one individual around you, from an entire collective, from a geographical location and perhaps any energetic imprints that exist within that area. But they also allow an individual to attune to perhaps a past situation; to events and energies that are not necessarily unfolding in the present moment. Clairsentience is an ability to tune into what has been, what is, and what will be, that is what is a likely or has the highest potential to unfold.

Clairsentients are Sensitive Energetic Antennas

It is one’s ability within their aura, within their energetic field, and within their energetic core to become like a very receptive antenna to read, sense, feel, and absorb any energies that is unfolding around them. As you know, our dear ones, energies hold and contain information. These parcels of information that are absorbed by any one individual who is clairsentient, they bring about much information not only about what one is experiencing, or perhaps what a group has or will experience, but also about what has unfolded within a particular place or location.

This information can be filtered and read by a clairsentient individual on many, many levels.



What is interesting about clairsentience is that in many ways, it moves into the individual’s energetic field as one form of sensing and perceiving. But once it is integrated and absorbed within their clairsentient and energetic field and core, it can then be transmuted or at a deeper level, it can be received, interpreted and understood through many other forms of the clair abilities.

Clairsentience deciphers Information along with other Clair Abilities

At times, as the information enters one’s energetic field, it can then morph into clairaudience, clairvoyance, clear cognizance. It is also in many ways for some, it is understood as a clear knowing and the information can be understood and interpreted by the individual on many different levels. And so, what for some can begin as clairsentience, it does not end there. It can morph, shift, and evolve into many other abilities. And this is a beautiful example of how all the clair abilities, and in fact, how all metaphysical abilities work in combination to help one discern and decipher the information and messages that are important to be heard and understood in that very moment. We will say that clairsentience is an ability that is becoming stronger within the human realm. And this, our dear ones, is because so many of you are awakening. Through the process of awakening, you are raising your vibrations, and as such, you are more able to receive, perceive and sense a wider range of energies in this realm, as well as in many higher realms.


Imagine yourselves as beautiful spheres of light. As your light intensifies and evolves, it becomes like a very sensitive, energetic antenna to what is unfolding in all realms, in many dimensions, and within many levels of consciousness. You are becoming more adept at reading different frequencies of energies and emotions, for every emotion, as you know, exists in its foundational level as an energy.

Clairsentients Are Guideposts for Others

This information, no matter how it is received, no matter how it is interpreted, like all information our dear ones, it is meant to guide you. It is meant to serve you and to keep you on the path that is in alignment with your highest good.



And as such, it is also something that can be of service to those around you in helping them understand, discern, and decipher what is unfolding around them. By helping them understand what they need to know and understand in each moment to better understand their choices and make choices that are in alignment with the greatest good. As such, those of you who are clairsentient are here as guideposts to those around you. If of course this resonates with you—for it is always our advice to use and leverage that which resonates within you—when at all possible, use this in a way that serves the greatest good.

Our dear ones, clairsentience like all abilities, is one that you possess internally. It is something that you were born with, but some of you have learned to lean on and rely upon this sense more so than others. But you all have embedded within you this innate ability. It is up to you to develop it, to allow it. And this, like all things, takes time and practice. We will say there are many very light-filled resources upon your realm that can provide additional guidance as to how to open yourselves up to clairsentience. Like all abilities, you can call upon your guides and your spiritual entourage for assistance, and like all abilities, through the process of unfoldment it requires a much discernment. Ask yourself what you are feeling, if this (energy) is your own, and what it is meant to inform you, what it is meant to signal for you and for those loved ones around you.

You are all gifted with many abilities. And these are gifts as long as you learn to use them wisely and to leverage them as gifts for yourselves and as gifts for those around you.

We, the Council of the Guardians of Light, send you much love and joy. Many blessings to all.


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