Accessing Spiritual Abilities: Part 5: Astral Projection

by Galactic Federation ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley |

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Andromeda Council and friends. 

Part 5: Astral Projection

Hello our dear ones, We are here. We are the Andromeda Council. We bring love. We are at this time connecting with many other Beings and guides, particularly those guides who work very closely with humanity within the human realm and level of consciousness.

We always look upon humanity with awe, and we marvel at your abilities to connect with each other —and with all else —in the Universe, in far more ways than you are sometimes consciously aware of. All humans possess certain innate spiritual abilities. These are abilities that allow them to be guided to receive the knowledge, the insight, and the prompting that helps them align with their life purpose, with their path, that allows them to receive information for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of those around them.

It is also information and prompting that guides them to the path of healing. As you all know, it is through healing your inner wounds, and healing your relationships, and the way in which you interact with everything and everyone else. This is what truly leads you to a higher consciousness and to a greater experience.  


Astral Projection

Astral Projection Provides Accelerated Learning

We are here our dear ones to speak today of astral projection. This is an innate ability that we feel is rarely discussed for it is greatly misunderstood. We will first commence by clarifying this notion that within every one of your human bodies or physical vehicles, there lies an essence, an essence that is constructed and comprised of true light. This light is unchangeable. It cannot be destroyed. It is in a perpetual state of evolution. And you come here in this physical body and experience to simply advanced your evolution through, we would say, more difficult means for the human experience is a challenging one as you are all aware. But it is also an experience that provides advanced levels of learning. And amid this learning, you are all blessed with opportunities to exit these physical bodies to once again reconnect with your own true essence. And we would say of equal importance to reconnect with the essence and light of the universe that is rich and abundant with love, with information, and with healing energies.

The process of astral projection is one where your essence (some of you may refer to this as your light body, your energetic core, or your soul) leaves your physical body, but it leaves in a way that it is still tethered energetically to your physical body. It is simply about projecting your light essence out into the ethers —often in higher dimensions of consciousness.

This experience in and of itself, allows your inner light to refuel, to recharge, to be re energised. For energies that it is receiving and interacting with are moving through one’s essence unfiltered, unimpeded. It is for many, much like recharging one’s batteries.  


Astral Projection

Astral Projection Allows You to See the Essence of All Things

Through the experience of astral projection, humans and all Beings who have the ability to project their essence and their light out into other realms and dimensions, that this is a means for you to connect with your guides and with teachers within the higher realms. It is also an unobstructed way in which you can see the truth, see yourself, and see all things whether they are beings or light or whether it is the heartbeat of Universal love. This is what allows you to see it all for what it truly is. It allows you to receive messages and guidance.

Some individuals, through the process of astral projection, can skip across different lifetimes and different timelines that are interwoven within this existing life. This, we would refer to it as skipping along various experiences, is much like skimming through a book. It allows you to sift through large and vast amounts of information and experiences and to connects you to those very specific moments and experiences that have been momentous for your soul’s evolution. Sometimes these are connections that have been born out of deep and unconditional love. It is to remind you that you are love and that all things at an essential level exists within the frequency of love.

And oftentimes, beings are astrally projected to gaze upon an experience that may provide answers for a situation that they are currently experiencing in their lives. Perhaps it is a glimpse into the truth, perhaps it is a glimpse into past experiences that have brought one’s essence to this very point in time. It is about receiving the Cole’s notes of all of your soul’s experiences in a way that cumulatively allows you to understand and define them for your soul’s growth.

Astral Projection

You Are Guided in your Conscious & Unconscious Projections

Astral projection is a form of travelling that is, we would say, guided. You have the innate ability to do this on your own. But often times, you are brought forth—you are carried and you are often guided—to times, places, dimensions, and experiences that your soul needs and yearns for on a deeper level. There are those who astrally project in their dream time, and there are those who have learned how to consciously astrally project at will. This is a practice that takes much experience. It is something that many, many humans must work at. It is like learning to meditate or learning the true inherent practice of yoga. It is something that comes in time, and the benefits feel more pronounced with more practice and exposure.

Understand our dear ones, that these guides who help you along your travels, they are here to keep you safe. And they are here to simply guide your essence, to help you navigate through the vast realms of time and space. Often times, you may project consciously, that is, at your own will. But there are many times in which your spirit guides, your teachers, your Beings in the other realms bring you to this experience when it is something that is needed for your soul’s growth. Many humans who have experienced astral projection sometimes may not glean the lesson immediately. Sometimes these lessons are meant to percolate in their being for days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. And the lessons and benefits of these experiences are gleaned and amassed and realised when it is right for the human. It is a process of percolation if you will.

Understand that for many of you, the inherent ability that you come equipped with, it is a mechanism that is leveraged far more in your dream time sometimes without any conscious recall of where you have been, who you have visited, and what you have amassed. But all of this information dwells within the subconscious and unconscious mind. And like all experiences, it surfaces and bubbles up when your conscious mind is ready for it. Every moment, every experience, of astral projection is for the very purpose of your growth and of your learning.

Our dear ones we will say that this is something you can ask your guides and your Beings to assist you with if it resonates with you.

We wish you great joy and many blessings.
The Andromedan Council  


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