About the Channelers & their Beings

The Channelers

Karen Ashby

Karen Ashby

Kate Woodley

Kate Woodley

Karen (Kare) Heywood

Karen (Kare) Heywood

Something magical happened when the three of us met in the Fall of 2018. There was such a deep and instant resonance that we knew destiny was at play. And the rest is history. We soon bonded through our newly discovered channeling abilities as well as our connection to all the magnificent Beings. We believe that the Universe brought us together for a reason−a really good one too… to help awaken and raise the collective consciousness of humanity. This is why we’re here, and if you found us, it’s because you’re here for the same reason.

The journey begins within each of you, but for the benefit of all.

A very special thanks to our friend, Peter Dennis, hypnotist and author, who honed our respective channeling abilities. By graciously bringing us together, he also enabled us to carry out our mission. Peter, without you we wouldn’t be here.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help awaken and raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

By connecting with incredible, other-dimensional Beings, we share messages of universal wisdom and encouragement. These compassionate Beings are here to assist and guide us all in our ascension to a greater existence.


The Beings

A large number of Beings and collectives are lining up to express their helpful perspectives through us. All the Beings are connected to humanity and wish to assist in their unique way. As such, the array of Beings that we’re channeling continues to expand.

Karen Ashby's Beings

The Pleiadians are 6th and 7th dimensional Beings from the Pleiades star cluster in our Milky Way galaxy. They’re here to shine their light and love so that we may shine ours brightly to all we meet. Their messages help us remember, and return to, when we were one with Source.

Kate Woodley's Beings

The Andromedans are 5th dimensional high advisors from various parts of the Andromeda galaxy. They offer deep insight to helps humanity align with the greater collective consciousness as part of our ascension process.

The Arcturians are highly knowledgeable seventh dimensional beings who are here to help humanity learn about−and integrate−universal love.

Andreas, an eighth dimensional master teacher from the Sirian system, is well versed in the teachings of many star systems. He’s here to impart universal wisdom and principles.

Karen (Kare) Heywood's Beings

The Sky Beings are 7th dimensional, non-physical Beings. Their interest lies in the creative process and assisting humanity and Gaia to bring greater Beauty into expression. 

Elle is a 5th dimensional collective who’s feminine non-physical form easily connects to Gaia and her Devas. She desires to bring greater Love to humanity and is adept at assisting people in unearthing the patterns that block them.

Skylar is another collective that also resides within the 5th dimension. These Beings are very attuned to humanity’s higher mind and emotions. They bring forth a crystal clarity where there was none.

 For more information about the Beings, click here.

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