About Ashtar & His Journey

by Ashtar ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Galactic Federation of Light in conjunction with Commander Ashtar. 

Ashtar [channeled by Kate Woodley]: Hello ladies! This is Ashtar.

I understand that you wish to share more information about me. I am humbled. I am not used to speaking of myself for I’m used to speaking on behalf of those who need a voice. This has for far too long been my mission and my primary occupation.


Incarnations on Earth

You can say that I have had three incarnations on Earth as a human. My most recent incarnation was during the Renaissance in Europe. For this was a form of spiritual evolution through creative flow, arts, and science. It was a grand opening on many fronts within human society with many contributions that have helped humanity propel itself to the next level. This, I will say was a fractal incarnation. For I was also in the majority of my form and essence, I was still Ashtar. For I am thousands of years old, however, I chose to incarnate as a fractal, to both contribute, witness, and experience the Renaissance.

This was a great time. It was also very difficult for me to experience the deep division and inequalities in your realm. However, that more recent experience helped me open my eyes to the plight of humanity from all aspects – from those who were judged as well as from the view of those who judged for I understood the fear behind their judgment. It was important for me to understand what divides humanity from every perspective possible. For I cannot represent and assist humanity without first understanding as many experiences as possible.


Ashtar's First Incarnation

A long time ago incarnation for me was during the times of Egypt, and the epitome of your pyramids with regards to their functionality, with regards to how they operated as energetic generators, as well as receivers and transmitters for life elsewhere. I was a human who witnessed the marvelous interactions between humanity and the benevolent Beings. Yes, I did witness the non-benevolent Beings carry out their more nefarious agenda. Again, it was important for me to witness oppression and suppression within humanity, for this is exactly the same plight that you still struggle with so many thousands of years later.

My first incarnation was a very, very long time ago in Africa, in and around the birth of humanity. As a Pleiadian Being, it was very important for me to experience Earth for as many of you know, Pleiadians helped terraform Earth. We had a hand, a very, very long time ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago, prior to other genetic manipulations and influences by other races and other beings, we had a hand to play in the evolution of humanity.

And so I very much wanted to experience a very simple existence. I was very much connected to Gaia, and very much dependent upon her for all my sustenance, for my survival. It was a rather simplistic view of humanity, but it was raw, and it was eye-opening. And for me, it was a real adventure for I had never experienced the need to survive and thrive anywhere before. Earth had provided me with this very beautiful experience.


Ashtar Connected

An Old Ascended Master

And so yes, Earth and humans have a very, very special place in my heart: I have been you, and many of you have been Pleiadian. But more importantly, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be human or other, we are all connected energetically and spiritually by Universal love. This is the fabric and the foundation that truly unites and bonds us all.

And so all this to say, you can say I’ve had incarnations on Earth. Unlike the majority of Pleiadians, I am older than most. I have, of course, been the benefactor of many rejuvenation technologies. And the reason why I am so old is because I’ve needed to learn and master so much in order to be able to successfully carry out this extremely important mission of assisting, and defending, and negotiating on behalf of humanity, and seeing their Ascension through successfully and smoothly. This was not, and could not be, the job or the mission of a Pleiadian who is only a few 100 years old.

For yes, as many have claimed, I am an Ascended Master. As such, I have spent much, much time with a number of also high-vibrational Star Beings from many different systems to learn the ways of other masters, to understand the experience of all Beings in all their glory, so that I could bring the best of spirituality and the best of Universal law and love to my work.

And so it has taken me a very long time to get to where I am. So yes, I am older than most Pleiadians. And while this technology is available to Pleiadians, only those who truly need the life-extending rejuvenation technology are privy to this process, to this technology, if you will. It was necessary for me to carry out my work.

We hope that this has given you a little bit more information about me, Ashtar.

And so thank you, thank you, thank you from the most grateful place in our souls. We so appreciate your commitment and we are complete.

Thank you.



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