2022: Waves of Awakening

by The Council of the Guardians of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley | www.AscensionCalling.com

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For those of you interested in understanding more about the ongoing efforts by Lightworkers to assist with Earth’s ascension, enjoy this detailed message from The Council of the Guardians of Light.

Hello, our dear ones. We are the Council of the Guardians of the light.

We will say the second half of this year (2021) was quite intense. As a result of the intense movement of energies within your fields, and the impacts it has had on all of you individually. What we are seeing, and what we have been seeing, is a mass awakening. This is going to continue.

But understand that your definition of awakening may be quite different from another’s definition of awakening. It is about teaching others to find their truth through connecting to their inner light and power. It is up to the individual to navigate this roadmap in a way that aligns with them from a place of joy, truth, light, and power. It is your experience and journey to behold.



Incoming Energies will Unlock Innate Abilities

As we look and move forth into your next year, 2022, this mass awakening will continue. We are also seeing that the waves of light that are moving in will continue to propel forward the consciousness, the initiative, and the power and light within each. It is as if though these waves of light are going to bring about waves of awakening in different pockets of humanity.

Each individual will resonate more with some of the waves of incoming energies. That is the energy that will move them in the direction that they need to move. And again, this movement is not an outward movement. It is a movement inwards. For the key to raising your consciousness and connecting with your Source birthrights — all that you are entitled to by virtue of being a child of the Universe — is through your inner journey. It is through recognizing that you are a powerful light Beings.

We are here to assist in your awakening. We are here to help you as you do it. In the same way that we invite all the Lightworkers and Starseeds to help their fellow humans through their awakening. It cannot be done for another, but you must honor their light.

It is as if though these waves of light that are coming in act as keys. These keys serve to open and unlock certain individuals, so that they can access and connect to these innate abilities. It is an unlocking, we may call it the percolation, but this is an expansion.



Societal Change Must Support the Awakening

As we have mentioned in the past, the tipping point has been reached, the human collective has together achieved an energetic frequency of magnitudes not seen for millennia. And it will continue to rise and rise. Much will happen as a result of this awakening. There will be some fast transformations upon your society. But understand that some of these transformations are more involved, they will take more time. But it must be conducted in a way that will resonate with the masses that will allow a certain level of adaptation and adaptability. It is in alignment with the greatest good of all. It cannot be an instant unraveling, our dear friends, for this will perpetuate fear and chaos, the very fear and chaos that we have been encouraging you to rise above. And so it must be done in a way that beckons a certain level of stability. The change is being restructured in a way that works for the ascension of humanity. It is a beautiful change.

Your Consciousness Propels a Positive Feedback Cycle

You must be patient. It is a reinvention. It is an exercise in creativity and thinking outside of the box. As you raise your consciousness, this becomes easier. For you are now going to be equipped and more apt at looking at solutions, new solutions to old problems. Your rising consciousness is going to fuel this change, and in turn, this change will help support the rising consciousness. It is a positive feedback cycle, you see.

It is about the new energies and new consciousness that are being ushered into your world that is going to trigger all of you to change within yourselves and to adapt to the change outside of yourself.


Your Inner Power is Your Birthright

It is a beautiful collaborative process. You all hold a piece of the puzzle. This is the key that you hold together. You co-illuminate all things. This is your power. It is your birthright. Nothing and no one shall take that from you.

So, 2022 will be a year of inner change that will help propagate change at a societal level. Our dear ones, it is not only change that you must look for outside of yourselves. It begins within. Once you are comfortable, at peace, and in a place of joy with who and what you are and the light that you shine, this is when it is time for you to step forth and be part of the outward change.

Do not wait for change to come from outside of yourselves. Now is the time to work within.

We stand with you. We applaud your courage, your resilience. Human resilience is truly one of your strongest traits and it is one that is widely admired. You are loved. And we part with you in a place of great love.

Thank you,
The Council of the Guardians of the Light


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