2020 — A Year of Massive Change

by The Pleiadians ~ Channeled by Karen Ashby | www.AscensionCalling.com

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Hello we are the Pleiadians.

We definitely have a message for 2020 that we wish to share.

It will be — it already is — a year of change, a year of massive shifting, not just for Mother Earth Gaia, but for the masses. It is going to be very intense, and by intense we mean in a good way. Although, on a personal level, you won’t all necessarily feel it at the onset. And from an emotional point of view, that is necessarily good. But as we say, this is a time of great change. And it is a time of dropping away from so many old thought patterns and belief systems.

Take time to slow down

Sometimes it will seem like you’re running after yourself to keep up. And this indeed may be the case. However, we would ask you when you feel this way to take a moment out of your day. Even if you’re just at work and going to the washroom for example, take another 30 seconds or a minute or two. However long you feel you can to ground yourself, to stop yourself from running, to open up to the essence of the change.

Focus inwards

And those of you that are further on the path will know about how to connect with the consciousness of that, which is the change in you. If you don’t understand that, then just to say I’m stopping myself, I’m slowing down for 30 seconds or a minute or two. And I’m focusing inward on being grounded and taking my energy into mother Gaia, so that you can carry on with your day without that feeling of trying to catch up to yourself.

Expect change on many levels

So, a huge year of change for all of you personally, for relationships, changing homes, changing locations, environments, changing jobs, doing a lot of change. Even if you’re not doing any of those obvious things, marriages, or divorces, you will be changing on a huge multi-dimensional level which you won’t necessarily be aware of. But as we’ve said before, now that we’re mentioning this, it will help you be aware of doors that are opening and doors that are closing. And as they say, when one door closes, another opens. So, be aware and have fun with the energy of this year because it’s so, so different from last year already.

Thank you for that message. We hope this helps.
The Pleiadians

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